THEY ARE WATCHING!! (Horror ff) Shivika and Shraman by Mehku

Hi guys!!!! I am Meher..I am a huge fan of SHIVIKA,ARCHI,SHRAMAN, and KAIRA…… so, Writing a horror ff on shivika and kaira. Hope u all like it.This is the intro. 1 really important thing,This ff is only for entertainment and dramatic representation. We do not believe in these supernatural being ………

So lets start the into,,,,,,,,,,,,
Anika Goenka : a girl with full life. Lives her life with no fear.Loves shivaay and best friend of suman.Suman calls her Ani and shivaay sometimes call her Paanika.
Shivaay singh oberoi- he is a big scientist. Dosent believe in the supernatural things.always tadi in point. Loves anika a lot and can do anything for her.
Suman tiwari-a girl with self respect. Believe in ghost and all and doing research in the supernatural things. Want to explore ghost .thats why she and shivaay cant mingle well. Bestie of ani. Ani calls her Sumo.used to be shravans gf but due to some reasons they broke up.
Shravan malhotra-belongs to a khandani family. Still loves suman and wants to patch up with her. There are many secrets about him.friend of shivaay and anika.
Tia khanna- friend of anika,suman,shivaay and shravan. She is gpood or bad only the time will say.
Aditya khurana- frnd of anika,suman,shravan ,shivaay and tia. Have crush on anika .shivaay dosent like him too much.
Gayatri khanna as phantom girl- she is a witch.Good or bad only the time will say.

So guys they are some characters of ‘THEY ARE WATCHING!!’ Now all of them are in a college camp on a horror place. 1st part will be published very soon.Hope u all will like the concept….:-)

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  1. Fenil

    Mehku u use name Mehku wow.
    Good start and intro.
    Love SharMan and Shivika.
    Looking forward for this ff.

    1. Christie123

      yeah bhai infact my classmates got inspired btly u and started calling me mehku not only this when I sign in in my laptop the user name is mehku…

      1. Archisha

        What is the meaning of “ku” is Mehku ? ??

  2. Hi meher
    remember me?
    no comments regarding story because i am writing this before reading the story just by reading your name; but i am sure it will be as good as ersk one

    1. Christie123

      wah itna vishwas.. love u

  3. as i said it was really awesome
    I am really interested in horror stories
    waiting for part 1
    keep going

    1. Christie123

      apke liye sanju jaldi post karungi part 1

  4. Wow!! Meher nycc. one dr…. Excited 4 nxt….

    1. Christie123

      thanks banita

  5. Ananyagour

    I love horror srories…..and I am also a big fan of shivika ?ff looks interesting……?
    Please post soon

    1. Christie123

      Thanks for commenting.will post asap

  6. hi why you give messy stories , not at all good . thin and write ok

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    Cool ff on Shraman and Shivika commenting here for Shraman hehe meher u remember me? ? Btw I love horror stories Upar Se Shraman so I m damn excited ?

    1. Christie123

      How can I forget u?? Jo di!

  8. Alekhika20


  9. Kanfi

    Ammazingg meher..
    Looking intrstingg..
    Do tell me when u post next

    1. Christie123

      love u kanfi di amd will send link when pslost the next one.

  10. Soumya85

    Superb one mehku(?) my boxer sis
    U know i love horror stories ??
    It is looking sooo interesting
    Pls post the 1st epi soon I can’t wait!!
    Love you ??

    1. Christie123

      hi five I love horror stories too. and will post part 1 soon

  11. Archisha

    Hii meher DII..!!!!!! How are you and do you remember me ?? Of course you do na. You have to. Btw it was a nice although I don’t know about any couple except Kaira and Shivika. But it was cool. So post soon di. Love you ??

    1. Christie123

      at first don’t call me diiiii mein tere per parti hoon and second I don’t know u monkey. understood???

  12. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

  13. Niceee one horror one omg???

    1. Christie123

      are u my shaba?

  14. Awesome…i like horror stories?…continue soon

  15. Ankita27

    Great start.. Amazing…
    I love horror stories…

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