We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode13

? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode13

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed.
Thank You everyone for the comments. It means a lot. Hope you remember me..

Episode12 link : http://www.tellyupdates.com/one-riaksh-ragini-laksh-swanak-swara-sanskar-episode-12/

{I have mentioned about the characters of Singhania’s again.. So that there’s no confusion. And Peace Hotels have 2 branches.. One on Lavelle Road.. The main office and Second on Casa Brigatta Brunton Road.. (near Ragini’s Shop). In SINGHANIA’S, the Eldest is Bhavik-Jeevika, then comes Mayank-Chavi, then Laksh and youngest is Saanvi.}

************** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

*Note : Om and Sushila will be in the story only for a episode or 2.*
*Dadi (S) is Singhania’s Dadi.. Dadi (K) is Kapoor’s Dadi.. *

Please note.. I have changed the name of AZAM to OM and of SEHAR to SUSHILA.. And SHAMA to SHRISHTI.

Yesterday’s episode : Swanak Back because of a reason. Om and Sushila visit Kapoor’s with a match for Ragini.

? …. SINGHANIA FAMILY …. ? {Maheshwari’s House from YEH RISHTA KYA KEHLATA HAI}

[Om tells the address and the date to the Kapoor family.. But doesn’t reveal anything about the guy and his family. Both the families are under cover. Where the Kapoor’s are having a great family time.. There on the other hand.. Singhania’s are happy that the girl has agreed to meet and now their function has to be even better.. And Laksh is all heart broken and waiting for the D-Day to reject the girl.]

[The Singhania’s leave for dinner to the hotel on Lavelle Road.. After the dinner.. Karan pays the bill..]

Waiter : Sir.. Your bill..
Karan : Yes, Give it..
Laksh : Papa.. I will pay..
Karan : Laksh..
Priya : Bhavik.. Mayank.. Learn something from Laksh.. He is the youngest.. Still he is paying..
Saanvi : Maa.. I am the youngest.. You only see Laksh.. (she makes a pout face)
Laksh : Here.. Take this..
Waiter : Sir.. We would want you to leave a feedback to us about the service.. It is our Boss’s idea for better functioning.
Laksh : Sure.. (He writes a feedback and Signs..)
Waiter : Sir.. You are Laksh Singhania?
Laksh : Yes.. Why?
Waiter : Sir.. You are our special guest.. Our Boss’s friend.. So you get a discount of 15% on the bill. Hope you enjoyed your food.
Laksh : Excuse Me.. Could you please tell me the registration office of yours.. Where I can speak to your manager or head?
Waiter : Sure sir.. It’s straight and then a right.. You have to keep walking and then the cabin is towards the right..
Sakshi : Laksh.. Order the food from here itself.. It is really great. Hain na Maa?
Dadi (S) : Yes.. Sakshi.. The food was really good.
Saanvi : The aroma and delicacies are soo good..
Laksh : Maa.. You all leave.. I will order and come..
Saanvi : Bhaiya.. Am coming with you..
Laksh : Okay come.. Bhavik Bhaiya.. You can take my car.. How will all of you fit in one? We will come in your bike..

[The Singhania’s leave.. Laksh and Saanvi are on their way to the Manager’s office.]

Laksh : (opens the door) Hello..
Sanskar (turns back) : Hey.. Laksh.. How are you? How come here?
Laksh : Sanskar.. You.. Your hotel is the one on Casa Brigatta Brunton Road right? Then here?
Sanskar : Please have a seat.. And she is (pointing towards Saanvi).. Your wife? My place is here.. That office is of Papa and BigB..
Saanvi : Naa.. I am his sister.. Saanvi.. His wife is on the way..
Laksh : Saanooo..
Sanskar : Good One Saanvi.. So how come Doctor Laksh is here..
Laksh : Woh.. I needed to order food for A function..
Sanskar : Are you kidding? You found this place to be pathetic..
Laksh : Am sorry.. My friends nd I had been to some other place with a similar name once.. So got confused.. So are you taking down the order?
Sanskar : Yes Sure.. Just a minute.. (he calls up to the storage unit) Keshav.. Am coming there.. So send someone to attend the guests.. And you and the entire staff be there.. (after the call..) Come let’s go.. Hope you aren’t getting late..
Saanvi : No.. Not at all..
Sanskar : (to his staff) Hello.. You all have to serve them one spoon of each dish.. They want to order food. So could you please get it. Laksh.. Saanvi.. You both tell The dishes and they will prepare it for you.. And yes.. They will deliver it to your address as I would be on leave that day.

[Laksh and Saanvi taste the food and order.. Unknown that the one delivering it will itself eat. They reach back home..]

The next day :
[Laksh reaches Ragz Creation.]

Laksh : Hello Ms. Kapoor.. I hope am not late.
Ragini : No Doctor.. You aren’t.. Here is your parcel..
Laksh : So you sending me soo early.. Not even offering me anything..
Ragini : I have pending orders.. And I have to end them by day after.. Because the shop is going to be closed for 2 days.. And I don’t want to be late. Hey by the way.. Can I ask you something?
Swara : Laadoo.. Who is come? Your first customer?
Ragini : Yes, Shona.. Come meet him.. The other day also you didn’t.. (to Laksh) Here.. Have this.. Shona.. Do get my order book..
Swara : Laadoo.. Does your Doctor even have a name..
Ragini : Swaraaaa.. He is Laksh.. Laksh Singhania.

[This was enough to make the doctor and Swara stand rooted to her place and here Laksh has tears in his eyes.. Hearing the voice of Swara.. His Swara.. Yes.. HIS Swara.. Ragini goes in and gets the order book and makes Laksh sign as a proof that the parcel has been delivered. Laksh returns back home and seeing him happy and the parcel in his hand.]

Sakshi : Laksh.. What happened. Why are you crying?
Bhavik : What happened Laksh?
Laksh : Maa.. I heard Swara today.. I met her again.. She didn’t meet me Maa.. I know she didn’t have the strength to face me Maa.. Why did she do this? You know Maa.. She is soo happy.. Mayank Bhai, Chavi Bhabhi.. Come here..
Chavi : What happened Laksh..
Karan : Why are you shouting?
Laksh : Mayank Bhai.. Chavi Bhabhi.. Here are your dresses for the function. I don’t know whether you will like it.. I have given an order.. And got it..
Chavi : (opening her packet) Wow.. Laksh.. I didn’t know your choice is soo good. Mayank open your packet..
Mayank (opens his packet) : Laksh.. Thank you.. It must be expensive..
Laksh : Bhai.. In front of your and Bhabhiz happiness.. Nothing is expensive..
Jeevika : I must say Laksh.. Beautiful golden-brown ghagra and Golden brown sherwani.. Awesome choice and complementing too..
Laksh : Woh Bhabhi.. I didn’t choose either of it.. I just gave the order and every bit of the selection is that persons.. Waise Bhai.. If I tell you something you both will be in love even more with this dress..
Mayank : Tell.. What is it?
Laksh : Swara also has touched this dress of yours..
Chavi : What? Seriously?
Laksh : Jeevika bhabhi.. Bhavik Bhai.. Sorry.. I didn’t get it for you too..
Bhavik : It’s okay Laksh.. We understand.. It’s their day.. You can gift us anytime.. I am glad you did this.. I am soo happy..
Jeevika : Yes, Laksh.. I am very happy for it.. We will never think you wrong..

[Laksh goes to his room and texts Ragini.. She is waiting for his feedback..]

Laksh : Hello Miss Kapoor..
Ragini : Hello Doctor..
Laksh : Awake? Waiting for my text? Dinner?
Ragini : Done.. You? Actually waiting for the feedback..
Laksh : Done.. So you want the feedback.. Okay you got to wait..
Ragini : Sure.. ?
Laksh : The Ghagra is just mind blowing and The complementing Sherwani.. Is too blo*dy awesome.. ? I am such a big fan of your work.. I never knew you would have such a great selection.. I am impressed.. ? You have made sure that the gonna be Papa and Mamma.. Are nowhere down on earth in this outfit that day..? It is a pleasure to have such a talented person.. Doing this.. You have not only lived upto the Singhania’s fame.. You have done a great job.. ☺ Thank you for this.. I loved it.. And Thank you again.. I am happy that my decision isn’t wrong to give you this dress to design. Glad you made me believe my words.. ?
Ragini : Thank you Doctor.. I am happy and satisfied now.. Thank you for the trust and belief.. ☺ Good Night..

[Riaksh dose off with a smile on their face and others are all busy gearing up for the function.]

Tomorrow’s Episode : Tripthi and Ragini tease Swara.. A week leap..

{That’s it for today.. Sorry for not uploading these many days.. Wasn’t well..}

{Thank you all for the comments, I didn’t expect this Fan-Fction to go so long. I guess either the story is going is offtrack or I am not putting it forward to you people as it was done before.. Do let me know the reason.}

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