the way you make me feel (part 6)

Hola guys after a long long time I know but sorry I was dam busy with my exams and finally they got over today but the sad thing here is my holidays are cut down I don’t know how many parts I can update but will try my best and thank you to all the people who texted asking me when im going to upload the next part and having soo much patience for waiting……………because im a person with not much patience hmm well this partr is dedicated to all those who messaged but a special mention to someone that my cutie………..MYSTERY soo sis this part is for you

They reach the venue sanskar parks the car and both come out of the car but the next minute yet gain they are surrounded by sanskar’s giants who annoy swara the most but this time she kept quite not telling anything because she wanted them to be there
Swa: sansu you get going im coming in few minutes

San: kyun jaan what happen any problem
Swa: nahi nothing like that
San: then lets get in together
Swa: ha baba you just reach the portal I’ll join you there (sanskar looks on at swara) please just trust me I’ll be right next to you the minute you reach the portal please (puppy face (which obvio sanskar cant resist))

San: hmm ok come fast
Swara nods and sanskar leaves with a few bg not before instructing a few to stay with swara
When finally swara see that sanskar is quite far from her and cannot hear her she speaks to the mark the head and sanskars personal bg whose he trust the most
Swa: mark I very well know that sanskar will not allow you people to be really close to him since he wont like it but now it will be your duty that without him knowing you’ll make sure that sanskar and laksh are no where in a radius of atleast 10 meters to each other I don’t want them to come face to face I hope im clear

Mark: don’t worry maam I’ll take care of it
Swara nods and then calls someone
Swa: hey bhai we are near the portal will be in few minutes I hope you have spoken to kunal and others
Sah: don’t worry princess I have spoken to everyone and everything is under control you both get in im coming there
Swa: okay bye

Swara heads towards the entrance and finds sanskar there speaking to someone she moves forward and taps his shoulder sanskar turns and smiles at her then intertwines his fingers with hers
Person who was speaking to sanskar: who is this beautiful girl with you sanskar
San:(smiles) this my wife swara and jaan he is atul my class mate
Atul: oh hello sanskar must say your wife she looks soo young and soo beautiful lucky you
Sanskar tightens his hold in pure jealousy

Swa: well thank you for the compliment but when my husband is so handsome then you see I too need to maintain
Sanskar smiles listening to swara while atul just shuts
Swa: chalein bhai is waiting for us
Sanskar nods and takes a deep breath and both start walking in together just the minute the two enter in every single souls attention is drawn towards them both were looking heavenly together it was just like a prince and princess walking and why not sanskar was the king of business todat and with his was his princess or may be the queen of his heart and soul
Sahil and kavita look at the and move forward and engulf both of them in a bear hug
Kavsah: (breaking the hug) happy birthday sanky

San: (smiling) thank you guys
Sah: (teasing) soo how was your birthday celebration huh
Swara turns crimson red thing about the moments they spent together from yesterday till a few hours ago while sanskar looks at swara and smiles and pulls swara towards himself engulfing her in to himself enclosing her protectively in his embrace by her waist while swara too warps her arms around his torso both look at each other their eyes had a different spark glimmer shine and gleam in them while they a smile playing on their lips
San: this was the most delightful charming pleasant and best birthday of mine till date

Hits swara’s forehead with his and smile to which swara too smiles while kavita and sahil too have a big smile on their faces happy and content to see sanskar soo happy after soo many years and also that finally he celebrated his birthday for the first time after he left MM while all four were lost swasan in eachother and kavhil thinking about sanskar someone comes and closes swara’s eyes from behind turns turns to see who the person was he would have definitely got angry if someone touches his jaan but looking at the person he smiles swara touches the persons hand to find who it was and finally having known who it was she shouts the persons name jumps turns with a jerk and engulfs the person in a tight hug while the others get a little tensed

Swa: diya (turns and hugs her) I missed you soo much idiot
San: swara careful jaan don’t forget she is not alone
Swa: oh shit (breaks the hug) did I hurt you diya (keeps her hand on diya’s baby bump………..diya is 5 month pregnant)
Diya: pagal hai kya (pulls swara and hugs her again) you can never hurt me and I missed you too
Swa: awww

Akash: arey yaar shona even im here mujhe bhi to millo
Swara and diya break the hug and look at akash who was giving them a sad look
Diya: huh he is jealous of us
Swa: arey koi baat nahi (side hugs akash) I missed you too
Aka: me too
They break the hug and sankar and akash hug
Aka: happy birthday bhai
San: thank you akash

Diya: happy birthday jiju
San: thank you
Few of sanskar classmate come and he busy speaking to them along with sahil and akash where as swara diya and kavita get busy speaking to each other when someone all of a sudden comes and taps sanskar shoulder the minute he turns the person gives him a punch making sanskar whine at its impact as he was not at all ready for the blow while swara who sees this immediately come to sanskar
San: aahhh
Swa: (holding sanskar hand) sansu you okay kaha lag is it paining too much (looks at the person who hit her sanskar) how dare you hit my sansu haan

swara looks at sahil and akash who are silently standing as well at the guards who even after seeing someone hitting sanskar did not move swara finds it weird but she moves forward towards the person and points her finger towards him and moves forward towards him shrinking her eyes looking at him
swa: how dare you don’t you have sense you idi…………………….

Person: (interrupting swara) wow wow wow my cute little wild kitten stop right there……………………sanky yaar stop her else she is surely going to bite me (swara stares at the person) im mean kill me
Swa: (twitching her nose) im not a kitten understand mr idiot and……………….
Sanskar interrupts swara by pulling her towards himself
San: shh swara jaan clam down this idiot is my best friend anurag remember I told you about him
Swa: (pouting) hmm but he called me a kitten
San: (pulls swara towards him by her waist) acha fine he’ll apologize for it (whisper so that only swara listens) and jaan please stop pouting and making these cute faces I may lose control over myself don’t blame me later then

Swara blushes and turns red listening to sanskar and looks at him both get lost in eachothers eyes which was broken by a lady’s voice
Lady: kavi sahil sanky missed you guys
The trio look towards her and smile they move forward kavita and the lady hug each other while swara looks on confused seeing which sanskar tells her about the lady
Sanskar moves towards the lady but grabs swara palm along making her move along with him he hugs the lady and then gets back
San: jaan this taani our friend and anurags wife
Swa: oh…………..hello di

Taani: aww sanky she is soo cute and kiddo hello is said by hugging wont you hug me
Swa: why not
Swara moves forward and hugs taani
Anu: that’s not fair guys im standing here from such a long time and you people are behaving as if I don’t exist at all
Swara and taani break the hug and all look towards him
Taa: you deserve that what was the need to hit him
Anu: acha fine galti ho gayi abb toh millay

Sanskar and sahil move forward and the three best friends finally reunite after a long they beak the hug and speak to each other and then anurag moves and stands in front of swara
Anu: (holding his ears) im sorry kiddo I called you kitten please forgive me and wont you speak to me
Swa: well let me think
Anu: acha (takes out a chocolate from his pocket) then what about this chocolate acha I’ll give it to someone else
Swara looks at the chocolate and grabs it from anurags hand like a kid
Swa: acha I forgive you this time don’t repeat again haan
Anu: (saluting) aye aye boss

Swara smiles and hugs him and then the all join them a gety busy speaking to each other while our prioncess is busy with her chocolate a little while later when no finds any response from swara they look at her indulged in her chocolates and adore her
Sah: she is not going change
Swara looks up at them and smile sheeply
Swa: acha listen listen I have an announcement to make
All: okay go ahead
Swa: hmm soo you all know I call sahil bhai bhai and kavi di di and now I called taani di di as well soo its going to get really very confusing so now sahil bhai is bhai and avi di is bhabhi taani di is di and anu bhai is jiju all clear
All laugh and nod their head

Just then music is played and all the couples move toward the dance floor
Sanskar moves towards swara and stands next to her while swara wraps her arms around sanskars torso and places her head on his chest while sanskar too wraps his hands around swara and both stand looking at ta-anu and kavhil dancing
Kavhil look at swasan and move towards them pulling them on the dance floor right then the song changes to a slow romantic number (any song you guys like)
Sanskar takes swara by her waist and pulls her forward towards him such that there was no distance between them they start dancing with slow steps sanskar looks into swara eyes giving her a heartful smile while sanskars hands rested on swaras waist swara had locked her hand behind his neck both where lost in each other eyes sanskar spins swara a little and makes her come to him swara back was in front of sanskar while sanskar wraps his hand around her belly they were basically in a back hug sanskar tightens his hold and breaths her scent while his hot breath was fanning swara’s nape………………………

sanskar places a soft feathery kiss at the region where her neck meets her shoulder swara immediately turns and looks at sanskar while he caresses her cheek swara keeps her head on his chest listening to the most rhythmic music the one she love the most sanskar heart beats sanskar wraps his arms around her lovingly yet firmly taking slow beautiful steps
Right then the song ends and lights brighten up all start clapping while swasan look at each other and move towards kavhil and ta-anu who are speaking to each other
Anu: they both love each other a lot don’t they

Sah: you still have doubt
Taa: nahi finally happy that some has come into our sanky life who is changing him and getting him out of darkness and sadness
Just then swara reach them all yet again get speaking to each other while all the while sanskar had swaras hand in him smiling and talking all the four pairs where enjoying their time together while a little far from them there were four pairs of eyes looking at them with different emotions two with anger hatred jealousy which where none other than raglak another pair held different emotions which were unreadable which were pari’s while a pair of eyes held happiness sadness and a lil tears which was none other than adarsh

yup adarsh was happy seeing sanskar soo happy he had always loved sanskar as his own brother after all sanskar was the first sibling he had a special bond with him they always shared their problem with each other even though laksh was his own brother adarsh had shared each and everything with sanskar and why not sanskar too loved him equally when adarsh had his exams sanskar used to stay up with him all night helping him by getting coffee and what not and the day sanskar was accused of molesting someone he dint want to believe it he wanted to support his brother but the proofs against him held him back and when he was back adarsh was elated but alas that dint last for along their or should he say maheshwari family had disowned him and he could do nothing for his little brother and this time around he learned to mask his emotions but seeing him back again adarsh was very happy though his brother had lost his mental stable but was happy then again came a storm and his little brother went away from him again but today seeing him happy smiling adarsh was happy that now his brother is leading his life happily but was sad that he could not engulf his brother a tight bear hug speak to him let out everything and most importantly wish him today

here while adarsh was lost in his own thoughts about his memories with sanskar laksh was not able to hold himself back and moves towards swasan and other who were happily speaking to each other happily seeing laksh move ragini moves behind him while pari jerks adarsh bring him back to the world both look at laksh and move towards him to stop him from reacting a drama
la: (clapping) wow wow wow I must say you guys are soo shameless na even after what happen you are here sanskar I must say you toh have no shame at all haan
anu: (shouts) shut up laksh

lak: omg look whose here mr anurag ganguly……………………not bad haan
sah: see lak we want no scenes here you better get out from here
lak: who the hall are ypou to tell me…………………..oh yes you are that beggar who lives(interrupted)
san: (angry,shouts) LAKSHYA………………………………don’t don’t force me to do something I don’t want to do
just then adarsh reaches there
ada: laksh what the hell are you doing chal come from here dint I already tell you to not create a scene here

lak: chill bhai he wont be able to do anything
swa: don’t mr laksh maheshwari you vefry well know what he can do so do not provoke him just listen to your brother that would he better
rag: and who are you tell him what to do and what not to do
kav: first mind the tone in which you are speaking to my sister
rag: hey you better shut up beggars wife
swa: (shouts) RAGINI………………..dont
by then sanskar body guards come and surround them and also they were a little away from the party area soo no one saw them nor were they able to hear due to loud music
swa: listen mrs maheshwari you are pregnant and obvio don’t want you to get hurt and im sure you don’t want your husband as well to get hurt so you better bugg off from here and ya ya before leaving apologize to bhai and bhabhi

lak: no we wont
swa: fine your wish……………………mark make sure they don’t leave from here before they apologize
mark nods and the bgs start moving towards laksh seeing which ragini immediately apologizes to kavita and asks laksh to apologize to sahil which he complies after a little hustle bustle
san: leave
raglak and adani leave from there here swasan speak to kavhil and all thing get back to normal and yet again the all start having fun like before forgetting everything

the four couples then move towards the dining and start their food speaking when a few of sanskar batch mates come and sanskar along with sahil anurag and akash move a little away from their respective partner have their food along with a chat with their college mates swara looks at sanskar and smiles who was happily speaking to all and had sahils arm around his neck they all were laughing and enjoying while all of sudden swara smiling face turns into a horrified scandalize one she gets appal freezes to her place trying to register what is to happen and also knew there was no time to think she gets up from her place right then the lights turns off the entire place turns dark swara’s heartbeats rise knowing what was coming her way thinking nothing she runs towards the direction sanskar was and the next minute sanskar was on the floor along with sahil and right then there were two sounds a sheering sound of a bullet was heard and a sound of something some glass breaking while all in the hall started yelling and the next minute power came back

both sanskar and sahil were still on the floor their friends help them getting up they both stand but the next minute for sanskar it was as thought the floor was pulled down his feet there lied his life his jaan the entire reason of his leaving
swara was there on the cold floor there she lied almost lifeless her head bleeding frenzied glass pieces pierced and penetrated her body her neck and throat were badly laced her coral color had turned red now

when swara was looking at sanskar she shifted her gaze a little and had seen someone aiming at sanskar his hand was already at trigger and somehow she she just was not able to voice out her voice and she stood up to call sanskar but her voice betrayed her and the minute the lights flicked off she had a idea of what was to happen next ahe dint think about anything and just ran in the direction sanskar was and pushed him with all her might but she lost her balance in this resulting her falling on the glass table kept there such was the force that now she was lying on the floor lifeless her body was giving up her eyes where shutting down but she just wanted to look at him once assuring herself that he was fine
flashback ends
sanskar looked at the scene or to be precise the place where swara lied blankyfor his it was lie someone had knocked out his breath he felt he was going to die……………………he started walking with unsteady doddery steps in daze and confound looing at swara finally having reached her he sat on the ground holding swara with trembling hands yet tenderly

swara looked into sanskars eyes which were glassy and held soo many emotions she could see his eyes held mortal terror………………terror that his entire being was being snatched away he was afraid………afraid of losing her and swara never wanted to see that she composes her self and lifts her one had with great difficulty as her system her body was now giving up tears were flowing down uncontrollably from her eyes due to the pain she was enduring physical mental as well as emotional looking at her life lie a effigy with no emotions or expressions still she tried and finally she cuped sanskars face and looked into eyes locking her with his she smiled at him…………….breathing heavily she called out to him

he looked at her as a tear or two skipped down his eyes he immediately composes himself holds her hand which had cupped his face and calls out to her but…………………..his always soft and husky voice she heard had now turned into a strained panic and chocked voice yet it sounded like the most melodious voice to her
san: swara………jaan nothing will happen hann………you just
he was cut off as the hand with which swara had cupped his face just fell off she closed her eyes breathing once copiously (heavily) while sanskar felt like his soul was being taken away he cupped her face and called out to her

san: swara swara………..jaan please open your eyes……….JAANNNN
those where the last few line swara had heard and the next minute darkness which always disliked and was afraid of engulfed her……………..sanskar sat almost blankly holding swara in his lap he just looked at her who was no where responding to him he was holding her one hand with his while his other hand was busy stroking her face and hairs while she lay on his lap he was whispering brokenly asking hr to get up but now his princess his jaan would just not listen to him she was just clammily laying in his lap and now finally sanskar gave up he was now just looking at his princess his jaan who was in deep sleep which no emotions not even a single tear flowing down his eyes

seeing sanskar make no move sahil and anurag move towards sanskar to jerk him back to reality the stood in front of him both had tears in their eyes sahil composes himself and speaks to sanskar sahanu sits in front of him and
sah: (tears , chocking) sanskar kya kar raha hai chal get up we need to take princess to the hospital
sanskar looks up at sahil with no emotions he was just blank his eyes held not a single tear which horrified sahil and anurag his life was lying lifelessly in his lap and he had no reaction leave about crying he did not even shed a single tear

sah: (crying) sanskar (shakes sanskar)sanskar utha usko utha swara jo hume use hospital lay gana hai
but sankar still said nothing he just looked at swara who was still bleeding rampantly he just holds her more firmly to himself while kavita comes forward and slaps sanskar getting in back to the world he looks at kavita
kav: (crying) sanky please…………………please hosh mai aaa please…………….we need to take her to the hospital nahi toh will lose her she’ll die mar jaagi who
finally kavitas words made sanskar come back to his sense he holds swara in his arms and walks out most lifeless he was functioning only at the rudimentary level while kavhil taanu and akaya follow them mark runs and opens the back door for sanskar………………sanskar get in swara was in his lap he held her close to his heart though the glass hurt his in cared a dam about hit while sahil get behing the wheel with kavita beside him and they race off from there at the highest speed possible while taanu and akaya followed them in another car

sanskar was whispering broken yet firm strong and confirming thoughts to an unconscious swara who lay still in his arms chose to him resting her head on his chest the most safest and loved place of her he was asking her to be strong that nothing would happen to her she would have to be back to him no matter what happens he was reminding her of the moments the spent with eachother till the moments they spent in the party he was telling how special each moment was to him how he cherishes each and every single moment with her and telling her what she meant to him

finally after what felt like ages about 6-7 cars stop at the hospital marks moves out quickly from his car and opens the door for sanskar while sanskar moves out with swara in his car the others as well surround him since it was a high merited case of emergency the hospital staff was already at the door step sanskar carefully lays swara on the stretcher and they wheel her off inside they rush towards the OT

sanskar had caught hold of swaras hand within his he ran along with swara still holding her hand firmly yet softly at the entrance when sanskar was asked to let go he was not ready for it every single person tried to make him understand that he could not enter but he would just not budge having no option left anurag got hold of sanskar while sahil move towards his hand and tired separating it from swara and finally he succeeded to which sanskars only response was a gutted bitter disappointed frustrated almost animalist growl

swara was finally in the OT where every single person was trying his her best to safe her while sanskar just moved away and sat of the floor near the OT with a thud his heart was beating at the fastest and brisk level he could literally hear his own heart beat and that rhythmic and fast thuds hurt his it ached his eyes were fixed at the door of the OT just waiting for jaan to come out and engulf him in a tight bear hug only thinking of the possibility of the unspeakable terror of losing swara sanskar felt his system effectively shutting down as if his entire life was being snatched away from him
sahil anurag taani kavita akash diya everyone tired speaking to sanskar but he just sat there still look at the door in utter silence they were scared it might harm him they tried again and again and again but sanskar did not stir and they gave up……………………………………..4 hours later which felt like 4 decades to sanskar the doctor came out of the OT seeing whose sanskar stood up while all the others as well move forward

sah: doctor how is swara
doc: (looks at sanskar) mr maheshwari you wife has massive injuries glass pieces were pinned into her body especially her neck region injuring her jagular vein she had a head injury might be recently and yet again being hurt at the same place has made her lose a lot of blood and……………………………………………………………………………………………………

and what…………………………………………………………………………………………………????????well for that you guys need to wait for the next part

so what do you guys think is swara save is she alive if yes then is she normal or has she lost her metal stability or what if more worst has she forgotten sanskar what if she has lost her memory what will happen what is sanskar going to do or the worst of all what if swara is dead is this the end of their story……………………………..hmm might be yes like I said I would be completing this story in 10 or max 15 part but like you guys know I update long parts so what if this is the end of the story

well well well for that you people surely need to wait for the next part…………………..i know im irregular when is comes to posting but I seriously cant help it guys I do try but I don’t get time and plus this time around my exam got postponed and had to write it today and because of which my holidays have been cut short either way so I just got done with my exams and had gone out for a small party with friends but I had promised a few that I would post the next part the day my exams get over so here I am having had a habit of sitting all night to study for the exam im sitting again at night and updating so that I don’t break my promise I hope you guys are happy and I’ll try being regular and finishing this story before my small vacation gets over

this note is specially for MYSTERY………………………….well I know you might be confused or might be even angry that I have posted TWYMMF instead of REA but I do have a reason for it and that you can read below I hope you understand my condition and wont be upset

Guys I know you people want me to post the next part but there is a problem like I said earlier her each character had many shades be it swara or arjun or sanskar or laksh or ragini or uttara or abhay or pia or anyone else by now what ever you have read in the story is not even 10 percent of any1s character there is soo much mystery to be solved from arjuns fear……………but what exactly is the fear that just by a call that was his condition that he needs antidotes why does swara get scared or sweats when come guy comes to close to her whats the reason behind it the bold SAB too fears something these two are just the start of the mysteries as we unravel them a new mystery is going to stand in front of us which again need to be solve

By now whatever you have read about sanskar is that the only thing he is i mean comeon he is the hero of our ff so isn’t it obvious that he has many shades which are yet to be seen we have also gotta see how he apologizes to swara how he gains back her trust how he makes her fall in love with him again how he protects her from many upcoming twists
And also let me tell you each and every character I introduce in this ff will for sure have a meaning full role by that I mean no faltu characters without any use so by now I guess you guys even have a little idea that abhay is just no a manager but he too has some role what is it that will be revealed in the next part for sure

So by this I only want to tell you people that this story requires a lot of patience and time which I don’t have at present as well cause im leaving for Udaipur with a few friends in few hours but if you still want a part then no probs im carrying my dairy and my lappy along with me so first I pen down whatever the next plot is and then start typing so if you guys want the next part I’ll require atleast a time of two days I hope you guys can do that for me******
Okay guys enough of my bak bak now I guess so now its totally going to be you decision as to which story you guys want me to post next

• The way you make me feel
• Realization exoneration acceptance
• Gehra ishq / krazy konnection (I hope you guys have read this its going to be real small story where im updating up the stories together)

Waiting for the replies and please choose only one story I know im bugging you guys a lot but just before I sign off for now if there is someone from udaipur or someone has visited the place before please tell me the must visit places and the places good for shopping soo see ya guys soon


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