Would you watch Naamkaran without Barkha Bisht?


Star Plus’ Naamkaran would be getting a major twist by the lead character Aisha meeting with an accident, which may also result in her death. Aisha’s role is played by the talented actress Barkha Bisht. The story recently had Ashish and Neela’s marriage sequence. Dayavanti forces Ashish and Neela for the marriage. Though, Ashish was pressurized since the beginning. Neela willingly wanted to marry Ashish, before knowing his actual truth that he is in love with Aisha.

Neela got to know truth of Aisha and Avni. The dark truth that Ashish had hidden all the years. Dayavanti realizes Neela’s plan to back out from the marriage. Neela did not wish to marry Ashish. She understood Dayavanti and Ashish cheated her. Neela wanted to expose Ashish’s truth in the marriage mandap in front of the media. Dayavanti uses Neela’s father Hemant’s bad health to emotionally blackmail Neela. Dayavanti succeeds to get Neela and Ashish married. Aisha and Avni suffer an emotional breakdown seeing Ashish’s marriage live on news channels. The coming track will show Dayavanti’s enmity increasing. Dayavanti makes Neela stop financing Avni’s film. She also hires goons for doing Aisha’s accident. It has to be seen if Aisha’s character survives or ends in the show. This will be Naamkaran’s shocking twist. Would you watch Naamkaran without Barkha Bisht? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Of course not. Frankly speaking until now Naamkaran has been realistic. But if they start showing such crappy twist like other serials then it’ll definitely loose its charm.

  2. definitely no

  3. shivika oberoi

    Ha maybe…coz I watch it for avni…she is the heart of the show… It will be interesting to see wat she will do after asha is dead….

  4. Please don’t make it like other serial

  5. No. Asha should marry aladin and avnis movie should be a hit. And dayavanti should be ruin by avnis film. Dayavanti uses everyone.

  6. Why are the men in Indian serials so weak? I know they respect, love, and honor their parents according to their God However, they worship their parents more than they worship their God.

  7. Actually barka mam is quitting the show on her wish ,she is not satisfied with her character moulding now
    But Asha and avni are jaan of the show,I will watch it for avni

  8. swatee hemraz

    Frankly saying i watch this serial beacause of asha avni and ashish and the serial seem realistic now dont make it as ozer serial …i really appreciate this serial i will like that this serial continue with asha avni ashish ….otherwise it wont be worth seeing the serial….

  9. I would watch but why kill her..

  10. No I would not watch it. As she is avni’s only support.

  11. This serial is a must watch. Barkha is leaving the show because of her personal issues. Avni is a sweet girl. Reema ji superb in unique role of her career.

  12. Angelk1

    I thought it was ashish that will meet with n accident. But i will still watch it to see avni struggle

  13. Thats a BIG NO….

  14. Please don’t screw up the story. We watch the serial for only Asha, Avni and Ashish. If Asha is removed from serial we will not watch the serial. Now the serial is realistic. Unite Ashish and Asha, change the story.

  15. Asha and avni both r important for the show if Asha dies half the interest of the show would go off because the shows main plot is that of a daughter getting the rights of a mother and pro ving that surname does not really matter . But if Aisha itself dies then there would be nothing for avni to fight for . Cant see Aisha dying . What will happen to Aisha and the baby ifaisha dies . But if they r gonna kill Aisha . They should show avni getting justice for her mom .


    After Neela & Ashish’s wedding, Naamkarann took a four month leap! As a viewer, I feel totally cheated that they skipped four very important months in a marriage which both the bride and groom had been coerced into entering. We haven’t seen Ashish at all since the wedding night when he found out that Neela knew the truth about himAyeshaAvni but entered into the marriage just to fulfil her “almost on his last legs” Dad’s wish. In his drunken stupor, Ashish came out with the sad truth – that both him and Neela were good but weak people!! Why is Evil Daya shown to be winning all the time? Now that both Neela and Ashish know how Daya has manipulated them, can’t they join forces (if not as husband and wife) then as childhood friends to thwart Daya’s plans? Daya has done everything possible to stop Avni’s movie release but to arrange Ayesha’s accident knowing fully well she is pregnant with her son’s second child is crossing all limits! As the famous Edmund Burke quote goes “The only thing necessary for the triumph of Evil is for good men to do nothing”! As Daya’s Evil deeds keep increasing, my interest in the serial keeps decreasing! When Naamkarann began, we were told the story would be about a single mother and her daughter so to kill off Ayesha is rather strange! But if Barkha herself wants to leave, its a different matter altogether! As for Reemaji’s acting, I used to like it but now it is so boring to see her come up with one evil trick after another – Yawn, Yawn!!!

  17. Nishant Kumar

    A disappointment to the viewers 🙁

    I don’t understand one thing,
    a person (dev purush) who is suffering from cancer is still alive after neela’s marriage and still alive after knowing whole the truth of dayawanti. He didn’t get any heart attack.
    But an innocent women and independent too, who is always a motivation of strong avni is murdered by dayawanti.

    So cheap attempt to attract TRP but I wil never watch this serial again.
    At last “Evil conquered truth”.
    will always miss u asha as a great actor
    bye bbe… Naamkaran

  18. I will not watch because its becoming unreal each day…there has to some logic

  19. Why do all star plus shows want people to die as a twist or end

    ahems death in sns
    sandhya and surajs death in diya aur bati hum then the show ended
    aksharas death in yrkkh
    and now this

  20. There is no fun without aisha didn’t expected her to go so soon .hope after her going show wlbe interesting.

  21. A big no….I think people should stop watching this show it is also giving a wrong message to the audience

  22. Serial is hopeless without aisha

  23. No, I think that there should be some twist in bringing back Aisha since her body was not seen being buried. Please do not change Avni, she is the star of the show. Please let us enjoy her.

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