(In the way of) Life and Death: 1/5 Shots [Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi]

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(In the way of) Life and Death : 1st Shot.

I stare at the letter in my hand. I don’t know who sent me this, but after skimming what’s inside I’m curious to know about it. It’s still early morning and my mind is clueless about this unknown/mysterious letter in my hand. Who wrote it? I’m hoping it’s a girl as she had mentioned about her boyfriend here. How did she have my address? Oh yeah! She just came up with it herself. How convenient no? I know this is a serious matter. She wants to suicide because according to her, the life she’s living is a mess. I don’t know anything about her and her life, even though I can feel the agony she’s having. She wrote it to some god knows stranger because she can’t share it with anyone. Is she even alive right now or? No!

I don’t know her name, and she’d autographed it with just an initial S. How can I find someone with the help of an initial? I scanned the whole courier and my brain caught the address printed on it. I can track the address from where I got the letter. Yes, that would be great. I grab my laptop and immediately searched the address in the search engine. It’s still loading. Please, please, please….done! I look closely and it’s so confusing that I can’t get where it exactly is. After a couple of searches here and there, I find it. It shows somewhere in New Delhi. I’ve been to Delhi a couple of times, but I don’t know anyone there as I’ve visited it for the work purpose only. Now I know that the person is in Delhi, then what? I can’t be sure for her to be near this address because the address is of some government office in Delhi. Should I take a chance and go there. Should I?

The whole day went thinking about the letter and I was not able to focus on my work. By the end of the day I decided that to go and look for her. What if I find her? I can’t risk her life by not going. She’s alone and she needs someone. I want to help her. I booked an online ticket from Dubai to Delhi and went to sleep as my flight timings said to be of the next afternoon.

My alarm buzzes and I got up from my bed and went to make my morning coffee. I have a habit of making my own food because I live alone here. My family lives in Dehradun and I live all by myself. Sometimes I feel a bit lonely, but then I console myself by thinking that I’m doing all this for my family only. I’m an Architect and I work in a well-known company here. Oh! I must send a mail to my boss about my leave for some days. I quickly typed the mail in my laptop –

Subject: Application of leave for few days.


I wish to apply for a leave for few days as I am going on a family vacation.

I would like to have your approval on my leave. All my responsibilities and the outstanding work are been taken care of, before I leave.

Looking forward to a positive reply at the earliest!

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
Arch.Dev Dixit

I won’t wait for a reply because I know he’ll allow the leave. I don’t often take offs and this by far would be my 3rd leave because I always work. Even during the holidays I go to the office or work from home. I don’t like to visit my family because then I feel insecure about my life. I’m happy to see that they are satisfied with their lives and I know I’m not. I’m lonely. And work is my only companion.

I hurriedly completed my all pending plans and designs before mailing it to my office. I still have five hours back my flight. After taking the shower, I dressed up in a tri-colour full sleeve t-shirt with dark blue denim jeans. I slipped the Burberry black watch in my hand to complete the look. I hadn’t packed much luggage because I don’t know what I’m going to do there. Just one handbag, that’s it. I was just doing the last minute arrangements when I heard the doorbell.

I opened the door to find the postman standing there. I just got one courier yesterday, again? I signed the register book and took the cover from his hand. Without bothering much about the sender, I opened it to find a familiar kind of letter like yesterday in there. I quickly scanned the letter…

Hey again stranger,

I don’t get why I’m writing this to you again! I felt relieved after writing the first letter and thought of doing it again. I don’t know if anyone is reading it or not and I hope no one reads it. It could be great if the address is invalid and the letter goes straight into the trash. I am really a wreck. Last night I tried to kill myself, but failed. I gulped all the sleeping pills in one go to end my life.

I thought that finally I made it, finally I’d be able to free myself from this prison, but my mom saw that and made me spit out all the tablets. You must be thinking that my mom loves me and that’s why she saved me. Let me tell you that’s not the reason. She saved me for her own benefit and she’ll use me every day for it. I’ve decided to end my life and I’ll do it. I’ll leave all of them behind, crying. [I can’t be sure about that because no one loves me] But I’ll surely make them regret their deeds towards me. I will again try to end my sh*t life and this time, not anywhere near my house.

In the first letter I’d written one reason why I don’t want to suicide and that was because I want to live. Yeah, that was true. I also had dreams. I’d also wished to be married to the love of my life and have adorable children. I wanted to be a photographer, and I think I should make that happen. I’ll click some pictures of myself before dying, sounds fun, no? I hoped to have a normal life. I wanted to be happy. I wanted to live. But it’s ok, life was the choice for me and I choose death.

Yours Pitiful,

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    Oh di, I seriously can’t tell you how much I’ve fallen for your writings!
    The way you write is….I can’t really describe it, but all I can say is that it always leaves me speechless and awestruck!
    As a writer myself, I understand the pain and hard work which is required to be taken to please the audience, and for a topic like you’ve chosen, the hardwork must’ve multiplied itself to produce such a wonderful outcome! Writing about such a dicey and edgy topic is no doubt, a really hard task, and the most important thing is that it has to turn out like something which can be well understood by the audience and trust me, I could seriously imagine all this happening! I was taken away into a world nobody else but me was aware of while I read these simple words yet beautifully scripted by you!
    And looking at the fact that you write three articles at the same time, nobody can possibly deny that you don’t do enough to please the reader.
    Now, it seems Sonakshi has left another initial of hers ‘B’ which probably signifies ‘Bose’??
    It’ll be great fun to see Dev in his serious mode as he tries to discover this girl and the huge, jumbled up secret of her??
    Do post really soon!
    Load and tons and tons of love to you!<3???????

    1. DevSona

      Your comments….I just love them. I am beaming with joy after knowing that you loved it this much. And the writer thing, yeah! I know I love writing, but even then nothing comes in my mind when I visualise the story in my mind. The writer in me awakes only when I have the laptop in front of me with the plain M.S Word page…And I’m glad that I’m able to please you all to some extend from my stories…This topic by far is surely the most difficult for me and I know it. Writing about this girl makes me to experience many new things…As I know the character, I can feel the pain she is having and also the confusion running inside Dev’s mind. Thank you so much again for this beautifully beautiful comment Anshu…-love love love DevSona.

  2. Sharica

    Finally after a week I am back to my home and to turn. It was amazing Devsona. I missed all of you a lot and now I amight back. Anyways I read the introduction and this one as well.loved it.a lot.
    Lots of love

  3. Awesome episode Dear this story something different from other story I like it very much please post the next episode soon desperate for the next episode..

  4. Manya

    This is so interesting man❤️???❣❣????????so different❤️??so amazing??so awesome???so lovely??so superb??so wonderful??
    Post soon??bcoz I am or instead we all are waiting?
    Love love?

  5. Rj12

    Amazing super fantabulous have no words for it I can understand the pain of the girl cz everyone wants a proper life with no problems and no one bossing them
    Post soon eagerly waiting ,

  6. marvellous…….and stupendous????❤?????❤?????????????…….loved it……seriously amazing……❤???????????

  7. Rockzzzzzz

    I was speechless after reading this…i felt as if I was immersed in that world and thought myself in the place of dev…getting a suicide letter from a stranger…i am able to experience all these feelings and all this is because..its because of ur wonderful writing skill i got this chance to experience….i wanna experience more so plzzzz post soon….,just can’t wait
    one question ,r u a writer….a professional one….?…because u write so well..

    1. DevSona

      I’m speechless after reading your sweet comment dear 😀 I’m glad that you liked it…and if you were able to imagine all this, then that’s all I want as a compliment from the reader…and no, I’m not a professional writer…I just write 1 or 2 fanfics here….okay 3![I am not able to stop my hand from writing you know 😛 😛 😉 ]

  8. Bhoomi

    Mindblowing ?? … Loved it ? … I m very excited to know more.. Post soon dear.. ?

  9. it was fab fantastuic awesome
    full of suspense
    eagerly waiting for next episode
    post as sooon as possible

  10. Aaru

    Awesome..now S has become SB..??

  11. SUPERB…!!!
    INTERESTING too….well done…and remember i’m waiting for LIVING A LIE….???

  12. Caira

    Loved it❤?????

  13. Oh dear. You are such a wonderful writer. Felt that it should never end. Loved it like anything. ??????

  14. Angel20

    Awesome, something different… just loved!! very much !!! please post the next part soon.. eagerly waiting…

  15. Omg!u r such an awesome writer.fantastic ???????❤✌?

  16. Being precise I’M INTOXICATED with this episode
    Don’t believe me?
    Seriously cz I have read this 5 and a 1/3 time and every time I read it I come across a different and unique yet adorable shade of life of love. ..
    Truly speaking I haven’t ever read anywhere of such unique and gr8 storyline (except once a slight in a book of chetan bhagat. )…
    This is so engrossing one and its my one personal request that pls continue the story for a bit more time in this out of the box track. ..
    I m not saying to drag but I have read about love stories which have various beginnings but soon end to the typical love story. ..so Pls atleast give two or atleast just one more letter of Sona in this same way pls pls pls….
    With this wonderful thought beautiful description scopeful storyline and hopeful readers and last but the most a talented writer I expect that u wud continue dumbstrucking us by Ur future episodes. ..
    The best part which snatched my heart was the fact that Sona sent the letters to an unknown address invented by her own and that means Dev and Sona will be total STRANGERS
    And I’m very exited to read about their first face to face encounter with each other. ..
    Post next soon waiting eagerly for it…
    Luv u loads and Double of it for Ur awsm episodes…

  17. Vinya

    Omg…. It was so nice…. Loved it…..pls update the next part soon….eagerly waiting for it….keep writing and keep smiling ☺

  18. Pooja26

    wow !!!!!!
    superb writing………
    awsm thought…….. 😉 ;0

    post nxt asap…….

  19. Simplesweety1

    OMG! Interesting! Loving It! Update Soon! Curious To Know That What Happens Next! 🙂

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