Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life (Part 1)

Hey my drs.. yes its Verna.. I cant wait till Monday.. I’m like addicted to ur love and support.. so I just thought to meet u all in weekend also.. So I have decided to give u my Weekend Shots in all weekend. And yes its heartbreaking since I heard news of IB and DBO will be airing just for 5 days a week ?????? So today I’m gonna start my first ever Weekend Shots with my fav Omkaara and his journey.
This will be completely different from On Going track, which means full and full my own fiction story. Here is my WS 1…
Screen starts with 3 cars passing by, On roads of hill station. In first car Shivika are seen enjoying their ride eying the nature. In second car Rumya, where Saumya disturbs sleeping Rudra and they start their cat fight. And in last but not least, a young man wearing coolers working on something in his laptop and just then he finished his work and raised up. He was mesmerized by the spectacular sight. He was Om..
Omkaara Singh Oberoi is middle son of Oberoi family. His first cousin Shivay Singh Oberoi but more than Om’s own brother and his own younger brother Rudra Singh Oberoi are his besties of life. Priyanka Singh Oberoi their only little sister and his mom and Dadi r only women in his life. He is silent and calm guy and understanding in nature but seen as rude person shows attitude to others by outsiders because of his silence. He is one of the leading business mans and most eligible bachelors in this country. He is a born artist but forced into business due to his family background. He handles business as a part time work. His main interest is in arts. So he makes sculptures, makes painting and creative in his own way, Who is a self made billionaire. Very emotional type, yet strongest to face anything at any situation.. he does not open up easily with everyone except his two brothers. Although he belongs to country’s such a big conglomerate Oberoi Empire, he is simple and down to earth personality. His charm is his sensitive eyes and his beautiful smile, but sad part is his eyes always shed anger and pain in his heart stopped his lips from smiling. So in simple words he is an Angry Young Man, Somewhere in his heart who still believes in true love but whose heart is over powered by his mind, which doesn’t allow him to believe again. His heart is like a hard oyster which has a beautiful pearl inside. And its waiting for the right person to handle it with delicate care.
But destiny has something else.. now its time to break all his fear and illusion that was ruling over him.
Om and other Oberoi’s are in vacation. Shivika, Rumya, Omkaara came for short vacation after their tiring days in their business. So they chose a spectacular destination in South India. It is located in Western Ghats and that beautiful place is Wayanad. It is such a wonderful treat for nature lovers. And of course its choosen by our artist Omkaara. They reached their resort in noon time. Resort was located almost in jungle where silence was the only noise they can here. Everyone was amazed by the view of nature from their tree house and enjoyed calm environment with drizzling rain. After lunch everyone rested for sometimes and planned to go out in evening.
Shivika and Rudra and Saumya in their respective rooms and Om in his room with his camera capturing the beauty of nature. His eyes are roaming here and there in search of something and after sometimes suddenly his eyes expands as if he got what he was waiting for. He zoomed his camera lens on it and started capturing. It was evening.
Rudy came and joined him and ask him if he didn’t rest. Om replied he was enjoying nature and lost in it. They have brotherly talks for sometimes and Saumya joins them and Shivika later. They ordered Kerala’s special chai/tea and enjoying it with cool mist formation that passing chill through their spine. Suddenly Rudra asked Om to show his clicks. Om was excited and explained about all pictures he clicked. Shivika and Rumya were glad to see smile on his face after a long time.
While showing pics suddenly Om took his camera from Rudra and his excitement level was beyond the limits. Rudra fight with him to show what that picture was. Om said, this pic is my long time dream and it took more than 2 and half hours for me to get this awesome picture. This is THE best picture in my life.. I’ll never forget this moments. All were excited for that best picture of Om and can’t resist themselves.. especially Rudra can’t control his excitement and pulled camera from Om and everyone ran to him. All saw that pic and was extremely surprised. They all stare at him in shock. Om was smiling in pride and ask how is it guys? They were speechless and Annika asked Om did u really click this pic.. he replied yes with smile. They all look at each other. Shivay ask, R u serious Om? U were longing for this moment in ur life? Om replied yes.. y r u all confused this much? Rudra ran and hugged Om in joy and kiss him. He dances singing that he s going to get a beautiful bhabi.. and congratulates everyone. All look happy. Om was confused and don’t understand what they talking. He ask Shivay whats going on? Shivay show him tat picture.
He got camera and shocked by seeing the pic. It was a girl. He thinks, who is she? How did this pic come on my camera? His face turned to confused state. * Screen freezes*

Precap: Gauri about to slip and fall down from steps but Om holds her. Both were shocked.

My drs pls tell me whether u enjoyed this part or not. I’ll be writing this in weekends.
Pls give me ur valuable feedback. See u all next week. Take care.

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  1. Sreenandana.suresh

    Didi…. I am so happy6 and proud after reading this ff as i am from kerala…….

    1. Verna

      thank u sreenandhana suresh I like Kerala.. I don’t know much abt wayanad, one of my friends is from wayanad.. she use to tell abt that place and I have just written on my own imagination.. if there is any mistake pls forgive me.. keep reading and supporting dr

  2. Verna

    thank u sreenandhana suresh I like Kerala.. I don’t know much abt wayanad, one of my friends is from wayanad.. she use to tell abt that place and I have just written on my own imagination.. if there is any mistake pls forgive me.. keep reading and supporting dr

  3. Hey vernu, I am a keralite, so happy that you have chosen Kerala as your background,.

    Will gouri be a keralite girl then??

    It’s sad that u made this a weekend ff, coz I w will have to wait a whole week to read a beautiful story on my favorite Jodi??

    1. Verna

      thank u so much shraddha.. I’m sorry if I have did any mistake while describing about Kerala.. and no Gauri is not keraliet.. if I get more positive comments about this FF and If readers want me to continue same.. then I’ll think about extending their stay in Kerala..
      Thank u for ur love and support.. keep reading

  4. Interesting

    1. Verna

      thank u charitha.. keep reading and supporting

    Hi, Verna iam from kerala.iam very happy you choose kerala for your shot.it’s DIFFERENT and BEAUTIFUL


    1. Verna

      Thank u so much for ur love and support Uf.. thanks for accepting this different track.. keep reading dr

  6. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrr…. I loved it…

    1. Verna

      thank u maha keep reading

  7. Rasika

    Creative .loved the epi??

    1. Verna

      Thank u Rasika.. keep reading and supporting

  8. LOVE IT

    1. Verna

      Thank u palak.. keep reading

  9. nice and interesting.

    1. Verna

      Thank u dhara keep reading and supporting

  10. Gripping story. Keep going.

    1. Verna

      Thank u Sanjukta.. keep reading

  11. Aarti32

    Unique start!!??

    1. Verna

      Thank u Aarti32 keep reading and supporting

  12. It is nice one dear…

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