Would you watch SSK without Avika Gor/Roli?

Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka will have the exit of an important character Roli from the show. After actress Avika Gor has left Balika Vadhu post the leap, she was seen in Sasural Simar Ka since the start. Roli has given up her life to save her sister Simar. Simar has been attacked by Paatali Devi and the Shaitaan.

Sasural Simar Ka

The weapon was about to kill Simar, when Roli pushes Simar and takes the death on her side. Simar then kills Paatali Devi after losing Roli. Roli has breathed last infront of her family. Bharadwaj family cried for Roli’s wounded state and did not know Roli would go away forever. Simar and Paatali Devi’s fight scene added more high voltage drama in Roli’s death scene. Roli’s demise brings an emotional shock for the viewers. Roli’s death will be the final one this time. Roli will not come back. She has sacrificed her life to end the evil Paatali Devi and Shaitaan.

Roli’s unfortunate death breaks the family. Avika Gor has portrayed Roli’s role convincingly. She was remembered as little Anandi from Balika Vadhu and then Roli from Sasural Simar Ka, both shows on the same channel. What do you think about Avika’s exit? Was it timely or shocking? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


  1. madhuri

    may b avika left the show as the track is gng worse with unnatural twists n turns which are nt in reach to normal public n simar is mahaan supernatural woman better rosid make some new exciting show

    • Sriranjani

      She left the show coz she is acting in a movie so she want some break from one of the child show SSK.??? She done her great acting and she will be missed in SSK…… Her movie is filming and going to release soon ?????? Deepika n Manish really missed her very much in the sets let it be…??congrats Avika for her new film??

  2. madhuri

    she even did films previously this is nt frst she is a fabulous actor ssk is watchable only because of rosid manish wil definitely miss her
    she cant say abt d track directly so she might hv kept an excuse of break

  3. honey

    the only reason i used to watch this series is fr avika n manish as rosid..if no avika then no roli n no sid n no ssk…i want this serial should b banned..n i dnt think so avi didnt sign any movie yet to my knowledge..she want to take break as she is wrking frm 10 yrs..i supprt hr decision…i dnt want her to fight with dayans n shaitans…hope atleast after roli exist trp should fall down n ssk should air off…r manish should quit show..love u roaid fr ever

  4. Zari

    I don’t/ never watch this stupid serial…. I don’t care who r in this serial and who r not

  5. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Nonsense show I watched this show for avika only but. I am happy I will see her soon in Tamil film?????

  6. sutiii

    Dear zari, I was waiting for someone to comment like the way you did… I feel the same.. This is an idiotic show and will remain disgusting forever no matter who acts in it… With your comment.. Faith in humanity restored.. Lol

    • Shwetha

      Agree with you Zari and Sutiii,after Thapki when this stupid show starts rolling,we immediately change the channel,even promos are so irritating,,actors r good,but writers have ruined it,rally of dayans,taking viewers for granted,still getting trps,fault is with those who are watching this crap.Stop this and start a new finite series,follow the path of a channel in Kerala mazhavil manorama,good daily soaps,but all lasting not more than 1 year,viewers won’t get bored,won’t forget the soap,ever.

  7. R

    No never. Rosid was cute and adorable.They were the only one to make the show worthwhile to watch. If no Rosid no ssk for me. The show is at the highest point of stupidity and am not interested at all with Sid new love story. Among shaitan, patali,ghosts and dayan how they gonna incorporate a love story is beyond my imagination.Though she will be missed i think she took a wise decision to quit. 5 years is more than enough to remain in a show which offer nothing challenging to the actors. And SSk has nothing worth to give. I wonder if the actors(not Avika)will be in demand whenever the show ends which God knows when. Will the audience want any of them back in a new show? I dont think so.

  8. Sara

    No. I dont watch it. I only watch ssk for rosid. rosid is only aviman.so if no avi no roli. No roli no ssk. So idont watch it. Pls end this serial or pls manish quit the show. Or no pair with sid. Whatever happen we dont watch it.

  9. vaishnavi

    I agree with u sara…if no more rosid…better end the show…or manish ll quit..or he ll stay as single…forever in ssk.. perfect pair for sid is avika only….no one cnt replace her..pls cvs dnt creat jodi for sid….

  10. aparna

    Of course we watch the show without roli….its nly official news came that she quit nw BT from past 1 to 2 yrs she hardly had no scenes on-screen jst off-screen pics…it doesn’t make any difference 2 the show if she quit r not …nly her fans miss her

  11. maandey

    hahhh…..i never watch it even if avika is there or not….its the dumbest show of the whole world…disgusting

  12. Mona (ash)

    It’s good that she left the shot other wide and would have gone mad acting in it. I would rather prefer watching cartoon network than watching ssk

  13. Its the worst show ever. I dunno shy colors telecast it still?? So many years and they dont even have any story.
    Worst show ever.
    Puri cast hi gaayb kardo show hi nahi rahega
    The mist worst I feel when the pair up the shows with a so called TRISHAKTI. I am sure it is just to make people watch the bloodiest show.

  14. Renuka Rosid

    I watching this serial for Rosid aviman only
    please stop idiot show ssk
    without Avika ssk boring boring boring
    please Manish also quite this show
    please Manish

  15. Haritha

    Even I agree wid u renuka rosid… I watch ssk 4 rosid/aviman only… Only rosid is worth to watch in ssk… Without avika ssk is boring.. I hope manish also quit diz show…

  16. ar

    Now it is tym to end this show which have no meaning to watch now!!! Buttttt!!!! I wonder how can this serial get a good trp????? Why people have not left watching this after all these bull shit stories????? Plssss end this

  17. Riznu

    I feel sad that avika gor left because rosid won’t be seen again.Because of avika (roli) i was watching but from now i won’t it

  18. Reev

    If there is no Avika then there can’t be ROSID… It is very better to exit tiz flop serial.. Full of nonsense…

  19. please bring avika back i only watch ssk because avika and manish aka roli and sid are there because they are the cutest couple on ssk now avika has left i won’t watch it anymore

  20. Arooj

    No Avika no Rosid no rosim and boo ssk Avika please don’t leave please come back in ssk one day as siddhant is adhura without u both of ur saans are one how an u live ur siddhant ji please Avika please I beg u to come back one day

  21. sraddha

    im happie with avi decision..i dont want to c her in this crap any more disguisting serial fr ever n ever…im hapie as im free frm this torture..till nw tried to watch fr rosid..nw fr me no need…hope manish to quit ssk..love u rosid luv u aviman

  22. if there is no roli then is no rosid which means sid will be single, and i don’t like to see sid single i hope manish quits ssk because now the show is boring without avika aka roli

  23. Saravanan

    Not only me.. Most of the people watched this serial only for rosid even though it was boring… Whn no more rosid it obviously mns no more ssk.
    And pls don’t pair any other girl wit Sid.. We cannot accept and see

  24. amirtha

    I watch ssk only for rosid now no rosid means then no ssk for me just hate that stupid serial always i watch this crap to see a rosid scene now all is over just hope manish quit soon

  25. Nidhi srivastava

    Plz back come to avika in ssk because I m very like simar and roli. This seriel is incomplete without avika. Plz avika aap serial me for SE aa jao. Wrna mai ye serial dekhna chod dungi…..

  26. Ammu

    Plzzzzz avika cum bak… Can’t watch rosid end lyk diz…. Diz serial iz nothing without rosid… Even though the show z showing black magic n ghost n all da nonsense, we watch diz to get a glimpse of rosid… Nw wid roli dying, dere will b nothing worth watching… N can’t bear anyone pairing wid Sid… Den all da promises dat dey made will be meaningless… Plzzzzz cvz either bring back avika/roli or kill sid… So dat I can say bye bye to ssk forever…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.