I am weak coz of love chapter 3


Swara woke up from her sleep as soon as she heard “beep beep”, her phone was indicating that someone had texted her. She opened her eyes & opened up her phone she saw SANKY’s name flashing. Indicating that he has messaged her. She read out the mail & a smile formed on her lips.
“Good morning! Sweetheart!”
She replied back: “Good morning! Darling!”
Sanky her dreamy boy. She had never seen him. Nor has seen any of his pictures. Actually, neither of them has seen each other. But they love each others hearts. They were pure or simply pious. Their mutual understanding was one part which most of the time attracted Swara. She wanted to meet this man desperately. She didn’t mind his looks. What matters the most is his heart for her. She wants to meet him. But when?? How?? Will he meet her?? Is he too desperate to meet her?? Many questions were arousing in her mind but she didn’t have answers. Suddenly someone shook her by shoulder.
“Swara where are u?”
“What hmmm…???? I am going to hospital will u accompany me dear??”
“Swara?????”, she shouted so loud that swara was started and pushed Ragini away.
“What the hell??”, swara yelled.
“yah! I should ask what the hell? Why are u so lost what are u thinking??? I asked u if u’ll accompany…..”
“Yeah! I am accompanying you to ur office lets go!!”
“stop Swara I think u have gone mad. I asked u will u accompany me to hospital??”

“HOSPITAL?? Are u kidding me? Why what happened let me check??”
“Swara I think u have gone mad. What are u thinking ha? About whom? & ya yesterday I told u na about abortion? I am going for that purpose. Will you come or not? I am getting late!”
“Yeah! I am coming wait!!…. I will change & come.”
Saying this she ran out hurriedly.
Ragini( tensed)- what happened to her suddenly? Is something bothering her? I will ask her sooner. But not now. I know you Swara more than you know urself. U better don’t hide anything!!”
She left the room silently.
An hour later, swara arrived.
Ragini( angrily )- I am such a foolish to let you accompany me. Seriously Swara you took so much time. I mustn’t have done such a big mistake.
Swara( carelessly)- Ragini pls stop ur nonsense! I can’t bear more. You already have disturbed me a lot.
Ragini (angry)- so now I am disturbing you. Huh? Swara leave it I am not going with you. Do hell with your sympathy!
Ragini was turning to leave when suddenly Swara grabbed her hand & made her sit.
Swara-( teary eyes) don’t do all that acting you know very well you aren’t good at it & never tell that I’ll leave u coz I can’t leave without you. You know na? you are the reason of my existence! & you aren’t a disturbance? Ok? Never say that again?
Ragini silently wiping her tears- ok baba I am sorry!( holds her ears to express sorry)
Swara- ok! Now lets move.
“Mam may I come in??”, Laksh swara’s PA asked entering her cabin.
“From when did you start to take permission Lucky?? Just come in!”
Laksh sighed. “huh? & from when did my bestie started hiding things from me? You always share everything with me. But this time you didn’t even inform & you didn’t come for 4 days. I was so tensed you know na! but I couldn’t come to you because ma was alone at home.”
“uff! Lucky stop being formal. Ragini wasn’t well so I took leave. I was busy with her & better don’t worry about me that much I am fine. Don’t you dare to leave aunty alone. understand?”
“So banderiya was unwell! Well what happened nothing serious na? is she fine? I mean you are taking good care of her na? ofcourse Shona I’ll take care of her. Waise Swara I have arranged a meeting with Mr. Kapoor today. You better meet him today itself. Ok? Because you are delaying this meeting since long. Moreover, this meeting is quite important.”
“Ha Lucky I know I am going there right now!”
Laksh nodded & left.

“uff! Now another problem is waiting for you Swara. Come on face it! Its only because of Laksh I am tolerating this Mr. kapoor. He is too irritating to handle. But I cant deny Laksh. He was the one who supported me during my bad days. I have to do this. Get set go Swara!”
“Shona darling you here after so many days? Akhir meri yaad aa hi gyi na tumhe? How could you resists me after all I am your to-be-husband na?”, Mr. Kapoor spoke while looking at Swara. Swara sighed. “shall we start Mr. Kapoor?”
It was not the first time for Swara. She has experienced this she started taking fool. Taking her all through foolish discussions & making her irritated was all he could do. He never let out anything from her mouth but avoided! avoided his talks.
“So get ready you are gonna know her! I am finally happy. You will meet her. Wow!!!”, Laksh jumped up excitedly on his couch while talking on phone.
“I am excited as well! Because I am going to have a Indian beauty after a long time I have had too much of this! After a long time I am gonna have a beautiful beside me my bed. Its good you have got friendly with her. It will be good for me”, the person from other side of the phone spoke.
“well yes its cool! Have a nice time dear!”, Laksh hangs out the phone smirking evilly.

Credit to: jaf

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  1. Omg laksh is evil… n who is the phn guy? ..literally confusing… plz upload nxt ASAP

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  3. Omg this laksh is b bad

    1. U will know dr:-) …..

  4. oh what an epi….how can laksh be like dis….pls dnt say dat sanky s mr kapoor

    1. No sanskar isnt mr. Kapoor

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