I am weak coz of love chapter 2


She lost when she came to know the person whom she was madly in love with was……
Was…… Was MARRIED already. Tears fell down! Her eyes lit up. She was a girl with determination. What she wanted she would get it! What she loved she would get it but this tym she lose! She has lost! Coz of the word LOVE!!!!
Swara was still in her thoughts. The man was so soothing. She never had seen him, never heard him! But she had loved him. Actually loved his heart. His soul. She had known nothing when she met him 5 months back but had started loving him. She had to admit at last! She was deeply in love with him. But one fine day he was offline, on asking he jst said he was busy..
Busy with his WIFE.
“I am happy for him! He is a good soul! He taught me to love! May be i wont forget him. I may not move on but still i love him! I believe in achieving everything is success. But now even if i lose in love i have no regrets coz i know he is happy with his family! & i m not that selfish to carry away someones happiness. Dadaji never taught me to do this!”, She was still engrosed in her thoughts till something feom behind hit her head. “Ahhh!!..”, she let out a scream & turned.
Ragini was there sitting on the bed glaring at her.
“Dear! Its 2 at night yet u r still thinking. Get into sleep or let me sleep. Because of u I am not getting sleep. Let me sleep if u dont want to.”
Swara rushed to her. “Ragini i m srry! I thought u slept! Now u sleep i wont disturb u. I will freshen up & sleep ok?? U should take rest u know na ur not alone someone’s inside u? It’s growing inside u?”
Ragini simply nodded her head in yes. Ragini layed down on bed. Swara was about to leave when Ragini held her hand. “Swara i have taken a decision. I wanted to share it with u! I wanted to…..”
“U need not hesitate dear. Speak up! I am ur sister.”
Ragini nodded. “I know swara ur with me! U’ll never leave me! But i have taken a decision. I dont know how u’ll react but its necessary!” There was a deep silence. Swara was examining Ragini as if what she wanted to say.
At last Ragini breathed out the words. “Swara i have a solution to my problem! & that’s abortion.”
Swara was shocked. “Are u out of ur mind Ragini??”
Ragini interrupted. “See swara i have taken this decision. I am not happy with this baby. Its stopping me from enjoying my lyf. I cant stay lyk this swara! He ditched me! He ditched me! He left me & he wont ever return to me i know that! It was just a mistake. I dont want to give birth to this child”, Ragini ended after speaking continuously. “But….. what is the fault if this child? Its still unborn?”, Swara questioned.
“I dont know but i dont want to give a life to this baby like our parents gave us! I will never give him/her a life lyk hell! Dont u think we were too small to handle all that? They didnt even think of us? Moreover swara i m unmarried i cant take risk”, Ragini spoke. Ragini was indeed correct. She can see the pain. Even she has felt that pain. She cant force Ragini so its better to keep quiet. “Hmmm… i agree”, swara whispered. Ragini hugged her tight.
“I know u would support me. So i am going to clinic tomorrow morning! Doctor has already informed me to abort before the onset of my 2nd trimester.”
Swara just nodded & left for washroom. She freshened up & switched off the lights which were disturbing Ragini’s sleep.
She again went into her world. Her thoughts. She was recalling what Ragini said.
“I dont know but i dont want to give a life to this baby like our parents gave us! I will never give him/her a life lyk hell! Dont u think we were too small to handle all that? They didnt even think of us? Moreover swara i m unmarried i cant take risk”
Swara always had been a sensible girl unlike Ragini. Maybe thats why dadaji loved her more & gave her his best. She was sensible to do everything. She wont do any mistake like Ragini did. She had a pious soul. She went to flashback talking to herself.
“One fine day! Ragini called me up. She was in Callifornia that time. I picked up the phone still sleepy. She was sobbing. My heart ached. She was my princess. I have never treated her as my sister but as my daughter. I had fulfilled every wish of hers, pampered her. I never let tears come to her. But she was sobbing while calling. ‘What happened dear? Why r u crying baby?’, I asked.
She could say nothing but…..
“Swara he ditched me”
I was left with nothing but I ordered her to reach Indid asap. She reached. Then she told me. She never did hide anything but this time she did. I was angry but soon i melted. She was my medicine after all. She left for columbia with her friends for a vacation. For that she had almost killed me with her daily buttering. She wanted to gi there for a month. She wanted to leave me for a month. I could never stay so long without her. She left 4 months back & when she came she was sobbing. She loved someone i dont know his name but he ditched her after having a good sleep over. She is a jolly type of a girl but the thing annoyed me the most was after suffering so much! After knowing that she was pregnant she behaved as if nothing happened. On fine night she said.
“Swara after what all happened u must be thinking why i m not reacting? But the reason i felt is i didnt love him. I cried but not because i was ditched but because i came to know i was pregnant. I have no feelings for hom Swara. I just dont want to loose my freedom. I want to abort.”
This was what she said huh???
Is this LOVE??? Huh???…. whatever?????
But within these 3months i became attached so much to this child that i didnt want her to opt for abortion but who will she listen to???…
After all she is my sister!!! Stubborn as me!! I smiled at that!!!…..
I am again weak coz of this love…. love for this unborn baby.
She thought & dozed off.
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