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Here is few information about weapons in hindu mythology

Vishnu’s Disc aka Sudharshana Chakara

It first sparkles with cosmic holes, contains high degree radiance, revolves with one lakh revolutions per foot, very panicking is its projection


The Trident of Lord Shiva, the Destroyer. Infallible and cannot be stopped by anyone. Said to be the most powerful weapon without any parallel.

Astra of Lord Vishnu.

The personal weapon of Lord Vishnu.

Once fired it cannot be thwarted by any means, save by the will of Lord Vishnu himself and Lord Shiva.

Only counter is Pashupatasra of Lord Shiva and Brahmanda Astra.

This weapon is said to possess the power to destroy the entire solar systems or Brahmand, the 14 realms according to Hindu cosmology when used for offensive purpose.

Highly prohibited to use against an inferior enemy. Capable of destroying the entire universe in a blink of an eye.

Astra of Lord Shiva, the Destroyer.

Would destroy any target completely, irrespective of target’s nature. When released, the weapon summons several monsters and a huge spirit which personifies the weapon.

Each time the weapon is summoned, it’s head is never the same.

This weapon had to be obtained from Shiva directly.

Capable of destroying the entire multiverse in a blink of an eye.

Personal weapon of Adiparsakthi and paramasiva

There was a Mahabharata character who possessed this celestial weapon. Can you guess his/her name?

Ravaana Astra
The Astra of almighty Ravana, the father of Meghnada. Brings out the strength and 10000 year tapas energy of mighty Ravana into the battle field as destructive power. No weapon’s, astras of Devas, Asuras or Humans can counter this astra. Competely infalliable and invincible.
No counter until Rama, the 7th avatar of Lord Vishnu invented Kodandaram astra to neutralise this weapon.

Sword of Lord Shiva, the Destroyer. The divine sword Chandrahas ( literally ‘the laughter of the moon’ but referring to the shape formed by a crescent moon which resembles a smile) was given to Raavan by Lord Shiva when pleased with his intense devotion.
Ravana gave this sword to Indrajit in different occasions especially to fight against Devas. Invincible, Infalliable against any weapons and victory is assured.

Would destroy entire hosts at once. Could also counter most other astras. In the epic Mahabharata, it is said that the weapon manifest with the single head of Lord Brahma as its tip. In Mahabharata era Parasurama ,Bhishma,  Drona ,Karna, Kripa, Ashwatthama ,Arjuna,  Yudhishthira and several Maharathis possessed the knowledge to invoke this weapon. It is the only weapon capable of piercing the Brahma Kavach (invincible armour of Lord Brahma).
Atikaya, one of Ravan’s sons possessed the invincible armour of Lord Brahma that could only be pierced by a Brahmastra and was killed by Lakshmana (brother of Lord Rama) using a Brahmastra. In ancient Sanskrit writings, the Brahmastra was a weapon created by Brahma,along with its more powerful versions like Brahmashirsha astra and Brahmanda astra.

Naga Astra
The weapon would have an unerring aim and take on the form of a snake, proving deadly upon impact. Used by Karna against Arjuna in Mahabharata .In Ramayana Ravana’s son Indrajit used it against Lord Rama and Lakshmana.

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  2. Padmaja

    This is interesting… and in mahabaratha pasupataastra was owned by arjun…

    1. Padmaja

      And even by ashwathama I think… pls crct me if I am wrong…

  3. Arjun possessed pashupasthra and killed Jayadrath using it
    Interesting info thanks dear
    Can u guess who used brahmastra in mb ?
    Great work dear
    Kodandaram Astra is it a Tamil name

  4. Very nice and informative article . Learned many things from this . Thank u so much for this article . And it is Arjun who used pashupatastra

  5. Ashwathama used it against uttara’s womb in Mb.please correct me if I’m wrong

  6. I am telling about brahmastra

  7. No… It’s wrong @Sanju….
    Arjuna did not used pashupatastra never in entire mahabharat….. The main version of mahabharat also wrote this….. But star plus mahabharat shown that Arjuna used this weapon when he killed jayadrath…….

  8. Sorry about it I didn’t know star MB had such a major distortion

    1. How he got it?
    How he got it?
    Arjuna received Pasupata Astra from Lord Shiva after doing penance and pleasing him with sincere devotion.

    2. The answer is…
    The answer is…
    Well, no, he never used the Pashupata Astra. Since it is an irresistible and most destructive personal weapon of Kali and Shiva, discharged by the mind, the eyes, words, or a bow.

    3. Never to be used against lesser mortals
    Never to be used against lesser mortals
    Never to be used against lesser enemies or by lesser warriors, the Pashupatastra is capable of destroying creation and vanquishing all beings he never used it.

    4. Could destroy the whole world
    Could destroy the whole world
    This weapon would destroy the entire world, if used against a mortal enemy. Hence it was never used then.

    5. How he killed Karna
    How he killed Karna
    Arjuna used Anjalika to kill Karna and certainly didn’t use Pashupata Astra to Kill Jayadratha either.
    Hence Arjun never used it. But he was shiva bakth just like he was Vishnu bakth is the conclusion one can draw from why Arjun possessed it but never used it

    Thanks joy

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  10. Thanks you too….. @Sanju…

  11. thank you for information

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    Saalini….an article after a long time…..wow….its awesome….very informative….

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