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It is very common to have extreme dramatic scenarios in TV soaps ranging from DD serial Shanti to current ones. Rarely there lies a logic in a TV soap at any point of time in the name of entertainment. Our soaps contain lots of twists to enthrall their audience and show anything in the name of a twist. Twist can make a dead person alive, return a villain who has faded into oblivion back into the current plot, turn a seemingly good negative etc. There is no correlation between the current reason of twist and previous aired episodes.

Although Ekta’s serials are damn good in doing such things, even others are no less. Remember endless twists in Punar vivah, Kayamat, Ksbkbt etc. Well one of the recent ones in the current post is regarding our ever ending soap Balika vadhu. Whenever a serial decides to take a leap, it is understood that there is a massive barabaric killing episode and every caracter except the lead one has to die and fresh cast is introduced. This has to follow no matter what the scenario.

Comparing pre and post leap conditions of Balika Vadhu right now. Kundan can take revenge in any manner but how come he know that he has to marry krish’s mum and how can he predict that Krish is the guy who will fall in love with Nandini. When Krish character is introduced it is said that he was upset with his mom for remarriage. This was the scenario even before he met Nandini or fall in love with her. This is highly improbable and contains no logic.

Anything in the name of a twist is just not tolerable. Irony is the same serial gives a message daily after each and every episode and just doesn’t show things right. I hope makers wake up(I wonder if this is going to ever happen) or viewers wake up and ban these kind of things(no hopes here as well).

Credit to: mona

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  1. I completely agree with u just fed up of balika vadu I request writers and channel to end this show as soon as possible and nandini I just can’t see her

  2. Guys I completely agree with you..don’t telicast this kind of illegal story…no logic in story line…

  3. Sorry ladies… past few days I hv been asking d viewers CEO of colors to stop n ban this serial with immediate effect but there’s no response… the serial is on with absurdness… I too feel no one is going to take an action n this serial n other serials of Reshmi Singh will be on air n viewers will be watching this crap n take it to Guinness World Of Records….Post pe post cheez pe cheez par na TARIQ BADLI NA SERIAL BANDH HUA… AB DEKHNA YEH HAI KE KAB TAK AUR KIS HADH TAK YEH WRITERS RISHTO KI DHAJIAA UDATE HAIN

    1. Radhika

      Hi dolana it’s Ganga( remember? From BV comment section). Ab toh ye serial ek nazar dekha bhi Nahi jata. Koi bhi khush Nahi hai iss serial se per Pata Nahi ye kyun band Nahi hota. I miss old BV. Watching season 1 we thought what could be worse than this but season 2 prooved us wrong

  4. Balika vadhu serial should end now.It is giving wrong message to society.

  5. indian serials once a hit wont shut down till they rot and decompose m i ryt??

    1. also the leap thing all rubbish cant they do S2 instead of dragging the same o’l thing

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