(In the way of) Life and Death: PROMO Of 2nd Shot [Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi]

Introduction : Here

1st Shot : Here

[In the way of] Life and Death: Promo of 2nd Shot.

Hey acquaintance,

It’s been a week since I ran away from my so called “home”. I knew that you’d be surprised, but what could I do? That house made me sick in my stomach and the idea of runaway seemed best at that time to me. And for the truth, after this whole week of happiness and oneness, I think it’s not ‘that bad’ to live in this world. The desire to live the life is igniting again within me and I want to endure it before it vanishes. I want to experience all the pleasure this life has in its store for me, but I also know that it won’t be possible because of my Family. If they find out where I’m, then they’ll probably kidnap/take me from here and will make my life a living hell.

One more thing, Hey there! I don’t yet know if you’re a human or not. My hope of being it a trash can will be in forever, but if you are a human and if you read my letters, at least try and reply. The no response, nothing, makes me think that my hope is true. Isn’t it? Well, I always come to the address which is printed on your courier to write you a letter and I’m telling you for your acknowledgement that you’ll have to respond to my letter and send it at the same address, if you’re a HUMAN. Okay?? 😉
I’ll be waiting till then. See yaa…

Yours weirdly,
P.S: Currently listening to ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’. It’s an amazing song, you should definitely try and listen to it.


OMG guys!!! It’s been 5 months since I last logged in, in TU…5 months! Due to studies I wasn’t able to update any of my ff’s. So here’s the promo of 2nd Shot of ‘Life and Death’. Hope you’ll love it 😀
Missed you all soooo much.
Love, DevSona

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  1. Aarti32

    Finally aapne darshan to diye!! Kitta wait kiya main to ye bhi bhul gyi??
    Arey, intro to krwaya hi nhi..Main Aaru..Ladki wahi ID nayi?? u missed my story of new ID!!

  2. Glad to see u bck…pls update ur ff’s…eagerly waiting fr them 🙂 welcome bck
    Also waiting for the 2nd shot…this promo is fabulous

  3. Darshana

    Hey i was not a reader of urs at that time but glad that i am there now…it too interesting…but pls pls post soon..?

  4. V.V.harshita

    Nice posts soon ???

  5. Sgatik

    Nice episode. Really its amazing plot. Pls write it regularly. Hope to read ur next shot soon

  6. Manya

    Finally u came?Was missing ur Ffs and u too??
    Plzzz don’t go now and complete ur ff??
    It was awesome❤️❤️

  7. Awesome

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