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The epi starts with rags pov
I don’t know but y I want his frndship . I am so adamant of being his frnd.Sr has some aura which attracts me towards him. His childish behaviour his care his anger all has a great effect on me . When I am around him I feel safe n secure. He is like a Prince with secrets. I don’t know but I can figure him out properly. Even for shons I take time but he being a closed book for everyone is key to me. His smile is making more go crazy . Dzm y is he like that. Do many secrets so much pain n so much love. But when I am there I will sort his feelings being his frnd. I promise on stars n myself that sanskar I will heal you . U r like the light n also the night. I don’t know but you are also pain n cure. But I will seek ur friendship .
Rag pov ends.
She goes to sleep with determination to seek Sr frndship.
Here in Sr mansion. Sansksr is deep in his thoughts looking at the moon.
Sr pov:
Rags I don’t know y I am attracted to u . It’s likeur the colour of my blood . U know me very well even my darkest fears in just 2 days. Not only you but I am craving for ur frndship. U don’t know that u create a new world around you. Ur like a soothing breeze which passes by n makes every one calm. Ur like the waves with lot of determination. I haven’t in my life ever had this feeling . When ur around you create life n happiness. Ur like the night sky twinkling with hope. But I am sry caz I can’t trust anyone easily after what happened earlier. I am just waiting for u to pass the test of frndship. I am just longing for ur friendship. But I trust you that u will succeed. N when u do I promise on the sky I will always be with you. A promise on frndship.
Sr pov ends and he goes to the cupboard where he kept the bracelet
Sr: don’t know why I feel connected to you. I am searching u n when I find you I will receive all my answers but I feel like ur always near me . Plz if so come n answer my questions.
Sr keeps the bracelet n sleeps thinking abt rags.
Sr: miss gadodia be ready
Both ragsan sleep.
Next mrng :
At gadodia mansion:
Rags wakes up hearing a phone call
Rags: hey bhagwan ab kisne kya.
Rags checks n is shocked to see shona no.
Rags: oh god shona theek to hogi. Shona never wakes up this early n also call at this time.
Rags gets worriedn picks up the phone.
Rags (in one breath ): shona r u alright . Is there any prob?
Shona: offo rags I am fine.
Rags:shona how cum you called this early?did the sunrise in the west today?
Shona : Laado go I won’t speak to you. I informed to call you that I will be back after 5 days.
Rags: shona hav you gone for a holiday trip or for b ussiness trip.?
Shona: ya even I feel that but u know my boss is so damn s*xy n hot. He is a big flirt n ya he is also sweet n young.Oh tell me something bat ur boss.
Rags: k express train . But my boss is much better than ur boss. My boss is different. He is like an mystery . Cue hot n s*xy. Handsome n also six packs one . Rude n annoying like a child but also care for others. Respects people n their feelings.
Shona: stoppppp ragu. I am not asking you history I am just asking you to describe him. I think ur mad for him.
Rags xcreams: neverrr. Ever .k bye Dadi is calling.
Shona:bye sweetheart
Rags gets ready n goes to office. Here sanskar is also waiting.
Rags enters sans room.
Sr: miss ragini you r .ate by 2 mins. K listen you hav a cabin from know just beside me.
Rags looks at the cabin which is not to Sr cabin n us separated by glass.
Rags: wow it’s amazing.
Rags looks st the cabin it’s do beautifully decorated with her favourite colour.
Sr smiles looking at rags expression.
Sr: do you like it miss gadodia?
Rags: sanky I just love it to the core.
Rags goes n hugs sanky. Sr is shocked first by ragini calling him sanky n nxt by hugging him.
Rags realises her position.
Rags:sorry sanky.
Sr: miss gadodia when did u start calling me sanky. I am ur boss n not ur frnd.
Rags: I know ur my boss but after sometime you will be my frnd so what’s the grt deal if I call u sanky.
Sr: so miss gadodia overconfident
Rags: no confident.
Sr: let’s see.
Rags : we will
Sr: k just take this file n complete it.
Rag: k sanky.
Rags leaves. Sr smiles thinking abt rags confidence n also her calling him sanky.

Recap: sanky stuck in fire . What will ragini do? Is this sanky plan or just an accident?

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