In your way where you live Teri Galliyan Arshi SS Part6

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In your way where you live Teri Galliyan Part 6
Khushi went away silently.

The next day…
Arnav went to Khushi.
Arn:Sorry if I hurt you by asking you about past.I felt like me you were also frustrated.So I thought like me you also had a past.If you are not comfortable sharing your pain with me it’s ok.I understand.After all we are not even friends.

Khushi closed her eyes.But her tear drops flowed down.

K:You are right Arnav.I was also in love like you.When you kissed me I felt his presence.
K:If you can share your past with me why can’t I share my past with you?But when I think of my past itself my heart pains.
Arnav felt upset:Then no need to tell anything Khushi.
K:No Arnavji.You have the right to know it.My father’s friend’s son Rudra had come to our village for a project.He stayed in our house.Once I found him unconscious.

Flash back…
Khushi was shocked to see Rudra unconscious.
She held his chin:Rudra….open your eyes.

She poured water on his face.Slowly he opened his eyes.He moved backward.Khushi also felt embarrassed to be so close to him.
R:It’s ok.I understand.
K:Why did you faint?
R:Low BP.Too much of stress.
He had his medicine.
R:Thank you so much of showing consideration towards me when I fell unconscious.
K:It was my duty.
He was touched.

During Holi…
He threw colour powder at her face.
K:No no…

Suddenly she stared at him in disbelief.
She thought:How could Rudra be so free with me?

R:Sorry Khushi.When you cared for me when I fainted I felt you were my friend.
Slowly she smiled.Then she also put colour on his face.

Rudra drank baang.
In the drunken state he wept.Khushi felt upset.
K:Why are you crying Rudra?
R:Why did you leave me and go?You think I don’t want you to be happy?I really love you.Why did you leave me?
K:About whom are you talking Rudra?

The next day….
Khushi gave tea to Rudra.
K:Yesterday you drank too much and…
Rudra was embarrassed.
K:You were talking about someone leaving you.
Rudra was not able to face Khushi.After few moments he said:
I was in love with a girl.But she left me.She never cared for me.You are the first girl who cared for me Khushi.
Khushi was touched by his sentence.


Khushi:We became friends.Once he proposed to me.He wanted to marry me.I accepted his proposal.I was also in love with him.After a month he went back to his city finishing his project.I was very upset.But he consoled me that he will keep in touch with me.I was happy.But that rainy night broke my love.
Arnav:What happened?
K:One rainy night Rudra came back to our village.I thought he came back to be only mine.But it turned out to be our last meeting.

Flash back….

Khushi ran towards Rudra:Rudra…I missed you a lot.

She cupped his face in her hands.But he removed her hand from his face.
She looked at him in disbelief:Rudra!
R:Please don’t touch me Khushi and make you impure Khushi.
R:I don’t deserve you Khushi.When I felt alone you gave me solace.You cared for me.So I thought I won’t get a better life partner than you.So I wanted you to be my wife who will be able to make my family happy.But …

R:I met my ex-girl friend again and I realized that life without her is impossible for me.I realized that still I love her.
Khushi was broken:What are you saying Rudra?
R:Khushi,let us end this relationship.I can never love you like I love her.I am leaving.We will never see each other in future.
Khushi was going crazy.
K:No…how can you say like this Rudra?Please don’t leave me.I request you.

Her tears made Rudra upset.
R:I know that I hurt you a lot.I don’t deserve pardon.But I cannot accept you Khushi.Because I had register marriage.
Khushi was shocked.
R:We didn’t want to be away from each other again.So we had a quick register marriage.
Khushi cried.
K:Why did you do this to me?

R:Sorry Khushi.Believe me.I never had any intention to hurt you.But the circumstance forced me to do so.You will get a better man.Because you are too good.I don’t deserve you.

He walked away leaving her in pain.


Khushi cried.
K:I thought I died.But I had to live for my babuji.For him I married you.
Arnav felt sad seeing her tears.
Arn:Just like I married you for my Nani.
He thought:It’s strange that Khushi also underwent what I underwent.
Slowly he wiped her tears.
He looked at her deeply.
Arn:Khushi….don’t cry for the person who didn’t care for your feelings.

K:Then why did you weep over Sanchi?She also didn’t care for your feelings.Right?
Arnav had no answer.
Khushi wept:The truth is that still you have not forgotten Sanchi.You married me only for your nani like I married you only for my Baapu.

Arnav remained silent.

Arnav-Khushi went to the mall to buy clothes for Devayani.There Arnav was shocked to see Sanchi and Dev.
K:What happened Arnav?
Arn:After a long time I saw Sanchi.
Khushi couldn’t believe it.
K:Sanchi is here?
He pointed his finger towards Sanchi.Khushi was shocked.

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  1. I think sanchi lover is rudra.. Waiting soo interesting dear

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    Khushi told her past to Arnav. Nice to see arshi comforting each other. Arshi saw dev & Sanchi. Waiting 2 see what happens next.

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