Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life (Part 2)

Hi everyone WS 2 is here..

Wayanad Resort:
Om was shocked to see a girls pic on his camera. He moved to next pics and more shocked by seeing all. He did clicks of her beautiful eyes, her sweet honey dipped lips, cute little ear with hanging earring. He could see her enjoying rain and playing with drops falling from roof top.. He can’t believe and about to delete pics but for the first time, after so many yrs, his heart over powered his mind and doesn’t let him to delete it. Yes, because his heart liked her. He was seen confused. Saumya ask (teases), Om bhaiya what happened? Who is this girl? Is she your life time dream? Om stammer.. no actually I was capturing a rare species of bird.. but I don’t know how my focus went wrong. Rudra jokes on him, our focus may go wrong but if destiny focus on us miracles happen in our lives. I think destiny started to see u. Wait and watch those miracles that gonna happen. Everyone smiles and agree with him.

Om tries to explain them, but they tease him again and planned to go out. All 5 in one car enjoying their ride through jungle road. Rudra driving the car noticed Om who was lost. Shivika and Rumya are enjoying nature but Omkara whose sight is on window but something going on in his mind.. he was thinking how did he click pics of her. All those pictures of her eyes,lips, ear and her beautiful face started haunting him. Couples noticed this and smile at each other. Om see this and say Y r u guys laughing at me? I explained u know it was by mistake and she was out of focus. Annika tease him saying, we did not say anything about that pics.. I think u r more affected by that. Rudra also jokes actually tat bird was in out of focus and u did perfect focus on her. They all laugh out loud and did HiFi.. Om was irritated ( actually shy) and moved from there.

After dinner and long chat all went to their room to rest. Om’s sleep was disturbed by tat girl. He suddenly wake up from sleep and find her in his room and then realized it was his hallucination. He searched for his camera and saw those pics again and again. He was not able to say what he feels and can’t digest his emotions. He was roaming in his room. He self talks with him in mirror.. What happened to u Om? Why r u behaving strange? I know its not my fault.. I just clicked her pics by mistake but this duffer dumbbell is confusing me and all others support him to tease me.. Its better to delete that girl’s pic. He took his camera and selected delete option but he was not able to confirm delete. He did same for 6-7 times and throws it on couch in frustration. He sits silent for sometimes and determined to delete that pics and took his camera in hands.. but suddenly he had a thought, if I delete this pic and later they find it then they’ll tease me by connecting her to me.. better I’ll keep those pics and don’t mind about it. He placed camera on table and went to bed. He can’t sleep for long time and finally fall asleep.

Its morning, Shivika and Rumya come to Om’s room and see him sleeping. They all disturb him and he.finally woke up. After getting refreshed they go to restaurant for breakfast. It was fully built with bamboo sticks and showed magical view of nature through its panoramic window. It was not like their everyday life in rush city like Mumbai. This cool, calm experience was different for them. They were served with delicious Kerala style food and all enjoyed it. They all praised Om for bringing them to such place where they can forget themselves. They started planning for that day out. Om got call and said I’ll send mail immediately. He took excuse from them and went to his room. On the way from restaurant to his tree house, while walking near pool he saw a girl talking in phone ( turning other side) and she don’t notice stairs. He called her out but she was busy in call. She slipped from step and about to fall down, she thought she will be dead in few secs by hitting on rock, but a hand hold her hand. When she turned to see, it was a man with long hair and cooler, whom she thought like an Angel, came for her rescue.

On the other side, Om was shocked to see the girl. Yes, it was same girl who he clicked pictures the before day. He can’t believe his eyes and took his coolers off in shock. He again check out her eyes, lips, ears and her cute face in real. They have an eye lock. He talks, You are… That girl talked before him, Thank u so much for ur help, and I’m sorry I did not notice steps. I was busy with my call and network range is low here so I was roaming here and there and talking. So I was not able to mind steps. U saved my life today and thank u so much again.. She did not let him talk and he too got lost in her innocence and cuteness. She introduced herself as Gauri. He reciprocated Omkara. There was silence for few secs and they’re about to talk, but Gauri was called by her friends. She greets him and leaves. Om can’t let her go but can’t stop her with any reason. He was confused with his thoughts and moved.

Oberois decided to view wildlife sanctuary and Chembara peak for tat day. Gauri and her friends were excited for their trip and celebrating tat moment. Om can’t resist his mind thinking about Gauri. He calls him mad and tells don’t cook stories in ur mind about tat girl. But he felt strange and good about his feelings for that girl. He smiling like mad. Suddenly he got thought when took his camera from table. He thought, that means.. she is staying here.. near me.. and started thinking how and where he saw that bird from his room when he mistakenly clicked Gauri’s pic. He remembered how he stood, how he saw, how he started clicking. He did the same way with his camera and when he zoomed at the same direction.. he found another tree house which was located far from theirs. He smiled looking at that sight. Actually his camera focused on Gauri again and he found it was her room. He saw her collecting and putting things on her shoulder bag and she moved from there. Within few seconds she came back and stood In front of mirror and bids bye with flying kiss to herself and she left. He liked her and smiles thinking her. He turns and get shocked seeing ShivRu at door looking at him in teasing way.

He stammer and say, Shivay.. umm I was just checking my cam.. there is no one.. tat is not her room.. I was just checking.. Shivay and Rudra look at each other and smile. Shivay say, we did not ask for any explanation.. y r u voluntarily giving ur statement.. Ru tells, Shivay bhaiya.. yesterday I saw a girl’s pic in our long haired creature’s cam.. that creature/prani told me it was clicked by mistake or out of focus..bla bla bla.. but today same long haired creature doing same thing.. is this mistake again? Shivay says.. no first time is mistake, if it is done for 2 or more time then its purposely done. Ru suspiciously moves towards Om and round him. He put his hands on his shoulders and say.. Come on O confess tat u r searching for ur dream girl. Om shockingly ask.. dream girl? When did I say like tat.. ShivRu look at each other and say Awwwww.. Shivay tell, yesterday only u said that she is ur life’s dream.. can’t forget those moment for my life. Om tell, I didn’t mention her.. I thought abt tat bird and said those words.. nothing else.. he manages and ask them to move and say they r getting late. They all leave.

Precap: Om was lost by view and drawing in his canvas.. Shivika and Rumya are surprised to see Gauri’s pic in his canvas.

My drs.. I don’t know what’s happening with u ppl.. even I’m confused whether u read this or not.. U give such a wonderful response for my regular FF.. but I didn’t get half of its response from u for my last Weekend Shot and my yesterday’s one shot.. If u ppl don’t like this track and story then pls tell me.. at least I’ll stop writting.. my time and ur time will be saved.. whatever u like and don’t like with my FF pls open up and talk.. I’ll be posting my next part of Weekend shot after seeing ur comments and response only.. u like or don’t like pls tell me.. Because nowadays I’m spending lot of time thinking about this and writing for u ppl.. just tell me what u think.. take care my drs.

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  1. B.k.maha

    Its really awesome dr… Pls continue dr…. Don’t think like that dr… U are a good writer so continue it dr… Waiting for ur next part… Don’t think to stop it….

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much maha.. will try my best to give soon

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      Romba nandri sugantha.. keep reading and supporting dr..

    2. Verna

      Thank u so much sugantha.. keep reading and supporting dr

  3. Oh no Verna, pls pls pls pls pls don’t stop this. I want an ff exclusively on omri, and was so happy that you started this with a cute plot.?

    Please continue this, I swear I will be there as a reader for this ff, and shall comment on every post?

    1. Verna

      Thanks for ur lovely words shraddha.. keep reading and I’ll try to continue writing

  4. Hi dear,unga work awesome ah iruku,am waiting for ur shots evry weekend.And onemore thing na silent reader,now am commenting ur work.So pls stop pannathanga,continue pannuga.

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    Awsm. Don’t stop writing this ff. Waiting for next update

    1. Verna

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    Please update your ff ‘life has something to teach..so learn what it is’iam waiting for RuMya moment in that ff.

    And Verna don’t stop writing ff. you are talented and great ff writer.and we all like your ff and always support you.and keep update regular okay.
    iam waiting for your ff rumya moment ‘life has something to teach..so learn what is it’

    Keep writing Verna. waiting for your BEST storys.
    ALL THE BEST GUD LUCK??????????

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much for ur lovely words Uf.. will keep writing

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      I.have submitted my Weekend Shot’s next part

  9. Hey Verna I read this ff and I am really waiting for this ff…. its amazing….. post soon dear….

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  11. Pls do not stop writing, you have a gift do not hide it, good continuation, I wait for your next episode with patience thank you

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