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Hello everyone I am just frustrated by this fandom war and especially those silly bashers many swasan and raglak lovers write analysis to make u bashers understand that u r going to get nothing by bashing other co-stars if u ask me I am raglak fan but that doesn’t mean I don’t like swasan both are heavenly pairs and most importantly they are fictional character and why are we fighting for that everyone has their own choice its their wish which pair they like I too love swasan I love their naughtiness their bonding everything they are good even raglak if u’ll once remember the story line from first u’ll definitely feel that both pairs are made for eachother at end true love is together

And know coming to bashers first of all how u’ll bashers find so much time to comment on other actors and that too so harshly I think u’ll are having lots of time to waste like this if u can’t praise anyone then plsz at least don’t pass nasty comments on them if any of swsan or raglak fan try to explain u why u all say that we are defending them actually we are not doing so we are just trying to keep our point make u understand that u’ll get nothing by this bashing u are wasting ur times and others
Some say teju is old she applies lots of makeup and over smart and all guess I think u should get ur eyes checked she’s pretty and beautiful and for helly they say jelly belly her belly is fat she looks ugly and all she cute and bubbly all are unique in their way

Till know it was just for teju and helly but know a days they are even bashing varun and namish that too so badly guess grow up
U’ll pass comments on them and then u say we are just keeping our points did any of the actor ask u advice or ur review no na
All the bashers ur worst of all just keep urself in the place of those actors u bash and just think how would u feel if u were in their place ur working so hard and then some one pass such comments on u what mental dilemma they go through u r giving them mental stress teju when she was ill also she did shooting just to entertain us all and what we are doing helly she’s doing jalak she doesn’t even have time to sleep she’s working so hard and u’ll bashers make their hard work vain by ur comments
Just stop it plsz………………….. if u have little also humanities in yourself then stop it

To all true fans guess I know its really difficult for all of us to keep quite when so called fans of swaragini (bashers) bash them we hate when anyone bad mouths are beloved onces but still I say plsz don’t pay attention towards them they want that only if we protest them they say u are justifying thier’s deeds this protest soon turn to war btw fandoms so plsz ignore them they just want our attention we sometimes don’t even know who’s the root cause of these war because of some one other fans starts fighting so plsz I am telling golden mantra “IGNORE THEM”
And bashers ur not hating teju/ragini/helly/swara u are making others to hate u so plsz don’t behave so that others fans hate u
People say if anyone bash some person how much they bash that person become more successful so for both fandoms bashers guess how much u’ll bash they’ll be more successful so thank u all for ur bashing because some where because of u guess we are in more love with them huge thanks to u’ll

And guess if u find any such nasty comment on tellyupdates then do simple thing write a mail to TU saying about that person and his comment plsz also mention about the time and page he commented in future they wouldn’t be able to comment as I know majority of us are regestried members and others If they wanna comment they have to give their mail id’s so TU can block their comments by this to some extend these fandom war can be avoided

Guess before anything we are swaragini ‘s fans then raglak or swasan so plsz respect eachother and try to appreciate other actor works also all are working hard to make show successful so plsz stop it grow up behave as matured people show’s trp are going low so if we wanna see show at top then both raglak and swsan fans plsz watch the show
Their is no existence of ragini without swara and swara without ragini they are swaragini and we are swaragini’s fans so plsz b friendly with eachother all actors share a great bond of friendship with each other so respect all and love all

Hope u guess understand ……………………………… love u all and once again we are swaragini’s fan

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  1. Heltej

    Posting it on TU wont effect any bashers! I think u have to post it on fb or twitter

  2. Siddhi

    Very true poonam I also love raglak but I think swasan too are good

  3. helly fan always said the
    teju old but teju is only 24 and helly is 21 so how she is old and about swasan they get so much swasan scene and recently get swasan track to but if one or two scene of I min in a week is of raglak they start bashing or making raglak responsible for trp but after lakshya fake love and raglak marriage there is no proper raglak scene we don’t have any problem with swasan we just want raglak to and they bash teju on her birthday and when Namish take stand they abuse him to so swasan fan and raglak keep ur ego side watch the show give trp Current track is good so show can’t go offair

    1. Raglak fans also bash swasan, remeber.

    2. Hellu is 20??both fans will bash….not only swasan fans but raglak fans also bash helly very badly even they r giving character certificate to helly???in instagram….happy that namish stood for teju….but no one stood for hellu….even helly stated that stop bashing costars…anyways all should stop bashing actors for serial

  4. great article poonam.hope tz puts some sense into bashers.many ave made such articles bt was of no use.hope tz too doesnt bcm one such.i dn understand y ppl bother so much about actors life more than their own?y dnt ty utilse tat time into somethng productive?i think show sud end fo tm to leave in peace.the actors struggle so mch to entertain us n wat ty get in return??loads f bashing!!! nyways lets hope fo best

  5. Ragz_teju

    Well said

  6. All d bashers pay attention to me… i have something to share with all d bashers only.. u all know.. uppps sorry how will u all knw ..!!?…
    let me tell u … i have a neighbour who is eye specialist… u all can come to her to check ur eyes.. m sure u all will definitely get some good results… bcz u all think i mean see that Ragini is old n Swara is jelly belly… so definitely there is some major problems with ur eyes… so plz u all bashers wellcome here… uppps i m not giving my address na… sorry actually i talk about this problem with Doctor… so she said that there is no any hope n she cant treat u all.. n n n she has a advice for u all d bashers “””CHANGE UR MENTALITY”” n everything will b ok…
    Be a swaragini fan.. feel proud to b part of it… like i do… thnk u.. i hope u all bashers get my point..

  7. Raina_Riz

    Yes as Heltej says u should mainly post is on Facebook because they bash each other so much

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