We are SWARAGINI fans by Astha

Dear swaragini fans,

Sanskar – Handsome, good looking as well as talented too. In the beginning his character had grey shade he want to take revenge from maheswari family especially laksh and durga Prasad. Later he fell in love with swara finally he married her successfully. Now he is very sweet and lovable character.

Laksh – Naughty and mischievous boy talented actor. In the beginning he loved swara but in angry and according to situation he married ragini. Mid of the show he too played with grey shade while marrying kavya (Tanya). But now he cordially accepted ragini.

Ragini: beautiful, good looking and talented actress. In starting soft natured and traditional girl and started dreaming about laksh. Later because of obsessive character tried to kill
swara and showed her full talent in performing as villain. Done many indeed but now she turned to positive.

Swara: fun, loving and beautiful and talented actress. 1st she fell in love with laksh then destiny preferred sanskar for her. In the beginning she didn’t loved him but later cordially accepted him as her soul mate.

Swasan: onscreen pair. They are getting importance in the show.

Raglak: onscreen pair. But they are getting less important than swasan fans.

This thing causes swasan and raglak fan’s rift.

Ragsan: imaginary pair but 1st expected pair.

Swalak: they also imaginary pair and 1st expected pair.

I think there is no problem between ragsan and swalak fans (I think so…. Isn’t it?)

Few days ago there was a trend….. fav fan fiction or analyses on fan fictions. There too some problems risen.

Here is many swasan, ragsan, swalak and raglak fans. But first of all we are swaragini fans.

U All know many bashes on helly and many bashes on teju. Now all bashing on their fans. Guys plz don’t post articles on hurting intention.

On ff deciding pairs are the ri8s of writer. They can write on swasan, swalak, ragsan or raglak. Or they can pair up with some other too. That’s their wish. if u like the pair or story u read it. Or else just ignore it. So don’t bash the pairs or writers.

There are many swara fans who liked her pair with laksh and now they r liking her with sanskar.

There are many ragini fans who liked her pair with sanskar and now they r liking raglak.

Here is many swasan fans. Many of them don’t like ragsan and raglak. But they all r not bashing others. They r just ignoring their dislikes pair n ff on them.
Just like that to all. If u don’t like then plz plz plz… stop bashing others. One or two has obsession by naturally. U r posting articles against ur dislike actor / actress/ pairs. That creating many rift btw common readers. Bcos of this all things who supported by u gets bad name. for example u wrote against ragsan on behalf of swara that creates bad name to swara fans. Plz… don’t create bad names to ur favorite one.

I know the example which given by me hurt many of u but plz…. I’m sry for that.
If I wasted ur golden time by my article or I hurt u I’m extremely sorry friends.

Heltej says swara and ragini may be two different names but SWARAGINI is one. Just like that swasan, ragsan, swalak and raglak may be different but WE ALL SWARAGINI FANS. DON’T FORGET THIS.

SORRY if I hurt u and THANKS for reading this till end.

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  1. I agree with u dear…we r swaragini fans….
    Just chk teju instantgram PIC…how helly and teju looks …very cute together….
    Bashers plz stay away…plz don’t post any stupid posts which brought fight b/w fans….if u don’t like any Ff don’t read it..plz ignore.it..
    Thanks for posting this article Astha

    1. S dr I too seen along wit one child…can’t say who s cute…heltej r cute together…s astha dr v shuld b swaragini fans…

    2. Astha

      thnq so much for understanding my pov.

  2. Ameera

    agreed dear. always creating problems? fed up with it. thank u for posting this article astha hope people understand

  3. Varsha

    U r crct bt noone wil undrstnd as dey r blind seein their fav alone, i luv ragini than swara bt i nvr bashd swara, its their wish to read ff, i read ragsan n raglak ff as i lik it, it doesnt mean i hate swara, she is a good actress i lik hr bt i prefer rags ff as swara is imp in d serial n rags is givn imp in ff, i hop bashrs chng as a fan, dnt knw frm whr it strtd n its jus a serial, i luv swaragini together nt separately

  4. Sanjanaagrawal

    Thanks for posting this article atleast now bashers should understand that bashing is not solution of every problem ….

  5. DC1

    Well done my dear Aastha. You are right…. We are Swaragini fans. You know what I was smiling like an idiot while reading this analysis because you wrote exactly what I felt. Thanks for this analysis dear…. So sweetly written. Love you even more now. Keep smiling

  6. Mica

    well said Astha..ya..what we need just 1 single word, RESPECT..

  7. Pavani

    Yep I agree y to fight for fuctional charecters really I was fed up with these negative fans if u don’t like any one just ignore them

  8. Vyshu10


  9. Priya15

    Ya I agree with u.. Bcoz of fighting we l get hurt btw us… They r just actors and Swaragini r fictional characters.. For whom we r fighting in these way don’t even know that we exist.. So there is no need to fight for them… Moreover they don’t have any comparison or enmity between them then y there fans r fighting like this.. Y they can’t be friends like the actors… Agree with u di..

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