I am weak coz of LOVE!


“Good night! Sweetheart!”

“Good night! Darling!”, swara typed & pressed the SEND button to send the mail to someone SPECIAL. Maybe to the person who she dreams of day & night. The person whom she craves for. She is 24 by now. She has fallen for this man! ‘Oh! God ! how can he manage everything so swiftly? He is the reason behind my happiness. When I text him I feel lyk something is going good! I’m in LOVE with him!!”, she whispered the last words in disgrace. She is a girl who is determined to do everything. Every single thing! Nothing is impossible for her. She was just 4 yrs old when her parents parted their ways. It was quite difficult for her. Difficult to be brought up by her dadaji. She was left with nothing but her loving sister Ragini. Her twin, her shadow, her look-alike. She was happy with whatever she got. She had no other option left but to accept their future. Her parents parted but never had they asked for them. They took them as aburden. Dadaji was the one who took care of them.

He knew Ragini was too immature & childish to handle these things so he approached swara. At a small age she took up the business. Maybe because of her wit or may be because of her hardwork & dedication she had now reached here. She has brought the small Shergill company to heights. But everything got shattered again when her dadaji died. He was her motivation. How could he leave her & go? She tried to be strong but was incapable of doing so. So it was better to show off! She thought. She didn’t lose hope still. She was always with that determination that courage that no one can break her but to her surprise it happened! It happened! When she lost in the battle of love! In the battle of LOVE. She lost when she came to know the person whom she was madly in love with was……

Was…… Was MARRIED already. Tears fell down! Her eyes lit up. She was a girl with determination. What she wanted she would get it! What she loved she would get it but this tym she lose! She has lost! Coz of the word LOVE!!!!

Guys pls don’t bash me! I know I did wrong! I m irregular in posting HURDLES & A PIECE OF SILENCE & posting a new one! But I m srry! I ll post by tmmrw for sure! Till then pls bear me! I m literally vry vry SRRY!!!!!!
Thank you.

Credit to: jaf

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  1. nice…..

  2. awsesome but plz update both ur ff specially peace of silence

    1. I will try to if my mom gvs me permission

  3. Jaf its good n y rnt u uplodin hurdls buddy????

    1. I will dr buddy!

  4. Intro is nyc..
    Waiting for next part..
    Tanqs for swasan yaar

    1. Thnk u! But it maynt b swasan yaar???
      Why did u think lyl that???

  5. Ohhh.. I missed hurdles so much.. Actually I was a silent reader but fromnow onwards I’ll comment daily…n yeah this one is nice .. But plz plz pl continue hurdles n post asap… 🙂

    1. I ll post asAp

  6. Awesome re…bt plz post hurdles ha…I love that ff…n then post this one…plz…re…no ome will bash u…bt u knw I was soo scared that u discontinued it…n I was sad also…n plz post that ff n prove that u wont discontinue so that my heart will be satisfied…

    1. ya dr i will post asap

  7. HHey jaf where u have been all these days!!!…u know m missing ur ff hurdles badly. …its not fare …don’t make us wait more plzzz…I’m happy dat u came with a new story n it looks very interesting …plzz continue and continue along with ur previous ff too….

    1. yeah i m gonna continue again! i m unable to continue only bcoz of my exams…

    1. Thnk u Anu Ann

  8. Wow jaf nyc concept waiting for hurdles n piece of silence

    1. Ya guys ill post asap

  9. First u complete both then start with dis pls update piece of silence..pls make complete don’t leave in half way..actually I tried to blush but tel how can I blush my friend i can understand pls atleast complete with one then all d best for ur exam.. gn dr

    1. Yaar! I m really srry! I know u all r waiting”! & i m making u wait too long! But i jv no othr option dear! I ll post asap

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