We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode17

? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode17

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed. Thank You everyone for the comments. It means a lot.

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*********** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

Yesterday’s episode : Kapoor’s and Singhania’s introduced. Swara’s truth out.


? …. SINGHANIA FAMILY …. ? {Maheshwari Mansion from SWARAGINI}

[The entire Singhania and Kapoor Family are seated and talks of Riaksh are on.]

Karan : Haan.. Maa.. How do you like Ragini?
Dadi (S) : Arre.. Karan.. First let the children speak and then let them tell their answer.. And at the end we will tell.
Sakshi (to Dadi {K}) : MaaJi.. If you all don’t mind, can we send Ragini with Laksh.. They can speak and decide.
Dadi (K) : Vandana, Arnav.. What’s your opinion?
Vandana : Yes Maa.. Send her.. They can decide, they will have to speak also.
Priya : Laksh take Ragini and Go.. Actually show her the whole house.
Laksh : Yes, Choti Maa..

[Ragini and Laksh leave from the hall and the others are seated there. Swara thanks Sanskar through her eyes for understanding her and he tells her that it is his responsibility and pleasure to stand by his wife and stand for her. Meanwhile.. In Laksh’s room.. ]

Laksh : Ms. Kapoor.. This is our.. I mean My room.. If you are fine.. It can become our room.
Ragini : Doctor, aren’t you too fast?
Laksh : Nope.. Am too slow.
Ragini : I didn’t get you.. Would you mind coming again?
Laksh : Okay.. Ragini.. First please sit down here.. I will tell you..

[As Ragini moves forward, her leg gets twisted slightly and she is about to fall.. And in the fear of touching the ground with a LOUD THOUD she quickly closes her eyes for two reasons.. One for falling and the other out of embarrassment. She realizes that she didn’t touch the ground nor can she hear Doctor laughing.. She opens her eyes eyes and looks and is lost in the Hazel Chocolate Brown Eyes and ges on falling deep in it only wanting to have their gaze always on her and as she blinks, and as the vehicles honk outside she comes out from her dreamland and senses the situation where she was about to fall a minute ago and now has been saved and fallen in the arms of one of the most eligible bachelor’s and efficient Doctor of the times.. Who is none other than the guy whose proposal was bought for her. She did come out of her sweet dreams but Mr. Laksh was still lost in her heavenly beauty and is in total awe of her. She soon brings him to reality by snapping her fingers in front of his eyes and he makes her stand. The moment here is quite awkward.. Its awkward? Who said.. It’s the moment which Laksh wants forever and this moment has got Ragini thinking of her stupid aimless dream to saty like that forever and she scolds herself for thinking all useless things.. Not knowing that her Soulmate.. Present in that room is the one destiny wants for her and has far more “Romantic Dreams” than her which can make any girl go ‘Awwww’ and any guy hate him or be jealous for having such awesomeeee dreams. As these both are lost in their own thoughts.. Downstairs the elders are mingling easily with each other and are talking about every random thing.. *Let’s move to the family*]

Karan : So Arnav Bhaisaab Ji..
Arnav : I would prefer.. Arnav Ji.. Bhaisaab is too old.
Karan (laughing) : Okay.. ArnavJi so how is your business doing?
Priya : Maa.. See again they started about business. Looks like they don’t have anything apart from business in this world to talk about.
Karthik : Like you ladies have nothing apart from clothes, accessories and food to talk about.
Swara : Chote Papa.. We talk about Clothing and Accessories because you all men come home from work and tell What have you worn? Is this the only dress or saree you find? See that Bhaisaabvs wife.. See them… They wear such good clothes and you all start.
Bhavik : We don’t see others wife.. We just tell you about dressing.
Chavi : And about food, That’s the first and last thing you ask when coming from or going to office.
Swara : True Chavi Bhabhi.. You all ask ask like this.. Khaana ban gaya? Aaj kuch swaadisht banao.. Aaj hamare clients aayenge khaane ke liye..
Jeevika : Correct Swara. And we speak a lot more than these things.
Abhay : Yes.. Yes.. About Kitty Parties.. Their diamond sets.. And..
Tripthi (interrupting Abhay) : What you guys speak about you know.. Business party was good. The deal was good.. They arranged everything well.. It went smoothly.. They must have got a deal worth soo much and what and all.
Karthik : But we work and talk about it just to learn things and make your future good and secure.
Sakshi : Leave it Dewar Ji.. Like you remember things and date..
Priya : Correct.. Tell Ji.. Do you remember how many years happened for our marriage? Do you know how many fasts in a year we keep for you? Do you know when is our anniversary?
Mayank : Choti Maa.. You have got the entire list. We don’t feel the need for it.

[These talks keep continuing.. And Swara is praised by both the families and loved and pampered also.. And our Riaksh are still in the “God Knows Why I Feel It Is An Awkward Situation”]

Laksh (Breaking the silence) : Ms. Kapoor.. I believe that before a girl and a guy are bound to each other for life in a relationship.. They should know the very basic things and past if any of each other’s life.. The rest things slowly and gradually they will come to know..
Ragini : Yes.. Doctor..
Laksh : So Shall I start..?
Ragini : You are welcome to do the honours.
Laksh : I neither have a past nor anything as a shadow of my yesterday. But I want to tell you something.. And you should know it.. When I was in school.. There was a girl who had a crush or an infatuation towards me.. We were in the same college also.. I thought even I had fallen for her (Ragini felt immense pain in her heart unknown to the reason).. But I was wrong.. Very Wrong.. She didn’t want to be with me because I am Laksh.. But because I am Laksh Singhania.. And when I got to know about her.. It hurt me.. Really bad.. But I realised that she wasn’t meant for her.. And that time Bhaiya.. Both Mayank and Bhavik were with me.. And they knew about it. I realised I had no such feelings for her (Ragini was relieved).. I have never smoked nor drunk.
Ragini : Doctor.. I don’t know why you said this to me.. But I know I am happy.. I have nothing to tell you. All I can tell is.. I love my family a lot.. Everyone.. Yes I am the most pampered child.. After all I am the only daughter. Papa has never said a “No” to me.. He has always fulfilled all my wishes and has always kept high standards for me.. Always.. I am very close to Sanskoo Bhaiya… Oops.. Sorry.. Sanskar Bhaiya.. And Swara is no less than a soul sister to me.. I am close to BigB and Bhabhi also.. But Sanskar Bhaiya is really close.. He is my partner in every Mischief of mine.. I have never known what not to be loved means.. I have always had my brother by my side.. Even my family. I had a dream to open my own boutique and become a renowned fashion designer.. And once I don’t remember when I said it to Bhaiya and Papa.. And that’s it.. They gave to me as my birthday present this year.. They have even fulfilled my unspoken dreams.. Not dreams.. But demands.. But Papa and Maa.. Have always taught us never to let the Kapoor name become an attitude nor make it fall down. They have taught us to always be as a common man despite all the success we achieve… This is all about me..
Laksh : So.. Ms. Kapoor.. What is your answer?
Ragini : Answer for what?
Laksh : For staying with me and making this room filled with laughter.. Happiness.. Success.. Love.. And giving it a new life and bright Sunshine as Mrs. Ragini Laksh Singhania.
Ragini : Shall we go down? They must be waiting. I want to give my answer there. What’s your answer?
Laksh : After knowing your answer.. I will tell you my Answer.

[Riaksh come down and see the family.. A bigg Happy family.. But now families having a great time with each other.. These both are here with their answers waiting to come out but their families are so engrossed in talking.. That hey have totally forgotten the reason of their presence there.]

Tomorrow’s Episode : Raiskh Answer.. Families to meet again.. Siblings Bonding..

* Author’s Note : Thank You everyone for loving me soo much and for these valuable comments. Means a lot. I am trying my best to show the importance of characters and the bond.. The story is mainly on RIAKSH and SWANAK.. So the others might not get that much importance.. But with these 4..their bond will shown.. I hope the bond and the understanding of each of the character towards each other is shown in a good way and the story strikes the right chord of “Love It”. There won’t be any villain or negative track in my fan fiction. Nor memory loss one’s. It will be a simple, loving and close knit Family Stories. Hope you all like it. Thank You. If you want any changes to be done or any additions made.. Please be free to tell.. Suggestions opened and criticism too.. All accepted positively and with a smile.. *

{That’s it for today..}

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