Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life Part 40


Hi my drs.. hope u enjoyed last part. Take sneak peak into last part if u have missed it..
Part 39
Part 39

Moving to Part 40..
Rudra faints in shock when Rikara confessed that they love each other. Rikara startled when he fainted and make him rest on couch. They make him conscious by splashing water on his face. Rudra wake up and say, (holding Om’s hand) O.. I had a strange dream.. I dreamt like.. (he noticed Gauri sitting on either side of him and say in Om’s ears)

I dreamt like u both confess that u both r in love.. how funny is that? Know? Om pat on his head and say, duffer.. that was not ur dream.. we really confessed our love yesterday.. what u listened to us was real. Rudra shocked and look at Gauri, she nod her head positive with funny smile. Rudra started crying and say, Mommy… What will I do now? My super brain made tons of ideas to make these 2 come closer.. but they cheated me. U guys r cheater cocks..U guys didn’t tell me that u r gonna confess ur love. I won’t take this.. he cry making puppy face. Om hold him and say, Hey Rudy.. I really don’t know this will happen.. in fact when she proposed me, even I was dumbstruck and have no words to give reply. Rudra turns to Gauri and say, at least u could have told me about this.. u too covered up 🙁 🙁 🙁 I thought u r good friend of mine.. but.. Gauri hold his hand and say, No Rudy.. Actually I made arrangements yesterday.. I thought to get ur help but before that u guys messed everything. In fact I was not in mood to propose him after that fight.. but suddenly he arrived at my doors.. When I saw his face I can’t show much anger on him. And then.. Rudra completes, u proposed him for marriage. Rikara nod.

Rudra can’t take this and lean back on couch. He hold Om’s hand and say, O.. Actually my head is not in its place also I feel like eating whatever I get now.. pls make something for me.. else I’ll start eating this cushions and couch.. he start biting cushion. Gauri look at him strange. Om clears her saying that, Rudy gets hungry when he is stressed out. Like stress eating. Now I have to make food for this Kumbhakarn.. he’ll have food without any limits. Rudra restless and say, go and do it fast.. I’m getting much hungry. Om and Gauri rush to kitchen. Rudra lay down and keep thinking.. he try to connect what happened last night.. he was figuring out. He keep staring Rikara who r lost in each other while cooking. In India, Shivay got to know what happened between Rikara (Rudra’s view) and worries. Annika and Saumya tell him to call Rudra to know what happened there. Rikara’s lovey dovey plays confuse Rudra and make furious. Shivay Skype called Rudra and he attend with furious face. Shivika and Saumya ask him why he is looking furious.

Rudra bit furiously talk, Bhaiya.. this lambe baal wala prani.. u know what’s going on here? Shivay say, I know.. I know Rudy.. he is very upset.. he may not talk with u and answer ur questions.. but u don’t react for that.. u have to understand the situation, he will behave like a kid now and u make him feel ease. Rudra say, WHAT? I should make him ease.. Just look what ur kid is doing. He flips camera view to rear. Om was laughing hard on Gauri’s joke who was standing bit far. They can’t see Gauri. Shivika and Saumya get confused to see Om happy and cool. Annika ask, Rudra.. is everything ok? I don’t understand what he is up to.. Shivay say, I thought he’ll be quite and listened to music in his headset. But.. this is strange.. it looks like he is the happiest man on the earth. Rudra ask them to watch the full movie. Oberois on other side r confused.

Gauri enters the frame with full smile and feed something to Om. Shivika and Saumya get shocked and watch this jaw dropped by coming in front of camera ( like, when O’bros saw Pari for first time in basket). Shivay say, O my Mata! Am I dreaming? Annika.. u saw Om and Gauri right? Saumya.. this is our live chat know.. not any video playback.. right. All three confused and ask Rudy to explain. Rudra say, what to say, they tell like, we just ordered ice cream.. we just confessed.. and I’m here confused. They 3 say, even we r confused. Saumya say, Bade Bhaiya.. How is this possible over night? They both confessed.. and behaving like very normal couple who r in relationship for long time. Om and Gauri come to Rudra with food tray. He flipped camera view to front and OmRuRi and Shivika Saumya talk. Shivika and Rumya confused to core and ask, how is that possible. Shivika and Saumya hear a voice saying, That is called Love.. Ishqbaaaz will always find their way to be happy. Power of love will turn a hard rock into pieces even if a flower hits on it. Dadi, Janvi and Prinku come there. Om completely agrees with Dadi. Then Rikara explain all those happenings since he left the yatch after talking with Saumya. They explained how they fought, Om’s apology, Gauri’s confession, Om’s confession and their gifts too. Shivika and Rumya was amazed with story.

Rudra say, so.. ur love story started since that day u captured her pics. U guys were in love with each other since first meeting. Annika say, O bete ki.. Which means, Om u remember that day u wanted to meet her and on same day she left resort.. Om nods.. Annika continues, If u met her on that day.. then by now guys would have got married. See how much waste of time and energy.. Rikara look at each other and blush hearing the word married. Rudra tease them. Janvi say, its better late than ever.. there will be some reason for this time difference.. see now u guys became much closer, trust each other, Fell in love even more. Dadi praise her and say, u said right Janvi.. now no one can make rift between u.. ur relationship have become more stronger and trustworthy. Hope you get all happiness in life, stay blessed. Janvi too say, I’m really happy for u Om.. and I’m really lucky to get such Daughter in law. I know u’ll handle and take care care of my son for the rest of his life Gauri. Om.. when did u guys decided to get married? I’m very eager to see my Bahu in OM. Gauri can’t face Om and blush. Om and Everyone tease her which makes her blush even more.

Janvi smile at this and get happy, she tell, Enough guys.. how much will u tease my daughter? I’m here on her side. Suddenly Rikara’s face turned sad and Gauri was in urge of crying. Om know the reason and console seeing her wet eyes. Everyone turns sad and doesn’t know the reason. Rudra feel bad and say sorry. Om caress him with other hand and tell them about her mother who passed away when she was born. Everyone feel sad for Gauri. Janvi say, Gauri.. let the past be past.. Now u have got a mother.. even u r my daughter like our Prinku. U also have Dad, Dadi, brothers and sisters in this family.. There is no place for tears in ur life hereafter.. just smile Gauri.. come on.. smile. Everyone cheer her up to smile like a kid. Gauri was speechless and overwhelmed by this love and care of family. She smile shedding happy tears. Om hug her and console her. Shivika Rumya and Prinku also congratulates them. Janvi ask about their marriage.. Rikara look at each other with no answer.

Om struggled to say, Mom.. actually we have not yet decided and talked about our marriage. Shivay say, its ok bade ma.. just now they have confessed feelings for each other. Let them enjoy their life as free love birds.. why we want to cage them in the name of marriage, he looks at Annika and winks. Annika turns serious and say, Did u mean that u have been caged by marrying me? He say, No.. I mean.. I mean to say about Om.. just Om and Gauri.. Annika glares at him.. Shivay covers up with difficulty and managed to control his Jhansi Ki Rani. Everyone shares a laugh. Dadi praise them and leaves with Janvi. Young Oberois have good talk and listen to whole story of Rikara (From both Om and Gauri’s side of story) and wonder how destiny made them together by giving lot of difficulty. Everyone had good family time.

Precap: Lovey dovey days in Rikara life.. Om get to see new side of Gauri.

Hey babies.. like u wished I gave you one more shot.. and I’m really happy with ur comments in last part.. I don’t know about this part.. Thank u Mercy for ur long distance love from Cape Town 🙂 🙂 😉 😉 it means a lot 🙂 comments and suggestions r welcomed.. take care my drs.. love u all 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Dinu

    Lovely epi dr????? I loved it 2 d coreeeeeeee??? n our Rudy……? our cuti pie….? I can imagine his cute antics so well.n shivika n soumya’s shocked expressions too???dat prt is hilarious?? their expressions would be worth watching. N shivay saying OMM?? dat must sounds too cute frm shivay’s mouth?? finally our cute love birds’ lovey dovey days started. N everyone trying 2 cheer up gauri was adorable. Dis whole epi was so lovely.u nailed it.??eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi dr.byeee tc?

  2. awsome part…… i loved it like anything……
    actually i had a question in my mind since long time that: “Will u include Gauri’s ex-boyfriend Sanjay in this ff later or soon????”
    and please post next part as soon as possible…… waiting for it….
    take care……

  3. Fabulous. Waiting for next

    Dear Verna
    Rudy And Her Funny Cute Actions Rudy Act Eating Cusions???ShivIka Soumya Confuse Reaction See OmRi Together??Dadi Jhanvi Talk With Rikara?Jhanvi Care And Love For Gauri??Shivay Joke About Marriage And Tease Anika?? It’s Joyfull And Mind Blowing Part…Really Enjoy It??????Precap??
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  5. Dili

    badly need the next episode soonest possible…… pls pls…..

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    It is nice one dear

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