Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life Part 17

Hellooo my sweet hearts.. thanks a lot for ur love and support for this FF.. as u asked I’m giving this part as a gift and surprise for u guys and I dedicate this only to u my darling readers 🙂 🙂 So as I promised, from today’s part there is no more sorrow and pain in their life. Their love is gonna bloom in the land of miracles Dubai. Pls don’t ask me y I described Dubai like that.. just said in flow and its really one of the wonderful places to visit once in a lifetime. Like a dream land. And like said yesterday.. there will less family and friends part only Om Gauri’s part.. because I want to express each and every emotions they go through. Take a sneak peak into part 16 if missed

Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life Part 16

Now let’s go to Part 17

Om is confused about Gauri and got call from Varun. Om is stunned when Varun said, Gauri was not interested to go but I don’t what happened to her? After u spoke, Gaurav called after sometimes and said he can’t join her.. he also offered to talk with client about their failed trip.. but Gauri determined to leave India. What happened Om? Did u both fight? Om explained their conversation from his pov. Meerun then got what she was up to. Meenu said, Oh no.. Om its a misunderstanding.. a very big misunderstanding.. u both were not able understand ur feelings towards each other. She would have cancelled her trip if u had given her a small hint of ur wish. U know what? She is really in angry with u.. u have to start from the beginning now. She is not ready to listen to us. We can’t talk about this more than a limit. U have to handle her Om.

Om then realized his mistake and wanted to solve this issue. Shivika ask him to explain. He did. Shivay said, its just a small misunderstanding Om.. u can call her and clear that.. by this time she would have reached there.. Come on make call Om. Annika say, no Om I think u should go there and clear misunderstanding. Om say, but Babhi.. how can I go suddenly? I have lot of work in ofc. ShivRu say, u don’t worry about office.. we’ll manage it u go. Rudra runs and find something in his table drawers and found an invitation. He ask, O u remember this? Invitation for international art exhibition in Dubai which is going to happen next month. Now u have reason to go there and solve everything. Shivay smile at him.

Om hug him and say, u guys r the best brothers in this world. They three hug and smile. Shivay say, ok I’ll arrange our Charter flight and formalities done.. u r leaving today. Om think and ssay, Shivay pls.. I’m not going today or tomorrow.. next month. They ask, y next month? He say, Gauri is angry with me.. if I go and stand in front of her.. then she’ll get more anger on me.. let her settle down there and then I’ll go there. Even I have to make some changes in me.. I have to think how to handle her. ShivRu and Annika confused but nods to his wish.

The following month pass by official talks between them nothing more than that. But whenever they hear their voice they r affected by their memories. Om and Gauri long to see each other. This time Gauri is more affected by his absence. Now all her anger turned down and feel like she did a big mistake by leaving Om in India. She badly miss him. This maybe because of his casual talks and caring nature towards her. Om is also not so silent like innocent baby.. he is making moves by well planning to affect her. Nowadays Om have become more naughty and tease his love. For example, one day Gauri Skype called him to explain their design and ideas. Om did all official talks with her and ask, so how r u Gauri? Is everything ok there? Gauri wanted to show some attitude and say, I’m good more than before.. this place is also very good.. she keep praising Dubai with her attitude. Om is enjoying her attitude talks with a little smile at the end of his lips. His eyes show his love for her but he replies, Oh.. that’s great to hear from u Gauri.. so u started liking that environment.. will u come back to India or u’ll join in Malhotra’s office. Gauri is stunned. She have no answer. She wanted to make him quite by her attitude but he broke her attitude. After some days this attitude and teasing take turn as a game and they both wanted to defeat the other. Sometimes Om lost and many times Gauri lost. This bring them a bit closer.

Few days later Om and Gauri got busy with their project which has just begun and moving. They r not able to tease and spend time with each other. They miss each other and just have official talks. Few more days passed and Om completely stopped his contact with her. This made Gauri to go through many different thoughts and felt missing him. She have no other way of contact except Rudra and Meerun. Rudra lies that he is on vacation for a month. Varun went to abroad for his job. Meenu is the only way of communication. She ask Meenu. Meenu too lied that, Om did not come to office for a week.. now Shivay sir is handling the project. When I asked him he said some family matter. Gauri gets sad. Meenu Rudra and Om give hifi and smile. Om say, So its time to surprise and smile thinking Gauri.

Om opens his wardrobe and picked a half white tee shirt, put on his wrist band, neck piece and most importantly he set his hair free. Rudra enter his room and ask, O are u ready? His jaws dropped down to see his old Artist Zulfi Singh Oberoi in front of his eyes. He ask, O pull my cheeks.. I think I’m dreaming. Om smiles and say, U r not dreaming baba.. Its real. Still Rudra can’t believe he is his Om and go near him in excitement. He keep rounding around him and admire him. He touch and hold his hair and play with it. Om say, Rudra what r u doing? Rudra turn him to mirror and hold his chin. He turn his face left and right and say, O something is missing. Om check himself again and ask, What? What’s missing? Rudra say, smile and that innocent look of my old Bhai Omkara. Om pats on his cheek and about to leave but Rudra hold him and say, I’ll not leave u before I get to see ur smile. Om look at him. Then Rudra understood and say, I know how to bring that smile in ur face and eyes. He took Gauri’s pic in his phone and show it to him. Om saw her pic and smile. He hug Rudra and they leave.

In hall, Shivay tell ur private jet is ready.. I’ll come to drop u. Annika and Janvi bring sweet curd and feed Om. Om ask, mom? Janvi say, I know Omkara.. yesterday only Annika told me about Gauri.. I’m so happy for u and I know y u didn’t share this with me.. I know my son.. take care and bring my Bahu along with u when u return to India. Annika too feed him sweet curd and congratulates. Pinky, Dadi and Buama also did same and bid goodbye. Om ask, where is Prinku and Saumya? Saumya say, I’m here Om Bhaiya.. she waves hand from front door. She say, I went to get gift for u.. and this wil be very useful for u. Om thanks her and side hug her. Prinku give him his colour pallet and wish him. He felt like his strength came back to him when he got his colour pallet from Prinku. He say, For so many days I felt empty and lonely without these even I forgot these.. but today u gave back my strength Prinku.. it means a lot.. Thank u. He smile and hug her. She say, All the best Bhaiya.. bring my Babhi soon. ShivOmRu leaves OM. ShivRu send off him and return to OM.

After 3hrs, its evening 5PM, his private jet lands in Dubai. Om step out his plane in his old poetic Omkara avatar with Wavy hair and black glass. He drove his Bugatti Chiron from airport to meet his love. He is lost in her thoughts and excited to meet her. While driving he saw a bouquet shop and picked a bunch of his hand picked florals and made as bouquet. He drove to her apartment and wait for her arrival. After few minutes, his lady love appeared in front of his eyes and walking like a fairy tale princess in her blue with white dress. He drives his Bugatti towards her and honked horn. She panics seeing a car rushing towards her.

Precap: Gauri run and hug him. Om too reciprocated. They have an eye lock. Om say, I know this will happen and smile. Gauri thinks and ask, What? What did you say? Om panics and stammer.

R u ok with this guys.. Am I satisfying ur level of expectations? I need know how I’m doing.. so.that I can know my level and improve myself. Just open up and say, either good or bad.. pls do comment ur views about today’s part.. also ur encouragement is needed for me to give good reading time and its upto u.. keep reading and supporting my drs.. Take care.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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