Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life (Part 11)

Hey my drs.. Verna is back with Part 11 of my Weekend Shot.. I’m sooooooooo happy to share this with my lovely readers.. love u my darlings.. Let’s start now..
Recap: Gauri’s flashback revealed by Varun and Meenu to Om. Om feels guilty for hurting her and wanted to settle down all their misunderstanding. He seek Varun and Meenu help.
Its morning.. Om was getting ready with his red and black suite (Same dress in his entry in DBO 1st episode..thats my fav and he looks dashing in RED) and conform whether he looks good again and again by walking to his mirror and correcting his hair beard etc. Shivika and Rumya watch this from window and smile at each. Annika go to his room and ask him to accompany her for some work.. Om feels embarrassed to say his plan about meeting Gauri in her apartment. He say, Sorry babhi.. I have an important meeting with new investors of our company.. so. Annika suspiciously look at him and say, its ok Om.. I’ll manage and bids bye. Om felt relief but sorry for Annika. He leaves his room. Rumya greets him in front of his room door and ask him to join for movie and their family friend’s birthday party. Om say, he is going to his friend’s party.. Rumya smile at each other and sign each other. Rudra say, its ok O, u continue.. we’ll take care.. bye. Om was relieved but thinks something fishy.. and say, is this happening by some coincidence or they pranking me? He say, nothing like that and moves. Shivay was in kitchen and call Om. Om went to him and greets him. Shivay ask him to attend meeting with their NRI investors as he is going to another meeting in Hyderabad. Om doesn’t know how to avoid it and stammer, actually Shivay.. I have to go to an art competition.. its held by NGO.. I promised them. Shivay see him and enjoy his helplessness while Rumya and Annika enjoying from outside. Rudra make call to.Shivay.. Shivay say, hello Mr. Mishra.. what? Meeting is cancelled? Oh.. ok then I’ll attend NRI meeting.. bye. He say, ok Om u go for ur competition I’ll manage NRI meeting. With bright smile he left to his art gallery.
He reached his art gallery. He found those three paintings which Varun and Meenu ordered was missing. He enquires about that with his assistants. He say, Already Ganesh took that and left to their place. Om gets shocked and ask, when he left? Assistant say, he left befor 20 mins he’ll reach there within 20mins. Om tell hishi assistant, Call him and ask him to call me immediately and tell him to stop wherever he is.. I want to meet him right now. I’ll leave to Varun’s place and reach Ganesh quickly. He leaves in hurry. On the way he called his assistant and ask, U didn’t Ganesh call me till now? Assistant say, Sorry sir, his phone is out of reach. Om cut call and fasten his car and reach Varun’s apartment. Ganesh was about to ring calling bell but Om grabbed his hand. He said, I’ll deliver this.. this is my friend’s place.. u now. Ganesh leaves and Om call him and say, listen whenever you come to deliver here.. u should ask me first ok.. GO. He nodes and leaves.
Om relaxes.. he correct his collers and did some touch up. He rings calling bell.. his heart was beating fast and try to relax thinking Meerun (Meenu and Varun) will be there for his rescue if anything happens. Door opened and his vision widened to see someone. Yes, it was Gauri who opened the door. She was wearing a Red T with black jean.. with loose wet hair. He was stunned to see her with wet hair and can’t take gis eyes off her. Gauri was annoyed by his visit but ask him to get in. Om randomly walks behind her and follow her as he is mesmerized because of her. She didn’t turn to him but keep walking and talk, Pls sit here.. I’ll be back in 2mins, she directs him. But Om was like mad and followed her without listening to her. Gauri without noticing him went inside her room and locked door.. Om go and hit on the door and then he came to sense.. and realized what he did. He hits his head and keep embarrassed face and search for Meerun. He didn’t find them and say, thank god my respect got saved.. else they all would have thought I’m a flirt.. and moves to balcony.
Gauri come there and say, what would u like to have? Tea, coffee or juice? He say,its ok.. thank u. Gauri stare at him. He say, Ok coffee.. I’ll have coffee. She ask him to wait. Om goes to kitchen and stand at door. He ask, where will place this paintings? She makes face and thinks, I’ll keep it in my head and dance.. what bothers u? She say, Varun wants one painting to be hanged on their bedroom and two in hall. Om ask, What about ur room? She turns and ask, What? With angry face. Om frightened and manage, I mean to ask.. where is Varun and Meenu? I didn’t see them till now. Gauri say, they went for shopping and will return after lunch.. she passes coffee mug to him. Om was tensed as they r alone and decided not to stay there anymore. He drank coffee with tensed face and abnormal way. Gauri saw this and ask, R u ok? He nods and hurriedly got up from place and say, I think I should leave now.. take care.. bye. He rushed to door and opened it. Gauri was confused. Om turned and say, actually I came here to say something. Gauri signs what? He say, actually I came to apologize to you. I should not have behaved like that on that day.. its all my mistake.. I was in some tension and showed it on u.. I’m really sorry for that Gauri. Gauri was pleased. I know u r angry with me for that.. U can even beat me if u want.. but pls talk to me when ur anger comes down.. take ur time.. bye. He smile at her. Till that she was adoring him without her knowledge and when his smile attacked her she felt like something hit her (Maybe its Cupid’s love arrow that hit her heart). She keep starring him but when she realized he is leaving she ran to door and call out Om. They both have eye lock. She say bye and he nods with smile. She smile at him.. He felt like something hit his heart (Guess what? Same Cupid’s arrow hit his heart again) He left.
Gauri feels something different for first time (even though she loved Sanjay, he forced his love on.her.. but now she is feeling herself) in her life. Her mind was full of Omkara’s face and thoughts. She remembers and smile how he behaved when she said Meerun went out. When she turned, she saw 4painting canvas left. She thinks, we ordered for 3 paintings one more extra. She rush to that and checks. First 3 was their orders and last one was a surprise for Gauri. Om gifted Gauri her favorite 3D painting (yes, the same painting that bought them close in his art gallery) with a sorry note. Gauri gets surprised and liked his way of apology. She smile limitless. She remembered Om asking about painting for her room. She took that and fix it in her room. She fix it opposite to her bed and sit smiling at that.
Om reach OM. He is still in mesmerized state by Gauri’s smile. Rudra call him, but he passed without answering him. Annika Saumya and Janvi see him and wonders. Janvi ask, what happened to Om? He never been like this? Annika and Saumya smile at each other. Annika say, we’ll let u know after sometimes. Annika and Saumya leaves. Rumya and Annika watch Om from outside. He opened his wardrobe and took something and he was smiling at that and lost in it. They wanted to know what.. Rudra silently went and stand behind Om and saw what it was. His face was also enlightened with smile. He come out and say, Babhi.. I’m sure O fell for Gauri babhi.. He is still safeguarding that landscape painting. He is looking at her and smile like mad. Wow.. soon we r going to celebrate another Shaadi in our house.. I’m soo excited! Annika and Saumya cups his mouth as he was shouting in excitement. They see Om by hiding.

Precap: Shivay ask how was ur friend’s party? Om say good. Rumya ask, how was ur new investors meeting? Om say, good. Annika ask how was his competition? He nods good. Om then realized what they asked him and shocked.

Pls tell me ur views my drs.. Ur comments r making me write this again and again.. even though I’m not getting enough comments I like to write at least for my loyal readers.. silent readers pls open up and comment drs.. its ur encouragement for me.. hope u understand.. take care and love u all my drs 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  9. This was sooo mesmerizing. Awwwww Innocent Om is being teased by Shivika and Rumya. Poor baby!!! The OMRI meet was just breathtakingly sweet. Loved their similar red black combo. Wish I could capture the moments.
    Yay weekends mean your ff

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