Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life (Part 3)

hank u for ur love and response my drs.. Atleast I have few readers and more than that I’m writing this WS only because of ur lovely words for me.. I’m not yet cured fully.. but ur love make me write for u ppl.. Love u all my drs.. lets move for Part 3..

Wayanad resort:
Shivika, Rumya and Om leave their tree house and start their journey to Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad. They enjoying their trip by witnessing the Asian elephants, tigers, bison, etc., which are very own to wayanad. Rudra do some childish acts and cheer them up through out their journey. Whenever possible they clicked pictures of those animals and enjoyed taking selfie with those creatures of God. Shivay asked Om how he know about such wonderful place.. and how he got thought of getting them to Wayanad. Om say, as a nature lover I got to know this place and I prefer to spend my time in calm and lonely place.. so I choose this.. U ppl were just spending life in busy city and didn’t even have a thought of peaceful environment.. So just to make u realise the power of silence and beauty of nature, I thought to bring u guys here. Annika say.. u said right Om.. I can’t be silent even for 2 mins.. but here I enjoy silence and like to remain silent. Shivay moved his cooler and look at her. She ask why r u looking tat way.. do u think I can’t stay silent for a minute.. I can.. and I will.. I understand what u wanted to tell by ur look itself.. u r such a tadibaaz, bagad billa to think such abt me.. and she keep on talking for next few mins.. everyone remained silent and looking at her. She realized what she have done.. and face palms.. then tell, ok from now I won’t talk. All smile at her and wish good luck. After few secs Rudra changed song she started arguing with him. Shivay say.. started.. she remains silent again.

They stopped at a roadside tea stall.. climate was so cool and everyone enjoying chill whether. Om was standing a few steps far from them and enjoying view and whether. That wonderful view and climate remained him abt Gauri. The moment Gauri’s face flashed on his mind.. he started smiling and think abt her. He said nice girl.. and after few seconds he realized what he said and felt embarrassed.. whats wrong with u Om.. y r u thinking about her in this situation? This is strange.. I have to do something and tries to distract his mind.. he rub his hands to fight cool whether.. he saw little kids playing next to him and enjoyed them.. he clicked some pictures of them.. a cute little girl from that gang was looking at him and smile. He too smile at her and ask her to pose for some pics.. she gave cute childish poses and gave bright smile in her face. He was lost in tat kid’s smile and clicked. She came near him asked him to show pictures of her. He kneels down and showing pictures and other kids also joins. Her mom called her Gauri.. what r u doing still.. come home.. He was shocked to hear that name. She runs. He reminds about Gauri and say this girl won’t leave me to live in peace. Suddenly, that girl came back to him and hold his chin and turned his face. She kissed on his cheeks and ran away, turn and looking at him twice. Before she enter home she bids bye with flying kiss. He too waved his hand and gave flying kiss, but within tat, girl disappeared and he saw Gauri standing far from her. Om gets shocked and got up in hurry. Gauri was seeing all this and smile at him. He was embarrassed and confused whether to run away from tat place or face her. He was just starring at her. Gauri come to him and say, sorry Omkara, my cousins called me and I was in hurry.. he can’t concentrate on her and after few seconds he turned normal and said, I’m sorry , actually I gave flying kiss for tat kid but suddenly she went and u came in front.. I’m really sorry.. pls don’t mind.. pls.. and keep blabbering same.. she likes his innocence and care for her and smiled at him. He got confused even more now. She said, don’t panic Omkara.. I was watching u clicking pics and girl giving flying kiss to u.. I know u bid that for her.. so don’t worry.. chill out. He was relieved. They both look at each other and smile. Rudra saw them and show this to shivika and Saumya.. they all got surprised. She call him so sweet looking at him. Om was dumbstruck and after few seconds he asked, What? What did u say? (In excited voice). She realized and said nothing and they both have Eye lock. Om and Gauri about to speak something but it started raining. Again she was called by her family and ran from there bidding bye. Om was about to call her but stopped and look up and talk, will u come at this right time.. don’t u have any other place or time to shower.. for the first time in my life, I HATE U.. he scolds rain in frustration and moved.

He ran and sit in car and took a deep breath closing his eyes.. all were silent.. he is still.closing his eyes.. all those moments when he saw Gauri in morning, their talk, how she understood him and he smile. Ru asked O, what’s her name.. he said Gauri.. Suddenly opened his eyes and asked.. what did u ask? Everyone reply we didn’t ask anything and laugh at him teasingly. He holds his head and shouts u guys r impossible. They tease him more and started from there. They had exotic Lunch in Kerala restaurant and headed to Chembara peak. It is the highest peak in Wayanad, which has hidden the most beautiful beauty of nature in it. There is a small heart shaped lake, which gives the most spectacular view in peak. Oberois r mesmerized by the view and lost themselves in nature. Climate was very cool, they felt clouds/mist touching them which gave shiver to them. They felt like nature playing with them and enjoyed each and every moment. They just sit silent and enjoyed each and every part they were able to see. Our artist Om started his artwork in his canvas. He was choosing view and found the best view from where he can’t take his eyes. He started working. Shivika and Rumya saw this and decided to go for walk, also to give some time and space for Om.

Om hass just pinned his eyes to canvas and the view. It was a view of landscape from that heart shaped lake ( my dr Kerala readers, I’m not sure this is real or not.. but I’m writing from my friend’s words.. pls forgive me for any mistake while describing that place). He was continuing his work with light smile in face. But suddenly his face brightened up and lips have widened smile. Yes, Gauri came there and stood near lake and clicked her pics and her cousins. She clicked her funny selfie making face, which made Omkara to pause his work and enjoy her doings. Annika saw Om and his difference in behavior and asked them to move and check what he s doing. After clicking pics she stood there for some reason ( don’t ask me why, according to script she have to stand there) and Om continued his work. When Shivika and Rumya reached near him they saw different Om who was lost in something and forgot all his sorrows and worries. He was like he lost himself. They went to his canvas and look at it. It was shock and surprise treat for them. Yes, he painted Gauri in his canvas. Om finished his work and can’t take his eyes off tat. He was smiling like at that. When ShivRu shook him to bring him to real world, he was disturbed. When he saw what he did.. he was speechless and stare at them.. it was view of landscape from heart shaped lake where Gauri standing near lake. Everyone surprised and Om shocked.

Precap: Gauri, Annika, Saumya and other girls dance in camp fire. Om and Gauri dance.

Sorry drs.. I wrote this in hurry and still my eye infection is not yet cured.. but ur love made me write this for u.. love u all.. will meet you tomorrow with my regular FF.. take care my dr.. pls give me ur valuable feedback and say whether this one is ok or not.. love u all 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    Superrrrrrrrrrr dr…. I really missed this ff till next weakened…. I really loved it dr…. Keep going…. Get well soon dr… But pls take care of u… Go to hospital and followed their words… Take care and love u dr….

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    Thank u so much for ur love and care my drs.. sorry I was not able to reply all personally.. keep reading and supporting.. love u all

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    1. Verna

      Thank u soo much for breaking ur silence dr.. and feeling blessed with u all my readers that show r showering love and care on me.. Thanks again and keep reading Meera

  10. Verna

    Thank u soo much for breaking ur silence dr.. and feeling blessed with u all my readers that u r showering love and care on me.. Thanks again and keep reading Meera

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