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Sr industry:
Here rags is busy working n sanskar is in deep thoughts. He then looks at ragini n looks at her dedication. Sanskar smiles at this n says I hav never met anyone like you before. Maybe that’s why I came to India. My fate brought me here. But it’s high time to test you n for this we hav to go. So he calls rags to his cabin.
Sr:miss ragini is the work completed or is it still pending.
Rags:office sanky it’s completed if u would have not called me I myself would have brought it to you. Here take the file.n ya stop calling me miss ragini. Call me by my name as I am gonna be your frnd.
Sr:but still u haven’t Na so I will call you miss ragini or gadodia. N ya we hav to go for site selection for coming function.
Rags: k sanky when do we have to go?
Sr: actually now R u ready miss ragini?
Rags: k i am ready n wat files do i hav to take?
Sr: just the event file n some other files too.
Rags:k u go I am coming.
Rags takes the files and goes with sanskar.
In car:
Rags: where R we going?
Sanky: why r u so impatient just wait.
Rags starts pouting.
She then plays the radio.sanky gives her a stare.suddenly some romantic song plays both ragsan feel embarrassed n so both try to switch it off n their hands collide. Both feel something unusual but then rags again changes the radio but it’s again a romantic song. Rags feels embarrassed n turns off the radio. Both ragsan laughs.
Rag:oh god ye kya that?
Sr:how embarrassing . Oh god I can’t control my laugh.
Rags smiles looking at sanky smiling.
Rags: sanky always laugh like this. You look gud while laughing.
Sanky just sees her. But to their bad luck the car stops it has some problem. Sanky goes to check here rags thinks
Rags POV:
Sanky today when our hands met I felt something strange. I don’t know what it is but it felt like I hav a imp job to do in ur life. God has sent me to bring back ur trust n smile. N I will do that. U look cute when you smile. Rags pov ends.
Rags then sees small children playing at the park beside she smiles n goes to them.
Here sanky comes to say that the car is not working n other car will come by 15 mins but is tensed not to find ragini.
Ragini here is seen laughing n playing with the kids. Sanky starts searching for her. He sees her playing n smiles but gets angry as was tensed. He goes near ragini.
Sr:ragini shouts R u mad how can you leave from there. U must inform. I got damn tensed you blo*dy damn.
Sanky hugs ragini. Ragini is shocked but then composed herself.
Rags: sanskar i am okay n I am sorry n makes a puppy face.
Sr smiles looking at her n forgives her.the children look at them n says
Jiju u n di look so cute together n smiles . Both ragsan try to tell the children but they keep on talking.so ragsan don’t say as the children looks happy. At last they go as their car comes.
Site Location:
Sr: miss ragini how is this location.rag looks at it with amaze .
Rags:sir it’s beautiful it will perfectly make a good location for company annual function.
Sr: miss ragini plz go n check other places to like food n etc.
Rags:k Sur.
Rag leaves n sanky here calls someone. On phone:
Sr: R u ready for our plan .
Man: yes sir.as you say .all ready n safety measures taken.
Sr: good n your money will be played.
Man: okay sir.
Sr: mission accomplished.
Rag here is looking at the food when she hears people running.
Rags: bhaiya what happened.
Man: beta there is a fire in the site. N people R running.
Rags is shocked n is worried for sanky. She starts searching him but can’t find. here sanky is waiting inside . He thinks rags won’t come n starts leaving when he hears a voice.
Rags: sanskar R u inside? R u safe? Plz wait I am coming.
Sr: ragini I am on plz come fast as the fire is dangerous. He finds ragini coming. She runs n hugs him.
Rag: sanskar R u fine .I was so scared plz let move out fastly .
Both ragsan move but rags faints afterwards. Sanky worried n take her to the hospital.

Recap rags knowing the truth. Angry on sr. Sr asking forgiveness from rags but rags not to budge

Credit to: Kajal

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