THEY ARE WATCHING!! (Horror ff) Shivika and Shraman by Mehku Part- 1

HEY!!!peepss….Meher is here with part 1 of “THEY ARE WATCHING!!” now let me not start my bakbak and start the epi,,
At camp,in a tent,
A boy was romancing with a girl when another gal enters the tent,
Suman:Jeez! You two are at it again! Will u two ever get done playing Romio and Juliet?Alone in the universe ,romancing with each other.
Anika: I……… we…….shivaay and I were just talking.

Suman:so,did u invent a secret language between each other?code word for hungs,kisses…
Anika:lol descriptive much.
Suman:sigh!lonely much actually…

Shivaay:What? A dang gal like u?
Suman:well its hard to find someone who cares,someone who wants to talk,someone who just wants more than just be physically involved.
Shivaay:suman, it might help if u tone down those spooky conversations .
Just then suman gives a hard slap on shivaay’s shoulder.
Shivaay:ouch!!! What was that for?
Suman:they are not spooky conversation.I love researching the paranormal.
Shivaay: A..AH…they dosent exist,suman.
Suman:it does shivaay.just bcoz paranormal is beyond the scope of normal,it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

Shivaay:Exactly!!u prove my point. Its just folklore. There is no scientific explanation to it.
Anika:u mean you get carried away by those fiction tales.
Suman: Anika, ghost exist. You know that from our Ouija board sessions.
Anika:LOL. Is it the r8 time to tell you, all of those were just pranks?
Suman: C’mon! you remember when we communicated with Ms.Fernandes,the dead neighbor.
Anika:Suman, u know pri is great at mimicking people.Ms. fernandes was one of her best performances.

Suman: I hate u guys!
Shivaay:OK! I fell like a 3rd wheel now.Butt out! suman.I want to discover my eve some more.
Suman: no way! Ani..Go to the jungle.Romance out in the wild like Adam and Eve did.
Anika:LOL. Sumo, don’t worry.Romeo here with cool off soon.
Shivaay:Hey! Doesn’t the leading lady always take the hero’s side?BTW whats with these names,Ani and sumo?How did they come about?
Suman:OOOOHHH I love this tale,.. first day at school,I am being picked on.And in she comes like a hero and saves me again and again. Till I name her Ani in love.
Shivaay:awww its cute.But remember one thing I am the pampering one.

Anika:dream on,kanji akh wale.
Suman:Ahem!i have been researching. There is an Blackbourne Manor around here.And it is haunted for real!
Anika:sumo wants to go on another one of those haunted house expeditions.
Shivaay:Sure! Count me in.Horror flicks usually have a couple who are always romancing.
Anika:shivaay is that all u think about?
Shivaay: paanika its u ! I’m this excited only around you.its ur pheromones interfering with my brain signals and……
Suman: HAHA. Keep the lid on , Einstien!The lesser u let science interfere in romance,THE more fun it is!

Anika:Sumo wasn’t there a Hanuting stories session, tonight?
Suman:Whoops! I forgot! There has to be some juicy ghost tales in that.Lets go! Folks…
They go out of the tent In a jungle .
Aditya:There u all are.Princess and her two chaperones.
Anika:Ohh! So,we’re at the lip pouting stage.I’ll give u another 15 mins before u get to the sulking stage.How do ur parents let u go out without ur babysitter?
Aditya:Don’t remind me of Gulabo,the nanny.I swear she had a bread.Everytime she’d kiss me on the cheek to wish me luck,I would recoil in horror. And I almost always failed that test.
Suman:HAHA! The pleasures of grpwing up like Richie rich.
Adi:u guys had promised me,we will ditch this geeky Haunting Stories n8.And our ghost hotline, Miss Suman , promised to introduce me to that hot,new arrival,sophie.
Just then,enters Tia crying.

Anika:Tia! Why are u crying?
Tia:its nothing anika.Something is bothering my eye.
Aditya: tia, its that jerk,Robin,r8?What did he do this time?Whoa whats that bruise?
Tia:I……I…….Oh! That,I slipped and hurt myself.
Shivaay:Tia , I am sorry.from the size of the bruise,it looks like he beat u.
Anika:tia ! I am not letting him go away this time.He has taken it too far this time.
Tia:No. pls.Thank you for your concern.Robin and I are off.For good.I just need some time.
Suman:Tia, Are u sure that u are Ok?
Tia:Yep! Lets go with the Haunting whatever session.I need something to take my mind off.
All goes without anika and aditya.
Aditya:We jhave to get back at robin.He cant do this to one one of us.
Anika:Lets get him.

Adi:Anika I am glad that u are not wimpy like the others.
Anika:Robin has been asking for it.
Adi: You and I always look at things alike, don’t we?
On the other hand ,Suman,Shivaay and Tia screams at them “Are u guys coming or What?”
Precap:shravan’s entry…..
I know guys it’s a little bit small but I was a little busy with my school project so,,,,,Hope u guys like it. And in next epi Shravan will be entering……….


  1. Soumya85


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    Superb one mehku👌
    I loved it 😘
    Post the 2nd part soon pls
    And add horror soon
    I’m waiting 💀👻
    Love you 😘😘

  2. Archisha


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    Awesome one di !!! And what is meh”ku” ? And you were also asking na that who I am. I am chota don 😎😎

  3. Nita D

    Nita D

    |Registered Member

    Hey nice concept….N then it has two of my favorite pairs…Shivika and Shraman….N I like your writing style also….good going…

  4. Kanfi


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    Waitingg for thriller
    Post next soon
    Meher i’ve wrttb a ts…if have time check it out from my orofile🤗🤗

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