Would you watch JNDSD without Shashank Vyas?

Star Plus’ Jaana Na Dil Se Door will see one of the lead actors leaving. Shashank Vyas, who plays the pivotal role of Ravish Vashisht in the show will be having an exit very soon. His character of Ravish was much sincere, loyal and selfless. Many viewers of the show accepted Ravish’s character heartily and loved him for the sacrifices he made till now. Ravish has been Atharv and Vividha’s strength. He has united the lovers and made their life much simpler.

As seen in the show currently, Ravish was engaged to Vividha’s sister Guddi. He suddenly took a decision to marry Kangana to maintain peace at home. He wanted Vividha and Atharv to have Madhav with them without any legal hassles. Ravish gets to know Kangana’s truth, how badly she has cheated him twice. Ravish takes a stand against Kangana. Things are made fine by Atharv’s efforts. There is comeback of the villain Kailash. He has come to ruin Atharv’s happy family. Ravish’s character may come to an end while saving Atharv and Vividha, and their children. Shashank will be hugely missed by his fans. He has played his role remarkably well. Would you watch JNDSD without Shashank Vyas? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. I dont get it? Is his character going to be killed? And why? Is it Shashank’s wish or the directors are making him leave>

  2. Sunanda12345

    No…we can’t without shashank..he is very loyal and sweet…. even we miss atharv and ravish bonding….I think shashank and kangana will settle in Delhi and vitharv will shift 2 Ajmer again….

  3. pl dont exit

  4. Diya30

    jndsd belongs to vitharv
    but ravish is a nice character
    I think now we can see our phase1
    I’m always with my jndsd n vitharv

  5. i watched it only for, now no reason to watch. anyways he deserves to be the main lead of the show. im happy for him and will wait for his come back with bang

  6. It’s very difficult without Shashank but the main leads are vitharv I will watch the show upto the end because I love vitharv??????????????

  7. JNDSD is about vitharv
    But Raveesh had a crucial role in it till before the leap.. After the leap they changed Cap. Raveesh vashisht to just Raveesh vashisht.. with this change itself they killed Raveesh..Now he is just stand still character.. Better to be eliminated…

    But Shashank gave his Best in all direction.. He have a high potential to rise.. Best of Luck for his future

  8. No now I M not interested to watch JNDSD….. WithoutWithout RAVISH….. He is my favorite without him no means to watch JNDSD….. So finally good bye JNDSD….

  9. Only monkey couple fans will watch n show will get it’s usual zero trp of Bandar romance ?

    1. Aleya.marzan

      who the hell r u to talk rubbish abt vitharv romance n their fan . if u dont like then dont watch . but dont utter any word against them

    2. Diya30

      hey u…I mean Anju…u go to hell

      1. Diya30

        I didn’t see u in our comment section. I know u r the virus.

    3. Crrct boring couple

  10. AIHA19


  11. Asana321

    I Will watch jndsd without Shashank Because Shashank is not main lead main lead is VIKRAM
    Ravish was came into middle of the show but I watch this show from it’s starting so I think regular viewer jndsd fans watch this show without Shashank

  12. Oh my..Again he is quitting a show in mid way…He did same in Balika vadhu.. This guy is not interested in work it seems.
    Whatever ,unless vitharv are there,I will watch

  13. Shocking but a good news.. finally the show is coming to its previous track with kk’s entry which can bring viewers interest back.. i have already lost my interest in the show because of several abrupt tracks in the show..directors have already exausted all d ways to keep shashank of relevance to the show.. but he definately has win a fan with his sincere acting . The honesty in his acting is the reflection of his honesty in real life..

  14. Ya ovio I will watch this show caz I love vitharva…nd i used to hate him a lot caz he came in between vitharva……but after vitharva union I liked him ….so gonna miss him little

  15. Vikku is Lœv

    Gonna miss him.. He was lyk a rite hand of JNDSD
    Buttt Vitharv r t soul of JNDSD, & Vikku is my first priority.. So I’d watch it fr my Atharv Sujata. V.excited fr t phase1 cumbak wit KK

  16. Nikh

    omg thank god.. he is going from serial…
    i really wish this should be become true…
    what ever it is i know his fans may feel bad.. but truth is truth when he entered the show our vitharv magic gone.. when he entered the show our vitharv lives become hell…
    when he entered the show total story line and total characters ruined… to enter a character in a serial cvs almost ruined the total serial.. such a stupid cvs really….
    i know in this shashank hasn’t any mistake but this all happened b’coz of him and cvs partiality towards him…
    iron leg to this show…
    plss go as soon as possible…
    at least after that may be we will get our old jndsd back…
    i know shashank fans don’t like this all and i know i hurt you all for that i’m sorry…
    but i want to say what i feel i just said that’s it…
    but truth is when he entered the show our jndsd lost it’s charm…
    i definitely watch this show with out him b’coz i always feel this is vitharv’s show that’s it..

  17. It’s getting very boring any chance to end the show cause there is no meaning on the show where it’s going. Ravish was very silent and cool actor. Sad to see you go

  18. hello! guys ….do u remember me

    of course the show in so more the old jndsd which we use to enjoy with full emotions! with so mny relationships the show has became complicated!

    and btw abt watching the show without shasank vyas!

    i m really feeling bad as he also got a positive corner in all our vitharv fans!

    but trust me jndsd will get out of complication! he is good guy but vitharva cnt move on when so mny irregularities going on around them!

    and my main reason i started the show fr viv and atharva so would bot mind ravish’s exit! hope he get a cool offer ahead ….feeling sry fr ravidha fans! but hope u enjoy vitharv ahead!

    any way nice to reply after so long! actually i was not liking the show any more after kangana re-entry so even stopped watching the show! but as ravish is leaving hope kanganaa too!

    i will be back guys in the comment section frm today!

    wish u all a good and pleasant afternoon ahead though its burning here whr i m! Lol

  19. Nooooooo

  20. Nooooooooo

  21. He is someone we will miss at least I will miss. He teaches us patience and how to stay calm under stressful situations. He is what he is and will be hugely missed. Shashank is a super duper actor.

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