the way you make me feel (part 2)


Hey guys im back again i know i know again after a long time but we all know how busy student life is studies never tend to get over something or the other always remain anyway im finally done with my exams they finally got over on wednesday ever since then i was thinking of updating but due to my treatment and parents could not do it………….treatment because during the exams i had a competition taking place simultaneously was too involved both were are very important to me i had to stay away from my parents for a week because of the competition all alone far away from them from my house result i did get qualified for state level of the competition but unknowingly i became irresponsible towards my self which resulted in the dislocation of bone of my already fractured hand and now im under strict treatment and if at all my hand does not get normal with 3 weeks then need to under go surgery (which i dont want to) and due to all of this my parents and bro have become over protective only i know how much i had to beg them to let me use my laptop and to update right now as well i have a guard i mean my bro watching over my action that i dont hurt myself even more god looks like im a small kid anyways fingers crossed that i’ll be alright without the surgery so guys im really sorry for the delay and the i’ll post the next part of realisation exoneration acceptance in 3-4 days till then enjoy this so lets begin

Sankar’s mansion
Next morning swasan are sleeping peacefully in each others embrace the suns rays start scattering in the room lighting it up which disturb our sanky’s princess sleep she moves in her sleep and adjusts her head at the srook of sanskars neckao that the rays do not disturb her sleep sensing the moment sanskar opens his eyes and looks at his princess his cute little wife sleeping holding him tightly he looks at her how innocent she is looking like a cute little baby away from all worries his lips immediately curve into a smile he lightly pecks her hair and tries getting up but his princess hold on him is too tight and he knew if he would move a little more it might disturb her resulting in her waking up he lays down back again and hold his princess back in his embrace protectively his one hand on her waist holding her tightly and other in her hair caressing it while doing so he gets lost in his thoughts remembering all the incidents that took place yesterday from him finding swara in the hospital taking her back to badi no one believing her breaking all relationship with her how broken and defeated she looked remembering swara state it ached sanskar and finally their marriage and her confessing she likes him immediately there was a big smile on his face think about it but minutes later it disappeared thinking that she has not spoken much since they were back she had kept everything to herself and he knew that he had to make her speak spill her heart out in front of his else it would affect her affect her badly which he could not afford
About an hour later our princess again starts moving in sleep seeing this sanskar immediately closes his eyes just as to see what swara does and here swara moves a little out of sanskars embrace and finally opens her eyes her big dark brown orbs which are sparkling not due to happiness but of the unshed tears she has in them she turns to her right and finds her husband her only family sleeping holding her protectively lil did she know that he was not sleeping she just lies down next to him staring at the ceiling as if it was something very interesting but minutes later she again starts recalling yesterdays incident tears start flowing down her eyes she immediately hugs sanskar hiding herself in his chest and starts sobbing she fists her hand and gets it near her mouth so that her sobs dont exit her mouth sanskar senses her grip getting tighter on him hence her too tightens his grip on her and starts caressing her hairs both very too close to each other that they could hear each others heartbeat if any person who see them right now no one could say that they are two different person one could say who starts from where and who ends where its been 15 minutes but swara was still sobbing and now she had started shivering in his embrace sanskar could not take it any more he knew he had to stop her soo he pulled out oh his embrace and looked at her tears stricken face eyes and nose turned red due to continuous crying yet she looked like an angel to him he sat up pulling her along with him he intertwined his fingers with her they both start still for few minutes while sanskar was looking at swara swara was exchanging her glance between their intertwined hand and the duvet finally sanskar broke the silence
sanskar: swara
seeing no reaction from her side sanskar lifted her head by placing his fingers under her chin forcing her to look at him and when she did look at him it shattered sanskar heart into million pieces her eyes clearly reflected her pain and how defeated she is right now seeing sanskar read her eyes swara immediately broke the eyelock between them again started looking down
sanskar knew that swara she is a very strong girl and she would never let her emotion over power her in anyones presence she might cry but getting her out in front of some was not swara but he also knew that he had to speak to her hence he tried calling her once more
sanskar: swara……………
sanskar felt her hold tightening on their intertwined finger still not looking at him he again called her with full love
sanskar: swara…………………princess
that was it for swara she could no longer hold her self back she broke down in front of sanskar shocking him
swara:(defeated tone) kyun sans………sanskar kyun sab mujhse itni naf………nafrat kyun karte hai ma ba…….baba ragini laksh sab mujhse nafrat karte hai sab ne meri bat ek bar bhi nahi suna kya mai inti bur….buri hoon
her voice was cracking as she was trying hard not to cry sanskar heart pained listening to her defeated tone that girl who smiled in every situation who faced all problems with a smile on her face was here sitting in front of him all defeated she looked at him lifting her tears filled eyes he fisted his free hand looking at her feeling immense pain tears now started flowing down freely from her eyes her each tear was breaking sanskars heart
swara: ma……….ma ne bhi meri baat nehi suni unhone kaha im dea………dead for her she did not trust me she……………said………im……….im de……………dead for her……..her baba…………never loved me the way he did ra…….ragini i never complained but he could atleast to me na………………… i so bad that i dont even…….get a chance to spe…speak i have no one for me…………im………im left all…….al….alone in this world……….within a day a became an orp……….orphan
swara was now crying uncontrollably all the pain that she had buried deep inside her heart was now coming out in form of her tears sanskar immediately wrapped his arms around her she hid herself in him burying her face in his chest she was sobbing hysterically clutching his t-shirt in her fist her tears were soaking his t-shirt wet the intensity of her breakdown was such that her whole frame started shaking
sanskars own eyes moisten seeing her in such a vulnerable state he was taken aback by the intensity of her breakdown they both sat down the same way for next few minute though he wanted to stop her from crying but he dint he thought it was best for her to remove all her pain finally sensing her sobs subsiding a little sanskar spoke
sanskar: swara look at me
but swara dint bulge she dint move a bit sanskar tried breaking the hug which resulted in swara hugging him even more tightly
sanskar: just look at me once swara………please princess
swara lossen her grip on him sanskar held her by her shoulder breaking the hug he tried looking into her eyes but she dint meet his gaze
sanskar:(voice full of love) swara………….JAAN
that came like a shocker to swara she immediately looked him and they have a cute eyelock
sanskar: firstly swara ma does not know the truth thats the reason she behaved in such a way infact know one knows the truth and the day they come to know about it they’ll accept you back in their lives and everything will be just like before and the second thing why did you say you have no one in this world? who told yo that? dont i mean anything to you
swara was just looking at sanskar with wide open eyes she still was in a kind of shock listening to sanskar call her jaan getting no answer sanskar removes his hand from her shoulder which brings her back to the world
sanskar: oh so that means you have not accepted me as you family no problem i actually deserve it because somewhere around im responsible foe your present condition its okay you can take your own time i’ll never force you for anything (guilty) anmd im sorry for everything if i wouldn’t have entered your life you would have been a happier person today i know i dont deserve forgiveness but for my sake just once try forgiving me if you can im really very guily and sorry i kn………….
he was interrupted by swara who place her finger on his lips which send shiver down both their spines they yet again have a cute eyelock both lost in eachothers eyes swara breaks the eyelock removes her finger from his lips and wipes the tears on her face and starts speaking to him
swara: you speak too much sanskar (smiles)
seeing her smile sanskar too smiles
swara: you dont have to ask sorry because it is not your fault yes i agree you were on the wrong path but rectified your mistake by not taking revenge and telling everything on time so you dont have to be guilty its not your mistake i guess its my destiny (sad) my parents dint believe me my sister betrayed me the one who one claimed to love me dint trust me (looks at sanskar and gives a small smile or atleast tries to smile) and your right i do have a family i have you your eyes reflect the love you have for me and i bet having one true relation which is full of love and trust is better than having 100’s of relations with none and as of me i know i dont love you yet but i do respect and trust you i adore you for the person you are and really do like and guess falling in love with you want take a long time
sanskar has a bright smile on his face listening to swara first time after years he is so happy
swara: and as of my family or should i say soo called family accepting me back i dont want to go back to them if they dont stand with me during the tough time and have a little trust then whats the use of such relations i still do care for them but i’ll no longer cry for them i have shed enough tears they said im dead for them (a single makes way from her eyes which she immediately wipes) so be it if they are happy with me being dead for them then even im happy that atleast this way i can give them some happiness
sanskar was stunned by swaras answer he could not believe that she is the same girl who crying in his embrace like a little child who was completely broken minutes before and now this maturity level was something impossible for him to believe seeing sanskar lost swara gets him back to the world
swara:(snaps her finger in front of him) sanskar………..where are you lost
sanskar: ummm no where…….a……ammm…..actually can i ask you something
swara: hmmm
sanskar: dont you hate your family after what they did with you………..will you be able to forgive them……..has that incident affected you
swara: no matter what they did to me but the fact remains that they are my family i know what ever happened yesterday was was really bad infact the worst that could happen but you know what when such incidents take place in our life three thing can happen i can let it ‘define me’ or ‘destroy me’ or ‘let it become my strength’ and i choose the third option i’ll let it strengthen me yes it has affected me but i’ll take it in a positive way…………..hatred is a stronger feeling that love you know hatred only stirs up strife hate is something which leaves a deep impression on our hearts and souls forever and i dont want that i dont want to remember anything that happen yesterday i just wanna delete one day of my life not that im running away but dont want to remember those moments except for our marriage (looks at sanskar and smile sanskar to smiles back) or might be because they are my parents sister and grand parents i might never be able to hate them i still do care for them after all they were my family ionce but love i guess i might not be able to love them them the way i use to and forgiveness i guess i just need time
sanskar was surprised listening to swara her maturity level though she is 6 years younger to him was way more that him
sanskar: you surprised me…………..acha now get up we need to have breakfast
swara:(pouts) but i dont cook to well
looking at swara pouting sanskar immediately wanted to kiss her but controlled himself
sanskar: no prob we’ll order
swara: no i’ll make something
she starts thinking cupping her face sanskar looks at her how cute she looks he was just adoring her
swara: will toast do for now
sanskar: firstly your still not fine im not gonna let you work and second grocery got over will go and get it after breakfast
swara: okay
sanskar: okay then you freshen up her i’ll use the other room
both get down the bed but swara was is not able to walk properly seeing that sanskar immediately comes to her side hold her by shoulder and starts walking towards the bathroom both reach the door
sanskar: will you be able to manage or do you want me to stay
swara: i’ll manage
sanskkar: sure…….i mean your still…….
swara:(cutting him in between) dont worry i’ll manage and if at all i need help i’ll call you
sanskar: okay
sanskar turns and starts walking towards the bedrooms door
swara: sanskar
sanskar turns
swara: thank you
sanskar: thank you………for what
swara: for being with me listening to my nonsense and bearing me i mean i was crying na so………
sanskar: hey stop im not bearing you infact im lucky to have you in my life so i should say thank you for coming in my life and madam dont you know the golden rule of friendship no sorry and thank you in friendship and according to sanskar baba we are besties right
swara:(laughs) right
swara was to enter the bathroom but
sanskar: swara
swara: haa
sanskar: you can wear whatever you are comfortable in no need wearing heavy dresses or sarees it might be difficult for you to carry no rule here
swara:(smile) thanks
sanskar: again
swara: acha baba sorry
sanskar: swaraaa
swara: okay fine i’ll wear whatever im comfortable in oka\y
sanskar: thats better
both smile at each other and go to get freshen up
sanskar comes out wearing blue and a white and blue shirt by the time their breakfast too comes he starts setting it on the dining tale minutes later swara comes she is wearing a white skirt with pink top which have three fourth sleeves and a stole around her neck leaving her hair open sindoor in her hairline and magalsutra sanskar looks at her and gets mesmerised especially seeing that she has applied sindoor a smile curves on his face
sanskar: you look beautiful
swara:(slightly blushes) thank you
sanskar: swara sit here i’ll first do you first aid
swara: but sanskar
sanskar: swara
swara sits down like an obedient child while sanskar does her fist aid she does if so carefully as if she is a glass doll while swara just keeps on adoring him lovingly
sanskar: done
swara: lets eat then
sanskar: okay
sanskar washes his hand and sits beside swara both start having their breakfast there is complete silence but their eyes are speaking tons finally they get done with their breakfast
sanskar: here have your pills
swara starts making faces seeing the pellets (tablets) which make sanskar smile
sanskar: what happen swara here have them
he forwards his hand towards her
swara:(childishly) sanskar i dont want them please please………….pretty please
sanskar smiles at her he so wanted to melt but her healths concern took over
sanskar: no you need have them
swara:(childhishly)(keeps a pout) please sansu
sanskar: sansu??? who is that
swara: you………you are sansu
sanskar becomes shocked listening to her
sanskar: what????????? no have such a good name sanskar call me that no sansu please………no…no
swara:(stubbornly like a kid) no i’ll call u sansu only (pointing finger towards him) your sansu and sanskar is so old fashioned (making faces) SANSKAR
sanskar laughs looking at swara
sanskar: acha fine baba call me whatever you wanna but please have the pills
swara: no na please
sanskar: swara princess please i cannot take risk with you please have them for me
swara looks at sanskar finally agrees and haves them
swara:(after having the pills) yuck
swara sits next to sanskar keeping a pout not looking at him
sanskar: arey what did i do why are you not looking me
swara: because im angry on you im not gonna speak to you
swara turns her face to the other side
sanskar: acha atleast tell me what did i do
swara:(pouting) you made me have those yucky tablets
sanskar smiles and adores swara childish behaviour
sanskar: but they were necessary na princess if you dont have them then how will you be alright
swara: but still im angry on you
sanskar: acha tell me what should i do that you forgive me i’ll do anything
swara: anything
sanskar:(smiles) anthing
swara:(gets happy) then you need to buy me loads of chocolates
sanskar:(smiling) ok done
swara:(childishly) promise
she forwards her hand sanskar places his hand on her hand
sanskar: promise
swara gets soo happy that she hugs him tightly at first it shocks him as well sending shiver down his spine but minutes later she too hugs her back
swara:(still hugging) your the best sansu
sanskar:(monologue) god i cant understand this girl sometimes she is soo mature and sometimes so childish
swara breaks the and looks at sanskar smiling sanskar to smiles back
swara: sansu when will you get my chocolates
sanskar: im going to get the grocery now i’ll get chocolates with them
swara: sansu even i’ll come with you
sanskar: no swara you take rest i’ll be back in some time
swara: please sansu please (pouts) let me come with you i promise i’ll not irritate you
sanskar immediately melts looking at her
sanskar: okay come lets go
both move out of the house get seated in the car and dive to the super market some minutes later they reach the super market sanskar moves out of the car moves towards swara and forward his swara which she immediately hold both enter holding eachother hand and the trolley both get loads of things and as promised sanskar buys loads of chocolates for swara get done with the shopping both move towards the cash counter for billing thought out the shooping there was not a minute where sanskar left swara hand he was holding her hand through out when they were getting the billing done some taps sanskar shoulder sanskar turns and looks at the person and becomes happy
sanskar:(turns looks at the person and becomes happy) SAHIL
sahil: haan bhai
both hug eachother and then get engrossed speaking to each other while swara just keeps looking at him later sahil notices sanskar holing swara hand and asks about her
sahil: bhai who is she (pointing towards swara)
sanskar:(tightening his hold)(looks at swara and smile) she is my wife swara
sahil:(shocked)(he screams shocking both swasan) WIFE
sanskar: oye chilla mat sab bata hu
sahil:(still shocked) gadi
sanskar: ruk let the billing get over we’ll sit in the cafe and speak
sahil: okay then i’ll wait for both of you in the cafe
with that sahil exits sanskar looks at swara who is still confused
sanskar: swara he is sahil my best friend remeber i told about my friend who released me from the jail sahil is the one
swara: oh okay……….but why was he soo shocked
sanskar: because im married and he does not even know
swara: okay
both get done with the billing make the payment keep the bags in the car and move towards the cafe when they are moving sanskar looks at a group of boys who checking out swara lustfully he immediately raps his arms around her and looks at those boys swara confusingly looks at sanskar she looks in the direction sanskar she looking sees the boys and understands why he is holding her so protectively she smiles at his possessiveness then both again move toward the cafe they find sahil sitting waiting for them both move and sit in front of him
sahil:(serious) aab tell me what happen
sanskar looks at swara for permission if he could tell sahil everything swara blinks her eyes giving a positive response hence he tells sahil everything that happen yesterday he hold swara hand tightly and keeps on stealing glaces to check if she was alright
sahil: so much happened and you telling now
sanskar: everything happen to fast just dint get time
sahil: i told you earlier as well revenge and all will not get anything but you
sanskar: acha fine im sorry
sahil: all thanks to swara bhabhi that your out of that revengeful life
swara smiles at him
sanskar: true
sahil: by the way bhabhi your really very beautiful i dont feel like calling you bhabhi so can i call you swara
swara: thank you and sure you can call me swara
sanskar:(jealous and possessive) oye stop flirting with her she is my wife
sahil: swara do sense something burning
sanskar: no nothing is burning
sahil: looks like someone is getting jealous
sanskar: no im not jealous
both swara and sahil start laughing and hifi each other while sanskar stared at both of them he get annoyed looking at hem laughing
sanskar:(annoyed) stop laughing
swara and sahil look at sanskar angry face and try subsiding their laugh
sanskar: how mean you both are sahil tho i knew he is like this only but swara you also
sahil: oye dramebaaz shut up…….but seriously swara
sanskar: bhabhi bol
sahil: nai i’ll call her swara only
sanskar turns his face to the other side being angry playfully
sahil: so swara (sanskar makes faces which both swara and sahil notice) you have seriously forgiven him na
swara: ha i have forgiven him
sahil: you sure
swara: ha im sure BHAI
listening to bhai both sanskar and sahil look at swara with shock
sahil:(shocked) bhai
swara: ha you said na you’ll not call me bhabhi no prob i’ll call you bhai
sanskar smiles at swara and then smirks at sahil
sahil: how mean your supporting this idiot you went to his side
swara: oh bhai i was always on snaskars side only and you know when he gets angry he looks more handsome and you see i cant take risk i know already so many girls are flat on him and if stay like this dont know how many more will fall for him so for safety you see
while swara and sahil chuckle sanskar looks on shocked at swara
swara: oye dont be shoch whatever i said is ture what say bhai
sahil: even i agrre
sanskar give an unbelievable look to both of them
sahil: by the sanskar why dont you both come for durga pooja tomorrow is the last day kavita and kavya will be really happy to see you and meet swara as well
swara: kavita???? kavya????
sahil: kavita is my wife and
sanskar: and kavya is his 3 year old daughter
swara: oh so your married
sahil: yes happily………….so shit if i dont reach home now i’ll no longer be happily married i need to rush guys kavita will be waiting for me i’ll wait for you both tonight bye
sahil runs from there while swarsan laugh seeing him
sasnkar: so madam lets go home
swara: okay
both get up to leave for their house but sahil comes running to them panting heavily shocking swasan
sanskar: kya hua why are you running like this
sahil: looks like the media got to know you are here they are waiting outside
sanskar:(angry) damit
he bangs his hand on he table which shock swara seeing him in so much anger sanskar cools at swara and cools down
sanskar: sorry princess
swara smiles and nods at him
sanskar: but how did they find im here
sahil: their sources ofcourse
sanskar: damm
sahil: now what
sanskar: pata nai
sahil: where are your guards
sanskar: i dint get them along
sahil: how can you be so careless sanskar i told you so many time not to move out without your guards but you dont listen and see now even swara is with you
sanskar: i know but i dint think something like this will happen
sahil: acha now tell me what do we do
sanskar: nothing just move out
sahil: but the media you know how they and swara is without you know they sometimes even manhandle
sanskar: its ok i can protect my wife
looks at swara while she looks at him with a smile showing her trust on him sahil looks at both of them and feels really happy for his friend
sahil: chal lets move
sanskar: hmm
sanskar pulls swara towards him and holds her protectively wrapping his left hand aroung her waist and holding her left hand with his right hand he then looks at her asking through eyes if she is confortable to which she gestures a yes
swara: i trust you sanskar
sanskar was more than happy hearing than they start moving out with swara in the center sanskar to her right and sahil to her left
no sooner do they step out of the cafe the entire media surrounds them and starts shooting questions at sanskar
reporter 1: sir what are you doing here the great SS at a super market
reporter 2: who is this gril with? is she you your client does not looks like is she your girl friend
reporter 3: for long have you been in a relationship with her
reporter 2: what is her name
reporter 4: is your realtion serious with her or just a time pass
sanskar eyes become red hearing that he soo wanted to kill him sahil closes his eyes not being able to imagine the reporters condition but he hears no noice he opens his eyes and looks at sanskar while here sanskar tries to move forward at the reporter and swara hold his hand tightly nodding no sanskar looks at swara and stop sahil smiles seeing that there is someone now who can actually control his friend and his anger he was soo happy seeing sanskar like this after years
reporter 1: she looks quite young whats her age
reporter 3:do her parents know about your relationship
reporter 1: she has bandages on what happen to her
reporter 4: did you have a fight
sanskar now had enough of their crap he hold swara tightly by her waist and starts moving towards the car moving the reporters out of their way while sahil too helps him in it but media is media dont dont stop their questions and follow it takes a few minutes but sanskar takes swarasafely towards the car and makes her sit without a single scratch he closes the door and moves toward the other side of the car nods his head at sahil and leaves sitting in the car
in the car
both swasan were silent hence sanskar breaks it
sanskar: sorry swara
swara: for what
sanskar: those media and their questions i know you are not used to all this
swara: its okay sanskar its not your fault just that i found out how famous my hubby is and the question never mind its their duty to get news thats why they ask such questions
sanskar looks at swara and is falling more and more for her seeing the person she is
sanskar: thank you for understanding me
swara: its my duty to understand and ha what sorry and thank you huh you yourself forgot your rule haa
sanskar: opps sorry
swara: sansu
sanskar: ok baba but princess but call me that sansu that looks so weird
swara: no i’ll call you sansu only
she keeps a pout and sits like a child looking at sanskar from the corner of her eyes sanskar smile seeing her antics
sanskar: fine baba call me whatever you want happy now
swara: very happy (pulls sanskar cheek) your soo cute sansu
sanskar: im not a puupy to be cute dont call me cute instead call me hot handsome
swara: aww yes my hubby is very hot handsome and dashing but he cute as well (once again pulling his cheeks) my cutie pie sansu
swara winks at sanskar while he give your impossible look to her
sanskar: no one can win against you na
swara: no one
sanskar: acha swara i need to tell you something
swara: im all ears
sanskar: you heard the reporters calling me SS right (swara nods) because my name is sanskar sighania im no more a maheshwari i wanted to achieve something on my own without my surname so
swara: no prob sanskar so im triple s (both laugh)
both continue talking few minutes later they reach home and take rest for sometime
Later in the evening
sanskar is speaking on the phone
sanskar: ha she is fine
looks at swara who is watching tv
person: thank god i was soo worried dint she ask anything
sanskar: nai yaar she understands me quite well
person: im soo happy for you sanskar finally happiness made way back into your life
sanskar: i know sahil im really very lucky to have her in my life and ha thank you for the help today
sahil: i dint do that for you i did it for my sister after all she called me bhai
sanskar: theek hai fine swara’s bhai
sahil: acha listen i need to go know few prepration left and i want both of you to come tonight kavita so wants to meet both of you
sanskar: we’ll try
sahil: no trying and all i want you to be there
sanskar: okay we’ll b there
sahil: chal bye
sanskar: bye
he cuts the call and speaks to swara
sanskar: swara woh actually sahil called he wants both of us to come for the pooja so if your okay
swara: no problem sanskar give me 10 minutes i’ll get ready then we’ll leave
sanskar: cool even i’ll get changed by then
both leave towards the room to get dressed
sanskar comes out wearing pathani kurta pajama yellow kurta and white pajama and waits for swara in the hall doing some in his phone
few minutes late
sanskar: swara done we’ll get late
swara:(shouts from the room) ya sanskar im coming 2 minute
sanskar: okay
sanskar again starts waiting for swara
here in the room swara is setting her hair she has wore a patiala salwar suits yellow patiala and dark purple kurta with three fourth sleeves which has heavy yet elegant embroidery from her forearm to the end and at the bottom of the kurta she had left her hair open curling a little in the bottom wearing a pair of silver jhumka’s which is flower shaped mangalsutra around her neck she has applied minimal make up a bindi and sindoor swara one last time looks at herself in the mirror and walks out
as swara step out sanskar sees her hearing the opening of the door he is completely lost in her totally mesmerized he keeps on staring at her swara looks at sanskar feeling his gaze on her he blushes a little seeing the way he is looking at her and finally stand in front of but sanskar is totally last in her to react
swara:(snaps her finger) sanskar
no use sanskar is still lost in her
swara shakes sanskar by his shoulder which gets him back to the world
swara: where are you lost
sanskar: in you…………i mean you are looking beautiful
swara:(blushes) thank you……..lets go else we’ll get late
sanskar: ha lets leave
both leave their house hand in hand sanskar drivers to the address sahil has given him few minute later reach through out the journey sanskar was stealing glances at swara which dint go unnoticed by her
swara and sanskar enter the huge tend set up for the pooja sahil sees them and approaches them
sahil: hey guys welcome
swara and sanskar smile at him and walk along with him they stand in one corner of the tend speaking to sahil
sahil: well swara my sister is looking so beautiful
swara: thank you bhai
sahil: did this stupid (pointing towards sanskar) compliment you
swara remember how sanskar was staring at her and smile
swara: yes he did
sanskar: my wife why wont i compliment her
sahil: acha bhachu
sanskar winks at sahil and hold swaras hand
sahil: par ha your wife and my sister is looking a bit too beautiful that anyone can fall for her and there are so many guys over here be careful okay (pointing towards the group of young boys might be 18-19 years old) look how they are looking at her
this again ons sanskar jealousy possessiveness and protectiveness towards swara
sanskar:(jealous/possessive) so what swara is like an elder sister to them
sahil laughs listening to sanskar while swara stares at him lovingly
sanskar: why are you laughing did i crack a joke
sahil: nai nai first listen how you are speaking i never knew even SM could get jealous
sanskar: im not jealous
both sanskar and sahil start fighting over it like kids at first swara enjoys it but later get irritated
swara:(shout) stop it both of you just shut up
both stop fighting and stand in front of swara like obedeint
swara:(smiles seeing them) bhai where is my bhabhi and princess i want to meet them
sahil: oh ya (turns and searches for kavita and shouts her name) KAVITA
kavita turns and looks at her husband and come towards him
kavita: haa sahil what happen
sahil: you wanted meet someone na see here there are
kavita turns and find swasan standing she gets so happy seeing them she gives a side hug to sanskar then comes towards swara and stands infront of her
kavita: soo you are swara
swara: yes
kavita: sanskar you wife is reallyvery beautiful just like an angel
sanskar smile
swara: you no less kavita bhabhi
kavita: thank you and finally i meet my sil
swara: yup
kavita: but im angry on you sanskar you dint tell us anything
sanskar: arey yaar i told everything to sahil everything happened too fast
kavita: hmm he told me so only this time i’ll forgive you
sanskar: thank you meri maa
kavita: so swara whats you age you look young i mean are still studying
swara: i’ll be doing final year of law this year and im 21
sahil: wow i dint know my sis is a lawyer
just then a 3 years old little girl come toward them calling sahil
girl: papa papa
sahil pick that girl in his arms
sahil: what happen kavya
kavya: papa woh……..(she looks at sanskar and becomes happy) chachu
she jumps from sahils arms to sanskars
sanskar: alley mera baby how are you
kavya i am fine chachu (looks at swara) chachu (pointing finger towards swara) angel
all smile looking at here
sanskar: angel does she look like one
kavya: ss (yes) chachu she is chooo (so) pettly (pretty)
sanskar: kavu this angel is your chachi my wife
kavya:(looks at sanskar) sacchi
sanskar: hmmm
kavya gets down sanskar arms stand in front of swara and keeps looking at her head to toes swara then goes down on her knees
swara:(kneeling down) hey beautiful lady whats your name
kavya: beau……..beauti…….beautiful mee
swara: haa your so beautiful
kavya: ma me am (i am) beautifully (beautiful) (she starts laughing)
kavita: ha kavu your beautiful now tell chachi your name
kavya: my name is kavya sahil basu
swara: wow you have such a nice name
kavya: you (your) name
swara: im swara
kavya: swara
swara: hmm swara sanskar singhania
sanskar has the brightest smile on his face listening to that swara get involved speaking to kavya while the other three adore their bond
right then the maheshwari’s enter along with the gadodia’s some goes and welcomes them and gets them in sanskar turns and sees them his blood again starts boiling seeing them and remembering whatever they did with his princess sahil too notices them
sahil: what are they doing over here (looks at sanskar) sanskar sorry i dint know they are coming
a girl passes by kavita calls her
kavita: what are the maheshwari’s doing over here
girl: dont know di some one has invited theem
kavita: okay go……….kavu go play with your friends
kavya: okay mumma
kavya runs from there and swara stands up now the mf gf and swasan are standing opposite to eachother swara has not yet seen them she looks at sanskar who is angrily looking at some she turns in that direction and finds mf and gf standing there a little distance from them she again looks at sanskar who is fisting his hand to control his anger for once swara wanted to go and hug her mom but remembering whatever happened yesterday she brushed off those thoughts and immediately holds sanskars hand and moves close to him and speaks to him which is audible to him only
swara: sansu please dont get angry today or tomorrow we again had to face them let it be today itself please dont let them affect you
sanskar nods at swara and hold her hand even more tightly
sanskar: lets go from here jaan chal sahil
with that swasan kavhil walk from there where as the mf and gf who heard sanskar call swara jaan stood shocked over there

Okay guys im finally done with the update and stopping here cant write more my hands kinda paining i guess this is the longest update that i have given till now i gave a long one only to compensate for all the days i dint post okay like i said i had written this way before and initially sanskar’s friends his wife and childs name were different but then now i changed them to sahil kavita and kavya i seen theses people only playing -ve hence in my story they’ll be +ve okay so its kinda long i hope you dont find it booring took alot of time to write hope you like it do give your feedbacks +ve or -ve all comments welcomed

Credit to: alahna

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