Sanchi opened her eyes and tried to get up but she felt a force on her stomach. She turned and found her shirtless husband sleeping peacefully with his arms wrapped around her waist. She loosened his hold and got out of the bed wearing Kabir’s shirt. As she was smaller in height, Kabir’s shirt lasted up to her knees. She stretched her body and went to the kitchen to prepare their coffee. She came up with two coffee mugs in her hand. She was expecting Kabir to be wide awake but he was still sleeping like a log. She kept the mugs aside and went to wake him up. She bent down to match the height of the bed and her hairs flew down to Kabir’s face. He caught hold of Sanchi’s waist abruptly and pulled her down. Now she was lying on Kabir and Kabir tightened his hold on her.

S: Kabir we have to go. Ma and Papa must be waiting for us.

K: not now Sanchi. I want to sleep.

S: Oh god! I cannot image the ever strict and khadoos doctor is being lazy.

K: we will go in the afternoon. Now let’s sleep. He said again drifting to sleep.

S: no way. Tomorrow is Pragya’s engagement. There must be work Kabir, we should go. She said while freeing herself from his hold. She got up from the bed and took hold of her coffee mug. Kabir sat straight on the bed and stared his wife lovingly.

K: we will go if you plan to give me my shirt back. I don’t have any extra pair of clothes. If you want then you can come like this only I don’t have any problem. He smirked. He liked it when Sanchi would go all red due to his sluggish comments and it happened. She almost spit the coffee that she was drinking. She turned around to hide her red face from him. She was about to go to the washroom when Kabir came in front of her. Sanchi lowered her gaze as she was feeling shy. Kabir held her chin and made her look at him.

K: whatever is mine is yours. So don’t worry my love, you can wear this all your life if you want. He completed and Sanchi hugged him tightly.

K: now give me my shirt. We are getting late.

S: I’m going to take a shower.

K: hmmm. Let’s take a shower together.

S: you are such a pervert Kabir. I never thought you to be like that.

K: you will see my new sides daily and that is a promise dear. Kabir leaned forward and captured her lips in a passionate kiss. Sanchi responded back and broke the kiss after some time. Sanchi jerked him backward and ran to the washroom. They had their breakfast and went home. Ma and Papa were fast asleep with their friends. Kanchi went to their room, got ready and came down. Sanchi left a note for Kusum where she had written that breakfast was ready and they were leaving to look after the arrangements of Pragya’s engagement.
Sanchi and Isha were working really very hard. They were managing the wedding planner team and the boys were busy in handling the guests. Pragya and Satish were strictly ordered to rest in their rooms. The girls were so much careless about their health that Veer and Kabir had to literally drag them from work to have lunch. All of them were so much engrossed in their work that they would return home exhausted and tired. They would doze off as soon as they lay down on the bed.

Finally the wedding day arrived. Sanchi was getting ready in her room. She was wearing her bangles while thinking something. Kabir came out of the washroom and saw his wife lost in her thoughts. He came near her and took her hands in his. Sanchi’s chain of thoughts was broken when she realized that Kabir was next to her. Kabir slid down the bangles which were half way through her hands. He made her wear her jewelry one by one and Sanchi admired him through the mirror. At last he took hold of Sanchi’s hands and placed a soft kiss on her knuckles.

K: I know Sanchi that you were feeling bad for the absence of all these ceremonies during our wedding. Sanchi was shocked. She was indeed feeling bad all these days while she was preparing for Pragya’s wedding but she never said a word about it to anyone then how did Kabir knew about was a mystery to her. Kabir guessed from Sanchi’s expressions about her state of mind.

K: it is not important for you to tell each and everything for me to know. Kabir had been observing Sanchi all these days. She was happy but her eyes were not reflecting this happiness. It was easy to guess the reason behind this and he was correct.

S: come now we are getting late. Let’s go. Sanchi and Kabir went to the venue where the wedding was going to commence in few hours. Isha and Veer were already present there. Kabir and Veer went aside to talk for some time while the ladies were busy in checking upon the last minute preparations.

Pragya was brought in the mandap. They were going to resume the rituals when Kabir and Veer intervened in between.

K: one minute panditji. We want you to conduct not one but three marriages.

P: but whose?

V: ours…

Kabir and Veer were discussing that their wives were a bit sad about the way their marriage had proceeded. So they decided to marry their wives again in the same mandap. All were happy with their decision. Sanchi and Isha were having tears of happiness. Kusum and Savitri gave them the chunri of shagun and made them sit in the mandap. That day the three besties started their new journey in their life. The moon that night witnessed the union of souls that were truly in love with each other.
After 3 years….

Sanchi was sitting on the couch and reading a magazine when the doorbell rung. She got up to open the door. She saw a tired Kabir giving her a dangerous glare. She returned the glare with the same amount of annoyance as his.

S: I am not afraid of you Mr.Kabir Kapoor.

K: Sanchi how many times I have to say that you should not disturb your schedule during these days. It’s not good for the baby and you too.

S: even I’m a doctor Kabir. It’s just two months. I’m taking my proper care you don’t worry my dear husband.

K: OK but you promise that you will not stress yourself with too much of work.

S: Kabir I won’t, promise. Now you go and freshen up. I will set the table for dinner. Kabir went to his room and changed into treks and t-shirt. He came down and they had their dinner. They headed to sleep. Sanchi now had a habit of wearing Kabir’s shirt every night as her night suit. She felt connected to him while wearing his shirt and he just loved to see her in his shirt. They went to sleep after Kabir made sure that Sanchi had taken her medicines.
Malhotra Mansion…

Veer entered his room after having dinner. He made sure to be silent as Isha would wake up from her sleep. Just as he entered his room, Isha spoke to him.

I: how was your day?

V: how do you know it’s me?

I: I heard your footsteps.

V: but Isha, you should be sleeping. I will freshen up and come. Veer went inside the washroom and came out wearing his nightwear. He went and sat besides Isha. He took her hand in his and bent down to kiss her baby bump. Isha was six months pregnant. She was amazed to see a new side of Veer. He was caring and protective about her. He was responsible and made sure that Isha had her medicines on time. Isha rested her head on Veer shoulder as they sat on the bed.

V: how are you feeling?

I: not good. Headaches and tiredness is always there.

V: don’t worry I’m here for you.

I: I know that. They chatted for some time and then went to sleep.
After 7 months…

Sanchi and Kabir were sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden Sanchi began to feel her contractions. She yelled in pain and Kabir got up at once. He took her to the hospital and called everyone. Isha and Veer were the first one to arrive with their baby boy who was four months old. They had named him ‘Ansh’. Veer ran to Kabir and Isha came back slowly with Savitri and Jaya. Kusum, Kabir and his dad were all in tension. Kabir went inside the OT as Sanchi demanded her husband’s presence. She held Kabir’s hand tightly during the delivery. She almost broke Kabir’s hand but he did not wince even once. He was just encouraging Sanchi to push and after about two hours of intense pain, screaming and struggle a faint cry of the new born was heard. Sanchi happily closed her eyes as tears came rolling down. These were the tears of happiness and joy. Kabir also smiled a relieved one. He kissed Sanchi on her forehead and took their baby from the nurse in his hands. He sat besides Sanchi on the bed and Sanchi rested her head on his shoulder. They adored their bundle of joy and spoke together ‘Harsh’. So they were blessed with a baby boy and they called him Harsh. Everyone was happy and they were celebrating the occasion called life….
Thank you very much for reading.

Harsh in Gujarati means happiness. So I chose that name.

I will post the Mafia Devil after my exams are over.

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