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So guys the epi starts with anew morning. A morning which will bring a change in their lives , which will have an affect on rags mind , soul n heart unknowingly. Rags wakes up n then goes to do her daily chores. She then goes to wake up her shonu.
Rags:swara plz get up . I am gettin late. Plz .
Swara: oh madam if you get late BY 5 mins it won’t b a problem. Oh I forgot that you had to go to the airport to pick ur boss right .
Rags: thank god u remember. I thought you just for hot it. Swara but I don’t know y I feel something diff. I don’t know what is this feelin. Is it due to nervousness or my hazeness.
Swara: offo my tension queen just don’t take tension n go . Everything will b fine n tell me how does ur boss look when you come back?
Rags: u won’t change na swara. Oh ya so how is ur boss tell me bcaz u never spoke abt him.
Swara: let me hav a look at him n then I will tell you. K now go or ur dead .
Rags: bye .
Rags leaves in SR car to pick him up.
Rags: thank god I am early . I should go n search for him . But first I need to find if sir has arrived.
Rags goes in search of the details
Here you could see a person coming out of business class n walking. First his eyes r shown which is covered with black googles then his masculine hot n s*xy figure. All girls just look at him amazingly. The person looks at them and smirks showing his attitude. Even his attitude has something special. He is totally clad in black like he has some secrets some shades unknown to people. N then it’s seen he is walking out with his luggage n talking over the phone with Arab
Arnav: hey I am sorry as I didn’t come to pick you up but instead of me khushi has come . She wanna meet you first n ya I forgot that even ur New pa I’d waiting for you.
Guy: thnx arnav for letting me know . Khushi is gonna kill me bcaz I am going to meet her after 3 yrs . She is gonna sew me n ya plz tell him my new pa to go I will come with khushi.
Arnav: hey it’s not a .
But the phone disconnects.
Suddenly a girl n guy collide n the girl is on top of the guy . The girl has closed her eyes in fear n then she opens it yo find a guy yelling n the guy face is revealed its our sanskar authors or SR or sanky
Sr: u hitch can’t you see n walk without noticing rags.
Rags feels bad but was gonna say sry but stopped after looking at the boy
Sr looks at rags . He is mesmerized to see her. But again starts yelling
Sr: where hav u glued ur eyes b*t*h can’t you see n walk? Or r u blind . Dawned he’ll speak you puny litter hell or damsel should I call who is in dustressvas she is deaf , dumb n blind . If u can’t see then stay at home.
Listening to this rags gets angry
rafs: oh mister what done think of yourself? Actually I should have asked you that if he blind as you f unable to walk properly. M
N ya if you don’t know this a public place not ur palace where u can treat everyone as your servants . Plz mind ur language if any other girl was present instead of me she would hav slapped u . Saying this rags leaves from there.
while raging goes she asks herself
Rafs: y did I fight with him ?y did I feel bad when he scolded me n y did I feel peace when I was in his embrace. ?quite strange I thinking need to a medical check up.
Here even sanskar feels something . He asks y did I react do badly n y did I scream at her badly like she is my gf or wife n y I felt peaceful when she was in my embrace. I just need to stay away from girls. I just hate them except khushi n ma. They r cheat .
Saying this he goes to meet khushi n they hav a goodchat with each other,
Here rags gets a call that her boss has left. She says my day is bad n goes to home n spends her day with her family . But at afternoon she gets a call by khushi.
Khushi: rags u has to come tonight in the party with swara. My best frnd has come back from Europe after e yrs .
Rags: k I will come but tell me who is your frnd?
Khushi: just come in the party n meet him n ya plz bring a mask . We will hav lots of fun . K bye.
Rags: bye.
Rags then goes to select dresses she is not like that . She doesn’t select mostly. She just wears what it comes on her mind but for the first time rags selecting n that to gown .
Then swara enters she is just in her own world rags sees this n shades swara.
Rags: shonu Kya hua kaha khoi ho them.
Swara: -apnd boss main.
Rags giggles after hearinbbthis n listening to this swara comes back to senses.
Saara: Laado Tim he patah hai kya mere boss is very s*xy n handsome. He looks young even you will fall for him. The youngest son of dp the great lakshya maheshwari . U keno. I had to go with him to Bangalore for a company businesses I am do excited. I have to start packing n ya what r these preps for.
Eags: swara khushi auf paysl ne hum do no ok a an ki party keliye bulaya hain that’s y I was getting ready.
Swara: oh my god ! Y r getting ready for a party ru ok . Do u hav fever?
Rags glares at swara,
Swara :k laado sry. But this is something unimaginable. Is this the effect of ur boss.?
Rags: no swara I even didn’t meet him n says everything which happened today mrng.
Swars gets another shock.
Swara: now I am perfectly sure that you r not well. Did u really argue?
Ragini this time hits swara.
Swara: Accha sry baba i believe u but i can’t attend the party asvi hav to go at 9 today
Rags: so soon I think you need to get permission from Dadi she won’t let you but try . K I am going to freshen up n dress for the party. Bye
Suddenly a girl enters in a long ocean blue gown with light makeup . Silver earnings n bracelet. All the not a r shocked to see such a beauty n all girls r jealous. Khushi greets that girl n says at last rags you came n where’s swara. Rags explains the situation to khushi n khushi says it’s k . Let me make you meet my frnd. She makes rags meet with Sr but they don’t notice each other as their face is covered with mask . Here all girls r jealous to see rags speaking with Sr . She doesn’t know that Sr is her boss n she smiles . Sanskar even likes her company,they both again get the same feeling as Ming but ignore. Suddenly the light goes off n the music starts. Sanskar asks for a dance with ragini. Ragini agrees. Sab terra plays .
Sansjsr starts singing first
Na jiyaa zindagi ek pal bhai
Tujhse home Juda Sun Zahra
Then rags sings
Bin tere mujhse naraz tha dil
Tu mila hai toh haikeh raha
Sanskar comes near ragini n twirl her around n dance
Main toh tere rang main rang chuka noon
Bas tera ban chuka hoon
Mere mujh mein much nahi sab tera
Raging then dances with sanskar in flow
Main toh there thang main dhal chuki hoon
Bas tere ban chuki hoon
Metra mujhmain kuch nahi
Sab tera ….sab tera …..sab tera …..sab tera …….
Tune comes n here sanky picks rags n dances
Sr sings
Ab dil ke Raston pey
Tere aahat jo hue hai
Har dhadkan jashn main hain
Yeh inaayat no hue hain (2)
Rags looks at Sr eyes now n is completely involved in it n sings
Main toh tujhe milke jee uthi hoon
Teri dhadkan main chupi hoon
Mera mujh main kuch nahi
sab tera……
The both r looking each other n r immersed in their eyes , they both feel very comfortable but suddenly they hear claps n compose themselves ragini then goes from there . Even sanskar leaves . They both go home. N when sanskar is removing his court he find a bracelet. Here ragini is searching for her bracelet , she I’d tired n stops. Here sanskar looks at the bracelet n thinks whose is this. They both go to the window n look at the moon.
Rags: kiosks pas hain Metra bracelet.
Here Sr answers look in at the moon
Sr: tumhari aananat mere pas safe hain
Rags: mujhevkyun laagta hain ki yeah sab kismat is khel hain
Sanskar: patah nahi yeah kya kismat ka khel hain par aaj koun thi tum .?
Rags: tum koun hoo?
They stare at the moon and find solace in it . Both sleep

Credit to: kajal

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