I am weak coz of love chapter 4


“Shona darling! Kaha ho aap?, Shonaaaaaaaaaaaa………”, Laksh screamed while entering Swara’s room.
“Mai yaha hun Lucky! What happened? Why are you shouting like that?”, Swara asked looking annoyed.
Swara(interrupting)- Kya hai?? Wo… wo… se aage nahi barhoge?”
Swara(thinking)- Ye Bandar subhe subhe yaha kya kar raha he? I think Swara isn’t at home. I should take the opportunity & Ragini come on make your way out. Aaj ke baad tujhe iski shakal dekhne ki jarurat nhi paragi…. Wait & watch batchu !! what Ragini Shergil can do??
Ragini smirked evilly as a plan struck her mind. Whereas Laksh in excitement took Ragini in her arms & started spinning her.
Ragini- Are! Chodo baba maaf kar do hume! Chodo pls ! dard ho raha hai! God save me pls from this monkey!!!!!…

“Are Bapre! Whats happening here? Someone pinch me am I dreaming?”, Swara spoke coming out of the washroom.
Laksh was shocked seeing Swara out there.. he turned 360°
“Monkey how dare you do that again?”, Laksh screamed at top of his voice.
“huh? You are a monkey don’t dare to put me in that category! Gadda! Huh!!! Apne aap ko friend kehta hai par aapne friend ko pehchan hi nahi paya? Swara dekh to ye hai tera duffer friend?”, Ragini said crossing her arms across her chest.
“Are bas bhi karo guys! Tum dono fight karte waqt ekdam husband wife lagte ho! Perfect combo!”, Swara spoke poking herself into the matter.

“Swaaaaaaarrraaaa……………”, Ragini & Laksh shouted at top of their voice.
“Are so whats wrong in that? Truth is truth na? maine jo dekha wahi toh kaha?”, Swara teased.
“Huh?”, Ragin & Laksh exclaimed looking either side.
“Mujhe Monkey o se lagav nhi hai! Monkey kahi ki! Bandariya! Huh!”, Laksh exclaimed.
“what did you say? Monkey? Wait! Just wait!”, saying that Ragini chased Laksh through out the room.
Swara looked on amazed. “are are! Look you both would make an amazing couple!”,swara spoke which was totally unnoticed by Ragini & laksh.
“kuch kar swara! Kuch soch! (biting her nails) yeh dono yeh pura ghar sar par utha lenge! IDEA”, Swara spoke snapping her thumb & middle finger.
“Ragini calm down! Please! You aren’t well dear!”, swara spoke louder making her voice audible between the noise.

Laksh at once stopped. “Swara why didn’t you inform before. Come Ragini pls sit I am really sorry are you fine?”, Laksh pulled Ragini and made her sit in the nearby couch. Ragini widened her eyes in shock whereas Swara grinned. “Are you alright??”,Laksh asked again in concern checking her up from top to bottom. Swara raised her eye brows to tease Laksh which was noticed by him & he diverted the topic.
“Swara actually I came to talk about you visiting New York for Maheswari Co. we are going to start our new project there so? You have to move tomorrow itself. Take these ticket & be ready at 7”, Laksh informed.
“ya but Ragini????….”, Swara asked laksh giving a questioning look.
“When Lucky is there nothing to fear! I will take care don’t worry! I wont trouble her too! Instead I will take care of her. U can trust me”
“I trust you Lucky! But I cant trust your tantrums! Anyways I am going because I know you will look after her”, Swara smiled assuring him.

Laksh left the room. Ragini was still in shock. Swara shook her.
“hey are you ok??”, Swara kept on shaking her till she pushed swara away in rage.
“what the…??? Why are you shaking me likr that Swara? Have you gone nuts?”, Ragini turned her face other side making a face.
“Whatever you say he loves you.”
“I don’t know Swara whatever had happened I cant trust this love anymore I am sorry!! But I am bound to I don’t know par there is no chance of falling for someone again! i…i…”, Ragini’s voice choked while speaking. She started crying holding Swara.
“I don’t know why you don’t wanna make up your future. But atleast forget your past”, swara said consoling Ragini.
“but you cant forget your first love is it???…. you don’t know because you were never in love may be… try once you would understand.

Swara (thinking)- I don’t know about you Ragini but first love is indeed great! I felt his love always but I too failed. But difference is he never betrayed me! So I love him still in the same way! Because…………. I am weak… weak….
Swara smiled.

This part shows the crucial part of the story & this will make difference when our Mr. Maheswari will enter so pls bear with me. Sanskar will probably enter in the next part.

Credit to: jaf

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