Weekend Shots by Verna – Journey of Omkara’s life Part 27

Hello everyone.. I’m really sorry for not posting on weekends.. I was little busy and some health issues.. thanks a lot for ur wonderful comments.. take a sneak peak into last part if u have missed..
Part 26
Part 26

Now we r moving to SHOT 27..
Next morning, Gauri wakes up in hospital and found Om resting near her bed by holding her hand. She felt his warmth and care by his way of holding. She smile seeing this. She is feeling happy for no reason.. even think, why am I happy now? For saving me from that goons or for showing care or by his closeness? I don’t know reason for my happiness. She decided not to think much and enjoy that situation. She was just adoring Omkara’s sweet innocent sleeping face. She was lost in his lovely face and without her knowledge her hand started to caress his hairs. Om was feeling very comfortable and pleasant in his nap and smiles a bit. She fell in his sweet innocent smile. Then Om suddenly woke up from his nap and amazed to see her got conscious.. he caressed her with worried face and ask how she is. She nods ok and smile at him. They have eye lock.

Doctor check her and say, nothing to worry.. she is alright.. she just have to be careful with her wounded part and try to keep it dry.. if u want, u can shift her to ur home. Om thanks doctor and Rudra went to do formalities. Om say, Gauri.. u’ll be staying with us.. I know u won’t accept this.. but u have no one to take care in ur apartment too.. so till u get well u’ll be staying with us.. no more arguments.. he didn’t wait for her reply and started packing things. Gauri was awestruck and also happy for this. She wonder, What happened to me toady? Why didn’t I oppose him? Why did I feel like I’m comfortable and happy with his decision? She smile like a mad. Om saw her smiling and enquires. She nods nothing to him. Rudra came after all hospital formalities.. they leave. Gauri struggles to walk.. Om took her in his arms and make her sit in car.

In Oberoi’s apartment, Om and Rudra take care of Gauri. After lunch, Gauri took her medicines and take a nap. When Om was passing by her room he saw her sleeping and went near her. He sit and admire her sleeping beauty face. When he saw her dressed wound his eyes had tear drop. He remembered how she was shot and fell down. He get angry on himself and turns to go. Suddenly he was stopped by a hold. It was Gauri who held his hands. They have eye lock. She ask him to sit. She wake up and sit. She ask, what happened to u Omkara? I’m watching u since morning.. u r always sad and avoid talking to me whenever u see me.. he say nothing like that.. just take rest and he tries to go. She hold his wrist and ask him to talk. He say, nothing Gauri.. u just rest now.. I didn’t come in to disturb ur sleep.. just came to see u.. he get up. She becomes furious and say, do u feel pity for me? If so pls drop me in my apartment.. I know to take care of me.. I don’t want ur pity on me.. and she tries to move from bed. Om startled and hurries to her. He holds her and say, Gauri pls.. pls don’t think that I’m pitying on u..

I really care for u. She ask, then y r u avoiding to talk with me? U take care of me but not talking with me.. what is this?

Rudra enters room and say, because he is guilty. They both look at him and Gauri look at Om and ask, Guilty? Y do u feel guilty? For what? Om bends down and look aside. Rudra say, actually he is guilt for not protecting u from that goon. He feel that u got shot because of him. Also they blackmailed u with his life. So he is feeling all this happened because of him. Gauri look at Om for few mins and thinks. Then she start laughing. OmRu confused. Gauri laugh her heart out.. she say, Omkara.. what is there to feel guilty in this.. all those happenings were just accident.. if u want to feel guilty for my situation then I too feel bad and guilty. Om ask, why? She say, yes.. its me who did not even think for a second and try to talk with u.. when I got that MMS I just had thought of saving u and I didn’t inform you and ran to them. If I told u about this when I received that MMS then all this would have not happened. So I must be for making u fall in this situation.. I’m really sorry Omkara..

she makes puppy face. Om was concerned with this. He say sorry.. its my mistake.. I failed to save u before u got shot.. I’m really sorry. She say, No Omkara.. before all this I should have informed u.. its my mistake to not tell u about this.. I must say sorry first. They both continue same for sometimes and blame themselves. Rudra makes face, he hold his head and say, Oh God!?! These 2 started again.. U guys.. anyone pls accept ur sorry fast.. I’m feeling hungry by seeing ur sorry session. They both laugh at him.

Om just admire her happy face and become sad again. Gauri notice this and say, Omkara.. I have explained u a lot.. no more worries.. U know something.. I don’t like to be surrounded by sad people and negativity.. just cheer up.. We have only one Life.. so just live to its extent.. in this world everything happens for a reason.. we have to accept whatever happens.. if we start reacting to each and everything that happens in our life then we’ll be just staying in same place.. we can’t move from that place. Om really admire and love her talk.. OmRu signs wow to each other. She say, So listen to my words.. we don’t know when our life will end.. but whenever it ends we should have good and happy moments to be remembered.. So life is short.. So just smile when.. Rudra interrupts and say, When we have reason to smile.. he shoves his collar and say, Am I right? She say, NO.. Smile when u have TEETH.. she show her theeth to them ??? OmRu burst out in laughter. RuRi do HiFi and laughs. Om admire her and her antics. Suddenly doorbell rings. OmRu gets excited and tries to go, but they fight each other. Gauri was confused. Rudra push Om aside and runs out of room.

Om fell on Gauri when Rudra pushed him. Gauri lying down and Om on top of her. They have sweet eye lock. Om and Gauri lost in each other’s eyes. Om slowly moved his hands to her forehead and started to caress with his finger down to her cheek and caught hold of her hair strands.. Gauri tensed. He slowly move his fingers near her ears and pin her hair strands behind it. Gauri opened her eyes and look at Om and they have intense eye lock. Meanwhile Rudra run to the door and felt extremely happy for their guests. He happily welcome them with warm hug. Its none other than Annika Saumya and Meerun. They all have small chit chat about their journey and move to Gauri’s room. Om and Gauri understood their awkward position and Om gets away.. they both embarrassed to face each other and struggle to talk.

Rudra opened door and say, Gauri.. here is a surprise for u.. and ask them to come in. Meenakshi and Varun come in her room and shouts surprise.. Gauri was awestruck by seeing them and had happy tears after meeting her best friends after long time. They three share very emotional hug. They enquires about her health. She said, much better.. nothing to worry. Annika and Saumya come inside the room and Om greets them and hug them. Om introduced them to Gauri. Gauri say, yeah I remember them.. We have danced in Wayanad right? And we had good talks that time. They both go and hug her. Gauri felt comfortable with them. After all their health care session.. they have good tea time in evening. Gauri is feeling very happy for meeting her best friends after long time and her new friends arrival too.

Precap: Gauri, while searching her cloths found an old dairy and opens to see who’s. She share it with girls. They all intentionally scare her by Om’s past.

Sorry for late update my drs.. I also wanted to do an announcement.. I’m going to end my regular FF “Life has something to teach so learn what it is” so I’m working on final process of finishing it. So I’m unable to concentrate on Weekend Shots so I’m giving only one shot a week.. I’m sorry for that.. but once I finished my regular FF then I’ll update my weekend shot regularly.. pls be patient guys and understand my situation.. take care my drs.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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