Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life (Part 15)

Hello my dr darling readers and sweet silent readers.. how r u all? I know I went missing for last week.. I was not able to write even my regular FF.. I’m really sorry for that and same reason I’m struck with work.. Pls forgive me and I’m bit upset.. Thanks for ur wonderful comments on last part.. and Pallavi u.wanted to make them confess.. but pls wait for sometimes dr.. they have to realise and make themselves fine and then clear MU then they’ll have a dramatically grand confession And I’m sure u won’t regret for being patient. Take a sneak peak into part 14 by clicking down

Part 14

Let’s move to Part 15..
At Om’s office:
Gauri and their team getting ready for giving presentation. She keeps herself busy with whatever work she have. Meenu is trying to talk but she avoid her. Om also ignores to talk with Meenu as he can’t face her and Gauri. Gauri is making arrangements in conference hall and explains about their project in detail to her team. Meanwhile Meenu got to talk with Om and tries to find what’s wrong with them. She ask, Om.. what r u upto? Yesterday u both were dying to talk with each other.. and u both have talk on phone yesterday night.. till my knowledge Gauri was talking good with u but just a night passed and u both r behaving strange.. like u don’t know each other and don’t even bother about each other.. what’s wrong with u guys? Om can’t answer this question and try to ignore her.. he say, Nothing I’m just worried and tensed about to deal.. its such a big opportunity for us to go to next level and I don’t want to miss this. Meenu is not satisfied but still suspects him. She say, fine.. don’t worry about this we r giving our best to get this deal signed and hope for the best. She leaves.
Om is relieved but still don’t have guts to face her. Gaurav reached his office with his new client and introduce to Om. They have some official talks. Then Om take them to conference room to give presentation on their project. Om and Gauri feel embarrassed to face each other which is noted by Meenu. Gauri explained about their project and impressed client. His client is happy with Om’s ideas on this project. He want to sign deal with Om. Om introduced his designing manager and senior designer to his client. His client is very much impressed with Gauri and want her to work on their project in Dubai. Om and Gauri is shocked. Om doesn’t want Gauri to go away from him he refuse to send her. He say, how can u take her there.. she is just in designing team.. we have HRs and other experts to work with u. Client say, There r experts in ur team Mr. Omkara but not such clever and spontaneous thinking intelligent girl who can handle any situation. I was questioning her while presentation not because I don’t understand.. I wanted to know how determined ur staffs r and their managing skills.. she is perfect in this also she is self motivated girl who is always cheerful and spread positivity to others too. I found this when she helped her colleague when he struck while explaining. She is a good team worker too. So I want her to work in my place till this project get over. He ask them to decide and leaves.

Om neither accept nor deny this.. he think, if I send her then she will away from me for almost an year.. if I don’t let her then her career will get spoiled because of my selfishness. Meanwhile Gauri also tensed and don’t want to go away from Om and confused. Om say, then its upto Gauri.. she have to decide it. Gauri is stunned as the burden fall on her head. She is in dilemma of choosing her career over Om. She can’t loose Om and need her career too. She is tensed and think a lot and say, I don’t know what to say.. just now I have started my career and such a big opportunity in my life.. I don’t know whether I can handle it or not. I’m confused. Gaurav encourage her and ask her to accept as it’ll hike her life and position in her career once she successfully finish it. Om and Gauri look at each other sad. Om’s eyes said, pls don’t go Gauri.. I can’t bear it. Gauri in her mind, pls do something to stop me Om.. pls. Meenu to add saltvin their wound she intentionally said, Gauri its a very big opportunity.. just give a try.. once u get successful then ur life will be settled. Gauri glares her and say, how can I work in abroad? Gaurav say, Come on Gauri.. does it matter to u? U have done ur masters in Germany and what’s the big deal?

Om say, Y r u forcing her if she don’t want to go. He supports her and say, how can she work in new country and new environment.. I mean she can’t manage all alone there.. we r going to send our company staffs and she don’t even know them.. she is just one week old to this office. I have to send someone else there.. Gauri is relieved little. But other team member said, then someone from Gaurav industries or some well known person should accompany her. We can’t send Meenu with her because we need her to manage hear. Gaurav say, Om even I feel same.. let Meenu stay here and manage.. I’ll take Gauri with me to Dubai. Anyway, either u or me should stay there till out deal gets over. After all she is my staff and I think u have no problem with that.. look at Gauri and ask. Om is stunned. He don’t want Gauri to go away from him. He can’t bear this and try to talk but he have no words. Gauri and Om suffer from their heart and their eyes show it.

Gauri and Meenu are arguing in their cabin. Gauri say, I don’t want to go there. Meenu say, why r u refusing.. this is ur ambition in life and when u get that y r u refusing.. Gauri can’t give right answer to Meenu as she herself don’t know y she is refusing. Om is very and sit holding his head in his cabin. He see Gauri and Meenu arguing and look her sadly. Gauri who is not able answer look out and saw Om and they both get lost in each other. They have different feelings and emotions on each other. But Om is clear that he can’t let her go and try to do something. Gauri is confused and stand still. Meenu look at them and think.

Precap: Om share his feelings with ShivRu. Gauri is confused and getting ready to leave to Dubai. Meenu is planning something while packing Gauri’s things.

Guys today I need ur help.. its must.. pls my REGULAR AND SILENT READERS.. Attention pls.. guys u tell me whether Gauri and Om should go away or stay together? And like what their love story should begin? U want normal and sweet love story or action love story or hate love story.. I’ll start writing my next part only after knowing ur views.. so pls don’t hesitate this time to comment. Pls do tell me ur views max comments will be chosen for Upcoming story. Take care my drs.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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  1. Dhar

    I was waiting for your ff , awesome episode ?? plzz post the next update ASAP

    1. Verna

      Thanks a lot Dhar keep reading

  2. _APARNA_


    1. Verna

      Thanks Aparna.. keep supporting

      1. _APARNA_

        Your welcome , you are one of my inspirations for writing my ff ? Thank you for existing

      2. Verna

        Awww.. that means a lot dr.. good luck for ur FF.. may I know ur FF name?

  3. Sreenandana.suresh

    they must stay together…plz no seperation…

    1. Verna

      Sure dr.. thanks for suggestion

  4. Hi Verna…I was really looking forward for Ur ff since a week….I think in dbo we can see hate love story…sweet love story is a better option..and I want gauri to go to Dubai…so that she can get out of dilemma and om should also follow her then I could be interesting….this is my opinion and the rest is left to u

    1. Verna

      Thanks a lot Pallavi.. will consider ur suggestion.. and I’m sorry for making late update and u gave a strong story line suggestion


    Gauri aur om saath main Dubai jaa rahi Hai tho okay.not want seperation.i want sweet love story.show main tho hate love story chal raha hai all ready. so don’t want hate love story.

    1. Verna

      Thanks a lot Uf.. ur comments really means a lot for me dr.. I’ll try to give story as u wished 🙂

  6. Shreyanvi

    Hiii veruuu diii….nice episode…
    Nd I want sweet luv story..nd plz don’t separate them…send om also to Dubai wd gauri…nd let gaurav handle business in India.. .plzzz it’s my humble request + puppy face???don’t separate them.. .

    1. Verna

      Thanks a lot Saku dr.. hahaha I can’t even imagine.. u have started to give me storyline nowadays and it really means a lot.. keep supporting like this dr.. I’ll surely try to write on ur suggestion

  7. Samm

    heyyo, i’m not a regular reader of this ff and haven’t commented before either. but i just had to comment on this part. i’d like it if both gauri and om are separated for some time and they give priority to their careers first. i’m a believer in ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’, and i’m hoping something like this happens in this ff too. a leap of few years is also fine as long as the ending is happy… 🙂

    1. Verna

      Thanks a lot Samm for commenting.. and liked the way u expressed ur suggestion and its explanation.. I liked it 🙂 will try to give story as u wish

  8. Haiiii Verna di…..How r u???? The epic was nice…..and I want sweet love story…..and about your question seriously I am confused…..so the decision is upto you…..

    1. Verna

      Thanks a lot San.. I’ll try to give story as u wish

  9. hi verna …even my suggestion is to have a sweet love story.because in dbo it,s a hate love story so i chose this option.hope u will consider my suggestion…..and today,s epi is awesome .post asap

    1. Verna

      Thanks a lot nk.. sure I have taken ur suggestion and written and submitted my next part dr

  10. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear…

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Nikitajai keep reading dr

  11. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……. Sry for late reply…..

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