Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life (Part 14)

Hello my drs.. 🙂 🙂 I hope u ppl r ok with this FF and I’m happy to receive such lovely comments from u.. keep supporting and motivating me. It’s a good news that Neha is not quitting the show.. and about next week’s MAHA SANGRAM episodes we’ll witness lot’s of twists and turns in both shows.. and the most happiest news is Omkara will accept Gauri and their Grahapravesh scenes were shot.. I saw that video too. So we can expect lot of twists and happy family drama there.. let’s hope for best..
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Part 13
and now we r moving to Part 14..
Om and Gauri laugh till their belly hurts because of Rudra. Om was mesmerized to hear her laugh and wanted to see her happy face in front of his eyes. He felt bad that he is not with Gauri that moment.. but he sketched her face in his heart. Gauri say, I really pity on Rudra.. He is really a good boy and praise him. Om also share few things about his family and shivika, Rumya. Gauri too say about her family and gets sad. Om wants to cheer her up so he try to change topic. He say, let ur past be past Gauri.. don’t let it to overpower your present.. it’ll kill present happiness. Gauri was stunned to hear those words.. which is also her formula for life. Meanwhile Om also felt, What am I doing? How come these words came from my lips.. I’m talking like an expert in this.. I myself struggled to come out my past.. but now..???

They both check time in their wall clock and stunned when it showed 1.20A.M. Both of them was awestruck. Om and Gauri bid good night and disconnected call. Gauri feels, I have never talked with anyone like this even with Sanjay.. Moreover I’m a sleeping zombie.. how did I talk to him for such late hours without even feeling sleepy. She wonders and lay down hugging a pillow. When she closed her eyes, her mind and heart was filled with Omkara’s face. Om think about Gauri and her sad feelings for losing her mom.. He feel bad for her and ashamed of misbehaving that day. He curse himself for hurting her and makes promise that he’ll never hurt her at anytime. Om remember their talk and he is lost in her laugh. He can’t resist himself to see her laughing like that in front of him.. her laugh disturbed him a lot.. but he enjoyed that disturbance and dream of her by hugging a pillow.

Its raining,Gauri and Om plan to meet in her apartment. When Gauri opened door, she saw a tall, handsome, macho man with long wavy hair standing in front her. She was awestruck to see Om in wavy hair (for first time) standing with his killer smile on his face. He was dressed in white suite and his magnetic eyes pulled her towards him but she found she is standing in same position. She blushes lightly. Gauri was looking like a doll in her turquoise blue with off white combination dress with colourful floral dupatta.. Om was lost in her long earrings, her kohl painted eyes that was glowing in her light make-up arrested our artist’s heart and her baby pink lips that shattered pearls was saved in his heart. Gauri invited him which made Om to come tot his sense. have good time talking about their last night conversation. They both lost in each other and sit starring each other’s eyes. They did not even speak a word and this continued for sometimes. Then Gauri broke the ice when she came to sense she went to make tea. Om can’t let her be away from him and followed her to kitchen after few mins.

Gauri turned to him and slightly smile but her heart beats fast and fast and faster. Om just went and stand near her by just adoring her from top to bottom (not in other means.. just admiring her beauty). He can’t take off his eyes from her as this happens without his knowledge.. he is not aware of what he is doing.. Gauri was feeling shy and wanted to talk something but she didn’t get anyan idea.. she partly look at him and try to avoid eye contact. Already she is feeling weak inside and feel very delicate.. she prays, he should not touch me.. else I’ll break and fall. She made tea and passed it to Om. While taking cup from her hand they had a light touch which made them shiver and made Om to came back to his sense. They both felt embarrassed for few mins. Om thinks how did I come here and move from that place. Both look at their eyes with lots of confusion. At that time thundering struck the city which shook their inner soul for a second. Both were taken aback by shock and Gauri stumbled hitting nearby stool and fall. When she opened her eyes she felt like she is in safest place surrounded by two strong iron arms and then she got sense that she is hugging a person. Om was standing like a tree with full of feelings. She hears heart beat with two different variations in frequency.. then concluded it was their heart beat. Both of their hearts beat in such way like its running in race. She slowly turned her head upwards and met his eyes. Till that he was like something, but when her eyes struck with his eyes he totally got surrendered to her. He was lost in her eyes same as Gauri. They have eye lock.

Om slowly and steadily place his hand on her hair that is closing a part of her eyes and pin it back on her ears. Now he got clear vision of her eyes and moved to her cheeks then to her chin while Gauri is shivering and lost by his touch. Om make her look up by lifting her chin and see her. Again a thunder and lightning.. but this time it made them part away. They both were disturbed by the sound and came back to sense and think what they were doing till then. They both turned either ways. They both don’t know what to talk and how to start. Both went on different thoughts about each other and misunderstand themselves. Om say, I think I should leave. Gauri can’t stand this and say, NO.. Om stops and confused. She say, I mean u can stay here for sometimes because its raining heavily.. he turned to see her and she put down her head. She blushes. Om is completely confused now and can’t decide either to go or wait. Gauri went to balcony and started to collect rain drops by her hands. She is blushing and seen very happy. Om saw this and smile a bit. She turn and see him with a smile. This made Om to get more confused but he felt like he got some answer. He call, Gauri and wait for her to turn.. he is.standing with question and hope of positive answer.

When Gauri turned to him and saw his eyes and got to he is standing with hope of getting answer. She blush again and smile and turned as she felt shy. Om was stunned to see her act and fwlt like he got what he wanted. His happiness have no limits and jumped from his place and did sign like “yes.. I achieved” his eyes got wet in happiness. Gauri is seen happy and blushing, suddenly Om run and came and hug her from behind, which made Gauri to get a mini Heart Attack. Om and Gauri look at each other. Om starts twirling her in happiness and they r seen twirling in rain and enjoying. Om dropped Gauri and cup her face.. they r lost in each other and rounds in rain holding each other. They smile and keep rounding and suddenly they both fell down and screams in pain. When they oped their eyes they there is no rain, but saw darkness and their partner missing. They r frightened and confused to the core.

After few minutes they found themselves in their respective room in their home. Om and Gauri hit on their head when they knew it was a dream (Ok ok…pls throw ur eggs and tomatoes in ur comments below ?????). They were laughing like mad in beginning but suddenly felt something and turned serious. Om think, What the hell did I do? She has not even accepted me as a friend till now.. but my stupid thought is going somewhere else.. this should not happen and feel embarrassed for this. Meanwhile Gauri say, Have u gone mad Gauri? How can u think so cheap.. that too he is ur boss and friend.. r u not satisfied with ur past? Do u want to get hurt again and again for same thing? No Gauri.. u should be strong and never ever fall weak again.. and get trapped in same problem. When she saw the time it was 5.30 A.M. and thinks something. Then she went to balcony and keep thinking. Om felt bad and embarrassed for his dream. He felt happy when he think about it and gets sad when he want to think about reality. He say, NO.. this should not happen.. y am l getting such thoughts since I met her in Wayanad? I have bitter past because of this love.. but again y should I get trapped in it? All these r just over imagination.. it means I’m out of my control.. I have to control myself. He gets fresh and does meditation. Meanwhile Gauri took bath and did Pooja to Ganesha statue and sit meditating.

In office, Gauri and Om enter office with determination not to let their heart wander. Om and Gauri face each other in lobby but don’t care about their presence and avoid each other. Om greets all others except Gauri even she did the same. She entered her cabin and sit silent for few minutes. Meenu find something fishy about her behavior since morning. Om open their cabin and didn’t mind Gauri.. he talk with Meenu and ask, Meenu is everything ready? R u ready for presentation? Gaurav will get our client here in half an hour. Meenu said everything is fine and ready.. Gauri is responsible for giving presentation Om.. she’ll manage. Om doesn’t look at Gauri and say, ok be ready.. they’ll reach at anytime and he left. Gauri was not at all affected by.his ignorance and this confused Meenu more. She wants to confronts Gauri, but she left before Meenu opened her mouth.

Precap: Gaurav say, Om I too feel that’s the better idea.. let Meenu manage here.. I’ll take Gauri with me to Dubai. Om got stunned. He does not want Gauri to go away from him.

And that’s all my drs.. and the reason behind I gave u long part is that I can’t post tomorrow so to give u satisfaction of two shots I.gave a long one.. pls understand my situation my drs.. pls don’t go without telling me ur views on this FF part.. Because ur comments will boost me to write more.. See u all.. Take care my drs.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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  1. Hello @verna… This is the first time U am commenting on ur FF… U must say its just awesome…. Also I wait for FF every week end…. Do keep writing like this…..
    But Tumne Gaurikara ke itne acche moments ko dream bana diya… I was just smiling reading that part but suddenly it appeared to be a dream and my expressions were like OH NO… koi vast nahi next time it should be real…..

    1. *koi baat nahi

      1. Verna

        Will give their real moments more Romantic dr.. don’t worry 🙂

    2. Verna

      Thanks for opening up and commenting dr.. will do it keep reading

  2. Hi Verna I think rikara should confess their love it’s high time….getting bored of imaginations etc I hope u understand ….pls don’t misunderstand me…it’s completely my point of view ….

    1. Verna

      No problem pallavi.. I understand u.. but pls wait a little I want to clear their MU and they should get fine with themselves then they can confess.. pls be patient

  3. Awesome? plz update nxt part soon …

    1. Verna

      Thanks a lot Sayana will try my best dr

    1. Verna

      Thank u DS keep reading


  5. Rasika

    You made the a rikara Scene a dream, Tomatoes and eggs I will give you shoes also, just joking dear.. ?? OK bad joke, nice, episode, loved the way to u described their look, nice……. ??

  6. Shraddha-DBO

    Oh no. Will miss this on Sunday.
    Really superb yaar.
    Update soonish?

  7. Super fabulous

  8. Di awesome…..I have no words to describe how was it……???

  9. Jayanti

    awesome verna dear…was waiting for it..and it was worth it…..damn amazing….next part soon please

    1. Jayanti

      and neha is not leaving the show?????…really? its such a good news…yippeee

  10. Shreyanvi

    Veruu diii…i was just blushing..nd suddenly took away my smile …not fair yaar.. .nd seriously u deserve eggs nd tomatoes…?????…..
    Don’t mind haan????

    Coming to epi ……its awesome.. ..nd di plz..font make my gaurika away from each
    other plzzz….post nxt part soon..waiting eagerly…

  11. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….. Such lovely part…. After knowing this its dream not only them me also laughed like them….????… Egarly waiting for next episode….

  12. Kiya

    Oh Verna.. Gauri get mini heart attack and I got a big heart attack really… Its just amazing… Love the epi… Sorry for this late comment…

  13. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear.. Dream sequence de kr maar daala….

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