the way you make me feel (part 5)

Hello people alahna her okay guys soo I came to know that you guy are missing my stories a lot soo this is a small surprise from my side to you all hope you like it

Both break the kiss after a good 15 minutes not because they wanted to but because they had too (humans you see they need oxygen to survive and where curing the fact they need oxygen to live) sanskar joins his forehead with swaras both are looking at eachother with eyes full of love a lock of hairs falls on swaras face which sanskar tucks behind her ear

Sanskar stands and extends his hand towards swara she holds his hand and stands swara gestures sanskar to enter the room to which he compiles and enters but the scene inside the roon freezes him he was spellbound by the aura swara had created the scented candles fairy lights roses all aroundwith lots and load of their pictures on the wall he could clearly see the effort she had put up to make him feel special while sanskar was trying to sink in to the surprise given by his wife her swara shut the door behind her and standing leaning against the door looking at her husband taking a deep breath she walked up to him and called out for him

Swa: sanskar……
Her voice brought him back to the world he turned and looked at her there she was standing with a smile on her lips and eyes full of rampand and immutable love she had for him she looked exquisite and extremely foxy to him in the soft yellow light of the candles and the fairy lights she looked like an angel from heaven sent into his life to set all things right sanskar started recalling all the events of his life from the first time he saw her from him pplaaning to revenge her in this process falling for her her taking him out of his revengeful life showing him the path of light and goodness her family disowning her their marriage her breakdown his families distrust of him her supporting him standing with him against everyone stopping him from breaking down and always being with him in all his ups and downs like a shadow having no more control over his emotions sanskar sank down on his knees surrendering himself completely to his angel who was standing infront on him no sooner did swara see sanskar on his knees she too kneels down in front of him and cups his face

Swa: sansu what happen dint you like my surprise

Sanskar immediately looked at swara with veneration unswerving fervent and deep love in his eyes he moved his shivering hands towards her face and cupped her face and spoke with his voice reflecting different kind of emotions love happiness thankfulness content and what not
San: this is the best thing anyone has one for me princess no one has made me feel this special till date……….i love you swara I love you you are my life I don’t have words to express my love for you all I know is without swara sanskar is nothing and you are only mine

Sanskar eyes were shining with unshed tears in his eyes while swara was looking at him with a smile on her lips her moved her hands towards him and wiped the corner of his eyes which had just slipped a tear she was soo happy that he like her surprise moving a little close to him she snaked her arms around his neck
Swa: who kya hai na mr sanskar sighania my sansu is my world soo I can do anything for him and coming to the best part is that I love him……….. love him to eternity
San(cupping her face) tell it once again jaan please…………
Swa: I love sansu I love you…………………and I only yours

With a wide smile on his lips sanskar pulls swara close to him holding her by her waist swara shivers a little feeling sanskar hand on her bare waist she looks up to him in his deep chocolate brown eyes
San: I love you SWARA SANSKAR SINGHANIA…………you are mine to love and cherish now and forever

swara smile at sanskar both their eyes were locked into eachother the dark chocolate brown eyes into the black shining eyes it created a different speel around them while sanskar could see undying trust respect solicitude understanding and immense love for him in them swara could too see them in his eyes with with all these she could see his yearning for her his desire to take their marriage to the next level swara understood that since he had never forced his desire on her and gave her all the time she needed never forcing her for anything but now she too wanted no barriers between them he had earned it with his love and she wanted to make sure that they live each moment to the fullest still locking her arms around his neck she moved close to him sensing that sanskars hold tightened on her waist swara could feel sanskars hot breath on her lips se closed her eyes and opened them and when she did soo she was overwhelmed to see sanskar eyes asking permission to touch her swara smiles at him and closes her eyes giving him a positive signal both moved close to each other and gradually the distance between them decreased to nil sanskar was kissing swara slowly cherishing and memorizing her taste and the minute swara reciprocated that was all sanskar needed he pulled her even more closes and kissed her deeply pounding out his immense and passionate love for her swara too kissed him back with the same passion love and desire sanskar raised in one hand and thread it into swara hair angling her head so as to deepen the kiss while swara already hand her hands in his hairs their lips and tongues were locked together in a passionate embrace showing their deep longing and desire for each other they kissed and kept kissing till what felt like eternity finally swara broke part in need of oxygen breathing heavily sanskar condition was no less he too was breathing heavily the room was filled with their breath but having tasted swara sweetness sanskar just could not himself back it was like the dam the self control he had was no more there he had exercised too much to control himself to not let him desire overpower him but now he just could not restrain himself he captured swaras lips into another passionate and soulful kiss seconds later swara initially widen her eyes looking at him but found his eyes closed kissing her passionately a small smile appeared on her lips she too closed her eyes giving in both savoured eachothers sweetness finally pulling apart they rested their forehead again each other
breathing heavily both their eyes were locked together coveying a lot of unspoken emotions standing up sanskar pulled swara along with him he looked into her eyes and placed a kiss on her forehead he then carried her in his arms and moved towards the bed which had rose petals he made her sit on it and himself went behind her he too sat and made her sit in between his legs and hugged her from back placing his head on her shoulder while swara too leaned back on his chest both sat in complete silence with sanskar playing with swaras fingers while swara kept looking at their joined intertwined fingers when swara breaks the silence
swa: sansu……….
San: hmmm

Swa: kuch nai……
San: jaan
Swara turns her face a little and looks at sanskar
San: I love you thank you for making my birthday soo special
Swara keeps a pout and turns her face sanskar notices it and cups swaras face again she still has a pout which is making her look extra cute sanskar wanted to immediately kiss her bot controls himself and ask swara whats the matter

San: kya hua jaan……….
Swa: what did you say thank you huh………..acha hai someone makes the rule and he himself forgets it nice awesome na
She turns her face yet again keeping a pout sanskar immediately turns her and pecks her pout surprising swara leading her to widen her big eyes
San: I love you jaan I’ll not repeat it again and haan are tempting me keeping this pout later don’t blame if if a lose my control you know how difficult it is from me to control myself
Swara becomes crimson red listening to sanskar sanskar looks at swara blushing he smiles and adore her
San: jaan you temping me don’t do this I wont b able to control myself

Swa: toh who is asking you to control yourself
Sanskar looks at swara with surprise
San: are you sure princess……… know we can wait if you wa…………
swara stops sanskar by placing her finger on sanskars lips blushes and nods her head in a yes sanskar smiles this is all he needed and pulls her close and kisses her forehead her eyes followed by her cheeks he looks at her who has her eyes closed he places a peck on the corner of lips teasing her which makes swara open her eyes frowning while sanskar smiles looking at her

Making swara lie on the bed sanskar kisses swara on her lips passionately pulling apart he kisses her jaw nipping it making swara morn he then nuzzled his face in her neck inhaling her sweet fragrance he starts placing lingering open mouth kisses gaining moans from her her morns were turning him crazy swara moves he head a little giving sanskar more access while gripping his hairs pushing him more into her sanskar nuzzles more into her and gives a hickey by biting her feeling which swara moans
Swa:(morning) aaa sanskar…………
Her morns were turning him on he sucks the bitten area relieving her from pain his hands move towards her pallu he unpins it from her shoulder he kiises her collarbone and sucks it leaving his mark over her making her his he moves towards her shoulder and slides her blouse a little and starts placing kisses swara frayed and breathed heavily when she felt sanskar lips on her exposed cleavage she immediately treaded her finger in his soft hair tweaking them moaning out his name
Swa: sa….sans…kar

he looked up at swara and kissed her forehead lovingly moving a little from her sanskar discards his shirt while looking at swara he slowly sunk towards her while swara rolled hiding her face in the pillow not being able to take the intensity of his eyes sanskar smiles seeing this and slowly rubs his face on her back his trimmed beard was poking her making her go even more crazy he started placing kisses on her back while grabs the bedsheet tightly he opens the string of her blouse which makes it lose and then fill unhooks it giving him a clear view of her back without any barrier swara who felt this immediately turns and hugs sanskar tightly hiding herself in him while sanskar too grabs her tightly he then parts the hug and pushes his hard form on her soft form nuzzles in her neck he lifts his head and tries removing her blouses but swara resist being shy sanskar being understanding tries to move away though he wanted toi mark her his he needed swara at the basic level but at the same time he dint want to force her into something

san:(cupping swaras face) its okay princess we wont do this till you are okay with it
swara could understand sanskar emotion just by looking into his eyes she could see how badly he wanted to mark her his she too wanted the same it was just that she was a little mousy seeing him pulling away and the sadness in his eyes swara immediately pulled him back on her he looked at her with shock when she finally she spoke
swa: I want to be your in every sense sanskar…………… have all right on me im all yours
saying soo she kissed him showing him that se too needs him just like he needs her while sanskar smiled happily in the kiss he was happy that swara too needs him just like he needs her he finally discarded her blouse her upper part was now unclad to his eyes and looked at her beautiful form she looked divine swara who saw sanskar looking at her flushed red in no time she closed her eyes not able to meets his intense ones he places a kiss on her eyes indicating her to look at him understanding it swara looks at sanskar he descended towards her and starts placing kisses holding no irie of his desire swara yet again started breathing heavily when sanskar started placing kisses on her cleavage she nearly came apart when she fell his lips over her br*ast he kissed them squeezed nipped them giving her painful pleasure swara moans out load when he bites them

swa: aaa sansu……easy slow please
sanskar sucks the bitten area reducing her pain a little but yet again go involved in her he kisses and sucked her to his satisfaction he took all she to offer him while all swara could do was moan and under him finally having tasted her he intertwining their their fingers together sanskar lowers himself and starts placing kisses over her stomach he kissed her navel and starts sucking it dipping his tongue init he then bit it gaining a morn from her
swa: sanskar aaahh……..

he make her squirm and moan with pleasure the pleasure he was giving her sanskar yet again moved up and captured swaras lips in a soulful kiss while his hands got busy in taking off her saree from her form moving down he kissed her inner thigh while swara covered her face with her palms due to shyness sanskar looked at smiled and continued with his work rising himself off her he discarded the rest of their clothing he removed her palms and placed a kiss on her forehead swara looks at him and touches his chest lightly from her finger tips she runs her hands down to his abs while sanskar groans in pleasure it the pleasure was soo much that he dropped his entire weight on her while swaras breath hitched she nearly came apart as she felt his hard erection near her wet core she turned to a shade of drak red thinking about the intimacy they now shared sanskar looked up into her eyes and could read different emotions in them curiosity exhilaration sacredness and what not he cups her face and made her look at him
san: do you want me to do this princess it can wait we wont do this if you aren’t ready we’ll do this only once you are okay and ready for it………….
Swa:(looking into his eyes) I am………..but…….

Sanskar understood what she wanted to tell he kissed her earlobeand
San: I know it will pain a little princess but soon turn into pleasure I promise I wont hurt u…………u trust me na
Swa: I truth you sansu
Sanskar pecks her lips dipped the foil and put on the protection he continued kissing her and tried entering her but was only able to enter half while swara started shouting with pain while tears started flowing from her eyes sanskar stopped moving in order to make her clam while swara was trying to push him out unable to withstand the pain

Swa: aaaahh……… sansu het out of me………aaahh it paining aaaahh
Sanskar stays still without any moment and hugs swara tightly trying to clam her down while swara is still trying to push him out
San: sshhh princess clam down its just for few second you are my brave princess na
Swa:(cutely) its paining
Sanskar smiles looking at her and pecks her pout he remained still till she get used to it and her pain reduces he then looks at her
San: do you want me to continue princess
Swa:(innocently) will it hurt more
San: just a little

Swara hugs sanskar tightly taking this a positive sign sanskar enters into her fully dur to swara again morns in pain but sanskar starts kissing her to make her calm
San: jaan I know it will pain a little but after a little time it will vanish hmmm…………..i love you swara u are my life princess
To which swara replied by pecking his lips sanskar slowly eased himself out of her and entered again into her accepting body going deeper this time while swara arched her back and hugged sanskar tightly digging her nails on his back moaning his name
Swa: aaahh sanskar…….hmmm
Hearing swara sanskar was more turned on he looked at her who had her eyes closed in supreme pleasure he continued thrusting into her going as deep as he could he buried his face into her neck sucking and kissing it increasing his tempo giving their union a beautiful touch gaining moans of pleasure from her sanskar knew that they were close to the zenith of their lovemaking hence he increased his pace and slammed faster into her and finally exploded at the same time hot met cold both felt their mind numbing sanskar fell on swara in her arms all exhausted and damped finally they had reached the crest of their relationship

San:(caressing swaras face) finally you are completely mine princess (pecks her lips) I cannot tell you how happy I am…………are you happy
Swa:(hugging sanskar) im the happiest girl in this plannet finally becoming yours in all means
Swasan:(together) I love you
They lied down for a few minutes playing with eachothers fingers and speaking to each other but sanskar was not satisfied he needed swara more and more hence he took swara again and again giving new facet to their relationship it was only in the wee hours of the morning when the first ray of light enter the room a little turn the little space between the curtains that they slept with content completely spent the night passionately loving eachother sanskar was over swara his head on her chest and hands around her waist while swara lied beneath him her one hand in his hair and the other around his torso she slept peacefully knowing that now she had to used to be with weight that is sanskar over her hold had smiles on their faces cherishing their beautiful moments
Few hours later

Swasan are sleeping peacefully in eachothers embrace when sanskar wakes up he finds swara hugging him tightly gripping on to his warmth sensing that sanskar too hugs swara tightly he looked and saw swara she had a smile on her lips sleeping peacefully both where covered with a single sheet on them when suddenly a lock of hair fall on her face disturbing her sleep swara keeps a pout sensing this sanskar smiles at his wife cute antics even in sleep he pecks her lips and locks the hair behind her ear he starts caressing swara face which breaks our princess sleep swara slowly open her eyes and find sanskar on top her his rested on her br*ast looking at her she remembers their moments and a blush spread on her face sanskar smirks seeing this then pecks her forehead
San: good morning princess

Swa:(smiles) good morning sansu
Sanskar moves and lays beside her and pulls her in his embrace both are laying hugging eachother tightly looking into each other eyes which are speaking soo much but their moment was broken by a call on sanskars phone he moves a little and picks his phone looks at the smiles yet again hugs swara tightly and receives the call keeping it on speaker
San: ha sahil bol
Sah: ha sahil ke bache………….im calling from morning abb your picking the phone huh
Kav: arey sahil understand na they both must have been very tired that’s why they were sleeping or might be there were busy doing something hai na sansy

Swara hearing this turns crimson red while sanskar smiles he pecks swara hair while swara tightens the hug hiding herself more in his chest
San: acha toh you called for this huh………….and kavi you knew everything still dint tell me anything how could you do this to me huh you saw na how worried I was
Kavi: abb what could I do I was just supporting my sister after all you too had to get a punishment na after all you missed her concert toh………………..
Sah: acha bas enough of this now by the way sanky happy happy birthday bhai
Kavi: happy birthday sanky
San: thank you guys

Sah: acha sanskar sun we have to go to mr mehtas place and also kunal (mr mehtas son and sansahs college friend) has arranged a reunion party today………………..
San:(interrupting) sahil you very know I not gonna come then why do you even try I seriously don’t get it
Sah: par sanskar it been soo many year but still you………………….
San: I don’t want to talk about it
Swa: kyun
Sanskar looks at swara while kavhil smile knowing that only swara can convenes sanskar to attend the party
Swa: kyun sansu why don’t you want to go
San: jaan I just don’t want to

Swa: but I want to……………I want to know how my husband was in college listen to his college life stories meet his friends
San:(storngly) nai swara
Swara looks at sanskar with a puppy face
Swa: please na sansu
San: princess
Swa: sansu you even missed my concert yesterday na cant you do soo much for me please I wanna go na please please pretty please
Sanskar looks at swara who is looking at him with lots of hope he dint want to break it and make her sad soo he finally agreed though it was unwillingly

San: okay fine we’ll go
Swa: yay
Swara hugs sanskar tightly while he too reciprocates while kavhil smile listening to their conversation and how easily swara convinced sanskar while they could not do it from soo many years
Sah: okay toh see you guys at 6 guys till then you enjoy love bird bye…………
Sahil cuts the phone

San: princess are you angry on me that I forgot you concert………….woh actually I was…………..
Swa:(interrupting) I need no explanation sansu I know if you forgot something about me then it must be surely because you stuck in something very important which made you forget the world yes initially I was a little angry but then understood and im not angry how can be angry on my life huh
Swara said all this looking into sanskars eyes while sanskar was overwhelmed by seeing how understanding swara is pulling swara closer sanskar pecks her lips and embraces her tightly
San: im blessed to have you in my life jaan you are the best thing that has happen to me
Swara smiles and caresses sanskar hairs and reciprocates to the hug
Swa: waise sansu time kya hua

San:(looking into his mobile) some minutes for three
Swa:(breaks the hug)(shocked) what????
San:(pulling swara close) kya hua princess why are you shouting huh
Swa: sansu its three in the afternoon and we are still in the bed chalo get up now
San:(nuzzling into swara) ahmm hmm nai na princess we dint sleepm the entire night we slept only in the wee hour of the morning
Swara blushes listening to this which sanskar sees opening his eyes a little he smirks seeing his and his words affect on swara

San: don’t do that princess otherwise don’t blame me later it not let you move from here soo totally forget about the party
Swara listening to this turns crimson red and hides herself in sanskars embrace hugging while sanskar gives out a little laugh and hugs her back few minutes later thay break the hug
Swa: chalo sansu now get up else we will get late waise bhi it will take time for us to go from here
San: but princess our clothes

Swa: don’t worry I have made everything ready you just get up
San: hmm so everything was ppre planned huh you already knew about the reunion party
Swa: ha ji I knew everything bhai and di told me everything (cupping sanskars face) I want you to move on sansu you have done nothing wrong to hide from someone I know you don’t go to these parties as laksh and adarsh bhai will also be there you want to avoid fighting with them but give importance to them sansu just ignore them you are going ther for di and bhai fore your friends and for me ha

San:(smiling proudly at the angel in has in his life) I love you jaan please neverleave me I’ll di……………
Swara stops sanskar from speaking further by placing a finger on his lips and nodding in a no sanskar smiles and pecks her finger
Swa: chola now get up
San: hmmm par ussay phele ek kiss please
Swa: sanskar
San: please jaan (making a cute face)
Swara melts seeing his cute face and moves towards him and places her hip on his both kiss each other passionately they break apart after few minute

Swa: abb hogaya na now get up sanskar gets up a little and passes his shirt to swara which she immediately wears she moves toward the window open the curtains letting the sun rays enter the room she open the window due to which cold breeze starts starts touching making her hairs fly swara is standing at the window adoring the nature the sea wearing sanskar shirt and covering herself with the blanket sanskar looks at swara and comes towards her he is wearing his pants only he moves towards her and gets into the blanket black hugging her placing his fane on ther sholder and his hand on her belly while swara rests her head on sanskar chest completely leaning on him and her hand on his hand both are standing wrapped in a single blanket lost in the moment
Few nminutes later swara breaks their moments and pushes sanskar into the washroom who is not willing to leave her she pushes him a locks the door and starts cleaning the room few minutes later sanskar comes out wrapping a towel across his wait water dripping from his hair and chest swara who heard the sound of opening of the door without turning indulged in her work starts speaking to sanskar
Swa: acha sansu listen I’ll go freshen up by then you please got out to the restaurant in front and please order something for us actually we are getting late na that’s why else I myself would hace prepared something
San: hmm ok princess

Swara turns and looks at sanskar who is wiping his hair with another towel water still flowing down his body she keeps looking at him completely lost in him sanskar looks at swara and smirks
San: staring is rude jaan
This gets swara back to her sense she blushes and little but then composes herself and walk towards sanskar and locks her arms around her neck
Swa: abb what can I do when my husband is soo hot huh

Saying soo she starts tracing her fingers on sanskar face which makes sanskar shocked as well as nervous swara then pecks his lips which shocks him even more she immediately runs into the bathroom giving sanskar no chance of coming out of shock swara closes the bathrooms door which gets sanskar back to his sense
San: not fair swara this is cheting how can you do this huh come out now……………..
Swa: aww mr sanskar sighania everything is fair in love now stop frowning and I have kept your clothes get dressed in them and please order something im dam hungry

San: hmmm abhi im leaving you later I wont
Swa: ha we’ll see
Sanskar gets dressed in the clothes swara has kept for him he moves out out room to ordersomething for them few minutes later swara comes out from the washroom she is decked up in a peach coral color crop top and long skirt the skirt is made of net and has a silver lining at the beginning of the skirt the crop top is sleeveless and also has a net which was delicate work on it in silver color her tummy is seen a little her hairs are open and water in dripping from them she has no make up nor accessories on still looking dead drop gorgeous she starts moving towards the dresser right then sanskar enters he freezes at his place looking at swara while swara her starts drying her hairs which are making her hair flowing sanskar is looking at her all lost he slowly moves towards and back hugs her swara recognizing sanskar touch smiles and looks at him through the mirror
San:(huskily) you look breathtaking jaan im gonna have a hard time saving you from mens eyes in the party

Swara smiles and tilts her head hits sanskar head with her head
Swa: thank you soo much waise you are looking no less you are looking extremely hot and handsome ab now leave me I need to get dressed
Sanskar unwilling leaves swara and sits on the bed adoring her he is decked up in black jeans a black tee and chocolate drown jacket looking extremely hot herewas brushes her hairs and leaves them open curling them a little in the end she khol in her eyes and does minimal make up all the while she could she sanskars intense gaze on her which makes her blush she wears a pair of beautiful platinum earring with delicate diamond work in them it was a gift sanskar had given her adores her one hand with a bracelet and watch in the other swara looks at sanskar and gestures him to come sanskar understanding comes towards her swara places her palm in front of him which has sindoor in her hand sanskar smiles and takes a pinch of it and fills her hairline with it while a little falls on her nose both look at each other and smile sanskar wipes it using his thumb he then picks the mangalsutra from the dresser and makes swara wear it and adjusts it properly he turns her towards the mirror and back hugs her
San: perfect
Both look into each others eyes and are lost in it right then sanskar cell rings breaking their moment
San: hello

Sah: where are you guy have you left or not
San: we will be leaving in a few minutes don’t worry we’ll reach soon
Sah: okay fine
San: chal bye
Sah: bye
Sanskar cuts the call and takes swara to the hall and both have food then swara gets a file
Swa: sansu please sign on these paper
San: what papers jaan
Swa: this houses paper its on both our names I wanted you signature and another gift of mine to you
San:(smiles) hmm give
He was gonna sign when swara interrupts him

Swa: sansu read them once
San: I don’t have to jaan I trust you more than anything else
He signs the papers then both get into the car and leave towards their destination
Im dam sleepy right now and gotta sleep else god knows what will happen my eyes are literally getting closed right now so im stopping over here hope you guys like this part and hope its not vulgar so what do you think will happen next…………….both sanskar and laksh in the place don’t you think something thing or the other might happen what is it and how will affect swasan soo to find that out you guys need wait do give your feedbacks guys you liked it or not

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