In your way where you live Teri Galliyan Arshi SS Part7

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In your way where you live Teri Galliyan Part 7
Khushi ran to another show room.Arnav ran after her.
Arn:Khushi…why did you run away?
K:Arnav…who was the guy with Sanchi?
Khushi wept:I didn’t want to face him.That’s why I ran away.
Arn:I didn’t understand.
K:He is none other than Rudra.
Arnav was shocked:What?
K:He is Rudra Mahadev Sharma who was called by Sanchi as Dev.
Arnav couldn’t believe it.
Khushi wept:I never thought Sanchi’s Dev was Rudra.
Arnav felt upset.
Arn:Leave it Khushi.Be strong.
He held her hand and walked.Suddenly they bumped into Sanchi-Rudra.
They were shocked to see each other.
Arnav:Khushi is my wife.
They were shocked.
S:I am happy that you have moved on.
Arn:Moved on?It’s so easy for you tell Sanchi.You used me to get Dev back.Breaking my heart you asked me easily to move on.
Sanchi became upset.

Arn:And Dev….what did you do to Khushi?You proposed her,made her dream about her wedding and then you broke her heart by marrying Sanchi quickly.
Rudra and Sanchi became upset.
S:We never accepted your proposals to betray later.I really tried to move on with you Arnav.
R:I had really decided to move on with Khushi.But later I met Sanchi again.When I saw her with you I realized that I couldn’t bear seeing her with anyone else.I decided to compromise on my values and traditions for Sanchi as I wanted her back for peace of mind.So I apologized to her.
S:I couldn’t resist myself.That moment I realized that I couldn’t be angry forever with Dev.Because I really loved him.
R:That moment unknowingly we became one.We couldn’t control ourselves.

We decided not to betray you both.Because of the one nightstand we had a quick register marriage.
S:That’s why I broke up with you and Dev broke up with Khushi.Tell me Arnav…forgetting our one night stand should we have married you guys?
Arn:Is that a justification?
Khushi blasted:Enough!Please stop talking about the past and allow our hearts to bleed.
K:Please Arnav…I don’t want to argue about the past.Past is done.We can’t change our past by arguing with each other.Right?
Arn:You are right Khushi.Sorry Dev…Sanchi for digging the past.
S:You are not at fault Arnav.Our unknown mistakes created the turmoil in our lives.
Rudra couldn’t look at Khushi’s face directly:I am really sorry Khushi.I hurt you a lot.
K:Rudra…you an look at my face.Don’t feel bad.

Slowly he looked at her face:Khushi…
Khushi’s eyes were full of tears:It’s ok Rudra.I have learnt to bury my pain as I have become numb.

Anyways forget the past..We wish you all the best.Have a happy married life.
Rudra-Sanchi smiled slightly.
Rudra-Sanchi:Same to you guys.
Arnav-Khushi walked out.

At home….
Khushi cried a lot thinking of meeting Rudra-Sanchi.
Arnav:Khushi…we both cried a lot for the person who never loved or cared for us.Now enough of crying.
Khushi wiped her tears:You are right Arnav.I was so foolish that I cried over someone who never loved me.
Khushi tried to walk away.She slipped only to be held by Arnav.Khushi held him back for balance.
They shared a deep eye lock.
They found each others eyes meaningful.But they didn’t understand why.

Rabba ve….

They broke the eye lock and stood properly.

Khushi’s hair blew in breeze. Arnav looked at her deeply.

Khushi became conscious.He noticed it.
Arn:Khushi…shall we be at least friends?
Slowly she smiled.They shook hands smiling.
Durga who watched it without their knowledge became very happy.

Durga met Aman.
Am:Today my sweet heart looks so happy.Why?
D:Yes.I am very happy today.

She looked at him:Guess what Aman?Arnav bhaiyya and Khushi bhabhi have become friends now.
Am:Wow!That means ASR has started forgetting his bitter past.You wait Durga…very soon ASR and Khushiji will be in deep love.
Durga smiled:I want to see my bhaiyya bhabhi happy.
Am:They are already happy in each other’s friendship Durga.
Durga smiled.

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    Loved arshi & ruchi scenes. Glad that arshi decided to forget their pasts & decided to move on, starting with friendship.

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