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The episode starts with ragsan sleeping looking at the moon as it provides them an unknown solace.
Next mrng sanskar wakes up N goes to freshen up
Sanskar asking to himself: ask pehli base mujhe Chand ko dhekh kar aisee shanti miili.jaise ki koi.mujhe Lori suna.raha hai par kyo. ?
At that time arnav calls
Sr: arnav y did u call me is it something imp. ?
Ar: ya it’s abt it PA?
Sr: what abt my pa?
Ar: stumbles. Actually ur pa is is is …a
Sr: arnav say fast dude. Ur saying like I am going to eat you.
Ar: pa is a girl( without taking breath)
Sr: what? R u joking? U know right that I hate girls after trusting that b*t*h.
Ar: I know but I trust her. She is khushis frnd n plz just once give a try.
Sr: k only once but if I don’t like I will fire her. Tell her to reach office at perfect 9 am. Bye
Here tahini gets up n does her normal daily chores. But she is missing her shonu. Suddenly her phone rings n she screams swaragini but to only know of that it was from arnav . After listening to arnav she packs her bag n rushes to office.
rags is seen entering the office. All people come around her n introduce themselves. They say this is the first time sr is gonna hav a girl pa b careful he hates girls. Rags gets scared after hearing this. Suddenly she hears arnav calling.
Ar: rag I have lot of trust on you plz don’t let me down n ya plz always keep sr happy if he gets angry then there will b a disaster.
Rags: don’t worry sir I will take care if everything. I think I should leave bcaz it’s already 8:55 . I need to reach sr cabin
Ar: all the best.
Rags goes to sr cabin
Rags: sir may I come in.
Sr: come in miss gadodia.
Rags(to herself) : y do I feel that I have heard this voice some where n why is my heart thumping loudly.contro ur heart .
Rag to sr: sir this R my files plz check it.
Sr: arnav has checked it so it’s okay.
(Guys rag has not seen sr as sr us very secretive n know his back is facing rag)
Sr turns his chair.
Ragsan: u ?
Rags: oh hello u also came her n how R u sitting on sr table get up edit?
Sr: excuse me mam who R u to tell me to get up from my chair my cabin n my office.
Rag: hey don’t try to act over smart. I will call the guards.
Sr gets irritated n screams that he is sr.
Rag: sry sir I didn’t know that u were sr.
Sr: I think u should also ask sry for something else.
Rag: for what?
Sr: for yesterday in airport.
Rag gets angry n says
Sir it was not my fault so I am not gonna say sry for that .
Sr gets angry he says i will fire you.
Rags: sir u can’t we have an agreement for 6 months n if you break the agreement i hav to call the cop.
Sr: wait miss ragini I will make ur life hell n then you will insist on going.
Rags: let’s see.
Saying this both goes.
Rags(to herself) : y am I fighting with him I could have asked sry as I always do . What has happened to me? But y should I it was his fault just ignore him. Crazy guy.
Rags then goes to talk with her colleagues but all this activity is seen by someone.its our sr.
He calls rag.
Rag: may I come in?
Sr: come in . Miss gadodia I want all these files to b completed by today .
Rag looks at the file on the table it’s too huge.she picks the file.
Rag: k sir I will do it.
Sr: do u need any help and smirks.
Rag: no sir thnx you.
Sr: n ya bfor doing this bring me a cup of coffee with no stain and sugar.
Rag: yes sir.
Rag (to herself): Karele ko Kadba hi passed aayaga.rag then prepares coffee n gives to sanskar
Sr: miss it’s there R stains here make one more.
Rag again goes n brings this time sanky says there is sugar. He irritates rag a lot.
Sr: ab dhekh Na aayaga camel pahad me niche
He says miss it’s too cold. Rag gets angry n she brings too hot this time.
Sr takes a sip n screams.
Sr: miss hav u made coffee or burning lava.he screams.
Looking at this ragini laughs.
Rag: sir this is called tot for tat.
Saying this she leaves withvab angry sr behind.rag does her work.its almost time everyone has gone home but rag hasn’t.sge gets a call.
Rag: I will get late so plz hav ur dinner . It may take one more hour plz.ya ya I will b back safely.
It’s almost 1 the work has completed.rag goes to sr cabin who is working seriously.
Rag: sir all the files are completed.
Sr looks at rag n then the time. He is very impressed as any other employee may take 2 day to complete the task.
Rag: sir can I go?
Sr: yes miss .
Sr : wait ragini it’s late I will drop you.
Rag: no thnx sir my dad may b coming.k bye.
Rag leaves.
Recap: trip to rag home their nokh jokh

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