Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life (Part 10)

Hey.. surprise.. Don’t think its weekend.. its Monday.. but u r not reading old one and I didn’t update same part.. yes.. its fresh new Part 10.. I write this today because I can’t resist myself from My Om’s love life.. Come on drs let’s go to our favorite Omkara’s life journey..

Gauri, Meenu and Varun stunned by Sanjay’s words and look at him. Gauri leave that place in anger. She went to class and saw Gauri and Sanjay’s name in board and gets irritated. She cleans it and attend class. In break, she saw group of students near notice board and go to see. She is shocked to see her and Sanjay’s photos and bills like “Sanjay love Gauri” “I love u Gauri by Sanjay” and many more. Meenu run and come to her take her somewhere. Gauri and Meenu reach their block’s balcony and see Gauri’s graffiti art in their long compound wall of their college. Its written everywhere Sanjay love Gauri, will u marry me Gauri and many more. Everyone look at Gauri and comments on her. Gauri feel disgusted and cries. She was called by college principal and warned. She decided not to go college. She avoids Sanjay’s calls.
Gauri can’t sleep whole night and fell asleep just before she got phone call from Sanjay’s sister. She rushed somewhere after that call. When she opened door, Sanjay lying in bed unconscious with big bandage in his left wrist. Tears filled her eyes and she run to him. They have emotional talk and Gauri finally nodded for his proposal (Sorry my drs.. I’ll write love story of My Omkara and Gauri only). Then Gauri started developing feelings for Sanjay and they both roamed as cute love birds till their college ends. Om was silent and lost in thoughts for a while and ask Meenu to narrate full story. Meenu say, that 2yrs were golden days for Gauri in her whole life. But Sanjay was dominating in their relationship. But Gauri thought that as love and care and she changed many things for him. At some point she lost her own real one. We all decided in our childhood that we’ll do our post graduation in abroad.. but due to some family issues and Sanjay’s mother’s health he started handling his father’s business and stayed back in India. We three went to Germany for our higher studies.

There began misunderstanding and drift between their relationship. Sanjay stayed back in India and we were in Germany.. so they had long distance relationship. First 2-3 months were normal between them.. but Gauri missed him so much and became very possessive on him. Sanjay on other side busy with developing his company didn’t concentrate on her and started avoiding her for her possessive behavior. She was hurt to core. She concentrated on her studies then. But after an year Sanjay surprisingly came to meet us and they had good time and reunited. But it was not normal.
Sanjay was insecure about her and stared spying on her to know whether she have another relationship in Germany. Because that idiot doesn’t know he is doubting a Gem.. He know how loyal and pure she was with him, but still he did. This irked Gauri and she broke up with him in Germany. She healed and recovered from that by struggling a lot. It took almost a year to come back to normal and get her real characters back.

She was happy with her life when we returned to India. She went on a vaccination before joining job. Om ask, vaccination..? U mean in Wayanad? Varun nods yes. But we called her for Sanjay’s mother’s cardiac arrest. She came here and they met again. One day, Mr. And Mrs. Mehta called us and Gauri to hospital. We reached hospital first.. it was Gauri’s joining day at her office.. So she came late. We were shocked to know wedding plan for Gauri and Sanjay. Om remembers meeting Gauri in Pune and dropping her in hospital. Gauri was shocked and refused but Sanjay apologized her and his mom took promise from her as last wish. She had no other choice left.. so she agreed and engagement was fixed that evening. Meenu say to Om, That is the last time u met Gauri in Pune and u don’t know what happened next. That was such destroying part in her life. She is a bold and strong willed girl, she decide everything by thinking thousand times. But we r still confused y she accepted him again. Varun tell, Meenu that maybe her helplessness or love for Sanjay.. she can’t be blamed for believing and deciding by her heart.

Gauri was convinced and she finally made her mind that Sanjay will be her better half of her life.. She believed him again with the belief that he’ll not leave her this time. But she didn’t know fate decided rollercoaster ride for her life.. all rituals and traditions followed up for wedding.. Mehandi, Sangeet, ect. They both enjoyed and celebrated together.. We thought they will be united for their life. But on the day of her wedding, she dressed up as bride full of expectations and dreams about her new life. Bride was taken to Mandap and but before that Sanjay stopped her and announced he can’t marry her. Gauri was shell shocked and can’t bear that word from Sanjay. Om asked, What? Did Sanjay call off their wedding? How can that happen.. He also wanted to marry his love.. then.. Varun and Meenu turned red in anger and say, Yes we too thought same, but we don’t know the man we r dealing then was a complete selfish businessman. He is a fox covered with Goat skin. Gauri’s Uncle made deal with Sanjay and wanted Meera to get married to him (guys I don’t want to drag long.. so just giving information like part.. Because I wanted to.concentrate on My Om’s love). So he called off wedding and left to London.

Gauri cried like hell and fainted in that place. She was not able to come out of that for 3months.. she was stressed and depressed after that.. she went weak because of that incident. She nearly went to Coma but after a big struggle we got her back. We shifted her to Mumbai 3months before and we sent her for rehabilitation center and yoga classes etc. She was then returning back to normal life and still trying. But we lost our happy, charming, easy going and kind nature of our Gauri. She jas changed a lot.. nowadays she is not talking social with any new person she meets.. she always maintain distance from her well known persons, including us.. she is not sharing anything openly.. moreover she lost her smile and forgot about it.. we r just seeing fake smile in her face. But that day, when she met ur brother Rudra she was bit happy and said, I think I have someone to care about me and was about to talk something about u but we changed some other topic. Meenu say, I think u was her rays of hope.. She believed u for something.. but before that she got insulted in ur office. Om holds his head and say, What the hell I have done and regret that day. He remembers how her sad face bloomed when she saw him and their talks reflects in front of his eyes.. he say, I have done wrong.. I should have listened to her.. I should have let her talk that day.. its my mistake.. I’m very big IDIOT in this world.. I should have sensed her that day. Varun consoles him and say, it was not ur mistake.. its right from ur point of view and calms him down.

Om relaxed and say, Its my mistake to misunderstand her. The day I saw her.. I fallen for her.. I don’t worry about her past.. I just want her future to be me.. with me. I’ll correct my mistake and get back her belief on me. I also want my Gauri back, who I met in Wayanad. I want her to be happy hereafter for each and every second.. I’ll never let her even the air of sorrow to touch her. He said this full determination and love for her. Meenu Varun look at each other and smile. Om ask, first I have to apologize for my misunderstanding and bad behavior with her.. but I don’t know how and where to meet her. She is not at all looking at my face in office. Even I can’t call and talk her. Will u both pls help me in this. They both look at each other and say, its our pleasure with big smile in fave.

Precap: Om take his paintings to Meenu Varun’s apartment.. He is stunned to see Gauri opening door with wet hair. Om apologize for his behavior with Gauri.

Hey my drs.. actually I was little bit crazy for writing such precap yesterday.. but wait I’ll tell u everything.. actually I mean to say I was too early to give such precap.. how can he flirt all of the sudden.. will flirt after sometimes.. So u r going to witness flirty Omkara ji with his love. Did u like my surprise episode today? Pls write down ur comment below.. if I get more comments today.. then I’ll continue writing in week days too.. so its up to u.. take care my drs.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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  1. Awesome di????????next part asap pls……

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Laasya keep reading dr

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    Veruuuu diiiii….dont knw abt others.. .but I toh njoyed nd liked ur surprised episode….it was mindblowing yaar..nd haan I m eagerly waiting for flirty omkara?????..keep giving us such surprises…..post not part soon…luv u?..

    Nd di…y our ff r not posted on dbo page??…all of sudden they e posting it on ib page….strange.

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Saku dr.. Will write it and submit ASAP

  3. Awwwwww superb di post soon asap????????

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    Waiting for FLIRTY OMKARA??

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  5. Rasika

    Awsm akka u, rock

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  6. Loved your surprise episode. Imagining your flirty Om, I have started imagining Gauri dancing to a hot number for Om to apologize to him ( if such a situation emerges) later when all is sorted. Pardon me for my stupid imagination 😉
    Gauri’s past has been too much. Waiting for her love story to begin 🙂

    1. Verna

      Hey Nikita.. Thank u for giving me idea.. I’ll sure implement this hot number for both of them in upcoming episodes.. keep reading and supporting dr.. also try to give some ideas like this 😉

  7. Shraddha-DBO

    Nice Verna hi, really waiting for next episode,hope you will post it tomorrow ( becoming a bit greedy) ?

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      Will try to post it dr.. keep reading

  8. Awesome
    Thank you for the surprise
    I’m eagerly waiting for next week shot

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much DS Keep reading dr

  9. B.k.maha

    Its really amazing…. I love this surprise… Pls try to post in weekdays also… Waiting for next episode egarly… Really now mind get relaxed dr… Thank u dr for such a lovely story…. Keep going…

  10. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear…. Eagerly waiting for the next update and your another ff update is also awesome…
    Sorry could not commenting on that one…

  11. It’s awesome love to see gauri and I’m together

  12. Kiya

    Its very very big surprise for us Verna… Really… Sorry dr for not commenting on previous part… But its awesome.. And this part is amazing.. Really the flashback was awesome… I am very exited to see our om in flirty avtar… But I love om to be very caring, loving and very possessive om… Actually I want this om in DBO to.. What to do???

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