Hello guyz m back with another one shot n this is a small gift from my side to you guyz on the occasion of international women’s day
Guyz to be honest we alwats stick to some steeriotyps…lyk in my ff n os sanky is usually rich business tycoon….bt in reality esa ni hota…so in my this os m breaking those steriotyps..

Swara n sanskar both belong to a middle class family…lives in delhi..
Swara is a ca
Sanky is a manager
(Both r in different firms)


A girl came home wearing black jeans n black jacket with open hair….n smoky eyes…she has a halmet in her soon as she enter the house a lady shouts..” kab sudhregi ye chhori…u r getting married in a month n still u r doing all this…n this jeans n all doesnt sutes u…u shld wear salwar kurta..”
Girl come n hugs the lady n said”luv u too dadi..u r best”
Lady releases the hug n says” stop buttering me swara”
Swara: dadi u r so sweet na…(winks)
Shekhar came n ask”ohh ho ma leave all this n shona u tell me howz ur race ”
Shomi; as always my daughter won
.. ryt shona??
Swara: absoloutly ryt ma..again i won..
Dadi: shona look now u shld s stop racing beta…
Shekhar: no ma.. let her do what she want
Dadi:(angryly)look shekhar swara wants to race i never stopped her…jabki chhoriyan bike na chalawe…bt only cz of u i allow her to do bike racing…
Swara:dadi baba stop it yr…i hv won n u r fighting(pouts)
Shekhar: ok shona sry…chlo letz hv ice cream…
**both left**

Voice: beta what Happend haan ?
Guy: ma u kno that girl again won the race….
Lady:m sure if tu b part leta then only u will win…
Guy: ma u kno what…mai chah k bhi uske sth race ni kr skta..
Lady: bt y sanskar?
(Yeah he is our hero)
Sanky: pata ni maa…i hv never seen her ya she is osm…
Sujata: beta i think u lyk her…
Sanky: umm maa bye…i hv lots work..
Swara n sanskar both are bike racer but they hv never seen each other’s face as it was covered with halmet…they were frnds…
Swara is getting married to raj sinha..he is his childhood frnd n an advocate by profession…
Swara met with raj a week before their marriage…
Raj : hey baby hwz u?
Swara:(annoyed)hello raj….

Raj: so hwz the preprations going on…
Swara: come directly on point raj what u want..
Raj: (rude) ok …so i think u hv submitted ur resignation…ryt?
Swara:(firmly) No…n m nt gonna resigne frm my job…
Raj:(angry) what the hell …swara…(holds her hand tightly) i hv already told u that i dont want u to continue ur work after marriage… it…
Swara slaps him…n frees her hand ” listen raj…i hv also told u that m nt gonna leave my job….if u want to marry me then u hv to accept me with my conditions only….”
Raj:ok baby..itz ok
Swara: n ya listen m nt lyk other girls…who can tolerate ur nonsense so itz better to be in ur limits…
N swara left…
Raj in mind”u just wait n watch swara what i will do to u…is thappad ka badla to le k rhunga..”
On wedding

Sanky was also there as he is raj’s friend…
Swara was sitting in mandap wearing red lehnga n jewlry…she is looking the perfect bride…pandit ask for groom…
There everone was serching for groom bt couldnt find him…everyone was worried for him…
Then they heard a clapping sound…
It was raj “so do u still think that m gonna marry u swara…umm ok i will marry u…bt for that i want a car…sry sry correction a brand new car”
Swara:(angry) what the hell u r asking for dowry?
Raj: no baby..itz nt dowry itz a compensation for that slap…
Swara was going to say smthng bt shomi holds her….
Dadaji n dadiji were pleading in frnt of raj
Dadi(cryng):dont do this beta ….we cant face anyone…
Raj: what to do dadiji…i hv ask swra to leave her job bt she denied…n then slapped me…
Swara:(full to angry)that slap was for miss behaving with me…
Raj:look dadiji how she is talking with me…yahi h aapke sanskar
Swara:just shut up raj or(dadi intetept)”stop it swara itz enough…”
Swea:bt dadi
Dadi:i said na stop it now…
Dadaji :beta barat vapas chli gaito bhut badnami hogi….

Raj: ha so m not going back…i just want a new car
Dadaji: beta we are not rich..we cant afford a new car…(still pleading)
Then dadaji was about to bow down his head infront of raj …then two soft yet firm hands stops him”no need of this dadaji this marriage is not gonna happen”
Everyone looks at swara shockingly…she makes her dadaji stand n said in bold n confident voice” ya u heard It right..m NOT gonna marry a spineless creature….i hv already told u raj that m nt lyk other girls who can tolerate ur nonsense…”
Raj: u will repend ur decision swara when no one will marry u…
Swara: u kno what raj…i would luv to be single than to marry some one lyk u…now u may please leave…
He was going then swara called him n throws her engagement ring on his face n said”you will return ur engagement ring along with other items of shagun or u want to give it ryt now??”
This makes raj fumes in anger n he throw his ring ….
SwRa:” n ya mr raj…tumhare jitte bhi guests ne shadi me khana khaya hai uski payment bhi kar dena..afterall itz not a charity event”
***all guests left***

Dadi: i hv told u shomi dont give this much freedom to her she is a girl she must kno her limits…but u never listen to me now look what happend….now who will marry her

Swara: dadi calm down…please…

Dadi jerks swra

Shekhar: ma swara is ryt….if we get them married then whats the gaurantee that he will keep our daughter happy…

After that incidence swara went to her office…there her boss tries to miss behave with her….n she left that job…..dadi use to taunt her always
Swara was searching for jobs in news paper…
Dadi: when raj asked u to leave that job u dont leave…bt now u hv left that job…wow beta keep it up
Dada: parvati stop it…n swara m with u beta always…go ahead…(smiles)

Sawara got job in B&D compny pvt ltd. Sanky is also working In this firm…
They hv become good frnds..
Shomi: betA go na u hvnt race since long..
Swara: bt ma
Shekhar: ya beta i want to eat ice cream…na…please.
Swara : ummmmmm ok… πŸ™‚


Sujata: sanskar beta what happened why u hv stopped racing ha?
Sanky:ma that girl is not coming to any race dont kno what happned to her..
Sujata: beta u should go…i hv a feeling that she will come today..
Sanky: ma if she wont come today too?(sad)
Sujata: bina jye jaise pta chlega haan?
Sanky: ok

After race…sanky stop swarA
Sanky: hey flyng princess(swara’s name which she use in bike racing)
Swara: hey thunder( sanky’s name which he use in bike racing)
Sanky: where were u yr…
Swara: at home(laughs)
Sanky: uffo i mean y dont u come for racing these days?
Swara: ahh i was getting married..
Sanky:(shocked) what u r married now?
Swara: chill yr i was about to get married
Sanky: about to??(confused)
**remember guyz they hvnt seen each other cz their face was coverd with helmet**
Swaea: ya i broke my marriage at mandap…
Sanky: why??
Swara: that idiot doesnt deserve me…
Sanky: so now u r single…so do i hv a chance…(winks)
Swara: we will see that(laughs)…ok bye gotta go…


After 2 week another proposal has come for swara’s marriage

Swara was shocked to see the guy…it is non other than sanskar….
Swra: sanskar tum!!!!!
Sanky: yup
Swra took blessing frm sujata n rp
Swara: aunty before u ask anything i want to tell u few things.First i hv broken my own marriage at mandap
Secondly…m a ca by profession n i will not leave my job after marriage.
Third m a bike racer too..n i wont leave racing too…

Sujata rp n sanky left the place……

Dadi:(holds her head) oh god…kya zaroorat thi tujhe muh kholne ki swara…look u hv messed up everything..

Swara: dadi if they want me as their daughter in law then they hv to accept me…as it is…i will nt change myself…for anyone..

Then they heard a voice
“And we hv accepted u the way u are beta”

All turn around n were shocked to see sujata rp n sanky with some bags…

Shekhar: aap log? U hv gone na ?
Rp: yes shekhar ji we hv gone…bt only to take out shagun for our to be daughter in law..

Everyone was shocked they cant utter a word…
Then sanky says”so flyng princess will u marry me?”
Swara was shocked to hear her name”flyng princess”
Swra: how u kno that??
Sanky: not only me bt u also kno me…n as i hv asked u if u r single then can i hv a chance(winks)
Swra:(surprided shocked n happy) Thunder,?
Sanky nodded yes

SwaSan hug each other n then swara ask bt how u kno about me….?
Sanky told her that he was also in her marriGe n all…
Swara:thats ok bt how u kno that m flyng princess?
Sanky: vo actully..when we last met na i hv seen a locket in ur neck n then i rembered that i hv gifted that to u on ur bday last week….then i recall about u telling me ur marriage n all
Swara: oh …bt aunty y u hv choosen me without asking anything?
Sujata:beta I hv listen about u frm sanky n ya ur truth touches my heart…i just want a bahu lyk u…god bless u…

SwaSan got married after a month…n as she wanted she dosnt lft her job…n not even racing sanky n swra use to race together….

γ€ŠSwara stood for herself because she knows that she has to take a stand for her first then other may/may not stand for her….she is bold …confident…truthful…be lyk swra …..women doesnt need anyone they are self sufficient…. women are empowered 》

So guyz hope u lyk this n share u views n again happy women’s day..

Credit to: Meher

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