Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life Part 16

Hey my babies.. nowadays I became addicted to u guys even more.. Ur such lovely comments.. really made my day.. even though I got very less comments I’m happy that u gave ur views on this FF and ur favorite track. Sobits time to announce Omri/ Rikara/ Gaurika’s track. So max u all want sweet love story for my Omi and Gauri. And its my pleasure to present this according to ur wish. And from now on I’ll give only Om Gauri’s part a lot and family part will get shrink.. pls don’t mind that drs.. because I wanna give more moments to my fav Jodi 🙂 🙂 Take sneak peak into part 15 if u have missed it..

Part 15

There r 2 special happy announcement.. read FF first and then I’ll tell u.. Let’s move to Part 16..
After office Om enters OM with sad face. ShivRu noticed him from kitchen and wanted to know what happened. They were preparing their favorite dishes. ShivRu made Pasta and noodles for them and grilled sandwich for Om. Om is sitting on his couch putting his down and lost in thoughts. ShivRu come to his room and wish him. Rudra purposely did some bad jokes and got glares from Shivkara. Shivay ask, Hey Om.. what’s wrong with u man? I noticed u when u entered.. u r upset since you came from office.. we r u Bhai come on share with us.. is any problem in ur business? Om nods NO.. no problem in business Shivay.. problem is because of my business. Rudra say, O, today ur casual talks looks like ur complicated Shayari.. I’m sure there is something wrong.. tell me did anyone propose Gauri Babhi?? R u jealous of it and he laughs. Shivay pats on his head and ask him to shut up. Om explained what happened in office and say, I can’t bear this separation Shivay.. I don’t want her to go away from me.. but.. I don’t know what she’ll decide. He becomes sad and hold his head. Shivay thinks.

Gauri is very much worried. She is still in dilemma to choose her career over Om. But she is also confused why I’m so much affected by Om.. After all he is my friend y should I feel bad for this? And I should never fall weak again. Its my life and I have to decide it. I have to go there to step next level in my career.. Om is like a mirage.. maybe some Infatuation. Just go Gauri.. if u think of Om and loose this chance then u’ll be failed in both life and career. Just GO. She is determined to leave to Dubai. Om is broken in his heart after hearing this from Meenu. The following week all formalities are done and its the day to leave India. Om didn’t show any of his feelings with Gauri and hid it. But when time ticks and runs he can’t control his flow of emotions. He is feeling like he is breaking from inside. He wanted to talk with her and before he could decide his hands dialled Gauri’s number.

Meanwhile Gauri is lost in thoughts and she can’t concentrate on packing up her things. Meenu help her. She is getting ready for the sake but her soul is around Omkara. Meenu saw this and think to do something. Gauri’s phone rings, when she saw Om’s name displayed on her screen her happiness have no limits and run out from her room and attend call. While running she bumps with Varun and don’t care and run. Varun and Meenu saw this and look at Gauri. She stood in balcony and attend his call with full excitement. Om is silent for sometimes and can’t start his conversation Gauri keep checking whether he is on call. Finally Om ask, what’s up Gauri? Gauri say, just packing.. u called me to say something Om? Om wanted to tell, Gauri pls don’t leave me and go. Gauri is seen like she is waiting for some change in her trip.. that too because of Om.

Om’s wish and Gauri’s expectations would have got achieved either of them talked a bit next step. But these two r scared of their bitter past and want the other to start conversation. There was a deep silence between them. After gaining some courage to speak Om ask, is everything ready? Gauri nods yes. Om say, good luck for ur future and went silent. Tears rolled down their eyes and both cried in.their silence. Om just think, she is leaving me.. No one in this world is there for me and closed his eyes while tears overflowed. Gauri think, till the second u call I was determined to leave but I got a little hope when I saw ur call.. but now I got answer that u just called me to wish before leaving. This is the second time I’m getting fooled. Om’s phone got slipped from his hand as he felt broken. Gauri too broke down when his call got disconnected. But this time tears didn’t roll down her eyes. Else she determined to leave. Om broke down and cry. Rudra is watching all this and run to Om and console him. Om cry like a kid in his shoulder.

Gauri leaves her flat with frustration. Meenu and Varun worried about her and follow her. Rudra say, O, I’ll call Gauri and tell everything.. let her decide after that.. but I can’t see u like this. Come let’s go and talk with her. Om refuses and remain silent. Gauri bids bye to Meenu and Varun and boards flight with heavy heart. Om has fallen asleep in Ru’s lap after crying bad. Rudra also sound asleep. Om woke up in middle of his sleep and still seen upset. He makes Ru sleep well and put on blanket over him. He go and stand near window and lost in Gauri’s thoughts. Gauri’s flight take off and fly over the city. Gauri is lost in Om’s thought and their last conversation. Om too can’t control his feelings. He saw a flight passing and say, Y did u leave me and go Gauri.. even u don’t wish to stay in my life and cries. Gauri is affected his thought and say, I don’t know y I’m affected so much by him but I wanted him to stop me.. Why? why didn’t you stop me Om? If u said that in last minute I would have cancelled this. But u didn’t.. I got to know my fate today.. whoever I think they r mine they’ll leave me and go. She too cries bad for sometimes and fell asleep. Next morning OmRu wakes up and Shivika greet them with chai. Shivay and Annika feel sorry for Om and console him. Om just smile and go to fix his broken mobile. Rudra saw 60+ missed calls from Meenu. Om too got notification from Varun and Meenu missed calls and get confused.

Shivay talk to Annika, I thought if Gaurav cancelled his trip Gauri too will stay here.. but she left alone. I don’t know what happened to her. Om gets shocked and ask, Shivay.. what did u say? Did Gaurav cancel his trip? Then y did she go? When he is standing with confused face his mobile rings. Varun called him.

Precap: Om lands in Dubai and drove his car from airport. Gauri is shocked to see car rushing towards her and panics.

And that’s all my drs for today.. and the first happy news is this is the last episode of their sorrow and pain. From next its gonna be khidkitod rocking happy episodes. And second one..??????? the most happiest news for TAMIL FANS of Ishqbaaz is gonna get telecast from Jun 5th 10PM onwards in our Star Vijay TV every Monday to Friday ??????? so I’m gonna watch my show from beginning again. I missed to watch this show in beginning.. I started watching it from shivika wedding so I’m very happy to see all those I missed.
So my dr readers pls do comment ur views and let me know ur thoughts on this FF. Take care my drs.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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  1. Sandhiya

    verna i am a silent reader of ur weekend shots…………..u just write very well…is it true that ishqbaaz will be air on vijay tv……..where did you got this information???????? ..i am really very excited……….

    1. Verna

      Thanks for commenting Sandhiya.. it means a lot.. yes dr.. I saw promo in vijay tv today and got to share this official information on my fb DBO page 🙂 🙂
      This is my page link

  2. Sagithya

    Awww it was so cute… Ya from June 5 it will be telecast on star Vijay TV at 10.p.m…. they have uploaded the promos in youtube

    1. Verna

      Thanks Sagithya.. yeah even I saw promo in channel itself


    Verna mera ek request hai Kya aap RuMya ka ek FF banayegi.show main tho unki story end ho gayi hai.so iam really very miss RuMya.aur zyada log bhi ShiVika,GauriKara ka ff banatha hai.aapki saari storys mujhe bahuth pasand hai.agar aap RuMya pe based story banayegi tho acha hoga.agar aap interst nahi Hai tho it’s okay?.

    Waiting for next update.and waiting for life has something teach u so learn that lesson ff.

    Take care?????

    1. Verna

      Thanks a lot Uf.. I’m already not getting time to write my regular and WS.. but sure I’ll try to give one shot or few shots on Rumya dr
      And I’m working on life has something.. will post soon 🙂

      1. Thank you so much verna.iam waiting.take your time?

  4. Hi Verna,tis episode is awesome.Even am happy and excited for ishqbaaz in tamil. And Hi Sandhiya,these r youtube links for ishqbaaz in star vijay. https://youtu.be/WVR0EUxmLxg-1st link, https://youtu.be/0tFsWA016Yk-2nd link.

    1. Verna

      Thanks a lot Priya yeah.. I’m very happy 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Superb

    1. Verna

      Thanks.. Keep reading dr

  6. _APARNA_

    i can’t even begin to tell you how frikkin amazing this is , i’m in love with your weekend shots , no joke , i love you for this

    1. Verna

      Thanks a lot Aparna.. I feel happy for ur love..love u too and ur ff too

  7. Shraddha-DBO

    Sorry for late comments dear.. .?
    Anyways I was so sad reading RIKARA seperation, but that precap gave me positive vibes….
    Please update atleast one or two week days too Verna….
    And happy that ib is gonna come in Tamil
    But I will watch repeat only coz then I will miss the original one??

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much shraddha don’t worry it’ll be happy and funny parts.. keep reading dr I’ll try to post

  8. Awesome di…..waiting for next part….and di your DP is so cute ??

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much San.. keep reading dr

  9. Rasika

    Sorry akka (di) for late comment was busy loved this epi and last epi… ???

    1. Verna

      Thanks a lot Rasi.. its ok dr.. take care and keep reading

  10. Shreyanvi

    Amazing episode diii….keep it up…
    Finally…their romance will start…uff I can’t wait for it now…plzzz post nxt part soon cz authors note drown me crazy???.. plz plz…give me surprise by postiposting this tommo also..plzzz veru diii..plz????????

    1. Verna

      Thanks a lot Saku dr.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’ll try to surprise u in this week but today its not possible sorry my dr.. and keep loving 🙂

  11. Dhar

    Finally it’s gonna start, Verna di i was really waiting for your ff to be posted, awesome episode ?? di ,plzzz write on weekdays also

    1. Verna

      Thanks a lot for ur love Dhar.. Will sure try my best to post it on week days too 🙂

  12. Wow finally u finishd makng om cry..
    .we ll get wt we wnt

    1. Verna

      What a surprise Sangee.. u have commented for my ff.. and yeah u’ll get to see what u want.. happy?

  13. B.k.maha

    Wow Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….. Great job…..

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