Weekend Shots by Verna – Journey of Omkara’s life Part 22


Hello my darling readers.. I’m really sorry.. Actually this is part 21 ly.. but due to some issues I was not able to post fully.. and many of u were eager to know the answer for song and excited for precap.. Take sneak peak into last part

Lets move to Part 22 to get ur answers..
Om and Gauri invited to dance in event.. they hesitant at first then joined to dance. When song played Om was stunned and dumbstruck. He never expected this will be the song they’re gonna dance. It was the same song he dreamt of dancing with her for first time in campfire at Wayanad. ( Now u remember?) Yes, it was Gerua song played in background. He dreamt of same style and locations too.. he felt like something happening to him and can’t understand himself for few seconds. But he managed and the Om was lost for so many years came out at this moment.

When song started to play, Om’s vision blurred on others and only focused Gauri. He felt like he is in dreamland surrounded by Angels. But his Gauri alone looked like A divine creature who is more beautiful than an Angel. He just remembered how he danced in his dream with her. Without his knowledge, his body started to move and listen to the order of his heart. Gauri who had NO idea about how and where to start was suddenly startled by a touch. When she turned, Om hold her hand and grab her near to him by her waist. She gasp by his touch. They have an eye lock. Om started to dance with her.. he twirl her by hands around him.. then grab her near him and hold from behind and dance. At one point he took her straight in arms and twirl. When song ended, Gauri who is on top/ above him hug around his neck and place her forehead on his. They never took off their eyes through out the song. Their moments was disturbed by huge applause of the crowd around. They were congratulated and showered by praising for their dance. They were announced as best couple in dance segment. Omri was stunned by listening to announcement. They were gifted with a big Box of chocolates and A huge size teddy bear. Gauri was very excited for teddy bear.

They leave that place with that gifts. Om called his assistant to take those gifts. When Om and Gauri were on their way to her home they were talking about that evening and enjoy their talk. Their heart was filled with unknown happiness and it seen in their face as they can’t stop smiling. Gauri bids bye to him when he dropped her. He see her going. Suddenly she stops, run and come to him. She ask, Hey.. where is my teddy? I want it.. Om said, Oh.. my assistant took that to my apartment.. I’ll get u tomorrow. She say, ok I’ll come there and we can spend some time.. then we can go outing ok? Om nods and bid good night to her and left.
Gauri was happy for no reason.. she always had that smile in her face and went to sleep peacefully. Om reached Oberoi condo and went to his apartment. When he entered he heard a loud noice of his family welcoming him. He was shocked a bit and surprised. He searched them but did not find any of them. He thought he had a dream and moves. Suddenly he felt tight hug from behind and shell shocked. He screams who is this? And then he calm down after realizing it was Rudra who is hugging him. Rudra say, SURPRISE… He breaks hug and turn to him and say, u duffer.. can’t u open ur mouth and talk.. u just scared me man.. BTW, when did come to Dubai? U r the one who came and send off me in noon.. then how did u come so soon? Rudra say, O u came by private transport and I came by public transport.. don’t u understand? I booked tickets a week ago when u said u wanted to make Gauri Babhi make her feel lonely. After sending u I got evening flight and reached Dubai. He laughs. They both have some brotherly fight and moment.
Om: Rudy.. when I entered I heard our family members shouting.. did they also come?
Ru: (Jokes and say) O family is there.. but not here.. But we r all keeping an eye on u..
Om confused and tell him to explain clearly.

Ru: Hahaha.. u didn’t understand na.. come with me.. (he took him to study and make him sit and on projector. His whole family in OM is seen through video call and congratulates him)
Om: (confused) why r u all congratulating me? What happened?
Shiv: Well.. Om, what will u do with that full box of chocolates? Because u don’t like sweets. Om shocked.
Ru: Bhaiya.. don’t worry.. ur cool brother Rudy is there and y do worry about chocolates? Ur brother will do OH MY Mata to those chocolates..
Prinku: O Bhaiya.. That teddy bear is soo cute.. will u send that to me.. (teasingly) u just give some other teddy bear to Gauri Babhi..
Om turned and saw it, he can’t give answer for her and stammer as Gauri liked it a lot. But he is confused how they know this.
Annika: (teasingly) Arre Prinku.. That teddy is Gauri’s favorite.. u better get a new teddy from ur brother.. Then what will he answer if Gauri come and ask tomorrow?
Buama: Hey omki.. Will u make a girl to cry on ur first date? What will she think.. And hereafter u should not make my Bahu to cry any situation.. okay..
They all laugh at him.. he startled from his seat and ask how do u all know this? He was very eager to this.
Sau: Actually I’m sorry bade baal wale Bhaiya.. its me who showed those pics to them.. what will I do.. here all r eager to know what is happening there.. so..
Om: Wait.. what pics r u taking about?

Ru: Actually O.. when I came to that hotel I saw u both and followed u without ur knowledge.. sumo was nagging me to show what is happening here so I send pictures and videos to her.. she is talking about that.
Om: Show me those pics.. he see their dinner pics, that foreign couple and their video, their walk in lawn and their dance video. Om glares him.
Ru: Y r u looking like that.. what did I do?
Om chase him and Rudra run. He hold him when he fell on couch and ask, where u spying on me? Rudra say, O.. believe me.. I did not do it intentionally.. I came to that hotel for dinner and saw u both..then what will I do.. Shivay say, leave him Om.. anyway u’ll be updating us.. before that Rudra did that.. thats all man. They have some good talk about their day.
Ani: Om.. what where u talking in lawn? Y did she cry?
Om: Actually Babhi.. I was apologizing to her for that first day incident in office. (He tell whole story)
Ani: O bete ki.. So now u both became good friends? That’s so good to hear Om.
Om: But I have to thank a couple.. u saw know Babhi.. a foreigner couple in front of us near our dinner table.. Actually they made us realise. I should thank them.
Ru: (interrupts) its ok O.. no need to say thanks and all.. but always be grateful to me ok.. my aashirvad is always with u my Bhai. (He bless him with both hands).
Om: Shut up u duffer.. who thanked u now.. I was talking about those couple.
Ru: Yeah.. I too tell the same.. if u thank them they’ll show me to thank.. y u take such long time.. directly thank me Bhai.
Everyone was confused and Annika ask him to explain as they didn’t get what he said.
Ru: Babhi.. When I was keeping eye on them they were very tensed and don’t know.how to speak.. I know.. O was always telling me that “y did she leave me and go to Dubai.. I wanted to know that” so I know that is running in his mind. But they were not ready to make any scene.. so I did my script, dialogue and screenplay.. Then I took help from those couple and they agreed to act before them. My plan worked out.. (does logic sign)

All of them were awestruck by his idea and praise him including Om. After talking they went to sleep.
Next morning, Gauri get ready in her mustard yellow A-line dress with light make-up. She planned to go for breakfast. She called Om but couldn’t reach. In Om’s apartment.. OmRu r still are sleeping. Rudra put his leg on Om’s abs, which make him wake up. He woke up irritated with his brother’s antics. He slowly woke up and went to his balcony. When he came in, he heard mobile vibrating. He saw 10+ missed calls from Gauri and called her back. Meanwhile Rudra too woke up and went to kitchen. Om was stunned when she said she will reach there in 15 mins. Om rushed to washroom and took bath hurriedly. He saw time again, 5 more mins left for her arrival. When he went by kitchen side he saw Rudra standing and sleeping by hugging refrigerator. Om tensed and tries to wake him up. He round and roll him to wake him up. At last he woke up in half sleep and Om said, Gauri will be here in 5 mins Rudra.. go and fresh up.. u have to leave

Ru: (Half sleepy mode) Let her come Bhaiya.. I’m not going anywhere today.. I will sleep there in my room and u both do romance anywhere except my room. I don’t mind.
Om: (pats on his head and ask him to go) Run u duffer.. according to her u r in vacation now.. if she know u r with me.. then everything will be spoiled. Run fast u dumbbell Oberoi.
Rudra then woke up fully and think what he said. Meanwhile doorbell rings and they get panic. They both run here and there.. Rudra runs to washroom and Om went to open door.

Precap: Sure.. khidkitod Omri romance with Rudra’s antics on the way.. stay hooked up πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

First of all I should thank Kiya for updating my last post.. Thank u so much dr.. and that song all my regular readers will know about it and his dream segment is clearly said now. Ur suggestions and views r welcomed.. Take care my drs.. love u all πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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