The Wedding : SwaSan SS (Introduction)


The Wedding : SS

Hello guys I am here with my SS hope you all like this and support me in this?

Character Sketch : –

Swara Gadodia – she is a wedding planner and is really bubly and chirpy lady.. She loves her friend Bunty a lot and she spends half her time with bunty only loves her Bhai till the core

Laksh Gadodia – Swara’s only brother and only support and loves her he is a normal worker in a office and earns to Enough to survive and takes care of Swara after their parents left them

Bunty – she is Swara’s best friend and well wisher and an adviser too she is really naughty minded yet smart too

Sanskar Maheshwari – he is an reputed business man but never has attitude of being rich and he’s soon getting married to Kavita but he’s sad about it

DurgaPrasad Maheshwari – he’s sanskar dad and he takes his life and literally everything as a race and deal getting sanskar married for power of Roy company

Annapurna Maheshwari – she is a kind hearted woman tried to mend her husband but failed she’s also not happy with the marriage

Kavita Roy – CEO of the roy company and is in mad love with sanskar and wants to marry him she wicked and has done a deal with sanskar dad

Shekhar Gadodia – he is Swara and Laksh dad and is a greedy and drunkard fellow and he hates Swara and left swalak and went to America

Sharmishtha Gadodia – she is Shekhar wife or to say his minion and left swalak with Shekhar for money

Janaki – swalak Maasi she took care of them after their parents left them

Raj – Janaki husband he is really attached to Swara and loves her very much

Uttara Mehashwari – she’s sanskar only sister and loves him a lot


Story : it will be a wedding planner and a person falls in love with each other passing hurdles

Hope you all like this please comment and guys I am discontinuing my FF of you want to read it read it on Facebook✌?️??

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