Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life Part 43 CONCLUSION

Hello everyone.. take sneak peak into last part if u have missed it..
Part 42 – Read Here

Moving to Part 43 the CONCLUSION..
Rikara arranged Gauri’s room. Next day, it was public holiday so Gauri had leave. But trio had no mood to go out and enjoy their holiday. So they just planned to go out for lunch. All were busy with their own work and after lunch trio had very boring noon, so they planned to make it bed ridden day. OmRu on bed and Gauri lay down in couch. They fell asleep while talking. After waking from nap Rudra had an idea.. he talk about movie night. Gauri gets excited and Om too nod for their sake. When everything was set, trio sat in living room with a big popcorn bowl and Rudra switched on projector. Om in center and RuRi sitting each side. Om was eager to watch some Hollywood movies and gave some movies to Rudra to play. When screen started it was Jab We Met movie. Om frowns at Rudra,he signs to look at Gauri.. Gauri say, this is my favorite movie Om.. I miss India.. so wanna watch some Indian movies. Rudra too acts emotional and say, My would be Babhi is right.. O even I miss Bhaiya, mom, Dadi, Sumo and all.. let’s watch some Bollywood movies.

Om shakes his head and agree with them. They all enjoy the movie. Next it was Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.. It was Rahul and Anjali’s separation scene where Anjali leaves in train leaving Rahul in tears. Om was watching that scene bit sad but not emotional ,suddenly he heard a silent weeps by his side when he turned to see it was his baby brother who was weeping. Om was dumbstruck and ask, Rudy r u ok? Y r u crying for this scene? Its just a movie. Rudra fall on Om’s shoulder and talk in cry tone, O.. U know my classmate Maya right? She too left me the same way.. I was running behind her car like Rahul.. but she just throwed her sandals at me and went from that party and never talked to me.. I remembered her ???????. Om face palms and say, she thrown her sandals on u.. r u not ashamed of that? Duffer? Wait a minute.. what did u do that she threw her sandals at u? Rudra frowns and say, in college party, I just told her that she was looking like witch in that make-up…actually she was looking like witch and it was Halloween theme party for that she bashed me and went from there.. Sumo is better than her.. Right O? Om slap on his cheek. Rudra say, but she was my crush, she left me and I’m so.. They both heard another weep sound and they turned to see Gauri weeping heavily. OmRu shocked and ask her what was the matter. Gauri say, I miss my Meenu and Varun and lean on Om’s another shoulder.. she say, U know Om.. Meenu and Varun asked me to stay back in India before leaving. But I didn’t listened to them ???? and adamantly boarded flight because I was angry with u.. now after watching this movie, I feel bad. I’m that Anjali.. see how selfish I was ???? my friends would have felt bad and cried like Rahul. I made a big mistake???? OmRu console her and they go for dinner. After dinner, their next movie was K3G, Om was done with these idiots and try to escape but they took him forcefully. Poor Om had no way to escape and watching it without any choice. RuRi started dancing for Bole Chudiyan (bcuz it was one of cute devar Babhi bonding song ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) song and it was extremely difficult for Om to control 2 cracks at same, finally he felt defeated and sit quiet watching their craziness. During climax RuRi was crying bad watching emotional scenes. Om’s only work is to pass tissues to RuRi. Finally he felt tired and sleep on couch. After sometimes RuRi too fell asleep. From next day it was hectic week for Rikara with his art work and official works.

Rudra was busy outing with his friends and went back to India to meet his family. He returned to Dubai after 3 days and Saumya joined him this time. Both couples share unforgettable time in their life and Gauri came more closer to her new family. Couples hangout whenever they get free time. Shivika and Prinku too joined them in every month. Next 7 months went like this and all became a happy family sharing stronger bonds. By this time Gauri and Janvi grown like real mother and daughter. The happiest person in the world is Om who is extremely happy by seeing his Gauri sharing great bond with his family and mother. During this time Tej realized what family is and returned to Janvi’s life as aa responsible well behaving husband. Om was happy for his mom but he can’t forgive his dad and accept him. JanRi and ShivRu try to make him understand and ask him to give a chance for his father. At first Om was not convinced but later he went quiet and started thinking about it. In between all these Rikara found that they can’t live without each other even for a sec. They felt extremely comfortable with each other, became each other’s strength and weakness, they understand each other’s likes and dislikes just with a small gesture. They became the like a breath and heart beat. One day, Om took Gauri to special dinner arranged by Shivika and Rumya, he proposed her with a ring for marriage by going down his knees. Gauri was extremely happy with his proposal hug him emotionally. She said that she’s always ready and Om slipped his ring into her finger. Duo shared an intense lip lock under the dreamy looking moonlight. Now Rikara and their project reached its final stages so they decided to get married after this project. It was hectic days for Rikara and they hardly spent their time together. But either of them managed to make some time for them. They’re not yet married but living like an ideal couple who complete each other. They spend their time together only during nights by cuddling each other and having some lovey dovey times. That final 1month was extremely hectic for them and they managed to succeed in their project. The day it got over Rikara flew back to India to meet their family. They had a warm welcome from them and as soon as they stepped in the house, Dadi ordered her children to start preparations for Rikara’s wedding. It was a happy and blushing moments for Rikara while they were talking about preparations. As expected, after all its Oberoi’s wedding, so everything is set to be grandeur. But Rikara refused to make it grand one.. they just need a simple weeding. After tons of debate finally Oberoi family agreed to make it grand with just their close family members. The wedding Muhurat was decided the 10th day. First it’ll be their engagement, then cocktail party, sangeet & mehandi, Haldi then the wedding. All the Oberois assigned with their works and were busy with their respective works. Rikara use to ask for any help that they can do.. but whole family refuse to makr them work and tell them to spend some quality time with each other before getting hooked up. Rikara r overwhelmed and enjoy each and every sec of their great day.

Next day it was their engagement day, Meenakshi, AnniYa helping Gauri and ShivRu Varun helping Om to get ready. Gauri is brought downstairs with her bridesmaids(M,A,S). Om mesmerized with his would be wifey’s gorgeous look. Engagement ceremony starts with a song from groom. Om and his boys team dance for Saajanji Ghar Aaye song from KKHH movie. At the end of the song Rikara exchanged their ring and officially engaged. They all enjoyed their evening and had Dil Bole Oberoi moment. Next everyone prepare for cocktail party. It was Jungle theme party. Both Om and Gauri get dressed like the Jungle King and Queen. It was Rumya’s idea and they were adamant for such themed party. So Rikara had no option than to agree. Whole OM’s wide lawn turned to Jungle and guests were provided with different drinks of their wish. When everyone gets intoxicated Rikara have some lovely lonely time together. Family had 2 days to prepare for their Sangeet and Mehandi, all 3 couples decided to go shopping. Everyone select their outfits and ordered designer. Om took extra care in decorations and other arrangements he wanted each and everything to be perfect. He almost wanted everything according to Gauri’s likes. It was their S&M day. Gauri is getting her Mehendi applied in her hands, while Meerun & all the Oberoi Jodies including senior Oberois dancing for Samne eh kon aya, Tum pass aye, Zalima, Tere sang yaara, Tum bin, Soch na sake songs for each couple. It was time to search for his name in Gauri’s hands for Om. He was excited at first but after 1 and half hour he felt tired for looking out his name. Gauri helped him in many ways but he can’t get his name. Finally she said that he can marry her only if he found his name on her hands. Om was stunned and in urge to find his name. He beg her to give a last hint for last time. Finally she give him a hint that its written very big. Om was confused and stare at her eyes for a second. Suddenly he took her right hand and saw. The whole mehendi was drawn with “Om” Hindi script. Om found that her hand is filled with mehandi that has Om as basic. Gauri was extremely happy and everyone congratulated Om. Om felt relaved and he kissed on her cheek to express his happiness. Gauri and everyone get shocked and tease them. Gauri blushed. Then everyone start dancing for Nachde ne saare, London Thumakda, and many more songs. It was full of Gala Family night. After 2 days it was Rikara’s Haldi. Om and Gauri sit for haldi and there was a cloth partition between them. Om try to reach Gauri in all ways and he tries to peek into her side but his beloved brothers and Dadi turned villain to his wish. Gauri blush. Bridesmaids too tease Om. Om asked Dadi to allow him just once to see her Haldi filled face, but Dadi denies saying that its tradition bride and groom should stay away and should not look at each other’s face till wedding. Gauri laugh at his poor situation. Om can’t wait to see her beautiful face and couldn’t stay away from her even for a second. He tried very hard to sneak into her room too, but everything went waste.

ShivRu tell him to be quiet for few more hours, because the next day he can see his wife at Mandap. Om smile at this but still wanting to meet her. It was around 2A.m. and Om still couldn’t sleep, because he was much excited for their wedding, the most expected and special day in his life. He was wandering in his room and hear someone knock at his door. He see who it is. It was Meenu at his door and asked him to be quiet, she signed him to follow her. Om was confused and follow her. She tell Om to go inside store room and she’ll stay at door. He found Gauri inside store room and get excited. He run and hug her in excitement. He try to remove her veil but she doesn’t allow him to take that. Om found her tensed and questions her. Gauri eyes tear up and she hugged him tight. Om was confused. Gauri start crying and Om panics. Om say, Gauri what happened? Why r u crying? Gauri hugging him and talk crying, Om u know everything about me and my life. Whenever something good happens and I have smile on my face I have to pay very big for that.. sometimes I even lost my precious persons in my life. Today, now, I feel like if I have to pay something bigger that is more than my life. Om can’t understand and ask her to tell clearly. She say, Om, what if something happened to u if u get married to me? What if my bad luck do something bad to u.. I can’t afford to loose to.. I want u to be happy and alive. (Cry badly) better let’s call off this wedding.. at least u’ll be alive in front my eyes.. I can’t lose one more person who is more than my life. Om too started shedding tears when he heard those words from her. She say, U have a very cute family, everyone love u so much, how they’ll feel if something happens to u.. I don’t want to destroy their happiness.. I don’t mind if lose my life for my ill fate.. but I can’t afford to lose my loved one. Om felt raged and breaks hug in anger. He hold her arms tight and angrily say, don’t u dare to talk to give up ur life.. its not just urs, mine too, its Ours. Even my soul is urs too. From the day we felt for each other we didn’t share our hearts, our souls too. So whatever happens will affect both of us. Gauri emotionally cries. Om say, And don’t worry, I’ll not let anything happen to us.. I will take care of everything. Its my promise. Gauri emotionally nods. Om cup her face and say, Just promise me one thing. Gauri look curiously into his eyes weeping. Om say, U should not say, even, u should not think that u bring bad luck to ppl who u love. U don’t know Gauri.. u r an Angel.. Angel in my life. U just turned my stone life into a beautiful statue with ur magical wand. I thought there is no place for love in my life.. my heart turned like dessert that is not suitable for any human life. But u did magic, u came into that dessert and turned it into beautiful garden. Its all ur magic. In fact u r a lucky charm.. My lucky charm. After u came in my life, I started fighting with life, earlier I use to runaway and hide from this world and problems. Ur eyes and smile made to realise about life. U made me new Omkara whom I never ever dreamt of. Even I don’t know I can do so much if I fall in love. Just promise me u’ll not curse urself. Gauri was looking at him without even blinking her eyes. Om ask for promise. Gauri just breakdown and hug him tight. She say, I’m not alone.. I love u Omkara. A lone tear rolled down when Om heard this from her. He reciprocate and say, I love u too Gauri. They both remained in same position till they heard knock at door. Meenu ask, Gauri shall we move? Its time. Om breaks hug and wipe her tears without moving her veil.. he ask her not to confuse anything and think stupid. He tell her to relax. They both bid good night to each other and leave to their respective rooms.

Next morning, whole Oberoi mansion is seen busy with hustle bustle talks about the grand Oberoi wedding. ShivRu make much effort to make their brother look elegant in his sherwani on his great special day. They emotionally hug their brother who is gonna step into the new life. It was emotional O’bro moment and Rudy tried to cheer them by telling its now Om’s turn to become Parayadhan. Prinku come to his room and hug him wishing happy life ahead. Om pampers his baby sister and kiss on her forehead. Om ask her about Gauri. All 3 tease him. Gauri getting ready in her wedding lehenga like a princess. Meenu making her ready and Varun come there teasing his bestie. Trio share great time having playful chatting. When Gauri was all set, Varun became a bit emotional and say that she is no more their Gauri.. will be Mrs. Oberoi and went a step away from them. Gauri gets emotional and Meenu scold Varun for making her cry. Gauri makes promise that she’ll always be their Gauri no matter where she is. They all sit quiet in room. Its time for wedding bride and groom are asked to enter Mandap. Varun & ShivRu bring their brother, meanwhile Gauri is accompanied with her bridesmaids Meenu AnniYa. Om and Gauri admire each other’s wedding look. They both sit and start doing wedding rituals glancing whenever they get chance. TejVi did their ghatbandhan and they get up to take 7 peher. Om walks 4 rounds leading Gauri then Gauri walks 3 rounds leading Om. They sit down and exchange garland. Pandit gives Mangalsutra to Om ask him to put on Gauri’s neck. Rikara look at each other with smile and Gauri shyly bent down. Mangalam bagawan plays.. Om put MS around her neck and fill her hairline with Vermilion. That moment Rikara flooded with thousands of emotions which can’t be expressed through words. Pandit declared Omkara and Gauri as husband and wife from that moment. That moment Gauri had happy tears in her eyes. The only person who know the reason for her tears forwarded his hands to wipe off her tears not only for that moment, till his last breath. They’re asked to get blessings from elders. Rikara get blessings from Tej and Janvi, Shakti and Pinky, and Dadi. Shivika, Rumya, Prinku and Meerun hug them wishing happy life. All were emotional and cheer up their mood Rudra and Prinku call them for Dil Bole Oberoi moment followed by some cute games for the newly wedded couple. Janvi and Dadi ask Annika about Suhagraat (First wedding night) arrangements in Rikara’s room. Shivika say that they have booked a VIP suite for their Suhagraat. Rikara can’t handle it and start blushing. This time they’re spared from teasing which madr them wonder even more. Shivay tell Om to take Gauri to the hotel. Rikara leave taking blessings from elders. They don’t even utter a word through out their journey. They reached hotel. Om and Gauri stood in front of their suite door nervous and stare here and there. Finally their eyes met accidentally for few secs. They burst out laughing. Om finally opened door and duo went inside their suite. He locked their door and hug Gauri from back and started kissing her on her shoulder, neck and cheek. Gauri can’t handle this and run into the bedroom. Om followed her with naughty smile and hold her hand. He pull her towards him and now they are so close that there is no space even for air. Om cup her face and move closer to taste her lips. She closed her eyes in shy and Om too closed his eyes to place that passionate kiss they were longing for. There was a sudden thud and heard some ppl screaming. Om and Gauri startled and part away in shock. It was none other than Shivika, Rumya and Meerun. They’ve already planned and hid in bathroom, next bedroom and Rikara’s bedroom’s wardrobe. They all came out at same time shouting Boooom which made Rikara part away from their romantic time. It was such extremely embarrassing moment in Rikara’s life. They don’t know what to do and try hard to act normal, but in vain. All 3 tease them without any concern and Rikara’s condition was the worst in that room. Poor Rikara just then realized y their family didn’t tease them earlier in their house. Finally their romantic wedding night turned out to be chatting night with everyone. Of course Rikara was bit furious on their family for ruining their most awaited, special wedding night. Whole night they did chatting and slept without knowing how they slept. Next day, after finishing their Post wedding rituals Rikara flew to Wayanad, Kerala for their honeymoon.. The place where their journey started. (I want u guys to read this 2 chappys again to get the real feel what I mean to say, just a humble request before u read further, Part 1, Part 2
) To their surprise, They were allotted with same tree house in that resort. Om was the happiest man on the earth. He took her to his same bedroom where he saw her for the first time. Sometimes later, Om searching something in his bag and found Gauri at their balcony. Like that day, she was enjoying the rain and playing with that droplets falling from the roof. He was totally lost in her beautiful face and smile. He clicked her eyes, lips, ears and face same like the first time he did. When he was checking those pics, he didn’t find anything different in her except that new vermilion that was filled by him in her forehead. Om had no words to express what he feels. He slowly moved to her, gently made a lip lock anf took her in his arms and carried her in bridal way towards their room to start the new journey of their life.


Hope u guys liked at least my conclusion part. I must apologize to u all for making u feel bad and bored in previous posts. I understood ur views on this FF when u guys did not even want to criticize or suggest ur views. I really feel bad because I Have wasted ur precious time. All those scenes I wrote above should have been posted as 20 more posts and I wished to give it detailed with humour, emotions and actions. But unfortunately I didn’t get that chance, but I feel better that I won’t torture u guys with my stupidity. Pls don’t hate and forget ur Verna. I hope u guys r not irritated with this conclusion part. At least do comment for my send off. I’ll really miss this CUTE little amazing ishqiee family. Special thanks to Uf, Nikita jai, Alekhika, Rasika (and pls forgive me if I forgot any regular readers name) for being my regular readers since beginning. Will end my regular FF by next 2 patrs & then u’ll completely get rid of this idiot. And its Sad Good Bye from this Verna to all my precious readers. Take care my drs. Love u all ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Dear Verna
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    1. Verna

      I’m really sorry for breaking ur heart my new lil brother who I found in this family.. and u r that last one I found here.. because I’ll not be here hereafter. Yes u r right.. I wrote in hurry, like I said I planned all this for minimum 20 parts, unfortunately I can’t take it further because of my poor writing skill. I planned to write each every function one full part with lots of fun and emotions. And thank u for ur lovely words. Good bye da ๐Ÿ™‚

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