Weekend Shots by Verna – Journey of Omkara’s life Part 26

Hello everyone.. happy to meet u after a tiring week.. Oh god.. such a stressful week this was.. and I’m happy to meet u all after a break.. so just take a sneak peak into last part
Part 25
Part 25

And we can now move to Part 26..
Om tell cops not to interfere in this case.. because it will be risk for Gauri’s life. He don’t want to take chance in her life matter. Cops assure him about her life and ask him to cooperate with them to catch that mafia gang who has been threatening and fooling many girls life and family. Om is not convinced and ask them to move. He take money in suitcase and leaves. He reached the place where the goon told him to come. He search for them. One of the henchmen come come and check him and ask him to handover money. Om ask for Gauri. Henchmen say, u will get her only if I get this bag. Om refuse to handover money to him and demands to see Gauri. Their Boss call Om and say, What is this Mr. Oberoi? U r worrying about money.. not for this girl.. R u not interested to take her back? Om who is controlling himself say, this money is nothing to me.. I can’t give this without seeing my Gauri.. I won’t believe u.

Boss laughs and tell his henchmen to take him inside.
Om is taken inside and saw Gauri laying down unconscious in floor. He tries to reach her, but goons stop him. He worries for Gauri and her state. Henchmen me grab Om’s bag and check it. He signs his Boss as everything is fine.. Boss tell him to take that bag inside. He smiles evil and say, u soo dumb Mr. Oberoi, u have made a big mistake by coming alone. I thought u will be coming with security but u came alone. Om just stares at him. Boss tell his men to wake up Gauri. Gauri wakes up and panics. She see Om and screams his name. Om moves forward and got caught by his henchmen. Gauri is taken by that Boss and Om screams for her and ask him to leave her as he gave his demanded money. Boss say, come on Mr. Oberoi.. I’m not a hero to keep words.. I’m a villain.. bad villain and laugh evil him. Now ur money and girlfriend is mine.. He signs his men to finish him. Gauri screams to leave her and beg for Omkara’s life. She cries badly and look at Omkara. She keep crying and screams, Omkara.. Omkara.

Boss drags Gauri with him and about to leave, Om shouts him to stop. When Boss turned to his side he was shocked to see the view. Cops surrounded that place and held his men under arrest. Rudra bought them to that place with the help of Om’s tracking app in his mobile. Boss saw his place fully surrounded and found he has been caged. He say in anger, Mr. Oberoi.. u did not keep ur words. Om say, U r not that much good person to keep my words.. u r such a cheap criminal.. u don’t deserve to be true. Even u showed ur true colors by taking her even after getting money. Did u think Omkara Singh Oberoi is so easy to defeat? He nods NO in his style. He ask officers to arrest him. Boss plans to escape with Gauri’s help. He held her by her hairs and aims gun at her forehead. He held her in front of him and he stood behind her. Om and Rudra gets shocked. Gauri screams Omkara for help. Om panics. Boss say, Omkara.. tell these cops to drop their guns and free my men.. else this beautiful angel will have to reach the door of heaven because of me. Om is dumbstruck by that. Boss say, No..

U won’t say right? Then I’ll do what I thought and triggers gun. Om shouts NO.. Don’t do that.. I’ll.. I’ll them to drop the guns.. he ask the officer to order his men to drop gun and let him go. But officer denies to let him go, because he is the most wanted criminal. Om does not know what to do and just stares at Gauri helplessly. Gauri too look at him who understood him and look with tears in her eyes which made Om to shed blood tears. His heart aches by seeing such pain in her eyes and his helplessness. Om is seen like he is lifeless and Gauri can’t bear his state. They both can’t take their eyes off each other but tears blur their vision.

Suddenly Om conveyed some msg through his eyes and Gauri was able to understand what he said. Just after few secs Om signaled her with his eyes to Gauri. Gauri who was lost in his eyes just obeyed his order without her conscious as their heart was more powerfully connected more than words. She kept her leg one step aside ad suddenly there was a gunshot. Boss, Gauri, Om, Rudra and other cops were shocked by the gun shot and stood freezed for a second. There was a deep silence. Boss fell down his knees and screams in pain. Gauri was shocked to see Boss and panics. Om shouts, Gauri.. Run.. Fast.. Come here to me Gauri. Gauri like a 3yrs old kid, just did like he said and run towards him with teary eyed. In that silent environment there was thundering sound of gun shots back to back. Gauri, who was running towards him stopped with a jerk and look at Om.. OmRu shocked and look at the officer holding his gun which was oozing out smoke of fired bullet. Omkara shouts NO.. and sadly look at Gauri.

There was sudden Thud in that silent place. It was Boss who fell dead in the floor with a bullet in his head. Om Ru can’t understand what was happening and Gauri was falling down loosing her balance. Officer say good job inspector.. u have acted very right this time. Then OmRu saw Gauri’s leg bleeding with bullet shot. Screen rewinds to Gauri running towards Om.. Boss who felt betrayed by Om aimed gun at her and triggers gun. Meanwhile inspector shot him, but it was just few secs after boss shot her. Gauri was shot in legs by Boss and Boss is shot in his head by Inspector. Om realized what had happened and becomes sad for Gauri. He saw her crying in pain. His eyes filled with tears and run to her. Gauri can’t bear pain and cries badly, she fall down, but she was in his arms before she reached floor. He took her in his lap and caresses her and signs her not to worry with his eyes. He can’t speak a word seeing her state and took her in arms and rushed to hospital.

Gauri’s aid was done and doctor said she will wake up after 3hrs because of seductive. OmRu thanks doctor and ask permission to see her. They go inside room and saw Gauri laying. Om gets teary eyed and remembers cop saying about her kidnap. He say, U know Rudra? She actually wanted to save me.. so she went to them by hearing their threatening. They have threatened her by keeping dummy bomb in her car and make it blast. She worried for my life and she went to them. Why did she do that? He breaks down. Rudra hug him and console him. After sometimes Rudra go to pharmacy to get her medicines. Om saw Gauri and sit near her in stool. He keep starring her, all their moments since beginning flash in his mind. He hold her hand and pecks kiss on it. Y do u want to risk ur life to save me Gauri.. I have failed to protect u.. its my mistake.. he cries holding her hand. After sometime he slept by holding her hand. Few minutes later Gauri wake up and saw she was in hospital. She saw Om resting by holding her hand and smiles.

Precap: OmRu taking care of Gauri.. surprise visit by Meerun, Annika and Saumya. Gauri is Khidkitod happy.

Thank u my drs.. take care and love u all 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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