The way of LOVE. (OS)


Modelling ramp
Tha anchor anounces the name TWINKLE TANEJA.
A great gorgeous n bful girl is walking on the ramp. Suddenly,
T Noo.
Her heel breaks. Takk. She is about to fall because of her pink full length gown. But someone comes n holds her. He was standing on d first row of the audience.
T Yuvi, tu?
Y haa, Aur kaun. Tera ek hi boyfriend ha na. Kaha tha na maine kabhi hire nhii doongi.
He makes her stand str8, take off her other heel. Twinkle was about to cry because becoming Miss Amritsar was always her dream. But someone spoke n he was none other than Yuvi.
He said it was not Twinkle’s fault. Wardrobe malfunctioning. I hope the scores don’t depend on them. Thank you.
He wipers in Twinkle s ear all d Best. She continued her walk.

After sometime
Judges The winners for today r
3rd runner up Rhea Singhania
2nd runner up Aakriti
Winner Twinkle Taneja
All were felicitated n judges announced that because of twinkles spirit of not looking back they have announced her as winner.

The competition was over. All returned home. Twinkle meets Yuvi at the gate.
Y Dekh Jeet gayi na. Aakhir h Kiski?
T ha Jeet gayi. Aakhir Leela TANEJA ki bet hu.
Y Ha haan chal ab .
She sits back on the bike. N they reach home

L puttar, live telecast dekha. Jeet gayi na tu. Aakhir kudu Kiski h.
Y haa auntie Twinkle ne b yeh kaha tha
T toh jo Sach h woh Sach h.
All laugh.
L Yuvi putter, maine Anita ko tumhara shadi ki gal karne nal bulaya h. Wo aati hi hogi.

Anita enters n hugs Leela.
A Hello Leela ji, Congratulations Twinkle.
L, T Thank u
Y ab shadi ki bat kare.
L Dekho kinni jaldi machi h iss munde ko.
TwiRaj blushes.

Leela n Anita talk. Leela calls pandit ji who decides the day foe marriage after 12 days with engagement tomorrow. Servants serve snacks.
A Chalo maturation b nikal gaya. Twinkle putter yeh bracelet tumhara liye as shagun .
T Thank u aunty
A aunty nii mummy.
T ok Aun….Mummy ji
Everyone smiles n Leela hugs Yuvi.
L Keep my daughter happy.
Y Sure Aun…Mom. If twinkle can I can also.
Everyone laughs .

The day of marriage.
L Is evrything ready.
Servants yes ma’am
L call Twinkle

Twinkle comes at Mandap wearing Red n peach Lehanga.
L Oh my god. She looks beautiful.
Y after all she’s goin to b my wife.
T Haa haa. Par ek condition h.
Everyone’s jaw is left open.
There is silence in the palace, where d marriage is being held.
Y ye..yes. Bol
T Dekh le.
Y Ha..haan. bol to
T Iske baad hum church m shadi karenge.
All look at each other n then starts laughing.
T wat? I also want to wear white gown n we’d like a princess.
Y Ok. Done. Ab shadi kare ya Aur koi conditions b h?
T Haa.
Y ab kya?
T Every month shopping, we’ll have same tatoo, I’ll not cook, we would dance every night, u will take me on dates regularly Aur…
Y Aur jo b h accepted.
T sun to le. Mujhe twins chahiye.
Y Kya?
N looks here n there. All people r giggling.
Yuvi asks twinkle to look
T Haye baba ji. M sorry. I just got carried away.
Anita Beta shadi karni h ya
T n Y(2gether) Haa ha
All laughed.

They were married by Hindu n Christian rituals n happily lived eve after.
N yes Twins.
Sorry they didn’t have twins but
Nice no.
Yeahh .

Hey guys I wrote only because u all wanted to read more.
Thanks 4 d comments.

Credit to: Meeta

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