Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life Part 29

Hi drs.. I’m back with my weekend shot..take sneak peak into last part
Part 28 here

Let’s move to Part 29
It was very hectic day for OmRu in office and Gauri miss him a lot. She longed to talk to him about her place in his heart also eager to know about his relationship status. But this devil team have vowed to keep them away till they confess their feelings for each other. Poor Rikara were not aware of this and got trapped in their net. When OmRu came home from office they were too tired. Even Om was always surrounded by anyone of those devils. Gauri was badly missing Om and can’t resist to spend some time with him. Intentionally Meerun and Rudra were around him for whole evening. AnniYa was sticking to Gauri. Meenu use tease her whenever she gets chance. Even dinner time was like board meeting table which made both Gauri and Om to loose their patience. But Gauri was in extreme and stayed silent. She left her dinner table in middle and went by excusing them. Annika understood her and wanted to give them some space. At Om’s room, Meerun and Rumya talking with Om. Gauri was with Annika but very upset. Annika text Saumya and ask them to leave Om explaining Gauri’s mood. Saumya understood and she signs them to leave. Annika ask Gauri to get some medicines for headache from Om’s room. Gauri lightened up and go happily. Rumya left room, but when Meerun saw Gauri entering they thought to play a game with her. Gauri ask for medicines. Om search and give to her and they both try to talk. Varun again started their old topic and distract them. Gauri is burning and ready to burst at any moment. Om too can’t take this anymore as he did not even speak a word with her for whole day, he excuse and go to washroom. He is letting his anger out in washroom, while Gauri in his room, turned to maha Kali avatar. She tell Meerun to go and rest. They refuse. She insist.

Meenu tease her and Om. Gauri like this but she know they won’t let them talk and spend time with Om. She say, its time u guys go and rest.. and give this pills to Annika. Meenu say, Oh.. don’t ur watch have time.. is it not late for u? Come we all can go and sleep. She drags Gauri. Gauri say, I’ll come later.. u both go. But Meerun is not ready to give up.. finally Gauri dragged them and put them out of room. She say, listen.. I’m not a kid.. I know when to sleep. Now u guys go from here. Varun say, Come on Gauri.. just say u want to spend some time with Om and tease her. Gauri is done with it and say, yes.. I want to spend some time with Om.. and u guys pls don’t come here and disturb us.. just leave.. she shut door at their face. Meerun was dumbstruck by Gauri’s behavior. They just remember again what had happened before few secs. They rush to AnniYa’s room and say what had happened. Rumya and Shivika was surprised too. They all give hifi. Shivay in video call say, I can’t believe tat Gauri is so possessive and daring to do anything for Om. Meenu say, u r right Shivay.. Gauri will be like she is not worried or don’t care about anything.. but deep from heart she is very emotional and very caring. U know if she like something, she won’t let it go easily.. she will try her maximum best to protect it. And I must say, u guys missed how possessive and angry she was when she threw us out of room. My god.. this is the second time we saw her too possessive towards someone. For first time, she didn’t allow her step mother to touch any of her mom’s belongings and warned her to stay away from it.. after that I saw that same Gauri back today. They all listen to her very quiet and admire Gauri. Shivay say, I just want my brother to realise this. They all agree and make plan. Meanwhile in Om’s room, Om came out of washroom with irritated face. He was relieved to see them gone and to his biggest surprise his love was all alone in front of his eyes. Gauri turned and saw he came.

Om was so happy. At last he got sometime to spend with his love. Before he could fully experience that happiness.. there came a sudden awestruck moment for him. When she turned and saw him she said, hey Om.. actually I was thinking to spend some time with u.. but u were busy since morning. Om was awestruck by the word she said. He say to himself, What did I hear now? Its my dream right? Oh no.. I wish this should be true.. But how will she call me “Om” all of the sudden? Om.. u r becoming too greedy nowadays. Gauri hold his arm and say, Om.. what r u thinking? Say something Om.. (pause) Om.. I think u r very tired.. ok u take rest.. lets talk tomorrow. Om was standing like a statue and can’t believe his own eyes and ears. It was like dream for him. After telling him to rest she turned to go but he held her wrist tight and nods NO with full of surprised face. Gauri was startled by his hold and then he free her hand when he realized that. He ask, What did u say? She said, I told u to rest if u r tired. He ask, how did u call me? She say, I said Om.. don’t u like the way I call u Om? Om was startled by this and said, no.. not at all.. in fact I’m happy with it. Gauri say, then I’ll call u Om hereafter and she hold his arm and take him to his room’s balcony. He was in cloud nine when she said she’ll call him Om and he have no idea what to do.. He just felt like he wanted to do Naagin dance.. even he did naagin dance in his imagination. Gauri make him sit on the couch and she went and sat in nest swing chair. For first few mins he can’t concentrate what she was talking and just lost in his dream world. He just stare at her with smile on his face. They felt like have hearty talk after long time. Gauri say, Om.. actually I want to ask u something.. but I don’t know whether I can talk about it or not.. even I don’t know how u’ll feel and think about me. Om say, Gauri.. u r my special person.. I me special friend.. u have full rights to talk anything and question me over any matter. Their talk was disturbed by knock on his room door.

Om went to check and found Rudra. He said he came to sleep. Om know if Rudy come in room and go to bed then Gauri will leave him.. and she wanted to talk something important with him, so he don’t want to spoil that moment. He tell, Rudy.. u go and sleep with Varun today. We r talking here.. u may feel disturbed. Rudy say, O.. I’m going to sleep.. I won’t disturb you guys.. move.. I’m really feeling sleepy Bhai.. he tries to go inside. Om push him out of room and say, I said go to Varun’s room.. just today.. pls Rudy. Rudy say, O.. Varun and Meenu r staying there.. how can I disturb them. Move that side.. I have to sleep. Om block his way and say, can’t u see we r talking here.. this is the best chance for me Rudra.. don’t spoil it man. Rudra makes puppy face and say in high voice, so u just love Gauri.. u don’t love ur brothe? Is it more important for u to talk with her than ur baby brother’s sleep? 🙁 🙁 🙁 Om shut his mouth and look at Gauri.. She was turning other side and busy in call. He calm down Rudra and tell him to wait. He get a quilt and ask him sleep. Rudy ask, where to sleep? Om checks Gauri and say, duffer.. this apartment have only this room? Go somewhere else and sleep there. Rudy say, O.. we have 4 bedrooms.. our’s, Gauri’s, Sumo and Annika Babhi in one room and Meenu Varun in another room. Where is the room in this house? Will I sleep in kitchen? he show fake anger and cry. Om just stare at him and slap, he say, As u wish and smile at him and shut door. Rudra was shocked but later laughs and turn to his left and show thumbs up. Meerun and AnniYa gives HiFi and sign him to come. Rudra come and say, did u see him Sumo.. when I disturbed him he was very angry. I think Gauri and O will confess their love within this night and he jokes. Annika say, don’t be greedy Rudra.. we tried very hard to lit them.. just now it started smoking.. we have to wait till it lights up. Meenu agrees with her and say, I know Gauri very well.. she will not open up easily. She will take time and gradually keep steps. Even Om is very cautious in this matter.. he don’t want to loose Gauri and her friendship at any cost. So we too must go along them. They agree.

Meanwhile, Rikara spending some good time. Gauri talk about their project in Dubai and say, I’m worried that I can’t go to office today.. I don’t know what happened there today. Om say, relax Gauri.. I informed them.. also I’ll attend meeting tomorrow on ur behalf. Actually today’s meeting is postponed tomorrow. So u need not panic. I informed them this morning before I went to my office. Gauri was surprised by his reply and think, OMG.. it means Om cares me.. maybe he would have done this because I’m working on his project and he don’t want to take any chance in hishi business. I have to clear this.. but before that I need to know about his feelings for his past love Ridhimma. She ask, Om.. when we were talking Annika and Saumya told me about ur Past love story.. I really felt very bad. Om say, there is no more place for that relationship in my life Gauri.. and I don’t want to talk about that anymore. She did everything even after knowing that I hate lies. Pls don’t take that topic again. Gauri calms down Om and feel relieved as she got her answer. She try to distract him and talking about something and they fall asleep in their position. Om wakes up in between and saw her lying in cool. In that nest swing chair she was looking like bird in nest who is shivering in cold. He don’t want to disturb such beautiful bird in its nest. He got quilt and covered her. He too rest on the couch and dozed off.

Precap: Gauri and Om in his studio. Gauri is admiring him, his paintings and statues while Om was busy making idols. Om hold her waist and grab her back to him.. he hold her from behind and move close to her to kiss.

And will meet u next week my drs.. take care.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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