The way of making our Juniors (KKB) One shot


Kids stay away from this.Full of mature content.
Abhi’s P.O.V
Oh god such a long day,I fall on bed as I’m exhausted but I miss her to the core Missing her besides me everytime.The hug…the kiss…the love…the sweetness and the s*x…She had gone for a college trip and she is returning this night 7 more hours to go..I have to receive her from her college..I had great plans to do on her arrival but I’m really exhausted of my recent concert..My lids are feeling heavy so I’m drifting off.
Ding dong,The bell rang.Shit…I irritated to the core but I stood up from the bed to open the door.For my surprise she was standing in my door step..I thought did I over slept for 7 hours..Yes..It was night and my wife was standing at my door step by showing her back engaged in her mobile.She turned towards me in her black s*xy saree which exposes her creamy tonnes waist.Hey,Abhi..I’m back she told me with a tight hug.I too hugged her without a hesitation my hands started to roam over her exposed waist.
She arched close to me with her seducing eyes.Missed u so much,I said in a husky voice.She smiled at me and broke the hug.Too exhausted??,she asked by tracing my eyes and brows.I just nodded.She gave a peck on my eyes.I smiled at her.I holder her hand and we both preceded towards our room with her baggage.She fall over bed lazily by saying,That was an awesome trip Abhi.I smiled at her antics.She increased the chillness of the room with air blow in our air conditioner.
Sorry,I Just over slept can’t receive u,I apologized her.She smiled at me and said,Umm..well..I know..No problem..Her saree started to move coz of the strong blow.She didn’t mind to cover it.Her pallu slips from her br*asts.I couldn’t hold on anymore she was just relaxing by closing her eyes.I just laid besides her and started to ran my fingers over her from her head.I slowly mapped her forehead by tucking her hair strings.She just gave me a smile to proceed.I planned to have soft move on her because probably she was tired moreover I want her to enjoy me.
I just mapped her closed eyes when I travelled towards her lips she bitted my finger and gave me a naughty look.Ouch,I shouted.Too naughty but u have to pay for this tonight,I said with a s*xy grin made her cheeks to burn in crimson red.I Just traced her neck lines where her most precious thing was tangling over Mangalsutra the identity of our relationship.I just travelled south more my finger was on the track of her cleavage.
Now I was on top of Her saree pallu was over her cleavage.I just removed her pallu from there and kissed on her cleavage.She just dugged her nails to my arms in pleasure.Now I replaced my fingers with lips and started to kiss her neck line.
Author’s P.O.V
He was just started to kiss her neck line which made her spine to shiver.Abh…Abhi..she stated by bowing her neck towards his muscled shoulder.Abhi crushed his lips onto her.The kiss was more rough his soft formula broken down when he saw her plumply lips parting to welcome his playfully tounge.His hands started to mound her br*ast.She moaned roughly to broke the kiss as she couldn’t handle it anymore.Abhi broke the kiss leads them to breathe heavy.
That was too arrogant u idiot..I couldn’t breathe at all,scolded Pragya.Abhi again crashed his lips onto her lips his hands were kneading her br*ast.They could feel each other’s wetness to explode.Abhi broke the kiss and started to suck at her nape and she roamed her fingers over his tonned back.I missed u so much,She said in between the moan.He was about to remove her saree.Ding Dong,The door bell rang again which broke their intense moment.Abhi moved off from her.Shit..who the hell,she got irritated of the door bell for the second time in a day.Pragya smiled at him.Have patience My babe,winked Pragya.
Wait lemme check who is the damn it,Said Abhi walk off from the bed.Pragya got up and adjusted her saree and headed towards the door.She could hear her arrogant husband scolding someone.She rushed towards him she could see he is scolding a sales rep who really has no manners to sale things in early night.Finally the rep fed up and left the house.Pragya hugged him from the back to cool him.Abhi…relax..I’m really tired I just wanna fresh up.Abhi just nodded with a disappointment.Pragya smiled at him and moved towards the bathroom.
Knock..knock..She heard the knock of the bathroom door.What,She asked.Nothing..Just want my hair gel,said Abhi.Okay..get that by urself,She said my opening the knob.Are u serious,Asked Abhi with a exclamation.Okay..I’m closing the knob,Warned Pragya.He rushed inside before she closing the door knob.She was in her blouse and petticoat.He hugged her from back.U know how to chill me,said Abhi.
He slowly lifted her to their room and placed her in bed.She sat up by gazing at him.He just sat besides her by admiring her s*xy avatar.Fuggi..U look so hot,said Abhi.U made me to feel hot,said Pragya.He pulled her to his lap.Ouch,She moaned.Have some softmess Rockstar,she said.He smiled in response and clutched his arms around her waist and squeezed her waist.She burried onto him.
Abhi’s P.O.V
I roamed my fingers around her creamy back.As a surprise she pressed her lips onto my lips softly.I could feel her softness I just pressed myself to her to close the distance.She bitted my lips and invaded her tounge into my mouth.I pulled her to the bed and fell on her top and started to mound her pumpy br*asts she let a s*xy moan.I slowly untied her dori and removed her shimmering blouse.
In return she removed my shirt.I smiled at her urgency.She shied in most beautiful way I couldn’t let her without kissing her blushing cheeks.Ouch,she said as my beard pinned her soft cheeks.I love that scream and she pulled me close to her for another passionate kiss but still my hands are mounding over her gorgeous br*ast over a single cloth.She was left with her bra and petticoat.The kiss was so rough she was enjoying all the way by roaming her fingers over my back.
I just broke the kiss and tired to unhook her bra.She didn’t protest she arched her body to unhook her bra.I succeeded in unhooking and i throwed it.She was so divine I couldn’t hold on myself I just started to suck her nipples.Her moan was highly encouraging me.I kneaded the one and sucked the other.Abhi…,she chanted his name.He broke the sucking and looked at her.She slapped his arms and said,I already told u this right is only for my baby..Not for husband got it,she teased him.I smirked and moved towards her south.
I just removed her petticoat leaving her in panties.In return the naughty fuggi removed by pants leaving me in boxers.I pressed my hand on her panties.She encrossed her legs.I kissed her thighs and made her legs to move apart and pressed hard on her panties.I know she is already wet for me.I Just removed my boxers and pressed my manhood over her panties.
Just a fabric was in between us.As I pressed her panties.She moaned heavy.Please…get in,she allowed.I just took off her panties and entered into her.She cried aloud as this was our second time.I just kissed her to assure her.We remained at the same position for a while.Once I assured she is okay I made tye the thrust actually process of making junior Rockstar.She started to moan loud.Thank god we are all alone here.
After the intense thurst I laid besides her with a sweated body and covered us with a devut.Her eyes was glistening she was looking like an angel.I pressed my lips on her forehead.She wrapped her soft arms around me.Thank you,..Need a junior Rockstar just like you,she said with a complete smile.Then what about cute fuggi,i teased her.Fuggi..well come on let’s try for twins,she said with a smile.Well,Im ready for the second round,I said with full energy.Okay then come on make me to feel me complete once more,she said with a s*xy smile.Mission Junior Rockstar completed and Mission junior Fuggi is on,I said with a grin.And then we started to made out from the beginning as we never ever exhausted of making love.

The End.

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