the way you make me feel (part 3)

Hey guys in know i said that i would be posting the part of realisation exoneration acceptance but i need a little more time actually in the next part would reveal another shade of swara and i dint want to rush with it and to be honest im in my vacations my cousins are here hence im a little busy with them hence i dint get time to pen down the character properly soo im sorry guys please forgive me for not posting REA but since i told that i would be posting as a compensation im posting another part of twymmf so lets continue

Swasan along with kavhil leave the place leaving the entire mf and gf in shock mf are shocked because first sanskar being here attending a pooja and second looking at how close swasan have become here laksh is burning in anger and jealousy hearing sanskar call swara jaan and seeing how free and close both have become to each other in a day he decides to confront them but
laksh moves forward but dp stops him holding his hand
dp: laksh where are you going
laksh: papa dint you see both of them…….shameless………i need to speak to him
dp: no you will not
laksh: why not papa you stopped me yesterday as well in the badi and today also………….whats wrong
dp: i said you will not speak to him thats it i want no more arguments

laksh: why not why are you saving him i dont care im going to confront him
laksh moves forward
dp: because if you tell him anything or hurt him or swara by any mean he’ll destroy us completely
laksh freezes everyone were looking at dp with shock
laksh:(turns) what do you mean
dp:(closes his eyes) sanskar is SS Sanskar Sighania
all:(shocked) what
laksh: sanskar is SS the youngest and most powerful business man of as
dp: yes
laksh: how do you know
dp: i found out a few days back but i thought since he has lost his memory he cant do anything but…………..
every one was shocked they were rooted to their places just then pandit calls them for the pooja
dp: now you all no need telling sanskar anything we are here to attend the pooja so behave normally

all nod their heads
dp: lets go
they move forward only to encounter a laughing swasan who were holding eachother hand tightly lost in their own world like nothing else mattered to them looking at them the two families had mixed emotions some were angry some jealous some disgust
(note – guys i have dont have much idea about the festivals of india since its been only 3 years since im here so whatever im writing is only what i saw when i had gone to one of my friends place and a little what he told me so if at all i make any mistake pardon me)
swasan are standing in the front row next to them are kavhil and next to kavhil are

mf and gf pandit starts the pooja all fold their hands
swara looks at sanskar who has no fold his hand instead is looking at her
swara: what happen sanskar why are you looking at me
sanskar: nothing princess
swara: okay then pray ask whatever you want from kali maa
sanskar: princess you know i dont believe all this infact i would have even

come for the aarti its just because of you im here
swara: but i believe please sansu from me
swara make a puppy face seeing which sanskar immediately melts and finally after years he fold his hand in front of god seeing this swara gets extermely happy she too turns folds her hand closes her eyes and starts praying while mf and kavhil are shocked
sahil:(happy) finally kavita there is someone who came into my brothers life who can understand him control his anger make him do stuff which he does not want to im soo happy for him after years finally happiness is at his door step i hope he always stays like this
kavita: i know sahil im seeing sanskar happy after so years its really good to see him like this hope they stay same way forever
pandit calls kavhil to do the pooja they step forward and start doing it now there is no barrier between the mf and gf sanskar sees this and hold swaras hand swara opens her eyes sensing her hand being pulled and looks at sanskar who is holding her hand she looks into his eyes and senses concern turns to her right and sees the mf and gf looking at them in between the pooja swara too tightens her hold on sanskars hand and assures him that nothing would happen both stand hand in hand kavhil get gone with pooja and turn around
kavita: swara sanskar come you guys d the aarti
sanskar nods his head in a no but swara hold his hand and moves forward take the aarti plate (sorry i dont know what its called) place sanskar hand on it and places her hand on his hand and starts doing the aarti while kavhil are happy seeing this mf are yet again left in shock swasan get done and move back mf gf and few other people perform the pooja and then it gets over
pandit calls kavita
pandit: distribute the prasad among all
kavita: jii
she take a plate and move towards the people giving them prasand when she come across she gives them a cold look passes the prasand and moves away finally giving sahil prasand she comes towardss swasan
kavita: here swara
forwards her hand towards swara swara smiles and takes it
kavita: sanskar take
sanskar: kavita you know i dont believe all this and im here only because of swara so please dont waste your time by convecing me to have all this
swahil look at eachother hearing sanskar and an idea pops in swaras head
swara:(standing in front of sanskar) sanskar……………(makes a sad face)
sanskar:(worried) kya hua swara
swara: woh woh sanskar
sanskar: kya tell me
swara: actually there is a problem
sanskar:(cups swaras face) what problem princess
swara: no frist promise me that you wont get angry
sanskar:(doubtfully) okay promise
swara:(forwards the prasand she has in her hand in front of his face) i cant have this fully
sanskar understands that swara wants to make him have the prasad and makes a fake angry face
sanskar:(fake anger) swara
swara:(seeing sanskar immediately closes her eyes) actually na sanskar i have heard that when you share something and have love between people increase
sanskar:(adoring her) acha okay princess then you feed me
swara:(opens her eyes) sacchi
sanskar nods swara takes a little and feeds him sanskar too does the same while kavhil keep adoring them
kavita: now if you both are done then lets go have dinner
swara: ha kavi di sorry mai kavi di bula sakti hoon na ya bhabhi hi bulao
kavita: whatever you want
swara:(smile) so di lets go rats are playing in my tummy im dam hungry
all the four have their dinner spend some time speaking and then finally leave
sanskar: ok guys we’ll leave now its quite late
sahil: acha fine
kavita: swara tomorrow is sindoor khela be there on time in the after noon okay
swara: okay di
sanskar: so lets leave bye guys
swara: bye di bye bhai
sanskar holds swara’s hand and they move out where the mf and gf are standing waiting for the driver to get the car
as soon as swasan move out of the tent a group of 15 men surround them which shocks swara and the mf gf
swara:(tightening her hold on sanskars hand) sanskar yeh

sanskar: im sorry swara but you see i have a lot of rivals hence the are always with me hope you understand
swara: hmmm
sanskar take swara to the car makes her sit and drives of with the guards following them mf and gf also leave after a while
they get back home get changed and sleep since both were quite tired
Next morning

Yet again our cute couple are sleeping peacefully in eachothers embrace with swara head on sanskar biceps and her hands wrapped around sanskars torso sansakrs one hand on swaras waist and the other below her head
both swasan wake up together due to the call on sanskars phone
sanskar: good morning princess
swara:(smiles) good morning sansu
both sit on the bed sanskar lifts his call and gets busy speaking to the person
after cutting the call
san: swara i need to go to the office today
swa:(sad) oh okay
san: please dont get sad princess it really very important but dont worry i’ll be here by afternoon
swara:(smile) okay
sanskar to smile and moves towards his wardrobe to get his clothes while here swara is in deep thoughts
san: what happen swara what are thinking

swa: nothing go have your bath and come fast
sanskar gives a confusing look and goes to the bathroom while swara moves towards the kitchen yes swara was thinking what she could make for sanskar for breakfast
she goes to the kitchen and remembers that she has not yet set it hence she prepares toast and guava juice for him she sets it on the table right then sanskar comes
san: swara what was the need for you to do all this
swa: its okay sanskar no prob
san: acha fine today kaki and few other sevents would come so please dont strain your self by doing anything okay
swa: okay baba
sanskar does his breakfast and leaves for office
san: okay swara im leaving and princess there are guards outside if any problem just call me okay
swa: okay
san: i’ll be back as fast as possible bye
swa: bye
sanskar leaves and here swara too gets freshen up haves her breakfast a little later the servenys come and with their help she sets everything
its afternoon sanskar calls swara
san: hello princess

swa: haa sanskar
san: listen i’ll be home in another 20 minutes we need to leave sahil and kavita are waiting for us you get dressed by the time i come
swa: okay come fast im waiting
san: sure bye
swa: bye
swara moves to her room takes out a saree and moves to the other room to get dressed few minutes later sanskar too reaches and on asking he finds out swara is in the other room getting dressed he goes to his room and gets changed into a blue kurta and white pant he moves out of the room and just then swara too comes out wearing a white and red saree bangali style with simple earring sindoor and her mangalsutra yet again sanskar is mesmerized seeing her
he moves forward and stands infront of her
san: kitne logo ko maarne ka irada hai
swa: kya……….kya matlab
san: matlab tum itne beautiful lag rahi ho ki if anyone see you they’ll be shocked thinking how can an angel come to earth intne confusion mai they will stress their head i mean brain which will lead to hemorrhage then finally to that infact intna sab kuch ki bhi zarurat nahi hai they’ll be clean bold on the spot toh bolo princess how many people are planning to kill today
swara blushes listening to this she turns to shade of pink
swa: flirt kar rahe ho mere saath
san: haan kar raha hoon toh
swara keeps looking at sanskar seeing another shade of him the naughty shade of him
san: kya dekh rahi ho see i am flirting with you and have all right after all your my besties hai na
swa:(smiles) pagal…………yes you have all right ab chalo varna we’ll get late remember bhai and di are waiting

san:(smiles) okay princess lets go
yet again he hold her hand and they move towards their destination
both reach the place and see that kavhil were waiting for them mf and gf were already present
kavita and sahil smile seeing them coming hand in hand they moves forward
kav: happy sindoor khela swara
she was about to apply sindoor when a hand stops her
the trio look at sanskar who is holding kavitas hand
sah: kya hua sanskar
san: woh actually i want to be the first one to apply sindoor to her so……..
kavita smile and forwards the plate sanskar takes a pinch of sindoor and fills it on the partition swara closes her eyes feeling complete bliss
she opens her eyes and looks at sanskar and gives him the brightest smile he too smiles back at her pats her cheek and leaves along with sahil to discuss some office matter not before telling kavita to take care of swara
kav: he loves you alot swara
swa:(blushes) i know di
kavita applies sindoor to swara she too does the same
kav: swara

swa: ha di
kav: woh actually i wanted to ask if you have actually forgiven sanskar i mean after whatever he did
swa: i knoe di whatever sanskar did was wrong but now he regrets it moreover he is a changed person and his eyes show how much he loves me in these two days the amount of love i got from him i dont think till date i had experienced it so yes i have forgiven him completely
kav:(smile) do you love him
swa:(smiles + blushes) love will take a little more time di but most of all i respect trust adore and like him alot and as of now i guess this is more than enough
kav: okay come i want you to meet a few of my friends and sahil and sanskars friends wifes
kavita takes swara along with her and they get busy playing with sindoor there was a moment when was came in front of her mother and ragini but she simply moved away from there ignoring them
few minutes later all people dowm hear sound coming from a room infact someone shouting they all move towards the source i mean room
they open the door and find a girl who is completely dishevelled clothes torn lipstick smudged hair messed they also find sanskar standing in the corner looking at the girl and everyone all confused
girls dad: what happen beta
girl:(crying) dad sanskar again tried to misbehave with me
sanskar and kavhil stand there shocked while all the others look at sanskar with disgust
girls dad:(shouts) SANSKAR
he moves towards sanskar but before he could do anything sanskar bodyguards come and stand infront of him
kavhil also move and stand with sanskar
girls dad: move away today i’ll teach him a lesson
san: listen mr mehta your daughter is lying i dint do anything
tanya tell them the truth
lak: what truth huh years back also you did the same thing and now again
san:(shouts) LAKSH in you limits dont you dare
lak: dont you dare what huh how could you do this her again this is the second time dont you have any shame chi blo*dy cheapster should have guessed people like you never change
mrs mehta: see ap ji he again did the same thing
random lady: arey its his upbringing thats why he is like this even on such a auspicious day he did something like this
ap: no dont dont question his upbringing his parents gave him good upbringing itself but he turned out to be like this
suj: see how people are blaming you parents hope you would have died in the womb itself
sah: enough all leave the room right now
random man: why should we
sah: because this is my house leave right now
sahil signals the guards they take all the people out now only sankavhil mf gf and mehra family are in the room
suj: i feel ashamed that i gave birth to him
rp: but now we have no relation with him so do what you want to do with him he deserves harsh punishment
all people start bad mouthing sanskar curing and taunting him all the while he was just standing quietly without any emotion again these people were killing his soul yet again blaming him for something he dint do
right now he was just craving for love someone to hold his hand hug him and tell him that they are with him yes he wanted his princess his love his swara now to show her trust on him while one part of him was craving for her the other part was thankful that she isnt here
but that was short lived there she was standing at the door looking at everyone that is when his soo called started with his drama again
lak: oh so finally you came i dont care what you do and what not but i guess no matter what you did with me you atleast dont deserve such a life with this (pointing at sanskar) molester (pointing his finger at a crying tanya) look at her what he did he again did the same crime he did years back and who know how many girls he has molested till now some people can never change and he is one among them

sanskar looked at swara who was standing with blank expression this time he could not read her eyes the mere thought of her doubting him had numbed him thats when she spoke
swa: sanskar whats all this? how could you?
that was it for him the girl whom he loved devoted his life whom he believed would stand by him even when world wouldn’t was here questioning him he wanted to cry but even his tears betrayed him he felt like a stone hallow and ice cold he felt alone……..again………..alone as ever every part of his body was screaming begging out to her to trust him not to break his only hope of living yet he could say nothing if it wouldnt have been for sahil who was holding him he would long have been on the floor
lak: what will he say this time he needs to be teached a lesson
laksh moves forward he raises his hand to slap sanskar when a hand holds his hand all look at swara who is standing infront of sanskar holding lakshs hand preventing sanskar from getting a lap all stand confused as to what is happening
right then swara jerks lakshs hand and gives him a tight slap shocking every single soul in the room
laksh:(shouts) SWARA
swa:(angry) dont you dare shout (she again gives him a slap but the intensity was such that he stumbles yet again it shocks everyone) paining
all look at her
swa: im asking you something is it paining laksh
laksh just nods his head
swa: good because i wanted you feel pain
lak: but why did you slap me
swa: well the first slap was because you dared to rise you hand at my husband and second one was because of all the crap you have spoken
lak: but right now you to questioned him
swa: oh ya right thakd foe reminding me (turns towards sanskar) whats wrong with you huh all these people are acquiescing you and you here are standing without answering them why
san:(fearful voice) do you trus…… me
swa: you remeer sanskar what i told you i said i trust you and that means no matter what the situation is i will always trust you
a small smile array on sanskars face
swara moves and stand infront of tanya
swa: so sanskar molested you huh
tanya looked at swara

swa:(shouts) i asked you something
mr mehta: stay away from my daughter
swa:(angry)(to mr mehta) stup up and just stay there dont you dare move else it wont be good (to tanya) and you i asked you something speak up dammit
tan:(scared) yes he molested me
swa:(full confidence) really
tan: ye………..yes
swara gives her one tight slap shocking everyone
swa: im asking you again did sanskar try to molest you and ya think before you answer
tan: i…….woh………..actually
she acts as if she is about to faint but swara takes a glass of cold water and throws it on her face

swa: dont worry now you wont faint (tanya stands mum) what happen not able to speak oh i think its because of the weakness right no problem i tell what happen when you saw sanskar coming to the room you followed him and as soon as he entered the washroom you bolt the door am i correct miss mehta
everyone looks at tanya but she justs keeps quite swara loses her control and slaps her again
swa: i asked you something yes or no
tan:(hell scared) yes
everyone is shocked
mr mehta: tanya
swa: so what happen next you care to explain
mr mehta:(angry) tanya tell us what happened
tan: papa i agree i came to the room but i did not know that sanskar was already in the room then all of sudden he…………….. (crying) he came out and tried to force himself on me and then you……….you all came
mrs mehta hugs tanya
mrs mehta: do you still want to listen to something more
swara pulls tanya from mrs embrace
swa:(angry) speak the the truth tanya varna maan hani ke aise case me andar karogi ki it will take your dad his entire life to get you out
all are shocked looking at the way swara was defending sanskar and showing her strong belief on him not telling her truth break even for a single minute while the whole world stood against him where as sanskar was overwhelmed and thanking his stars for sending swara in his life
tan: i am speaking the truth
lak: bas swara why dont you accept the truth that he molested her
mr mehta: let me call the police
both laksh and tanya get scared
swa: sure thing call them now
swara truns and looks at sanskar who is looking at her with tears filled eyes
swa:(turns to tanya) so you wont speak the truth huh no prob i’ll tell infact show the truth to everyone
swara stands infornt of sanskar
swa: sanskar give me your phone
sanskar gets confused still gives his phone to swara
swara calls someone
person: yes sir
swa: this is mrs sanskar singhania
sanskar lips cure into a smile listening to swa

per: yes ma’am
swa: i want you all near the stairs nowwe are coming down and i want no media around
per: okay ma’am
swara holds sanskars hand and moves out of the room while the rest follow her shouting as to where is she taking sanskar
as soon as they reach the stairs sanskars bodyguards come and surround them so by now i guess you know that swara spoke to sanskars bg
as they enter the tent all people start taunting and insulting sanskar
swa:(to bg and kavhil) stay around him i’ll be back in a minute
they nod swara move to some person speaks to him and then both of them leave somewhere
swara comes back with the person after two minutes and finds people taunting her hubby and him standing there all looking looking defeated
swa:(shouts) enough
all turn towards her

swa: not a word against him you all are taunting him without knowing the truth now see what the truth is (to the person) akash can you please connect it to the screen where everyone can see it
akash is sahils younger brother
aka: are you sure
swa: yes they all deserve to know the truth
akash nods and connects his mobile to the projector while swara goes and stand next to sanskar and holds his hand they have a small eyelock
the video starts
video – a minute later after sanskar had entered the washroom tanya enters the room and bolts it then messes her hairs make up and snags (tear) her clothes then messes the bed and throws thing here and there opens the lock and starts shouting sanskar comes out and looks at her all confused and before he could understand anything the people where in the room
video ends
all stand shocked dumbstruck not knowing how to react while tanya on the other hand was now hell shocked
swa:(comes upto tanya) now you must be thinking how did i get the video so let me tell you
swara was standing all alone after she had walked away seeing her mother when someone taps on her shoulder and she turns
swa: akash
she hugs him
aka: how are you sis and what are you doing here
akash is swara’s best friends husband but she could not attend her wedding so did not know about kavhil
swara breaks the hug
swa: i came here with my husband sahil bhai is his friend
aka: husband?? whats his name
swa:(smiles) sanskar
aka: dont tell me your sanskar bhais wufe
swa: yes i am
aka: oh my god i am so happy for both of you
swa:(smiles) where is diya
aka: in the room she was not feeling well you come witth me
both go to akash’s room his rooms window is opposite to the room window in which sanskar was swara diya and akash were speaking when swara saw sanskar going to the room she moved out to call him but before that he entered the room she was going to enter the room when she saw tanya looking checking around and entering the room swara got a doubt so she immediately went to akash room
swa: akash can you please record whatever is happening on that room
aka: but why swara
swa: i dont know just record
they start recording and keeping and eye on the room and record everything that happened
flashback ends
swa: how could do this being a girl tanya did even think once what those girls feel who actually go through such things
tan: i dont care i dont care who thinks what all i want is sanskar to love and accept me
just then the place hears the sound of tight slap yes yet again swara slapped tanya
swa:(angry) this for accusing and hurting my husband
another slap…….. tanya loses her balance a little
swa: this is for hurting his self respect
another slap…… she stumbles back
swa: this is for trying to ruin his image and reputation
mr mehta: stop it…..!!!
swa:(angry)(to mr mehta) enouuuughh………. dont you dare speak a single word else there will be no one worst than me
another slap but this time with full power…………and thats it for tanya she falls on the floor

swa: this is for the tears i saw in his eyes
swara again going to raise her hand when sanskar pulls her by her waist
swa:(struggling to move out of his grip) leave me sanskar……..(pushing sanskar a little by her hands) today i’ll teach her a lesson
san: swaraa…….. swaraa….. stop it……… (still seeing her struggle he pulls her in his arms and hugs her tightly) sshhh swara stop thats enough (caressing her hairs) sshhh relax
swa:(hugging him back tightly) relax……!!! how can i relax sanskar she…….she was accusing you that you……you (tightens her grip on him)
san:(too tightens his grip) your with me na thats more than enough (breaks the hug and cup her face) thank you for trusting me and about these people let the police deal with them (looking at sahil) sahil
sahil nods and calls someone
mr mehta: no….. no sanskar please dont do this her life will be ruined please
kav: your daughter should have thought about it before accusing sanskar
sah: they’ll be here in 10 minutes
mrs mehta:(crying) no……… no please
sah: and mr mehta i have another gift for you all you deals with S&S group of companies is now over
mr mehta: what no…… can you say that
sah: i can because im the ceo of the company and also we have the md and owner of the company mr SANSKAR SINGHANIA aka SS is right here infont so i guess this decision can be taken right off
mr mehta:(shocked) sanskar is sanskar singhania SS
sah: yes he is
all are shocked
(like i said guys very few people know that sanskar is SS but im sure you guys might be thinking then how come the media knew about it come on ya journalist tho find small to small thing so they found out about sanskar as well so here after sahil deceleration now everyone know that sanskar is SS)
swara looks around at ll the people looking at them them side hugs sanskar tightly by placing her hands around his torso and resting her head against his chest closing her eyes sanskar looks at swara and immediately raps his arms around her shoulder holding her securely close to his heart
kavhil and akaya (akash and diya) who saw swasan have big smile on their faces and are adoring them while a few people in guest were also adoring them some were looking at them in awww some suprised ( mf and gf) someone angry and jealous (raglak)
a few minutes later steps in
inspector:(comes to sahil) sir
sah:(pointing at tanya) there she is arrest her and here (passes a pendrive) is the proof i want a strong case against her
insp: yes sir
the lady constable goes towards tanya and handcuffs her
tan: leave me………papa save me
mr mehta: sanskar please dont do this please please
but sanskar stood still looking at the angel in his arms

who is fast asleep in his embrace
they start tanking tanya while she keeps on protesting
mrs mehta:(crying) no no……..please………please leave my daughter (comes to sanskar stands in front of him)(folds her hand) please im folding my hands infront of you im begging please dont do this…………please take your complain back……….(crying)……. please dont…….dont send my child to the jail
sanskar looks at his princess who sleep is getting disturbed due to the noise and drama going on he can see her brows frowning he picks her in his arms carries and moves a little away from the place moves towards a chair where he places her gently caresses her hair and pecks her forehead
people who are seeing them are in aww adoring them
san:(supporting swara sideways) kavi stay with her for sometime
kavita moves towards swara and stands next to her sanskar makes swara sleep properly though it was a comfortable place to sleep he made sure his princess was comfortable and then sanskar moves a little forward calls someone a tells something (will find outr soon keep reading) then moves towards sahil and other people
san:(standing infront of mr and mrs mehta)(arrogantly) so what where you saying
sanskar was now back to the arrogant ruthless heartless businessman form whom very few people have seen
mr mehta: please sanskar take the case back please i’ll do whatever you say
san:(sarcastically) is it…………………but apparently there is nothing you can do you know but i can do alot
mr mehta looks confuse at sanskar
san: confused no prob you’ll understand very fast and what where you saying huh……………..ya i remember take your complain back do sent my child to the jail right
no one speaks where as sahil gives a knowing smrik knowing what is going to happen next
san: what happen mr mehta lost your voice (cold voice) i asked something
mr mehta: ye……..yes

san: yes????
mr mehta: i…….i mean please take the ca……case back
san: that i cant do but yes for sure i’ll help you………dont you want to know how
mr mehta nods
san: good so i’ll help you by sending you also along with your daughter (all are shocked) how about that you cam accompany your daughter
mr mehta: wha……what are you say…..saying
san: u’ll find out soon……….inspector wait for a few more minutes else you will have to again come
insp: yes sir
sahil and sanskar were speaking when sanskars pa came
pa: sir
san:(bossy tone) did you get them ajay
ajay: yes sir
he passes a file to sanskar he checks something and then passes it to mr mehta……… mehta see it and starts sweating he looks at sanskar with fear in his eyes while sanskar smirks at him
san: haww your scared sometime back i guess you where the same person who came to hit me right
mr mehta:(scared) dont do this sanskar please im of your fathers age
sanskar fumes hearing ithe closes his fist to control his anger
mr mehta goes to rp and dp
mr mehta: dp ji rp ji you tell sanskar na please he’ll listen to you after all he is your son please im begging you all as a friend as your business partner please stop him
dp: sanskar dont do this
rp: haan sanskar beta
san:(angry , shouts) stop right there dont
he turns towards them all mf and gf see his eyes which are blood shot red and gulp
swaras sleep gets disturbed listening to sanskars voice
swa: di whats happening where is sanskar
kav: woh swa…..swara he is there
kavita points her finger in a direction swara looks and finds sanskar in anger she moves towards him meanwhile
sanskar takes the file from mr mehta and gives it to the inspector
san:(angry)(trying to control his anger) that is the list of all the illegal work he has done till date and ya they also have proof along with them with the adresses go to those and you’ll get to know everything and yes mr mehta your company will be shut within a week so congrats
inspeactor goes to the file and then asks the constable to arrest mr mehta as well
mr mehta: please sanskar im like your father do……..
before he could complete
san:(angry and screams) i dont have a father my father is dead my family my parents died 7 years back do you get that
rp and sujata were hurt hearing sanskar while the mf and gf stood shocked while all the people would sense anger and hatred in sanskars voice swara who reached the place could sense hurt in his voice
swara holds sanskars hand he looks at her
san:(cupping her face) princess when did you wake…

………im sorry you woke up because of my voice right
all people stood shocked looking at the arrogant heartless guy becoming so clam and loving
swa:(places her hand on his hand) is okay sansu no prob
sah: please take them away
mrs mehta: no…… (comes to swara) you please tell him he’ll listen to you please ask him not to sent my daughter and husband to the jail please please im begging you as a mother and wife (crying) please tell him
swara looks at her for once she melted but the next minute she remembered the tears in sanskars eyes
swa: im sorry i cannot do anything
the inspector takes tanya and mr mehta away while mrs mehta follows them
the guests start leaving
swa:(to san) you okay
sanskar nods and they have a cute eyelock right then they hear someone clapping they look in the direction to find laksh clapping
lak: wow what drama huh
all look on (swasan kavhil akaya mf and gf are only present)
lak: what happen………i know might be this time you dint do anything but last time yo…………….
swa:(shouts) stap right there mr laksh maheshwari not a single world
lak: why……..oh yes truth is always bitter right
swara moves and stands infront of him
swa:(crosseing her arms) true truth is always bitter (looks directly into lakshs eyes) and dont think that truth will be hidden for a long time
lak: wha…..what do you mean
swa: i know everything laksh and by everything i mean everything even how you were related to everything that happened today but unfortunately i could do nothing but i promise you one thing i’ll get your truth out in front of everyone no matter what happens i’ll prove my husband i’ll prove sanskar innocent (walks up to ragini) and you as well mr ragini laksh maheshwari dont think i would not do anything i’ll expose you very soon
dadi: aaey chori what you want huh leave my laado last time insult was not enough for you and we are never going to accept you in our family
swa:(smiling) family (rolls her eyes) may i know which family are you talking about because as far as i know i never had a family……….oh yes i remember (looks at shomi) i had my mother but you know what mrs parvati gadodia my mom died two days back (all stand shocked while shomi closes her eyes and then opens) or should i say she said im dead for her either way it makes no difference and as far as entering your family is concerned im dying to enter infact you know what even after my death (sanskar pulls swaras hand and nods in a no) im sorry sanskar but i would not like these people to even look at me for the last time
swara stand infront of sujata
swa: i know you dont like me but what about your son aunty do you even have an idea how much he loves you……….you know what even after what happen 7 years back he still loved you but today you all again broke him to that extend that you people died for him (looks at rp) he is your son only na………when we come as babies on this earth na we dont know anything gods gives us to you he believes that parents will take care and love them more then anything else and as we grow up as well we learn loving caring trusting all these things from our parents only but what do we do when our parents itself break all these thing and break us completely (to sujata) aunty im sure you might have been the one who taught sanskar to walk right (sujata remeber how she made sanskar walk for the first time) he might have held your hand tightly na aunty even though he might have been scared of falling he stilled tried walking as he knew his mom was there she would not let him fall at such a small age he had trust aunty when he dint even know what it meant and even he needed you to truth him you dint you just left him……….you all broke him
sanskar stood still listening to swara while here sujata melted a little and was move towards sanskar but
lak: shut up swara all this wont work on us what do you think you’ll tell all this and we’ll forgive sanskar no never we all saw what he did 7 years back
swa: you all still dont truth him
lak:(shouts) SWARA
san: dont you dare laksh else you’ll see the worst of me
dp places his hand on laksh and stops him
swa:(stands infront of laksh) cool mr laksh maheshwarisince i have no proof today is your day but remember one thing your count down has begun the day i find any proof against you get one thing clear i’ll take you to a hell ride take this as a warning challenge or whatever you want (looks at ragini) and this goes for you as well mrs ragini laksh maheshwari
meanwhile san:(to sahil slowly so that no one listens) sahil please do me a favour drop swara home after sometime or i myself will come and pick her but take care of her for a little while…….i want to be alone for sometime
sanskar leave the place without listening to sahil
few minutes later swara turns and does not find sanskar
swa: bhai where is sanskar
sah: he left swara
swa: left but why bhai
sah: he wanted to be alone for sometime he asked me drop you after sometime
swa: no bhai i cant leave him alone not atleast now can you please drop me home now
sah: but swara his anger
swa: i’ll manage then just drop me
sahil nods and both leave few minutes later they reach home and find all the servents standing out
swa: kaki what happen
kakai: pata nai beta sanskar baba came and asked us all to leave
swa: acha fine you all leave now come in the morning
kakai: acha beta and dinner is already ready
swa: okay kaki
sahil opens the door with the spare key and find the hall all messed up
sah: i told you swara
swa: he might be in the room bhaai i’ll take dont worry you leave now
sah: are you sure i mean
swa: yes bhai im sure and if i need any help i’ll call you
sah: okay then take care

sahil leaves and swara moves towards their bedroom
there she saw him on the floor slouched again the wall his eyes were close swara moved towards him and kneeled down on the floor beside him like sanskar sensed her presence he closed his eyes even more tighter not to show her his pain swara slid her hand into his and and pressed it sanskar opened his eyes but looked away swara shifted more towards him reached out to his face and cupped his cheeks but sanskar did not move with a gentle pressure swara made sanskar face her both looked into eachothers eyes hurt was written on his face tears were burning in sanskars eyes as he tried to mask his pain swara knew that he needed her the most right now she moved more close to him removed one hand from his cheek and started caressing his hairs with lots of love sanskar closed his eyes and was feeling her
swa: everything will be alright sanskar
sanskar looks at swara with pain in his eyes
swa: you want to speak to me
sanskar just nods his head in a no
swa: its okay i understand if you want say anything im right here with you okay
sanskar nods his head in a yes
swara removes her hand from his cheek and hairs and stands up thinking to get food for him but for sanskar…………he needed he wanted her to be with him and when saw her standing he thought she was leaving him hence immediately grabbed her hand holding it tightly
swa: what happen sanskar
san:(fearful voice + childishly) dont…….dont go…….dont leave me
it pinched swaras heart seeing sanskar like this she kneeled down again
swa: im going no where sanskar im there with im going no where leaving i’ll stand be there beside you
sanskar not being able to hold back any longer hugged swara as tight as he could swara too hugged him back
san:(chokked voice) why me swara…….why me…….. they broke me again after soo many years i was a little successful in forgetting that incident but today again they broke me broke my soul and made a deep scar in my heart today again even having everything im left all alone
tears started flowing down sanskar eyes he could no longer stay strong and hold himself
swa:(caressing his hair) shh sanskar its okay and kabardaar never say that your alone im there na………i’ll be here always for you and i’ll try my best to be your everything (breaking the hug and cupping sanskar face) will you give me chance to be you everything
sanskar nodded in a yes like an obedient kid he was overwhelmed by swaras care
swa: aww thats like a good boy
she wipes his tears with her hand
swa: acha now chalo get up
swara stands and extends her hand to sanskar………sanskar holds her hand and stand swara takes sanskar to the bed and makes him sit
swa: sanskar sit here im coming in a minute
san: but………
swa: i’ll be back
sanskar nods and swara leaves she comes back in few minutes with food for him and sits in front of him she could still see tears in his eyes
swa:(wipes sanskars tears) now no more crying sanskar i dont like them in your eyes please dont shed those precious pearls
sanskar nods
swa: acha chalo now lets have food
san: im not hungry swara please
swa: aise kaise not hungry
swara takes a piece of roti dips it in the gravy and take it nears his mouth while sanskar nods his head in a no and does not open his mouth
swa: sanskar moo kholo…….. please khalo
sanskar still nodded his head in a no but swara was equally stubborn and did not take her hand back she just kept staring at him and finally accepting defeat sanskar ate it while swara smiled and continued feeding him he asked her to as well to which she complied after completing the food she makes him drink water and moves out to keep the platewhen she comes back she finds him lost in thoughts
swa:(caresses sanskar hair and cups his face) time will heal everything sanskar when ever you wanna speak to me im right there dont keep anything to yourself and understand one thing whatever the situation may be i’ll alway be there for you forever and ever………. we’ll live our lives to the fullest okay
sanskars nods and is falling more and more for her
swara pecks sanskars forehead while sanskar was feeling immense happiness as well was shocked as it was the first time swara kissed him
swa: okay now sleep
she makes him lie down covers him with the blanket and sits beside him caressing his hairs leaning her head on the headboard but suddently sanskar hugged swara placing his head on her chest and arms around her waist holding her tightly
san:(crying) i cant swa….swara i cant very time i close my eyes i……i can only hear their voices ringing in my ears why………why do they all hate me soo much
swa: shh sanskar no one hates and even if they do its only because of the misunderstanding once it gets clear everything will be alright hmmm
san: hmmm i want to talk to you swara share everything with you can i
swa: hmmm
san:(crying) i was in my room when all of a sudden one of lucky friend came into my room and started getting close to me i pushed her again again but she dint bulge and then all of sudden she tore her dress a little messed her and hairs clothes make up and ran fr
om my room crying and shouting for help and too ran behind her but she reached first and told every…….everyone that i i molest…….molested her i pleaded alot i told them that i dint dint do anything bt no one listened to me then police came and took me (sanskar shivered and hugged swara tightly swara too hugged him back tightly) they……..they torched me asked me…… accept the crime i dint do and then finally they gave up they gave me te permission to call someone i tried calling ev……..everyone in the house but one received the call finally i called sahil he…….he came and got me released…….even after soo much i went back to those people but they only insulted me and threw me out…….out of the house they……………they punished me for the crime i dint……do………i hate being alone you… wont leave me na swara you’ll always be there na
swa:(hugging sanskar more tightly) i’ll always be there sanskar……..everything thing will be alright…….i promise
swara keeps caressing sanskars hair while sanskar was feeling relief in her words hugging her was giving him immense happiness though he was sad but some the broken him was healing with her care and love slowly sanskars weeps end and his heavy breath becomes rhythemic and sleeps starts taking over him he falls into deep slumber here swara too being bushed fell asleep in the same position
Next morning both swasan were sleeping in the same postion with sanskar head on swaras chest hugging her tightly by her waist while swara was lying back with her head against the headboard her one hand on his arm and the other one in sanskar head in his hairs sanskar shifts a little in his sleep and then opens his eyes and saw his position he slowly lifts his head and looks at swara who is sleeping peacefully with a smile on her lip even in such an uncomfortable position he was going to get up when he saw swara holding him he carefully removes her arms so that she does not wake up and then finally gets up without disturbing swaras sleep he sits in front of her and adores her how cute she was looking and gets thinking how she supported him yesterday being right beside a smile appears on his face thinking how she slept in the same position so that his sleep does not get disturbed he moves towards her and gently and securely makes her sleep on the bed without disturbing her sleep covers her with the comforter pecks her forehead and then enter the bathroom for shower……….while he is still in the bathroom swara wakes up and finds herself lying on the bed with the blanket and then hears the shower and smiles minutes later sanskar comes out
san:(smile) good morning princess
swa:(smiles) good morning sansu
swara gets out of the bed she too gets freshen up both have breakfast together and spent the day with each other knowing their likes dislikes and other thing about each other as sanskar took an off basically they spent the whole day with each other

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