In your way where you live Teri Galliyan Arshi SS Part8

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In your way where you live Teri Galliyan Part 8

Dedicated to Veronica who gave jodi name to Rudra Sanchi-RuChi

Special thanks to Sydell for the surprise banner.

After 6 months….
Arnav-Khushi’s friendship has progressed a lot.

Arnav in his office.
Durga rang him up:Bhaiyya…Nani is admitted in City hospital.Come soon.
Arnav was shocked:What?Is Nani alright?
The all got disconnected.
Arnav rushed to the hospital restless.
He saw Devayani smiling at him on the bed.
Arnav sat near Devayani on the bed:Nani…how do you feel now?Don’t hide anything from me.

Deva:Don’t worry chotte.I am alight.
Arn:Doctor…how is she now?
Doctor:She is out of danger.She had a small attack.Luckily your wife brought her here on time.So she is absolutely alight.
Durga:Bhaiyya…I was in college.Khushi bhabhi managed to bring Nani here all alone catching a taxi.
Arnav looked at Khushi in surprise.
Khushi:Luckily I got a taxi fast.
Dr:You all go out.Let her rest for some time.
They went out.
Arn:Khushi…I always underestimated you as you are from a village.But you are so courageous.Today what you did cannot be replaced by anything.I am really grateful to you for saving my nani’s life.
She smiled:I saved my Nani’s life.

Both of them smiled.
He said in his mind:Khushi…you are so good.

After 2 days Devayani got discharged. Khushi took care of her very well which was observed by Arnav.
Khushi was doing oil massage on Devayani’s leg.
Deva:Enough Khushi.You may be tired.How long have you been doing this?

K:No Naniji.I am not tired.This is essential for you.So don’t worry about me.Just sit..I will manage it.
Devayani smiled.
Arnav observed it along with Durga.
Durga:Bhaiyya…bhabhi is so nice.Right?She loves us so much.
Arnav smiled.

Arnav was getting ready for an urgent meeting.He was about to tie his show lace.
Suddenly a call came.
Arn:What the!
Arnav was talking to his colleague about an important file.Noticing Arnav being busy and not his lace being tied Khushi bent down and tied his show lace.

Arnav couldn’t believe it.
Arn:I am coming now.
He cut the call and looked at Khushi.
Arn:What is this Khushi?Why did you tie my shoe lace?
K:You were busy and you have to leave immediately.So I thought without wasting time I should tie it.So that you don’t need to waste time on tying it.Did I do anything wrong?If so,sorry Arnav.
Arnav did not know what to say.
Slowly he said:No Khushi,you didn’t do anything wrong.Thanks a lot.
They smiled at each other.

After the meeting Arnav was tired.Unexpectedly Khushi came inside.
K:Did you have anything?
K:I knew it.Naniji had told me that you are not bothered about eating food on time in office.So I brought your lunch box.

Arnav was surprised.Khushi kept the lunch box on the table.
K:I am going.
Khushi left the cabin.
Arnav saw others smiling including Aman.Arnav was embarrassed.
One guy:You are lucky to have a wife who cares this much for you.
Aman:You are right. Khushi bhabhi is perfect for ASR.
Unknowingly a smile crept on his lips.He was reminded of all his moments with Khushi.Their wedding,their fight,sharing their pain with each other,their friendship.Then he was reminded of their unknown kiss.
He thought:What am I thinking?

Arnav reached home.He saw Khushi drying her hair with the towel.

Water drops fell on his face.He felt nice.He remembered how he got angry with Khushi when her hair’s water drops fell on his face when she was drying her hair.He smiled.
He thought:The same thing gives me a nice feeling now.Khushi…you are a magical force which pulled me to you in a limited time.

He was lost in her.

Khushi turned back and saw Arnav staring at her.He got embarrassed as she saw it.
Arn:I will go out.
He went out.
She blushed.
Arn:What will Khushi think of me?
Khushi thought of her moments with Arnav and blushed.

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  1. How soo sweet feel soo happy pls update next part soon waiting

  2. Veronica

    First of all thanks for dedicating this epu for me… And i truly loved the episode. Arnav is falling for Khushi in every second… And the things which she is doing for him and his family is making him fall more for her… And he remember their old fight with Khushi while drying her hair and comparing with his present situation was perfect story line.And Khushi also has started falling for him is cool… The epi was A perfect romantic ride….Waiting eagerly for next.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thx a lot 4 d super long comment

  3. Riana

    Wow After 6 months….Arshi had got close relationship…Beautiful episode…Last scene was cute…Waiting for nxt..

  4. Riana

    I forgot to say….Banner is Superb Jas?

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanku.the banner was a gift from my friend Sydell

  5. Krkavita

    Loved arshi bonding. Glad that Arnav appreciated Khushi for saving nani. Arnav’s colleagues appreciated Khushi to which he smiled. Hope they confess their feelings to each other.

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