Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life (Part 13)

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Part 12
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At Varun’s apartment:
Meerun look at 3D painting in Gauri’s room and they call her name loud. Gauri worries for that. She manages. Meenu run to her and hold her.. she ask, So this is the reason behind ur Endless smile? This is that same painting that u praised in Omkara’s gallery right? How did this come here? Did u ask him to deliver this? Meenu shoot out lots of questions. Gauri say, Meenu wait, let me speak.. actually Omkara gifted me this painting with this.. she shows sorry note. Meerun surprised and look at each other.. they ask, sorry? For what? Gauri say whole story since he came to their apartment that morning. They three smile.

In OM, OmRu were in Om’s room. Om was checking some files and working in his laptop. Rudra was listening to songs and put on headset, he was dancing around his room. Om see that and laugh at him and ask him to pass his mobile from nearby table. Rudra mistakenly pass his mobile as he is busy dancing. When Om opened Ru’s mobile, he saw pop up msg from Gauri on his home screen. Om was shocked to see Gauri’s name in his mobile.. he can’t believe his eyes and opened to see what was the msg.. he found a long chat history and got confused. When did I chat with Gauri? She have talked very friendly and good way.. am I dreaming? He flips mobile and found it was Rudra’s mobile phone. He stare at him and about to scold him.. but suddenly he read their chat. He found embarrassed and bad act in beginning.. but love has no rules.. so he gone through. In beginning it was like formal Good morning and Good night chat.. later it bloomed into a good friendship chat and they shared their likes and dislikes. Om subconsciously got everything in his mind.
He read, Black as her favorite color.. Like to travel the world and roam around the city in weekend.. Lazy at times.. Loves her job.. Like to be surrounded by her friends and positive ppl.. Hate lies.. Day dreamer.. Good listener. He got all this information and observed her character while reading their chat. He thinks of his choice and her’s. He smile at having similar characteristics. He thinks and work.

Next day, obviously Monday.. Gauri and Meenu working on their design’s final steps and busy with that in their cabin. Om’s soul and heart was in his opposite cabin. He can’t take off his eyes from Gauri. Meenu went out for some work. Om found this as a good chance and want to make everything fine between them. He entered her cabin and greets her. She turned to see him and greet him back with a light smile. She felt happy to see him and remembers previous day’s incident and smile herself. Om ask, so how is it going? Designs r ready for presentation? Gauri explains about final steps of design and say, Its will be ready by noon sir.. Meenu went to give instructions for our team and they’ll finsh the work by evening. Will give u preview by evening sir. He was irked by the word “Sir” he ask her to call by his name. She look at him and nodes. Shall I give u outline explanation about this Mr. Omkara? Om irritated but convince himself thinking its better than Sir. They reach his cabin, Meenu and few team members come there to get explanation.

Om was lost in her when she was explaining.. Gauri was disturbed by his eyes but managed to do her work. Everyone left his cabin, while Gauri was grabbing her papers from table. Om starts conversation, that was really good idea.. Like it. Gauri nodes. Om ask, Did u see that painting Gauri? Did u like that? I’m really sorry for that day.. I thought you’ll talk about that with me.. but u didn’t say a word. Gauri remembers the bitterness still, she don’t want to take any advantage on her friend even though she forgive him. She remains silent. Om say, why r u not talking anything Gauri? Say something. Om insists. Gauri say, I don’t want to take any relationship inside office Mr.Omkara.. its better not to talk about it.. I’m leaving. She left his cabin and Om was standing in shock with wet eyes. He hit his leg on Table and pushed his chair in anger.

He think, she is still angry with me.. I have lost her trust.. Y the hell did I behave like that? I’m mad to that.. I should have listened to her.. He go and stand near window and look at city. He blames himself for everything. Meenu come to his cabin to finalize and get signature for their design. She observed Om upset and ask him. Om look at Gauri in opposite cabin and say, I lost her trust.. she hate me to the core.. She’ll never forgive me. He counts same like dialogs to her and feel like a kid. Meenu laugh at him and say, Come on Om.. if I don’t talk for few more minutes they u’ll start crying. Om look confused and ask, why? Meenu replied with smile, actually she fell for ur painting.. Her face was glowing like moon with smile on her face. U know.. she even started dreaming and she explained him about her Kitchen play. Om was happy to hear that. Meenu said, don’t think that she didn’t forgive u.. Ur painting is in her bedroom.. that too hanging opposite to her bed.
Om was surprised and his happiness have no limits. He holds Meenu and ask, Really? Did she accept my gift? His eyes was filled with hope. Meenu nodes and say, I think she is also affected by u.. From yesterday I saw many changes in her. Om was about to cry with this happy news. He say, Meenu.. then y did she react like that now? Meenu said, she’ll not forget her insult or bad happenings easily.. that is what her problem.. but she is strong and bold girl and conscious on her self respect. Independent girl like her will have this crown on their head. Its nothing new right? She behaved like that because whenever she talk with them she don’t want to happen same thing again and very conscious about it. Its a bit tough job to convince her after some misunderstanding.. but if u succeed in that.. u’ll get old Gauri back. Om nodes and thinks how to convince her.
In her cabin Gauri feel bad for talking like that to Om. She think, Y did I behave like that.. after all he was apologizing to me.. I should not have done that.. but if I give space for this then after sometimes again same may happen.. No I have to be strong and should not let my emotions over power me. She takes a deep breath and continues her work. Gauri and Meenu have talk after dinner in her room. Meenu left from her room and left her mobile as planned. Meerun call Om and say, Its time.. u can call. Om was super excited and call Meenu. Gauri arranging her bed hears mobile ringing and search for her mobile mobile. But it was not hers and found Meenu’s mobile.. she went out to give it to her and saw Meerun having lovey dovey time in balcony. She doesn’t want to disturb them. She saw Om calling her and her face brightened up. She thinks, I got good chance.. I think I should apologize to him for my behavior and run inside her room and locked. Meerun give HiFi.

Gauri attended call.. Om started talking without even wishing her and say, Meenu what about that mail? I need that now and also send me those quotations Karan sent u.. my document got deleted. He talked in one go and Gauri thinks, he is not even giving space to breath. Meanwhile Om was making face and blushing as he tease his love. Gauri say, Omkara.. I’m Gauri.. Meenu is busy with some work.. I’ll send you those mails. Om talk like he doesn’t know he was speaking with Gauri and say, Oh.. Gauri.. I thought its Meenu.. I didn’t expect you.. Its ok u send me those mails.. I have no problem.. Said like innocent kid and bites his tounge naughty. Gauri nods and say, sure I’ll do. There was deep silence between them for few minutes.. both of them neither disconnects the call nor talk. They both look at their phones to check whether they r on call. They’re still on call. Both of them blush and think how to start.. They both say Hello at same time and smile blushing. Om innocently ask, Gauri.. were u still on call? I thought you disconnected and smile naughtier. Gauri close her eyes and don’t know what to reply and say, Yeah.. but.. umm.. I.. and silence for few secs. Om found she was embarrassed and to make her ease he said, do u want to say something Gauri?

Gauri breaths and say, yes Omkara.. I have to tell u something.. No actually I want to tell sorry. Om jerks from his place and say, Sorry for what? She say, I should not have talked like that in morning. U were apologizing for but I.. I’m really sorry for my behavior. Om say, pls don’t.. its my mistake first.. even this happened because of me.. There is no mistake in u.. its me. Gauri say, NO, its my mistake.. if someone apologize.. at least we should consider it.. I didn’t do have that basic manners itself. They both keep blaming themselves for sometimes. Om say, no its me. Rudra from behind talks like cry baby, Its not U or her.. its my mistake to come and sleep with u.. I’ll never come to ur room hereafter.. I hate u Labe Baal Wale Prani.. nowadays ur tortures have no limits.. before this u disturbed me with ur hair when I sleep.. Now this phone also joined the club. I’ll leave this room immediately.. else I’ll get dark cicles and puffy eyes. Get lost. He push Om and go from room. Gauri and Om laugh till belly hurts.

Precap: Gauri is in balcony and Om suddenly came and hug her from behind. Om and Gauri run and enjoy in rain.

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    1. Verna

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