the way you make me feel (part 1)

Hey guys this is alahna i guess a few people know me and those who dont then let me introduce myself im alahna malik a writer in this forum writing realisation exoneration and acceptance
Hmm so my one story is going on and i know im really very irregular but what to do college you see anyway im writing another story it will a small one 10-15 parts i guess and yup this is the first story that i wrote on swasan i did not post it before because i was busy getting settled here in india admission in college bla bal bla i would not have posted this story but my bestie came home and she read this story and asked me to post it and hence im doing it hope you enjoy reading it

The story starts from raglak’s wedding all the misunderstanding created will be the same it will be ragsan’s planning only to separate swalak but there will be slight change in the story line so lets begin
swara is a bubbly optimistic confident no none sense girl she is 21 years old and is pursuing her law a final year student she is very bright in her studies lead guitarist and singer of her bandn in the college she has always craved for her dad’s love and when her ma baba united she thought that she would get her fathers love but that dint happen shekhar never loved swara and took her as responsibility some times even ill treated her but swara dint tell anything because of her mom as she knew how much her mom loved her dad but also because she had hope that some day her dad may love her she was getting married to laksh just because of her dad she never love him but yes she did like sanskar from the first time she saw him
sanskar 27 years old left his house 5 years back there is no kavita track in the story that mean sanskar never loved anyone he was thrown out of the house because of laksh laksh was always jealous of sanskar as sanskar was very bright in studies and sports so one day along with his friend laksh traped sanskar and sanskar was accused of molesting a girl sanskar pleaded everyone to listen to him believe him that he did not do anything as of such no one listened him and sent him to jail from where with the help of his friends he came out and there was an other reason as well dp wanted sanskar to join the family but sanskar dint want to do so and went against dp’s wishes hence he was thrown out sanskar is a rude arrogant business man for the outside world but in reality he was just like an innocent child from inside who wants nothing but love he wanted to take revenge from laksh hence he did so with swara but as a matter of fact it was love at first sight for sanskar seeing swara
ragini is just like what she was before in the show obsessed with laksh
laksh is a flirt irresponsible guy
So lets begin
sanskar gets swara to the badi and that time raglak stand for the pheras but
swara:(shouts) stop
all turn and look at swara who is sanding at the door with the help of sanskar
swara walks with the help of sanskar while sanskar has protectively wrapped his one arm around swara’s shoulder and while holding her hand with the other
ragini is shocked and is sweating heavily swara walks and stand in the centre laksh come and stands in front of swara while the family surround them sanskar is still holding her
swara: laksh how can you marry ragini we are to get married right
laksh: oh so you finally came back but why
swara: what do you mean
laksh: oh ya i remember miss gold digger can you leave if you leave me from where will you get money right so all were right about you that you like making boys roam around you so tell me what is my number chi im ashamed that i loved like you
swara was a self respected girl and she could never bear some speaking about her character
swara:(shouts) enough laksh and you loved me huh if you have loved me you would have waited for asked me the reasion why i was not here but you
laksh: wow you still have the guts to raise you voice against me awesome you know what everyone was so right about you my mom dad all asked me not to get married to you but i was fool not to listen to them

swara is hurt hearing all this her eyes are filled with tears
laksh: oh please stop all this drama these tears and all no one is going to believe them thank god i found out your reality before itself otherwise my life would have ruined (putting his hand up in the air) im safe now
laksh hold swara by her shoulder and pulls her towards himself by which sanskar’s hands get jerked
laksh:(holding swara’s shoulders tightly) why swara why did you do this to me what have i done to you
swara: laksh your hurting me
laksh: hurting you you deserve worst
swara: laksh leave me
struggles to move out of his grip sanskar moves forward to help swara but sujata hold his hand and stops him
swara:(shout) LAKSHYA
laksh: dont shout swara
swara: laksh your misunderstand me it was ragini who push……………
laksh:(shouts) not a word against ragini not a word against my wife
swara just keeps staring at laksh thinking if he is the same person who once claimed to love her while laksh laksh tighten his grip on swara making her shout in pain
swara:(shouting) laksh leave me its paining
laksh smirks at swara and then pushes her with full forces while swara losses her balance and is to fall on the floor she closes her eyes anticipating it but two strong arms hold her tightly by her waist swara opens her eyes and looks at sanskar how is holding her and looking at her slowly makes swara stand but swara again loses her balance sanskar this time hold her by her shoulder
sanskar:(holding swara by her shoulder) laksh are you mad she would have been hurt
laksh:(clapping) one cheater supporting the other awesome
sanskar:(shouts) LAKSH

laksh hold ragini’s hand and takes her to the mandap and asks the pandit to continue
swara’s eyes are filled seeing this she goes towards her baba
swara: baba please believe me i did not run if i would i have i would have never returned please trust me
shekhar looks at swara angrily
swara:(holding shekhar’s hand) please baba trust me it was ragini………………….
hearing ragini’s name from swara’s mouth shekhar loses his complete sense and slaps swara hard the impact was so hard that she fell on the floor
all look at swara sanskar quickly comes to swara and makes her stand
swara:(shocked) baba
shekhar: dont dont you dare call me baba you are nothing to me get it
he raises his hand to slap swara again and swara closes her eyes tightly and when she fell nothing she opened her eyes to see sanskar holding shekhar hand
tears are continuously flowing down swara’s eyes her check has turned red
swara some how manages and stands in front of shomi
swara: ma atleast you believe me do you think your shona can do something like this (holds shomi’s hand) please ma
shomi does not say anything just keeps looking at swara
shekhar:(angry and shouts) she is not your ma get it
swara: baba
shekar: dont and shomi you choose that you want to stay with this characterless girl or with us
swara:(crying) ma please believe me did not do anything please ma i did not run away
shomi jerks swara’s hand

swara:(crying) ma please dont leave me i have no one accept you please ma please
here pandit announces raglak husband and wife they come towards elders and take blessings finally ragini comes swara and hugs her
ragini:(whispering) i won swara you lost i finally got laksh ji
swara breaks the hug and raises her hand to slap ragini but and another hand stops her swara looks at the person and is shocked
the person jerks swara’s hand and instead gives her a tight slap
swara:(holding her cheek)(crying shocked) m…. ma
yes it was shomi who slapped swara
shomi: dont call me ma im ashamed that you are my daughter
swara is just looking at shomi in shock and tears rolling down her eyes
here ragini has fully manipulated shomi and also shomi’s love towards shekhar is making her do this (no dida in the story)
dadi: for the first time your right shomi she is a black dot on our family
dada: shameless girl
shekhar: want else do you want to hear leave from here
swara walks like a dead body and stand in front of shomi looking at her with her red swollen eyes and cheek has now turned blue
swara:(broken voice) ma ma please trust me please
shomi: go away
swara: ma where will i go i have no one accept you in this world please trust me ma im your shona
shomi: my shona is dead
swara gets shocked and moves back looking disbelievingly at shomi
shekhar: you are right shomi we should have killed her in you worm itself we did i big mistake getting her in this world if she would have died we wouldn’t have faced this day atleast but never the less from today i have only one daughter that is ragini and from today i dont wants to listen to this girls (pointing towards swara) name ever again
ap: chaliye we need to start with the bidai rasam leave this characterless girl
dp: ha shekhar ji chaliye

all start walking towards dadi’s house
when shomi is to cross swara swara holds shomi’s hand tightly
swara:(holding shomi’s hand)(crying)(broken voice) ma please dont leave me…………………..where will i go without you please ma please
swara kneels down still holding shomi’s hand crying
shomi: leave me
swara:(crying loud) ma please
shomi tries to remove her hand from swara grip but swara does not leave her finally shekhar comes and removes shomi’s hand and jerks swara by which swara falls and hurts her hand
swara:(standing shout) ma
shomi: dont call me that after today if you come infront of me you’ll see my dead body
shekhar: no use speaking to her come lets go
shekahar and shomi leave
swara:(shouts with a voice full of pain) MAAAA
she kneels down and starts crying uncontrollably she buries her face face in her plams sanskar who has seen all this is shock his eyes have welled up as well he some how gathers courage and goes to swara and tries clamming her but nothing works
meanwhile the rest of the family again come out
dadi:(shouting) you dint go till now do you want me to push you out
swara moves her face away from her plams and looks at everyone her eyes are blood shot red cheek turned blue she is completely pale
shomi gets shocked seeing swara like this she wants to go to her daughter and engulf her in a hug but her love and ragini’s words are stopping her
laksh: arey dadi how will she go she needs time to think na who should be her next target till then how can she go blo*dy b*t*h by the way i even have a question for you please answer it i wanted to ask if you are a whore as well
sanskar turn and looks at laksh with angry red eyes and for swara that was it she composed her self walked in front of laksh and gave him a tight slap
swara:(angry) never ever point out at my anger again
laksh is about to raise his hand on swara but sanskar stands in front of her
swara: what did you all say im dead for you then fine you all are also dead for me and trust me it better not to have a family then have a family like you all
swara turn to leave but find a grip on her hand she turns and find sanskar holding her hand
sanskar: where are you going swara
swara: dont know

sanskar: come with me
laksh: ya ya go with him let him also enjoy a little
sanskar:(angry) laksh
sanskar: marry me swara
swara shocking looks at sanskar all the others are also looking at him with shock
swara:(shocked) sanskar
sanskar: marry me
swara: no sanskar dont do this to yourself
sanskar: i’ll be the most happiest person if you marry i know i dont deserve but still please
swara: you dont have to do this in guilt sanskar your not at fault dont punish yourself my marrying me
sanskar: punish myself are you kidding me swara and im not doing this out of i want you to marry me because I LOVE YOU
swara and all the other shocking look at sanskar while laksh clenches his fist in ager
sanskar: i fell for you the first the i saw you swara your innocence you smile your eyes and very thing about you made me love you more and finally when you got to know the truth still you helped get out of that revengeful life my respect and love for you increased more I LOVE YOU SWARA I LOVE YOU
swara: but sanskar
sanskar: its okay if you dont love me swara you can say no
swara: i i ………….i like you sanskar
sanskar was soo happy hearing this he immediately hugged her swara to reciprocates
sanskar: you liking me itself more than enough for me (breaking the hug) so from today you are my family and im your family only both of okay
swara nods with tearful eyes

sanskar:(wiping swaras tears) no more crying swara
laksh: wow swara awesome you found another guy so soon
sanskar: laksh spoeak to her with respect your speaking to my wife and the next time you speak to her in this tone the consequence wont be good
dp know how powerful sanskar is hence stops laksh from speaking further
sanskar: pandit ji please start the mantras we’ll get married right now
sanskar holds swara’s hand and take her to the mandap both get seated over there then the pandit asks them to stand for the pheras both stand and start walking but swara again starts feeling weak and about to fall but sanskar holds her then he takes her in his arms
pandit: arey what are you doing
sanskar: im promising my wife that i’ll be with her in every situation of life will never let her fall or feel any pain
swara looks at sanskar and smile they have and eye lock and then complete the pheras both sit down
pandit: fill her mang with sindoor and make her wear the auspicious thread (magalsutra i guess)
sanskar takes a pinch of sindoor and fills swaras hair line while he is doing so a little sindoor falls on swara seeing which both smile and then sanskar make swara wear the black beaded holy chain
pandit: now you both are husband and wife
sanskar stands and makes swara stand as well and wipes the vermillion from swaras nose
sanskar:(wiping swara nose with his thumb) princess
swara looks surprising at sanskar
sanskar: kya hua

swara nods her head in a no
sanskar: chalo princess lets get your clothes and leave for our house
swara nods her head and is abot to walk but sanskar holds her in his arms and walks toward swara’s room leaving the entire mf and gf in shock
sanskar gets swaras bags and keeps them in the car then he again goes to swaras room lifts her i his arms and starts walking out without paying a dam to anyone
sanskar makes swara sit in the car and then he himself gets seated and drives off minutes later the mf also leave
sanskar’s car
sanskar: swara wont you ask me where we are going
swara:(looks at sanskar and smiles) i trust you sanskar
sanskar:(thinking) she is so innocent i did soi much wrong with her but still she said she trusts me (to swara) im sorry for whatever i did swara
swara: i told you sanskar it was not you fault so dont be sorry
sanskar nods and the rest of the journey was in complete silence
they finally reach a building sanskar takes swara to a n apartment on the 33 floor sanskar opens the door and they get in
sanskar: this is our house swara
swara looks at the house and smile it is a beautiful one with awesome interior
sanskar: well it is a 5 bhk two rooms here down and there are 3 room up
swara: it beautiful
sanskar: i’ll show you the house tomorrow but now get freshen up then lets have dinner and off to sleep you need rest
sanskar takes swara to their room the walls are of off while colour and the entire furniture of ash colour it just beautiful
sanskar goes to the washroom and comes out wearing white pants and blue shirt
sanskar: swara you go change
swara tries to move but couldn’t hence sanskar carries swara and drops her i the washroom and waits for her near the door
swara opens the door a few minutes later she is wearing pink pjs and a white top looking too cute sanskar once again carries her and makes her sit on the bed right then the door bell rings
sanskar: you wait here swara im coming
sanskar opens the door and hands over come money and takes the parcel then he come to the room with two plates of food
sanskar: here swara have
swara nods and silently haves her food while sanskar is quietly observing her
sanskar: here swara have you pills
swara takes them

sanskar: swara you sleep here i’ll be in the next room
swara: its okay sanskar i dont mind sharing the room with you
sanskar looks at swara and understand how broken she is and without any more arguments he goes to swara makes her lie and goes to the other side of the bed and lies over there
both are facing opposite sides here swara is sobbing silently but sanskar hears it and turns towards her he slowly keeps his hand on swaras shoulder and with a second swara turns and hugs sanskar tightly hiding her face in his chest and hand on his torso sanskar was taken a back by all this but her still sobbing in near his chest and making his shirt wet gets him back to sense he immediately pulls her more close to him and hug her tightly his one hand on her waist holding her protectively while the other in her hair feeling her pain
swara continues crying sanskar dint stop her as well because he wanted her to remove all her pain after an hour swara gets all exhausted and finally falls asleep
when sanskar does not hear swara he slowly moves her face away from his and looks at her her face is completely filled with tiredness tears stains on her cheeks her cheeks still blue because of the slap he clenches his fist thinking about the slap the bandage of her head besides all this swara was just looking like an angel to him a child who is sleeping away from all worries
sanskar:(caressing swaras hair) i promise swara i will fulfil all your wishes and will never let you cry and even if you do i’ll always be by your side wiping your tears and hugging you i promise all always protect you andtomorrow i need to make you speak you spoke so little today if this continues it might effect your health with which i cant tare risk
saying so sanskar kisses swara forehead and hugs tightly once again and falls asleep

Okay guys so here is the first part like i told you all this is the first story i wrote on swasan it is good or not no idea im posting this only because of my bestie but i hope you all like it do give your feed backs

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